tagGroup SexVacation Getaway Ch. 02

Vacation Getaway Ch. 02


You take me to a small out-of-the-way restaurant where we eat fish and chips and talk about our lives. After eating, you suggest we decide what we want to do next over drinks at the bar. We head to the lounge order two strawberry daiquiris and sip them as we decide our fate. We unanimously agree to a club and dancing. We have another drink and off to the club we go. The club we landed at seemed all but happening outside perhaps even sketchy, but you assure me that looks can be deceiving and not to worry. I laugh and tell you that I trust you and give you a kiss as we go in. Inside, the club is hopping, packed wall to wall. A dozen people wave and say hello to you. They are obviously friends of yours and you wave back. We waste no time hitting the floor and get right at it, grinding to the music. You and I are practically fucking as we dance, touching and rubbing each other across the floor. We danced for nearly an hour before breaking for a drink where we were met by three of your best friends. They all questioned you as to who I was and you briefly filled them in on me and how we met etc. They asked if I minded if they intrude and we get a table and have a drink.

"Absolutely not," I say, smiling as they lead the way to an empty table.

They were all good looking and black; two average-built the other tall and very muscular. We made small talk and drank for an hour as I took turns dancing with each of them at least four times. I have to admit I was a bit drunk, turned on and horny when we were done.

"Are you ready to go?" you asked.

"Yes, we better go while I can still walk," I said laughing. Needless to say your friends didn't want the party to end and were voicing their concerns. "Should I just go back to my hotel as I don't want to ruin your time with your friends?"

"No, you're coming back with me. Don't be silly."

"Well, ok then," I reply. "Your friends can come to your place if they aren't done yet and we can continue it there for a bit...if you don't mind?"

You smile and tell me that it's up to me. I say we meet at K.C's place for a few more drinks. Although definitely woozy, I knew exactly what I was doing and what to expect to follow later and it excited me. We were back at the apt in no time and drinks were being poured and drank. I stopped drinking at the point where I was still able to talk clearly and walk but was surely not responsible for my actions. Proof of this was when I removed my clothes in front of everyone in the room and asked if anyone was up for joining me in the hot tub. Clothes flew off around the entire room and I found myself in the tub surrounded by four naked black men.

"What's your Papi going to think about this, Meraena?" you said to me laughing.

"I don't know and right now, it doesn't matter. I'm on vacation," I replied laughing.

All I knew was that I was drunk and, gods, so horny thinking of the four black cocks within my reach and it was making my pussy swell with excitement. I didn't know how it was going to happen or where it was going to start but I knew that I was going to get fucked by each and every man here in some way shape form or combination possible that it could with that thought You came to me faced me and kissed me.

"I'm going to fuck you right here in front of everyone. Do you mind?" you whispered in my ear.

"Not one bit," I whispered back as I grabbed your hard cock under the water and gently pulled it, kissing you and opening my legs giving you access to begin fucking me.

You waste no time pulling me to you, my legs once again finding their way to their now familiar position around your waist. Your cock finds its way into my pussy again and your friends watch enviously as you claim me. You start fast and hard, fucking me like an animal, with no breaking in your pace, to an almost instant climax for you and I as we explode together in shrieking cries of passion. I was hardly aware of what had just happened other than I was mounted, fucked and brought to an orgasm before I could speak. Cocks were hard and in hand all around me. I excused myself and exited to the bathroom, cum still dripping from my sweet quim. I was surprised coming out of the bathroom by you at the door.

"Meraena," you said. "My friends are begging for a piece of you after our exhibition but I will send them away now if you want me to."

"If you don't mind, I would like to make the most of this opportunity while I have it because who knows if it will ever happen again," I tell you, smiling. You laugh and kiss me.

"Ok then, enjoy your vacation." As I go to the bedroom to sit for a moment I hear someone speaking.

"Meraena, would you like another drink?" Looking up I see one of K.C.'s two average-looking friends offering me a drink.

"Sure," I reply and motion him to the bed, taking the drink when I caught sight of his 8 inch long and at least 3 to 4 inch thick erection protruding before me. "How badly do you want to fuck me?"

"You're joking," he replied.

"Certainly not," I said. "If you want me, take me. But do it now," I smiled seductively. "I have only tonight to play."


