tagLoving WivesVacation Fun Ch. 02

Vacation Fun Ch. 02


"What's happening?" That thought raced through my mind along with a million other things like; "how did I get here and why is my husband, Rich, just standing there?" I knew this would be a wild vacation, but this wasn't what I had in mind. Right now I'm standing nude in the elevation lobby on the 11th floor of our resort; a man that I just met five minutes ago has his tongue buried deep in my pussy while his two friends and my husband are watching. I think I will cum any second now.

O.K., let's back up. Let me start from the beginning and tell you how I got in this position. My husband of five years, Rich, and I took a vacation to a tropical all inclusive resort. It was so we could be "more adventurous" in our sex life. That was Rich's term for exhibitionism. Tonight, our 2nd night at the resort, he dressed me in a wonderful dark green slip dress; it came to mid thigh and accented my cleavage without totally exposing it. I wore three inch heels, a tiny thong, and matching bra. The bra really made my boobs look great in the dress.

We went to three different clubs on the resort property and danced and drank until early in the morning. Rich showed off my barely covered butt on the dance floor several times. I loved it when he was lifting my dress and rubbing my bare ass checks during the slow dances. He even let me dance with other guys on a few occasions. I let them squeeze my boobs and rub my ass all in sight of Rich. The guys were all interested in a little more, but we sent them on their way after the dance. Now all this attention and the alcohol were getting me pretty horny. Around 3AM I told Rich I needed to get laid really bad and begged him to take me to the room. We left the club and started walking back to our hotel. We were almost there when Rich pulled me down the alley next to the hotel parking deck. He started kissing me slowly and deeply, he gently caressed my neck and back. He kept this up for several minutes and it did what he wanted it to do, I was on fire! I pushed him down and he eagerly went. He lifted my skirt, pushed aside my thong and starting licking my pussy for all he was worth. He licked down then up, circled my clit and went back down again. When he got back to my clit he began to roughly run his tongue across it. He then pushed his thumb into my pussy. I was gasping and almost ready to cum. Just when I was about to start my orgasm he stood up grabbed my hand and said "Come on, let's go".

I was about to scream in frustration and hissed for him to finish what he started. He just laughed and starting walking towards the hotel entrance. I rushed after him, hit him on the shoulder, grabbed his hand and started rushing him toward the entrance. We almost ran through the deserted lobby to the elevator bank near the back of the hotel. As we waited for the elevator to pick us up Rich smiled and said these unforgettable words, "Let's play elevator strip poker". He explained that if the elevator stopped on an even numbered floor he would take off something, if it stopped on an odd number floor I had to take off something. Shoes have to stay on, mainly because he wanted to see me naked in my heels. I quickly agreed since it was 3AM and we hadn't seen a single person since we entered the hotel.

The elevator arrived and we entered. Rich stood with his back to the back wall. I rested my back against him while he pinched my nipples. The elevator had just started to move when we heard that familiar "ding". We had stopped on the third floor. My heart stopped but Rich's hand didn't. He quickly unsnapped my bra as three twentysomething guys entered the elevator. "Going Up?" the first one asked. Then they watched as Rich slide my bra straps down my arms. He dropped it to the floor as the doors started to close and quickly said out loud, "she has to take something off every time we stop on an odd number floor". The lead guy caught on quickly and said "hey, aren't we going to five?" and pushed the button for the 5th floor. Now the other two caught on and quickly joined in with floors seven, nine and eleven all being pressed in rapid succession.

My heart still hadn't started beating again when we reached the 5th floor. This couldn't be happing; my husband couldn't be planning to strip me in front of these strangers. Oh and I was sooooo horny, my pussy was about to catch on fire. I couldn't breathe and started to feel faint. I quickly came to when I heard Rich tell them to hold the door and then he asked "dress or panties boys". The three guys actually started arguing over which I was to take off next, my dress or my tiny thong. Rich decided for them and slowly slid the straps of my dress from my shoulders. I bent my elbows and caught the dress. My tits were on display, but I couldn't let the dress go completely. Rich kissed me and gently pushed my arms down. He whispered that it would be alright as my dress hit the floor. The door closed and the elevator started up again.

