tagNonConsent/ReluctanceValentine's Day Gone Awry

Valentine's Day Gone Awry


Please note this story is hopefully the first in a set of series that describes Heather's Valentine's Day from her husband. Please be nice as this is my first attempt at writing a story at all much less like this. I value actual critique because I found this to be enjoyable and would like to know if I should continue writing. Please don't bash me for it being forced or fake because it is in that category, so if it isn't your cup of tea please don't read it. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I hope you enjoy.

Heather has jet black hair with the last inch a shocking bright red, cut around her chin. It drew attention to her, under closer inspection, stunning face. Light brown eyes that are the color of rich honey in the right sun light, was the best feature of her face because of the direct contrast of her hair. She had a mouth that just begged to be sucking a dick. She had a little pixie nose. Some would say her 36D breast with bottle shaped nipples are her best feature but I believe it is her ass that is her best feature. It is just the right size to fit in your hand and you always have to watch when she bends over. She was 30 years old but looks 23. Heather is married to a man who likes to play mind games with her and tear her down. This Valentine's Day he has planned a special day for his wife. His wife of 4 years had proven how much of a slut she was but this day he was going to put it to the ultimate test.

Heather woke thinking this Valentine's Day was going to be a letdown like usual her husband forgetting to do anything. She figured after not having sex with him for a week and half she would have to do the usual thing and lay on her back with a pillow over face while her husband used her pussy or ass for as long as it took him to cum. He was sometimes known to use their toys when they had sex and she figured today would be no different. She crept quietly to the bathroom, to take a shower, careful not to wake her husband who had just got off work 4 hours earlier.

She turns on the bath and goes to the rest room while waiting for the bath water to turn warm. Heather then turns the shower on and is about to step into the shower when her husband walks in and gives her a quick kiss and asks if he can join her. She said sure. She was shocked when he tells her to jump in the shower ahead of him and he left the bathroom after only taking a kiss. She climbs in and closes the shower curtain. As she steps under the steaming water she hears the door click as her husband returns. Pulling back the shower curtain he reveals in his hands that he is carrying her 12 inch long 3 inch wide veined purple dildo and the blue and white submarine toy that is about 3 ½ inches wide and 11 inches long. It was bought at a store in the pool equipment as an underwater submarine.

Heather shock registers on her face as she realizes this is going to be one of those showers. She starts to speak to protest when her husband says, "Careful slave I haven't given you permission to talk."

She instantly shut her mouth fearing to anger him. Setting the toys on the side of the tub, he said, "Slave you look dirty, let me wash you".

He leans down and grabs her favorite body washes the one she uses for special occasions. He looks up and says slave I want the water so move. Heather slides past her husband and jolts as her body brushes against his. She turns around to face him as he has the water hitting his back. He squirts the soap liberally all over her chest, shoulders and stomach.

"Slave I want you to use me as your sponge and wash yourself only using your body and mine, you may at no time use your hands. Do you understand me slave?" He asks.

"Yes, Master" she meekly responds.

She walks up till she is toe to toe with him and can feel her nipples rub up against his chest and she feels bursts of electricity so much so that she steps back. "Two," he whispers.

She knows from previous experience that nothing good comes from him counting. She quickly steps back up and wraps her arms around him careful to not let her hands touch him. She starts standing on her tippy toes sliding her boobs across his chest. Feeling the little hairs on his chest it sends little sensations down to her pussy causing it to burn. She knows if she doesn't do a good job she will be punished worse than she was already in for. Heather got even closer to him straddling his leg, while she used his support to make sure her boobs got under his chin. Burning with the fire that is with in her pussy she starts riding his thigh. She then twists down still on his thigh and takes his arm between her tits and acts like his arm is a giant penis as she has it sliding through her supple tits. Her master then grabs both of her nipples with his other hand, as he jerks them together to create a tighter seal along his arm, eliciting a low yelp from her as she grinds her pussy down on his leg fucking his leg, she then starts swaying her body front and back on his leg using the soap that has run down her body to wash his leg.

