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Vacation Suprises


My wife, Lisa and I had been married for 10 years we were both 21 when we were married. Lisa was an absolute sexy woman at 5'6'' 120 pounds with 34c boobs and long tan legs, men would always check her out. At 31 she hadn't lost any of it, and had only grown sexier. She looked young and even got carded sometimes when we would be out for drinks. Lisa was a virgin when we were married and was very conservative when it came to sex in the beginning due to her strong religious parents.

Over time we had introduced sex toys and very dirty talk during our sex and she even would let me take pictures of her naked and playing with herself.

A few years ago as I watched her licking and sucking on one of her dildos while her finger was furiously rubbing her clit, my dick became so hard from watching her lips and tongue that I started to imagine she was really sucking a dick and I was just watching.

I begin to tell her to suck that dick and ask her if she wished it was a real dick she was sucking. This caused her to moan as I kept encouraging her to suck it all in telling her how hot she looked and to make him cum hard. She had one of the most explosive orgasms while doing this. She bucked and moaned for what seemed like five minutes. It was so hot watching her that as soon as I she came I climbed on top and fucked her hard and fast not lasting long after the show she put on.

After that night I would occasionally bring it up as we had sex sticking my finger in her mouth and telling her to pretend she was sucking a real dick as I fucked her. She would never really admit to liking it, but I know she did because she always came so hard when we played like this. We had a good sex life and would have sex two or three times a week, but as most married couple's experience, we started getting in a rut and the missionary position was our routine.

For our ten year anniversary we decided to celebrate and take a vacation to an expensive adult's only resort in Cancun. We were so excited and talked and prepared for months before the actual vacation. I talked her into to getting a complete wax right before we left and bought her some very skimpy bikinis, which to my surprise she agreed to wear. I guess it was because we were going so far away and no one would know us. I didn't really care why I just couldn't wait to see her sexy body on the beach in those bikinis and see all the other men staring at her wishing they could have her.

We had some intense sex in the weeks leading up to us leaving as we kept talking about our vacation. I would tell her how I was going to fuck her on the balcony so people could watch her sexy body as I fucked her hard. This made her hot and would cum hard grinding onto my cock.

The day finally arrived and after our adventurous road trip to the resort we were finally there. We were both amazed at how pretty the place was and how everyone was treating us like royalty. We went to our room and unpacked and decided to hit the pool.

Lisa put on one of her more modest bikinis, which she still looked super hot in. When we got to the pool and put our stuff down I went to get us drinks when I returned Lisa was laying on her stomach soaking up the sun with her top untied, which made it look like she was topless. I stopped and just looked her over feeling my cock swell as I wanted to just rub my hands all over her body. I fought back the urge and handed her the drink as she leaned up a little on her elbows to get it I noticed that anyone could see the side of her naked boobs if they looked, which made my dick throb once again. We spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool swimming and lying out and just relaxing.

The first day was pretty uneventful except of course that night after dinner we went back to our room and I slowly took off her dress revealing her naked body as she wore no panties or bra underneath. She had told me earlier that while we were here she didn't plan on ever wearing panties.

I begin to caress and kiss over every inch of her naked skin my hands reaching up cupping her boobs and I playfully bit and kissed her neck. We both stumbled to the bed as we had been drinking pretty much all day. Lisa gets deliciously horny when she has been drinking. I brought my head down to her nipples and sucked on them as my hand found its way between her legs to her smooth mound. My fingers slid right between her lips she was already so wet. I stuck two fingers deep inside her and curled them up as my tongue flicked across her nipples making her moan.

Then my fingers moved their way up to her clit and I rolled it around with my finger. I moved my head down her body slowly kissing and licking all the way down until my head was between her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs inching closer to her wet pussy before I buried my tongue inside her curling it up and flicking the tip up inside her while my thumb and finger massaged her clit.

I kept this up until she was so close then I stopped and moved in between her legs. She was begging me to fuck her as I teased her pussy lips with the head of my cock. She kept telling me to please give me that cock, fuck me hard, I need it.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer and sunk my cock all the way into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly telling me how good my hard cock felt as I slowly slid it in and out of her. Then I started fucking her hard my hands all over her tits pinching her nipples telling her how hot she looked at the pool today and how all the guys were checking her out and probably back in their room right now stroking themselves to thoughts of her hot body, which only made her moan louder.

I moved my finger up to her lips and she opened her mouth and sucked my finger in. I said yes that's it suck that dick while I fuck your pussy. She sucked it hard and I could tell she was really into it. I asked her if she wished that was a real dick she was sucking and she just moaned. I pulled my finger out and pumped my cock deep into her.

