tagLoving WivesVacation Suprises Ch. 02

Vacation Suprises Ch. 02


When we got back to the room Lisa was all over me. She yanked down my shorts and grabbed my dick and started stroking it fast and hard. Images of what she had just done with the stranger were still burning in my mind. The sight of it had made me so hot and hard. All I wanted to do was sink my hard cock deep inside her.

We were kissing passionately as I backed us up to the couch. I spun her around and pushed down on her shoulders until she rested her hands on the edge of the couch. I slid her bikini bottoms down and ran my finger up between her legs and my fingers easily slid between her lips, she was soaking wet. I moaned as I sunk two fingers deep inside her.

Leaning over her back I asked her if she liked that man's big cock in her mouth and if it had made her pussy this wet. She just moaned loudly and said "Yes it was so hot I loved it. I am so hot and horny I need to get fucked badly please stick your cock in me now." I grabbed her hips and lined my hard dick up and slammed it inside her all the way in. She screamed out in ecstasy. I begin to pump my cock in and out with long hard deep strokes smacking her ass as I did.

As I was fucking her I was telling her how turned on she had made me watching her stroke and suck that dick. I asked her if she wished he was here now so she could suck his cock again while I was fucking her. She didn't answer but just moaned loudly bucking back against me. I slammed into her hard and said "Tell me, I want to hear you say it. Tell me what you want." She moaned again and leaned her head back toward me and said "mmm yes I wish he was here. His cock was so big. It made me so wet when I had him in my hands stroking it and sucking him. I want to suck his cock again while you fuck me hard."

I tried to hold it back, but her dirty talk was all too much for me to take and my dick exploded deep inside her filling her with my cum. Her shoulders slumped down and she sighed. I could tell she was disappointed having not cum herself yet, but she just smiled and said it was ok, but I better be able to make her cum multiple times tonight. I smiled at her and said don't you worry. I'll make sure you are more than satisfied. She said you better or I might have to go get our new friend. I knew she wasn't serious, but the thought of it made my dick jump.

She jumped in the shower and to get clean. When she did I decided to go grab us some drinks at the bar before we went to dinner. When I got back to the room Lisa was just getting out of the shower. The water was still running down her tanned sexy body, her nipples were very hard. I could tell she was still extremely turned on. She dried off and slipped on one of her other skimpy bikinis. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was going to lie out on the patio and catch some of the last little bit of the sun.

We had a swim up room right by the pool and it was semi private and it had a couple loungers and a day bed out on the patio. I smiled at her looking her up and down thinking how lucky I was to have such a sexy hot wife and said ok. I grabbed us some drinks and handed hers to her. She smiled and kissed me deeply I rubbed my hands over her top rolling her hard nipples around. I broke the kiss and said I was going to get a shower and wash all the sand off of me. "Ok" she said, "just hurry." As she walked off to the patio I watched her ass wiggle up and down making me want to go bend her over the couch again.

I got in the shower and it took me a little while to get all the sand off of me. When I finally got out and dried off I went out to join Lisa. When I rounded the corner I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I saw Lisa's empty glass on the table and Lisa was leaned back in the lounger and her top was off. I couldn't believe it; my shy wife was completely topless for anyone that swam by to see. My dick instantly got rock hard.

I looked out at the pool and I saw a couple different guys looking her direction off and on. They were getting a good look at Lisa's bare tits and I couldn't blame them I would be looking too. As I looked at Lisa, her nipples were rock hard and I could tell her face and chest were flush. Her shoulders were leaned back against the lounger, but her hips were slightly on her side and she had her knees pulled up with her hand resting in between her legs, which was not visible to anyone but me. I watched for a minute thinking she was asleep, but I saw the hand that was between her legs moving up and down. I couldn't believe it. She was rubbing her pussy discreetly while letting anyone who wanted to see, look at her topless.

My dick was throbbing. Seeing her be so free was such a turn on. I watched for a few minutes as she lay there. She would slowly rub her finger up and down wiggling it a little. I could tell she was rubbing her clit over her bottoms. I looked up at her bare tits and her nipples were sticking straight out and they looked so delicious I wanted to suck on them right then. As I looked a little further up I could see two guys in the pool talking and looking back at Lisa.

