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Valentine's Celebration


Sarah was nervous as ever. This valentine's day she had a special present for Tom. And as soon as he came home (in about 15 minutes), he was going to get it.

She had bought a black and pink lingerie set. She had seen it months before in a shop, and she had immediately fell in love with it. The bra and the thong were black with pink trims, and the set had a matching see-through black robe with pink hems. She had kept it hidden at home since. It was her special outfit for today.

Sarah had it started planning the day since then. So she had managed to get home early. Usually Tom arrived home before she did, but today when he opened the door he was going to find a pleasant surprise.

Sarah was already wearing the lingerie set, and waiting for Tom in the sofa. She had been trying different positions, but all of them seemed too forced. So she had decided to wait seated and get up and go to the door as soon as she heard Tom keys in the lock.

Sarah was so excited. It had been years since she had done something like that. When they were dating, she usually surprised Tom when he came home with little or no clothes. But since they had got married a couple years ago, she hadn't done it again. Too much work and a hurried lifestyle were to blame.

Cling. Cling.

Finally! He was coming.

Sarah jumped from the sofa and hurried to the door, just in time to open the door to Tom.

"Good evening, Mr. Bramson.", she said as she grabbed his briefcase and closed the door behind him. "Let me welcome you to your Valentine's Day present" she went on as she took off his coat.

He looked happily surprised and let her direct him.

"Let me guide you to your table", she went on. "The set menu consists in a hand-and-tongue shaft massage for starter, a variety of fucking positions of your choice as the main course, and the special dessert will be an awesome orgasm", Sarah continued as she guided him to their bedroom.

It was a simple black and white decorated room, with a bed and an armchair. For the special occasion, Sarah had decorated it with some bunches of red rose petals on the bed and a red blanket over the armchair.

As they reached the room, Sarah unlaced the robe and let it slide down her arms, showing Tom the silky white skin in her back, only crossed by the horizontal black and pink band below her arms, and the black vertical band between her round and firm asscheeks.

Then she turned around and approached Tom slowly. As she attacked his mouth with hers, she started unbuttoning his shirt. His hands rapidly went all over her skin. She knew he desperately wanted to take off the little clothes she was wearing. But from other times he had learned that it was better to let her wear her special outfits a little longer. She would take them off when she felt necessary.

Soon enough Tom was completely naked, his dick already pointed touching Sarah's thigh.

With a quick movement, Sarah pushed him to the armchair, where he fell and waited for her. It was also time to release her boobs. Sarah put her right hand behind her and soon her globes were dancing in front of Tom's face.

Sarah sat on his lap for a while as she caressed his shaft with her hands. He was so turned on that some drops were already wetting its tip. Now Tom was also free to caress Sarah's balloons and quickly his hands were cupping them, squeezing them, pinching her hard nipples.

But he didn't have much time, as she soon got and and kneeled in front of him. She opened his legs with her slender body and approached her tongue to his dick.

From the base to the tip she licked it several times, until she finally embraced it with her whole mouth. First only the tip, she sucked it and went out. Then a few inches, licking it around with the tongue in her mouth, and out again. Finally, with a fast and strong movement she put his whole dick in her mouth, causing her to gag a little when its tip touched the back of her throat.

For a while she kept licking and sucking it, as she felt her husband enjoy himself under her treatments. Her hands went to caress his balls.

When she thought it was enough, she raised two fingers to his mouth, still licking his shaft. When they were wet, she put them around her clit, and then in and out her hole, to prepare herself for his coming inside her.

Finally, with a soft kiss to his shaft, she got up and grabbed his hands, wanting him to get up and go to the bed. But he pulled her towards him.

"No, I feel like starting with a nice ride, will ya?", he asked her, and he put his legs together, to leave space for hers in the armchair.

"Of course, sir. The choice is yours.", she said and she kneeled around him.

Without many movements, she grabbed his dick with her right hand and got it up her slit as she held the black thread aside. He would have to remove it later.

Then, up and down she went, as he grabbed her ass and help her move.

"I want my second position," he soon said, holding her, his shaft still inside her, and getting up. Sarah put her legs around him, not to fall.

Two steps and they were near the bed, Tom let her slide off and lie on the bed.

With both his hands he grabbed the thong she was still wearing and took it off, leaving the way inside her completely free. Sarah opened her legs with a smile waiting for him to fuck her.

Soon he was on top of her, already introducing his rod inside her again, with a strong shove that made her scream with joy. Sarah was a quite quiet girl, but there were some things that made some noises escape her throat.

Tom started pumping her slowly, but his pace turned a bit faster with each blow.

Suddenly he stopped, and sank his fingertips in her hips.

"Do you feel like having your desert?", she asked him, knowing his pause meant he was close enough to explode.

"Yes, would you please turn around?", he said, releasing his dick slowly.

"Of course... woof!"

She quickly raised to her knees and elbows.

With his left hand Tom helped his shaft inside her, and his right hand went to caress her clit. Sarah and Tom liked that position a lot because it was the only one they could both manage to explode together. Not always, but usually. It always helped if he was frantically rubbing her bud as he piercing her from behind.

His dick in and outside her hole, his fingers on her button, his balls hitting her skin, and the desire helped them achieve their goal. Soon enough they were both screaming and trembling as they came together.

Then, their bodies thumped on the bed, and they hugged each other.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mr. Bramson", Sarah said.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Mrs. Bramson", Tom replied.

And thus, cuddled, happy and exhausted, they fell asleep.

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