He was on me in a second, parting my legs and licking my pussy from my ass to my clit and back. Oh my god, it felt wonderful. I lay there grabbing his hair and pulling his head, commanding him to eat me again and again. He ate me frantically as I squirmed under him, looking up to see the other average-looking friend looking at what was happening as if to ask 'what about me?' I told him to bring his penis to my mouth for me to suck as his partner worked my pussy. He only had an average-sized penis but that was of no concern to me as I proceeded to suck him. He was already showing the signs of blowing his load only minutes in as his pussy-licking partner decided that it was time to plant that thick 8 inch cock into my now soaked pussy. Gods, it felt so good as he entered me it was far thicker than any I've had. Gods, I loved it and I was moaning how much I was enjoying it without removing the cock in my mouth that was ready to shoot. I decided to finish off the job in my mouth so I might better enjoy the oddity in my pussy. Jacking the cock in my mouth off as I sucked it harder and faster, he finally exploded.

I swallowed his spunk and he lay for a moment before retreating to the living room and disappearing as fast as he appeared. Not a moment to soon as the man-at-hand was thoroughly consumed in his fucking of my small pussy. Gods, I thought how great it was being fucked like this and all in the matter of one day. I could never have imagined something like this ever happening. The cock inside me was overwhelming me by its sheer girth and the stamina of the man behind it. He was fucking me so good I could only bite my lip and gasp with each thrust of his huge tool into my pussy. I squeezed my breasts as he plowed me panting and grunting. He suddenly broke pace and started fucking me faster but now with only half the cock as before inside me.

He doubled his speed fucking me with only 4 of his 8 inches for 5 minutes at a time then slowing again and plunging fully into me for 2 minutes at a time slowly then fast for 5 minutes with 4 inches and again slow and full for 2 minutes. It was so bloody amazing and went on for half an hour. This I know by the clock on the wall. He was bringing me to the edge and then backing off before building and backing off again. I was delirious and becoming confused. The only reality was the intense orgasm building inside of me...how long could he keep on fucking me in this obscure but effective fashion? When, if ever, would it end? Did I want it to end? Yes, yes I did want resolve. I wanted the orgasm that was evident to arrive and consume me. I pleaded with my pussy's tormentor to fuck me faster and harder, begging him to make me cum. I was beseeching him to make me cum.

"Gods yes. Faster, faster. Fuck me faster and faster."

I could see that he was not capable of keeping the pace much longer now harder.

"Fuck me harder, baby. I'm cumming! Oh my god, you're making me..." I bellowed, which in fact I certainly was.

I had been so close to cumming for the last hour yet not been allowed...but not this time. It was now in my hands as I begged him to fuck me faster and harder then faster and harder until he grasped me so tight and delivered his final sprint to the end. I could feel his seed ready to shoot as his massive cock seemed to double in girth and, like a volcano, he erupted inside of me.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD IM CUMMING IM CUMMING!!!!!!!!" he yelled in an ear-piercing scream with me like a fan at a sporting event rooting him on.

"Gods yes! Cum, baby, cum! Cum in my pussy, oh my god yes, cum!!"

His sperm was hitting the insides of my pussy deep and hard, my own orgasm was starting to break as I to was cumming, oh my gods yes I'm cumming gods yes fuck me baby fuck me and I could feel his cock squirting and squirting like a geyser gushing around his draining massive penis, filling my pussy. I was ready to pass out from by far the most mind-bending orgasm of my short life to date. I lay shaking and quivering, numb to anything but the warm fluid filling my insides and trickling out and down my inner thigh to my ass and the bedding below me. My pussy was sore but tingling and pounding as if to thank me and remind me that it was done for the day. As my eyes clear and focus and I can finally breathe, all I can see is the outline of the tall muscular friend standing in the doorway with a cock that stood 12 inches erect and at least 5 inches around. I lay thinking, oh my god this can't be happening. I cant possibly fit all of him in me even if I wanted to, then I said to myself that I had to just because I wasn't one to ever let myself give in to what appeared to be an impossible situation. I would get it done one way or another, no matter what it took.

"Hey babe, think you can handle me and my monster? Those other guys are nothing compared to me," he asked, stepping into the room and walking towards me.