I couldn't take it anymore and slid my shorts on and went out to the patio to join Lisa. She moved her hand from between her legs and smiled up at me. What took you so long she asked? I smiled back at her asking her what had got her so brave to be topless out here. She just giggled and said oh I'm too far away for anyone to see too much, which I knew was not true. Those guys were close enough to get a good look at Lisa's perfect tits and rock hard nipples. Did you get so turned on by teasing those two guys over there you had to rub yourself I asked?

Her face turned red not knowing that I had seen her rubbing. She said no, I wasn't doing that. I told her not to lie and it was ok I watched you a few minutes and what I saw really made me so horny for you. She raised her eyebrows and just smiled. So tell me I said, do you like showing those guys your bare tits don't you? She finally relented and said yes, I couldn't help myself. I can't believe how daring and naughty I have been, but it's been making me so horny. Seeing those guys check me out only made me wetter and I couldn't help myself and just had to rub my clit. I leaned down and kissed her rolling my tongue over hers before pulling back and telling her we better get ready for dinner before you bring a big crowd of guys over here.

We went and got ready for dinner. Lisa put on a very short sun dress that revealed a lot of cleavage. She of course wasn't wearing any panties or bra again. She looked so sexy.

We went to dinner and had a great meal. Lisa drunk several glasses of wine and was feeling very tipsy. Like I have said earlier she gets extremely horny when she has been drinking and I could see her eyes were burning with lust.

We decided to go to the outside bar and listen to some music after dinner. We found a lounger off to the side and I got us some more drinks and we sat for a while relaxing while listening to the music. Lisa was nuzzled up against me her hands on my leg as she kissed my ear and neck. She kept whispering in my ear how horny she was and how she was and how badly she needed my hard cock deep inside her. My dick was bursting at my pants I was so hard. I couldn't take it any longer and grabbed her hand and started to stand up.

Just as we stood up, our friend from earlier was there in front of us. He smiled and said hi. I saw you two over here and just had to come over and say thank you for such a wonderful time earlier. Lisa was giggling and I said thanks we had a great time as well. I told him I was sorry we were just heading back to our room. He said ok, and asked if we needed any more pictures taken of us. Lisa squeezed me tight and I looked at her and she still had that same burning desire in her eyes and I said well yeah sure maybe just a few.

We made it to the room and I handed him the camera. Lisa was all over me almost immediately. She was undoing my pants and pulling them down, freeing my cock that was about to burst, pushing me back on the bed. The stranger had moved to the side of the bed and we could hear the camera clicking as Lisa's lips engulfed my cock. My hands moved down between her legs and my fingers pushed up between her lips sinking two fingers into her wet pussy. She was so wet moaning on my cock as she sucked. I looked over and saw him moving the camera closer getting close up shots of my wife's soaking pussy as I fingered her hard. I pulled her up off my cock and slid her straps down letting the dress fall down over her hips. Lisa helped me pull it off all the way until she was completely naked in front of this man and me.

I looked over and once again the man had his pants off and was stroking his hard cock with one hand while trying to take pictures with the other. I pushed Lisa down on the bed on her back and spread her legs. Her head was close to the edge of the bed. I told Lisa to rub her pussy for the camera. Her hand immediately went down between her legs and rubbed over her swollen clit. The camera was clicking as fast as it would go getting many good shots of Lisa's hot body as she played with herself.

I was rubbing over her tits as she rubbed. The man moved over to the side of the bed getting close ups of Lisa's fingers. His hard dick was sticking straight out from him, over the bed. I saw Lisa's eyes glued to his cock. She was moaning and bucking her hips. I told her to grab his cock. She did not hesitate this time and instantly wrapped her hand around it stroking him. I watched intently. My eyes going back and forth from her hand buried in her pussy to her other hand stroking the man's hard cock. I could see him pushing his hips forward trying to get his cock closer to Lisa's lips. It was only inches away from her mouth.

Without any encouragement from me Lisa moved her head forward until her lips were wrapped around the head of his cock. I saw her sucking just the head as she pumped his cock with her hand. The site of this was blowing my mind. I couldn't take it any longer.