Then I said tell me you want to suck a big dick while I fuck you and to my surprise she looked up at me with lust filled eyes and said uggh yes I want a big fat dick in my mouth while you fuck me I want to suck it while you watch, I want to make you both cum. This was all too much for me as I begin to pound her pussy harder and faster until we both came at the same time in the most intense orgasm either one of us had had in ages. We both collapsed and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning we slept in and then both jumped in the shower. She soaped up my dick stroking it getting me rock hard. She asked me if I really wanted to see her suck a dick and in my aroused state I just moaned and said yes. She asked why and wouldn't it make you jealous. I told her that she is so sexy and gives such good blowjobs that the thought of seeing your lips wrapped around a cock drives me wild.

She let the water wash away the soap from my dick and dropped to her knees in front of me looking up at me as she stroked me and sticking her tongue out licking all around the head. She looked at me pulling her lips off my dick and said "Is this what you want to see?" Sliding her lips over my hard shaft sucking me in, I just moaned at the thought.

She licked the side of my cock and rubbed my balls. "Do you want to watch me do this to another man's hard dick?", she asked as she stroked and licked all over my hard cock? It was driving me crazy and when she plunged her mouth all the way down my cock and sucked it in and out I came so hard filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed every drop and kept sucking me until I was completely spent. She stood up and giggled and said, "what a good way to start the morning don't you think?" I couldn't have agreed more.

We got dressed for the beach, Lisa putting on one of her skimpy bikinis, which showed off much of her perfectly round tits. I knew she would be getting lots of looks today.

We headed down to the beach and found a good spot and sit all our stuff down. The wait staff would come by every 15 minutes or so and bring us fresh drinks, so by about mid afternoon we were both feeling the effects of the alcohol. Lisa was very giggly and I could tell that she was feeling really horny.

We grabbed our drinks and took a walk down the beach. We got quite a ways down the beach where no one else was very close to us. I pulled out the camera and told Lisa I wanted some pictures of her. She just smiled and said ok as she splashed around in the water and I was snapping pictures.

I would tell her to get in various poses as I snapped pictures. I asked her to take her top off and to my surprise she untied the strings letting her top fall to the sand.

I took picture after picture of her naked tits and sexy body as she would cup them and roll her hands over her nipples getting them hard. She was getting very turned on as I was telling her how hot she looked and taking more pictures.

My dick was about to burst out of my shorts from watching her out on the beach baring it all. I looked down the beach and saw a guy walking down the beach toward us. I didn't think much of it as he was still a long way away, so I just kept taking pictures telling Lisa to slide her hand down her bottoms and rub her pussy for me, which she did and closed her eyes and leaned her head back. This made for some very hot pictures and was making Lisa crazy with lust. I saw her just staring at my bulge licking her lips. This was just making me want her even more.

I looked up again and saw the man was getting really close to us. Lisa saw him to and started to grab her top, but I stopped her and told her to just leave it off. She just gave me a coy smile and in her drunken state said ok and kept posing for me.

As the man got close to us he just stopped and was staring at Lisa soaking in her sexy body. I just turned to him and smiled. He said that he was sorry and didn't mean to interrupt that he was just taking a long walk. I told him that it was ok and not a problem at all. He asked if we would like some pictures of us together and I said yes that would be great as I handed him the camera.

I walked over to Lisa and put my arms around her standing behind her with my hands rubbing over her stomach she reached her arms up behind her and back around my neck. We heard the camera clicking as the stranger was taking pictures of us. I whispered to Lisa, I hope you don't mind I just thought it would be a little sexier with both of us in the pictures.

She just giggled and said that she was a little embarrassed but yes I was right they would look really hot and so what if he gets a little view of my boobs. I just smiled leaning down kissing and biting her neck which caused her to moan. I reached up and cupped her tits while I kissed her neck.

We could hear the camera clicking over and over. The man said oh yeah that looks really hot keep that up and he walked right up to us just a few feet away taking more pics.

Lisa was grinding her ass back into my crotch causing me to push my hard cock against her ass, we were both so far gone with lust. I turned her head to me and started kissing her passionately as my finger snaked down inside her bottoms. She grabbed my hand to stop me but I kept pushing down and she relented and my fingers found her throbbing clit as I rolled it around my fingers causing her knees to buckle and moan.

I looked up and the stranger had stopped taking pictures and just staring at Lisa his shorts were tented and it looked like he had a huge bulge. I whispered to Lisa that I think you have made his dick hard. She looked up and at his big bulge and stared at it moaning.