"I don't know but I'm definitely willing to give it a try," I said running my tongue seductively along my bottom lip as he came to a stop in front of me.

He knelt between my legs and began slurping away, sucking up cum left by the last occupant of my pussy. He ate my thighs and pussy clean before kissing his way up to my tits. As he suckled my hard pert nipples, he pulled my head to his cock and told me to suck it or as much as I possibly could. I opened my tiny mouth and, looking up at him, took the head and the first two inches and started sucking as my hand held it and started to pull up and down its trunk, my head bobbing as I sucked. I gagged as I took it further in; making it hit the back of my throat with only four of its twelve inches inside now. I struggled to get at least two more inches in succeeding in getting half of its length in my mouth. I proceeded to suck him with my hand manipulating the lower six inches and my mouth the top six inches, fucking and jacking him off by hand and mouth until he pushed me back on the bed, opening my legs and slowly easing the head of his massive member into my pussy. Just that much was stretching my pussy yet I was desperately craving more of that large cock in my pussy. Grabbing my legs he spread them wide and held them up by my head so that my pussy was completely exposed. Slowly he began to maneuver his monster cock into my tight little hole, inch by inch. By the time he had 4 inches buried in me, I felt like I was going to explode. He began to move in and out of me with just the first 4 inches as he pinched and pulled my nipples. Once my pussy was starting to get accustomed, he began to push deeper, squeezing three more inches into my tight twat. Pretty soon he had a little over 7 inches packed into my pussy and I felt stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. It felt like my pussy was stretched to the limit.

Once again, the man began to pump his massive cock in and out of my wet little pussy, making me moan in pleasure. He was giving me more ecstasy than I had experienced all night. Each stroke sent me nearly over the edge and I was clenching the sheets so hard that I was surprised I hadn't torn the sheets. I was thinking to myself, there is no way I can take anymore of this guy's huge cock in my pussy. I'm surprised he hasn't already torn me in half! My small pussy was snug around his cock, gripping it tightly like a vise. He asked if I was ok.

"Yes," I murmured. "I'm fine."

"Good," he replied. "There's a lot more to come."


He pulled out and turned me over, lifting my ass up and taking me to my knees, leaving my face and chest on the bed. Grabbing my inner thighs, he parted my legs enough to gain access to my pussy and slowly drove his cock into me then reached around with one hand to massage my breast while his other held my waist and pulled me onto his cock as he fucked me doggie style. All I could do is bury my face into the bed to muffle my cries as he fucked me so hard, trying to fit every inch of his twelve inches into my tiny space. He maybe had all of nine inches into me and the pain I felt was almost unbearable until numbed by the overwhelming sensation of absolute pleasure of my g-spot riding atop the massive shaft now filling me. The feeling was incredible. Imagine the sensation of how good it feels when the g-spot is hit by the head of a penis as it fucks you then imagine how the g-spot feels if it were riding atop the shaft of an enormous cock that filled your pussy and was being rubbed back and forth, not just hit on the up stroke of a cock as it reached its peak. A continuous constant rubbing in and out at a high rate of speed and being massaged as it rests on top of the shaft of a cock. It's an unimaginable, indescribable pleasure that most women will never know and a lucky handful ever will, and I was one of those lucky few. What was seconds before a painful, wrenching and unbearable fucking was now the most mind-bending remarkable fuck that I've ever known, describable by me only as a continuous orgasm. I begged for him to give every inch to me.

"Gods," I begged, my hips pushing back to meet and drive him into me deeper trying to devour his entire manhood. "Fuck my pussy with every inch of your gorgeous cock. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, yes! Fuck me, fuck my pussy. Fuck my pussy. My god, don't stop."

My wish was granted as the feeling and sound of his balls slapping against my ass confirmed that his entire cock was bottoming out into my pussy. I never wanted it to stop as my hands gripped the bedding, my teeth biting my lip, and my entire body was an orgasm. I was in another world and then, like an earthquake, sudden shocks took me over; my man was now at his end and filling me with hot semen as he screamed a distinguishable moaning of absolute pleasure. His monstrous cock violently spasms its final cargo into me as I lay collapsed face down into the bed. My body was limp and lifeless; my mind consumed only with the unforgettable event that just took place. Hot cum poured from my box as he removed the gargantuan penis that had just filled every inch of my insides up to the hilt and brought me the most pleasure I've ever known or will probably ever know. I'm afraid to open my eyes and look up for fear that I may see all four of my fucks standing before me ready for a grand finale gang bang.