Rich was still behind me and turned my head to kiss him again. He touched my right nipple and I almost came on the spot. It felt like an electric current had shot between my nipple and my pussy. I think I actually had an orgasm contraction, but only one. If he had kept rubbing my breast I think I would had a full orgasm without my pussy being touched. The elevator bell dinged again, 7th floor, then I opened my eyes. I saw the three guys staring at me, waiting for the thong to come off. One of them held the door, wanting this to last as long as possible. Rich then told the lead guy, we still didn't know his name, to help me out of my thong. To his credit he didn't just rip it off; he slipped his fingers under it and slowly, gently eased it down. When his fingers touched my skin another jolt of electricity went through my body and ended in my pussy. He stayed crouched by my crotch, only an inch from my throbbing pussy.

The elevator started moving again. What was left? I was already completely nude, except for my heels. We still had the 9th floor to go before reaching our floor on eleven. When the elevator stopped everyone looked to Rich. He stood silently for a moment and smiled at me. Then he uttered the words that changed our lives, "Since you can't take anything else off, I guess you will have to give the boys a kiss." The lead guy, Tommy was his name, told the quit guy, I can't remember his name, to go first. The quit guy was tall and slim with wavy brown hair and deep brown eyes. He was the best looking one of the three. He started kissing my lips and letting his hands explore my back and ass. I was in shock having a strange tongue in my mouth and strange hands squeezing my ass. I'm not sure how long this lasted until the quit guy left me and the 3rd guy, Jeff took his place. Jeff was shorter and a little pudgy without being "fat". He didn't waste time kissing my lips but started sucking on my breast immediately. This was driving me wild and I started moaning. His hands wandered my body and everywhere he touched sent shivers through me. This torture seemed endless but could only have lasted a couple of minutes. Without realizing what was happening we emptied from the elevator into the lobby on the 11th floor.

We stood there for a second with all four men staring at me. Tommy then announced that he was ready for his kiss. He took my hand and led me close to the chair in the elevator lobby. He crouched in front of me and gently lifted one leg so my foot rested in the chair. My pussy was totally open to him. "I want to kiss this", he said and he gently blew on my clit. I had never had someone blowing on my clit have this effect before, but it sent chills up my spine. I needed him to lick me and I needed it bad. I grabbed his head and pushed his face to my crotch. Oh he licked and licked; he put his tongue in my vagina and circled my clit. What I needed was for him to run that wonderful tongue across my clit. I was moaning and trying to push his head so he would give me my release. He was an experience pussy eater; he kept building me up but would not let me go over the edge.

This brings us back to where the story begins, a strange man with his tongue buried in my pussy while my husband and two other strangers watch in an elevator lobby. My life was about to change. I was about to be gang fucked by my husband and three complete strangers. I have had an active and nontraditional sex life, but this was new territory. My body was ready to explode because in the last thirty minutes I had been held on the edge of an orgasm with no relief. I would have fucked 100 men if only I could get to my orgasm. Tommy was not helping me get there by dancing all around my clit and I let out a groan of frustration that could be heard down the hall. At this Rich said something like why don't we go to our room. I don't know if he meant just us or if he was inviting the whole group. It didn't matter because Jeff, the shorter guy, said "Let's use our room. It's right here." He walked across the hall and opened room 1101.

I was led into the room and quickly laid on a bed. I spread my legs and invited Tommy back in. This time he went to work on my clit. He flicked it with his tongue and slipped his thumb in my pussy and a finger up my ass. Time stood still while my orgasm crashed around me. My whole body seemed to be on fire as the contractions in my pussy rebounded from my head to my feet. The guys told me it lasted for at least five minutes and they were started to think I might be having a seizure. When it had slowed down a little I looked up and saw Rich holding our camcorder. He had enough time to go to our room and return. He smiled and told me I was beautiful.