I could tell that she liked the fact that she was making this man hard.

I kept my fingers in Lisa's bottoms running them between her pussy lips fingering her slowly. I looked over at the man who had put the camera down and was now rubbing his huge bulge over his shorts. Lisa was crazy with desire and I had never felt or seen her so hot.

She kept bucking her hips on my fingers reaching back and grabbing my dick stroking it through my shorts. The man reached into his shorts and pulled his big cock out and started rubbing it up and down right in front of us.

His dick was very hard and had to be a couple inches longer and thicker than mine. Lisa let out a gasp as she saw it and moaned not taking her eyes off this man as he rubbed his cock. I whispered in Lisa's ear if she liked the way his cock looked. She just moaned and said yes it is so hard and big.

The man heard her say this and just smiled pulling his shorts completely off and stepping forward a little bit while doing that it put him within arm's length of Lisa. My fingers were still buried in Lisa's pussy and she was as wet as I had ever felt her. I leaned over and whispered in her ear that she could touch it if she wanted. She was staring down at it and just shook her head no.

I kept my fingers going in and out of her faster to where she was losing control. I again told her to touch it. This time she didn't shake her head no just stared at it for a long time.

Then I saw her slowly reach up and wrap her fingers around it. It was such a hot sight to see her red painted nails wrapped around this stranger's hard cock.

The man moaned out as my wife's hand wrapped around his hard cock and begin to slowly stroke it up and down.

Lisa was still bucking up and down on my fingers but now stroking the man's cock who was moaning telling her how good it felt and how hot and sexy she was. Pre cum was forming on the tip of his cock as she now fully grasped the cock and stroked it hard making him lean his head back and moan.

The sight of this was making my cock want to explode, so I lowered my shorts pulling my cock out rubbing it against Lisa's ass. She felt this and moaned and reached around with her other hand and started stroking my cock too.

I was in sensory overload. Here my shy conservative wife who had only been with one man sexually her entire life was now standing stroking two very hard cocks one in each hand. I could barely hold it back as I felt it boiling in my balls.

I pushed her down to her knees and pushed my cock toward her lips. She didn't need any further encouragement and slid the whole length of my cock into her mouth while still stroking the other guys cock. The man stepped up a little closer to Lisa and the tip of his cock was only inches from her face. She pulled off my cock to catch her breath looking up at me. I moved my eyes up as if pointing to the man with my eyes she looked at me questioning as if to say are you serious and I just nodded and smiled.

She sit there a moment stroking us both before her head turned toward the man his dick almost touching her lips as she kept stroking it harder and faster. He moaned loudly as I seen her look up at him and then her head moved forward and her lips slid across the head of his dick about half way down his shaft, her hand still stroking the bottom half of his large cock. I saw his knees buckle a little as she engulfed his cock.

I knew at that moment her tongue was expertly dancing on the underside of his cock and from experience I knew the immense pleasure he was feeling. I couldn't believe the sight of this. My cock was throbbing watching her. It was so hot and intense, hotter than I could have ever imagined. Seeing her lips slide up and down his shaft and then her tongue dance around the tip was driving me mad with lust. I could tell that she loved it too as she was moaning around his cock and sucking him hard and fast. I knew he was getting one of the best blowjobs of his life. I also knew that he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer with the way she was sucking his cock.

Just as I was thinking that I saw him throw his head back and start to moan and his ass tensed up and I knew he was cumming in my wife's mouth. She moaned loudly and kept sucking him until he slipped his dick out of her mouth. I saw a few drops of cum running down her chin and it was all more than I could take as I moaned out and started cumming too. She pointed my cock down at her chest and I covered her tits with my hot cum. She just giggled and said looked like you guys really enjoyed yourselves. I just smiled and said oh yes that was amazing.

We all put our clothes back on and the man thanked us both and told us what room he was staying in and maybe we could have some drinks later. We both just smiled at him and said yes maybe as he walked back down the beach. I took Lisa in my arms and I could tell she had a nervous look in her eyes and she asked me if I was ok? I told her that was the hottest thing I have ever seen and that I loved it. She laughed and said she did too maybe a little too much. Then she said please take me back to the room and fuck me hard I need your cock inside me. What could I do, but just exactly as she asked as we headed back to the room. This was only our second day of vacation. I wondered what other surprises were in store for us. My dick throbbed at the thought of it.

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my hubby loves it

my hubby loves to see me sucking guys cocks but it usually leads to the guy fucking me.
want to chat.

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