Valentine's Day at Wunderclub


"Ouch!" he yelled pushing her away as she giggled. "I'll get you for that." He feigned a lunge for her arm and grabbed the hem of her panties pulling down. Almost too late Lisa realized what he was doing quickly grabbing the hem herself in order to keep them up. They wrestled under the warm water struggling for purchase on the slippery skin. Lisa realized that she was losing. She had two garments to protect to his one and he was much faster.

"I surrender! I surrender! Truce?" she said offering her wrists together in front of her in submission. He eyed her suspiciously. She slowly reached to his abdomen sliding her hand under his undergarments grabbing his cock. She stepped towards him cupping his balls as she sucked the water from his shoulder, while pressing herself into him. She kissed his collar bone, then his neck and ending with his lips. Their kiss was luxurious as if tasting one another for the first time.

A cold jet of water hit them in the chest. The both yelled jumping backwards looking towards their new antagonists. "Get a room you two." Mark said playfully.

"They tried that already, and my ears are still ringing from the all of the screaming." said Jolene smiling from ear to ear. "You two are a mess, you should look at yourself."

Derek looked at Lisa. Her top was all stretched on one side and barely covered her left breast. The waistband on her panties were stretched and rolled over on itself to almost expose her pussy. Lisa looked at Derek whose cock was pointing skyward above his boxers.

Mark and Jolene turned on the shower in the furthest corner and started rubbing each other under the warm stream of water. A large group of people entered the shower startling Derek and Lisa. Lisa was suddenly very uncomfortable. Lisa looked down and tried to cover herself with her hands. Jolene beckoned her over and motioned her in the corner protecting Lisa from prying eyes by shielding her with her body. Derek did the same, hugging Lisa chest to his while kissing her. Mark came up behind Jolene sliding his hands up and down her flanks.

With all of the showers going it was becoming difficult to see. Derek wedged himself in the corner pulling Lisa backwards into him. She leaned her head back resting it on his shoulder. His hands roamed all over her body while Mark and Jolene caught glimpses of them. Lisa's breathing was slow and heavy. Derek tucked his fingers under her bra lifting slowly, exposing her to their new friends. Lisa kept her hands above her head. Derek's thumbs slide down her side catching the hem of her waistband. Slowly he peeled the wet garments exposing her skin. Lisa bit her lower lip. Derek's hands exploring her newly exposed skin. Derek's cock was pressed between her legs.

Mark was mimicking Derek's every move on Jolene. Where Derek's hands went on Lisa, Marc's echoed on Jolene. The women sighed together as the men cupped their breasts simultaneously. Lisa's hips were doing small circles as Derek's hands slipped between her thighs. Jolene was standing straighter with her hands over Marks.

Subtly leadership changed. Derek started following Marks lead. Mark pressed the palm of his hand on top of Jolene's pubis pushing her back into his hips. Lisa could feel the tip of Derek's cock slid alongside her pussy and Derek mirrored Mark's move. They were like intertwined snakes sliding and slithering against one another in the steamy water. Jolene grabbed Marks hand and slid two fingers on either side of her clit. As Derek did the same to Lisa, the women moaned together. Jolene moved Marks fingers up and down faster sliding alongside her clit. Confident she'd made her intentions clear she interlaced her fingers behind her neck allowing the sensations to wash over her like water running down their bodies.

Lisa's breathing was stuttering between groans of pleasure. Derek's cock was sliding along the length of her slit and his fingers were teasing and simultaneously tormenting her clit. His other hand had cupped her breast and his fingers were rolling her nipple gently. Sparks were flying all over her body. She felt a hand around her wrist drawing her out of her lust. Slowly she opened her eyes. Jolene had reached forward and was gently pulling her wrist forward. Jolene exuded pure sex. Lisa was drawn in and followed along meekly. The sounds and sights around her seemed diminished.

Lisa was aware of sights of people fucking around her, of cocks being sucked in through the glory hole. She turned to see Derek then Mark following them. Jolene led them to the huge bed on the platform. Lisa found herself lying sideways across the bed. Jolene lay down beside her but facing the opposite direction still holding her hand. Lisa was distracted by skin contact of Jolene's hip pressing against her shoulder and her hip against Jolene's shoulder.