I got up and took a much needed shower, and went back only to find my last two fucks sitting on the bed waiting for me. I couldn't say that I had to go as they both knew I was staying the night with K.C. What was I to do? I asked the friend with the 8-inch cock if he would get me a drink and make it a double. I wanted to be at least a wee bit drunk to help me get through the session that was coming. An 8-by-5 ½-inch round cock and the 12-inch monster were going to take me and have their way with me any way they wanted. My man returned with my drink which I slammed down then told them that I am calling the shots in this round due to the fact that I wanted to have at least some control as to how these two massive cocks were going to fuck me and not just running loose as they wish over my body. I put a chair close to the bed facing it and put my tall stud in it, his 12-inch cock being held in his hand at its base to stand straight without falling was fully erect. I made my 8-inch guy with the massive girth lay on the bed, feet on the floor and facing the chair. I got between the two studs, my back facing the 12-inch cock, which I was reaching back to hold so I could lower my pussy down onto it.

It looked even bigger than before, its massive head parting my swollen pussy lips and starting its journey inside me once again. I put it in me just past the head, gasping as it spread my pussy wide. Hesitating for a moment to let my pussy adjust, I began to slowly lift myself up and down on it, sinking an inch of it or so at a time deeper inside of me, moaning uncontrollably as I fuck it. It felt so fucking good, just like before, to have his giant cock once again, filling my tight pussy to the hilt and massaging my g-spot. Oh god, it was such an intense wonderful feeling as he held my hips and lifted me up and down, 9 inches or more of cock buried in my cunt. It was time to bring the next waiting cock into the mix. I took his 8-by-51/2-inch penis with both hands and bent down to wrap my mouth around it and suck. Barely able to fit it into my mouth, I started bobbing up and down, my head being held and guided while he fucked my mouth.

Moans of pleasure were coming in stereo from my two black studs in sync with the muffled groans escaping from around the penis in my mouth. I was now getting fucked in my pussy and mouth from the two biggest cocks I had ever seen. I was being filled now with all 12 inches of the monster cock in my stretched hole. My legs were shaking and the only thing keeping me standing were the hands of the cock's owner holding my tiny frame in place as he frantically stuffed my cunt. My mouth had become a pussy for the man on the bed who was fucking my face. I can't describe what it feels like to have 12 inches of cock coming almost out and then back inside of me in rapid fashion as 8-by-51/2 inches simultaneously pumped in and out of my mouth. I could hardly breathe; my pleasure was enhanced by my lack of oxygen. I felt like a human fuck toy with no way of controlling where and how this was going. I had become an instrument of pleasure for these two men and would soon be brought to a cosmic orgasm and filled with more semen than one could imagine when the cocks that currently owned me broke and shot their loads. I had to briefly remove the cock in my mouth for air so I wouldn't pass out and could not stop my self from begging him to keep fucking my pussy.

"Oh my god, fuck me! Fuck me! Mmm, my god, yes. Fuck my pussy good, so good. Baby, please don't stop fucking me. I'm going to cum so good on your cock. Don't stop fucking me. Oh my god, yes! Fuck me!" I screamed only to be suddenly quieted by the hands that pulled my mouth back around my other cock to resume its job sucking and being fucked.

From out of nowhere, it happened. I broke and was suddenly consumed by a tidal wave of orgasm that sent me turning into a quivering wreck. My moans were so strong that the vibration from my throat made the man that occupied it aware that I was cumming. He was brought to an orgasm, holding my head tight while he pumped his sperm deep into my throat violently. I swallowed it and pulled his limp tool from my mouth, moaning as my orgasm was continued and I was still being fucked by the huge cock in my pussy. He was reaching his climax and ready to spew, hands holding my hips, pulling me onto the thrusting dick that was thrusting in and out of me. My moans and screams could be heard a mile away but I had no control over them, my orgasm still pulsing through me.

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