Rich then began directing his own porn movie. He told me to lie on my side and had Tommy enter me from behind. Tommy was glad to oblige and this angle let Rich capture full penetration. I was still having small contraction from my previous orgasm and was now getting deep vaginal stimulation. Tommy had a nice cock that was just right for my G-spot. He was stoking at a nice regular pace and I could feel another orgasm starting to build. This would be a vaginal orgasm, which I haven't had very often. These were always much stronger than my clitoral stimulated orgasms. I was so consumed with lust that I began begging Tommy to go faster and harder. I heard Rich tell him to not cum in my cunt since we were bareback, but I was begging him to not stop. Tommy started banging me as hard as he could and I could feel my orgasm reaching the breaking point. Tommy said he was going to cum if we didn't slow down, but I screamed "Don't stop, don't stop, fill my pussy with your cum". Then he did. I felt his first blast of cum hit my cervix and time stopped again. The waves of my orgasm washed up and down my body with the force of a tsunami. Tommy kept stroking and shooting his seed deep in my belly and my cunt kept squeezing his cock, milking every drop. This was the most powerful orgasm I have ever had. It didn't last as long as the one from earlier but the sensation of pleasure overwhelmed me and I passed out.

I was only out for a second or two. The guys didn't even notice but we watched it on the video later. Tommy was talking about how my pussy had almost bitten his dick off. I just laughed and told him that was how to tell if his lady was faking it. I like to think that it was the best fuck of his life. It certainly was for me, but my night wasn't over. Tommy stayed inside me while he slowly softened and Jeff came over and offered his dick to my mouth. He already had a stream of pre cum oozing down his cock. I licked this up and slowly worked him up and down. I was careful to stimulate him too much too soon. I would have been happy to suck him off but he wanted to fuck me. I rolled on my back and he quickly mounted me. Tommy had left me a little loose so Jeff was able to hang on for a few minutes. I was still having a few contractions from the previous orgasm and when he came it triggered a couple more intense ones for me. After he finished Rich brought the camera in for a close-up of my stretched creampie.

I looked at the quit guy and asked how he would like to take me. He grinned and asked if we could do it doggie style. Rich liked this idea and quickly stripped as well. Rich sat at the head of the bed and had me suck him. The quit guy mounted me from behind and started slow stroking me. Rich looked at me and asked "How's your first double dick?" I just smiled for the camera and took his dick down my throat. Now I'm not an expert deep throat cock sucker, but tonight I managed it well enough. It didn't take many trips down my throat before Rich's legs started to tremble. This is a sign that he is getting close. I backed off and circled the head of his cock with my tongue then did short stokes with my hand. I repeated this cycle three times before he grabbed my head and wouldn't let me up. As he started cumming he released my head and I could breathe again. I kept my mouth over his dick as he filled it with his semen. I sucked hard and stoked him with my lips. I counted ten blasts from his cum canon entering my mouth. I held it all there until he was finished. I then rose up and hammed it up for the camera. I opened my mouth and rolled his cum around with my tongue before closing it again and swallowing.

Now while I was sucking off my husband the quit guy had been fucking me steadily from behind. I was now able to turn my attention to him and start fucking back. We got a steady rhythm going and I could feel that tingle in my belly start again. Not knowing how close he was I started rubbing my clit with my fingers and talking dirty to him. Guys just love it when a girl talks slutty. I was begging him harder and faster. I was telling him how great a fuck he was. He starting slamming me faster and actually asked where I wanted him to cum. I then set him off when I looked back and said "In my slutty pussy baby, just like everyone else". His orgasm set me off again. Mine would have been good on any other night, but tonight it was mild in comparison to the other two.

When he had finished and pulled out I simply laid back and looked over the room. I had just drained four dicks of their seed and had three powerful orgasms. I knew now that group sex and public sex would become a regular part of my life. My husband seemed to know it as well. We stayed a little longer with the guys. My pussy was too sore and tender to let them fuck me, but I did suck them off again. This time Rich had them shoot off over my face and body for the camera. When we left in the morning I didn't have any clothes. Seems we left them by the elevator in the rush. No problem, I was happy to walk down the hall naked and covered in dried cum. We passed several people, last night I would have been embarrassed but this morning I was proud.

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