Lisa was brought abruptly to the present as Derek's cock split her pussy wide. He was looking down upon her, with his face exuding the look of pain and lust as his cock slid in and out of her. She closed her eyes and flexed her back driving her ass and shoulders into the bed. She could feel the weight of her breasts rhythmically rising and falling to Derek's thrusts. Her head was still tilted back as she opened her eyes to see Derek's reflection off the one way mirror. She groaned as she imagined the people behind the glass watching as his cock plunged in and out of her. He raised her arms pressing her palms against the glass.

She closed her eyes again imagining the view from the glass on the other side. Derek's muscular ass would be rippling with every thrust. Her dripping wet pussy would be stuffed with his glistening cock, opening and stretching to accommodate him. She pulled her knees to her chest widening her thighs as far apart as she could. "Oh God." she moaned.

Lisa opened her eyes tilting her head slightly to the side. Mark was thrusting violently into Jolene. LIse could feel Marks thrusts through the bed. Jolene's toes were pointed and her legs muscles were taught with tension. Mark had his palms on her breasts mashing them. Lisa couldn't take it. She was about to explode. "Oh God, I'm going to come." Derek put his palms on the back of her knees putting all of his weight over his arms. Lisa was pinned spreading her legs even further apart as her back was arched more and her ass pointed more to the ceiling. The tip of his cock was now hammering her g-spot before sliding deep inside her finishing with his balls slapping against her ass.

"I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh fuck! Oh GOD! AIIIEEEEE!" Lisa screamed as her insides exploded. It felt like she was being turned inside out. Derek continued hammering her. Lisa was going insane thrashing about. Derek stiffened; his cock pulsing load after load of his hot essence against her cervix. Lisa couldn't stop moving her hips which ground in slow circle against him, extracting every bit of pleasure form her lover's body.

Jolene's head was flopping from side to side as Mark ground deep circles into her hips. Jolene grabbed Lisa's leg squeezing it in a death grip and exploded in wracking sobs of breaths, grunts and tears of ecstasy. Mark wrapped his arms around Jolene fiercely and came in a series of short deep thrusts, punctuating each one with a loud grunt. He collapsed on her.

Their collective gasping breaths were all that they could manage for a while except for occasional spasms and the slowing circular grind of Lisa's hips. Slowly their breathing returned to normal. Mark let go of Jolene and smiled as he realized that Lisa's leg was caught in his bear hug. He slipped out of Jolene and sat down beside her, resting on his palm. Derek rolled off of Lisa and flopped on his back. Lisa's could feel gobs of the sticky fluid leaking out of her pussy down the crack of her ass. She was a mess. Realizing that people were probably watching her leak behind the mirror, made her shudder again.

Lisa and Derek stumbled their way to the change rooms followed closely by Mark and Jolene grabbing their keys from Natasha who was smiling from ear to ear. When they were dressed Lisa and Jolene hugged, quietly sharing tears of joy over such an intense experience.

Mark walked to Natasha and quietly asked, "What did they look like?"

Derek was curious, "What did what look like?"

Mark responded, "The video tape."

Derek was shocked. Natasha interrupted, "We have video all over the complex. It helps to get the staff to the right spots at the right time. We have procedures which normally destroy the tapes every day. The problem was that everyone was asking for copies. We upgraded to HD, changed a lot of the angles and hid the cameras a lot better. If you want a copy of a tape we'll sell it to you for $200 after it has been edited of course. You keep the only copy."

Mark asked again, "So how was it?"

Natasha smiled broadly. "It's been a busy night and I've only seen bits of it but our video guy came in his pants pulling the initial footage."

"Is it that good?"

"It's probably better. He said it could easily go to the top of the farm if you go that route." Derek looked puzzled. Natasha continued. "Occasionally we get really good video and if the participants are willing, we post it on the internet and sell viewings in our secure space called the farm. The top of the farm last year grossed nearly a million dollars, participants split 80%."

Lisa and Jolene approached them. "What are you guys smiling about?" Lisa asked suspiciously.

"I'll tell you later." Derek responded.

Ya I know it's a bit of mess with a kazillion typos. vote anyway.

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