I grabbed Lisa's hips and flipped her over on her hands and knees. I lined my cock up behind her while the other man moved over in front of her face. She had his cock back in her mouth in seconds and was taking it deep moaning around it. I grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her pussy getting it nice and wet before sinking it all the way in with one quick hard thrust. Lisa moaned loudly as I slammed into her. We both loved every second of it. I could tell she was getting close to cumming; her body was shaking and moaning loudly. I was trying to hold it back as long as I could, but the day's events had me so wound up that I suddenly was cumming deep inside her. I shot my cum deep inside of her filling her up.

Lisa moaned out in disappointment as I pulled my dick out. She rolled over onto her back. She was still holding onto his dick stroking him. Her other hand reached down and started rubbing her clit. I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of Lisa as she was fingering her wet pussy while sucking the man's big dick. She was bucking her hips and rubbing her clit. Then she pulled her mouth off of his dick and looked up at him and said please just stick your cock on my pussy but don't put it in. She then looked over at me with her eyes raised to make sure I was ok. I just smiled at her thinking it was ok as long as she didn't really fuck him.

Lisa moved her ass to the edge of the bed and he moved between her legs holding his hard cock in his hand. He pushed it down until the tip parted her lips and begin to rub it up and down her wet pussy. Lisa was throwing her head back moaning while one hand was rubbing her clit. My hands were rubbing over her nipples rolling them around in my hands. She kept moaning telling him how hot it was making her to have his big dick teasing her. I could see her hips rocking back and forth and then she gasped and her eyes got wide and moaned.

I looked down and his cock was halfway in her pussy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but seeing the look of pure ecstasy on her face and his cock stretching her pussy made my dick rock hard. He didn't move and only kept it in half way. Lisa looked at me with a little concern and lust in her eyes. I didn't know what to say or do, but she looked down and saw my cock was rock hard and she reached for it with her other hand and begin to stroke me.

She was still rubbing her clit furiously and she started moving her hips again making his cock go in and out of her. Lisa was completely lost in desire. The man was moaning and as Lisa moved her hips I could see him inching further and further into her until he was completely buried deep inside her. Lisa's eyes once again flew wide open and she gasped loudly. He was a couple inches longer than me, so I knew he was hitting deep inside her. After only having me her whole life I knew she was experiencing something new and from her gasps and moans it seemed she liked it.

The man started to move his hips back and forth sliding his cock all the way in out with long hard strokes. Lisa was stroking my now rock hard cock while telling him how good it felt and how deep he was inside her. He was now fucking her hard slamming into her making her tits bounce back and forth. I moved up onto my knees beside Lisa and offered my cock to her. She quickly wrapped her lips around my dick and sucked as best she could while he fucked her.

Lisa's body was shaking and she moaned around my cock. He was still fucking her fast and hard when Lisa pulled her mouth off my dick and cried out that she was about to cum. She kept moaning out for him to fuck her hard, she wanted to cum on his big cock. Hearing her talk so dirty only turned me on more. He slammed in and out as Lisa grabbed his ass and screamed, cumming so hard it lasted forever as her whole body shook and her hips bucked up and down. It was such an erotic site to see my sexy hot wife cumming so hard while another man's cock was buried deep inside her.

I could tell he was not far behind her as he was moaning and his thrusts were getting faster. He finally announced he was about to cum and asked Lisa where she wanted it. She just smiled and said I want you to cum all over my tits and with that he pulled out his cock out. He moved up over her and begins stroking his dick over her tits until he grunted loudly and begin cumming all over her tits covering them with his cum. Lisa was just moaning watching his cock as it kept shooting over her tits.

He moved off the bed and got dressed. He thanked us both for another wonderful time and said he hoped we could get together again before we left. Lisa smiled and we both told him goodbye as he walked out the door.

Lisa looked at me and giggled. I asked her what she thought and if she had enjoyed herself. She smiled and said that it was amazing and that she never was expecting that to happen. She asked me if I was ok with it. I just smiled and grabbed her hand putting it on my hard cock and told her I think you can feel how much that turned me on. We had sex two more times that night until we passed out in each other's arms. This was turning out to be an amazing vacation.

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