While she is bent down and her ass is proudly on display he reaches for the toy. He grabs the purple toy and the jar of Vaseline that sits on the shelf of the cabinet. He orders his slave to rinse of he is done with that for the moment. He is intent on seeing her burn for him to make the allowance for her to cum. He tells her to trade places once she has rinsed off all the soap. While she is sliding by him he firmly grasps her nipples and says "Slave I want you to turn around and spread your legs wide, then lean forward and grab your ankles. If you let go for any reason you will be severely punished. Do you understand me?" he asks.

"Yes Master I understand I am to bend over and grab ahold of my ankles and not let go" she responds.

"Now for being such a good slut I am going to push the Purple People Eater against the wall and you are going to show me what a good job of sucking a dick you do while I play with my pussy. If at any time you orgasm or drop the toy from the wall you will also be punished. Do you understand me slave?"

"Yes Master I understand" the slave meekly responds knowing she is not there for her enjoyment, but for the pleasure of her master. She must not cum unless he is so kind as to grant her the ability to cum.

She leans forward grabbing her ankles while opening her mouth to the tip of the giant purple toy in her mouth. He suddenly lets go causing her to have to lurch forward, really exposing her pussy and ass to her master, to take more of it in her mouth as to keep it from falling. He slowly runs his hand from the inside of her foot all the way up to just where her pussy lips just start to form. He traces along the outside never touching her pussy lips just the outside of them. While he is teasing the outside of her pussy lips she is shivering with anticipation trying to remember to take a little more of the toy in her mouth. As she leans forward and more of the giant toy fills her mouth she knows that the toy is going to go down her throat, in order for her to do that she was going to have to swallow it which would have to concentrate on what she was doing instead of her master tracing the outline of her anal ring. When he makes it all the way down to the inside of the other leg he smiles to himself.

Master has had a truly devious thought seeing his slave with her mouth full of the fake toy and her pussy and ass on such display. He reaches up and grabs the shower head and turns it to the strong massaging spray mode. He again starts at the bottom of her foot while working slowly up. She trembles as she wonders what he is fixing to do with the water. She suddenly feels him pushing her forward to where she must swallow more of the fake penis. As she swallows it she feels it enter and stretch her throat. She barely gags. He allows her to come back off it slowly and pushes her slowly forward again making sure to go further this time than last time. Each time taking it to where the tip is just in her mouth, he then takes the pulsating water and aims it directly at her clit watching as she lurches forward swallowing almost 10 inches of the giant purple penis. She never let go of her ankles or dropped the toy so far.

"Slave are you ready to be more clean?" Master asks. "Because before I can stretch that pretty tight ass of yours out it must be cleaned.

The slave nods while continuing to suck the fake dick. Now knowing some of her fate she is scared to anger him at all and makes sure to double her efforts on the cock that is in her mouth imagining it is a real cock and she could get cum to come out of it. Her legs are starting to burn from being in this position when she feels the spray going close to her ass hole. She jerks forwards as she feels the strong water force its way into her ass. She feels him turn the water up a little warmer and she knows this is going to make her cramp more but if she has to suck on something after it has been in her ass at least it will be clean. As the water starts to fill her she is trying to fight back the urge to cum. The more water that fills her causes her to become more sensitive to the sensation of having something in her ass while she gave the fake toy the blow job of its life. When master felt like her ass had been filled with enough water he said slave I want you to hold that water in you until I tell you that you can go to the bathroom do you understand me, again she just nods. So he aims the spray at her clit again watching her squirm around shaking her ass, trying to beg him with her body to let her cum. Her body is violently shaking from the restraint she is showing at not cumming. He said okay slave I think it has been long enough and I think you need to empty your ass. So he lets her quit giving her fake dick the blowjob.

Her stomach is cramping so bad she can barely walk to the toilet she is so afraid she is going to not make it to the restroom. Once she has relieved herself, master rinses her off and tells her to go in the bed room and lie down face down and her ass up spread eagle. He grabs her toys and the Vaseline and brings them in the room and just admires the way her ass looks with is pale shade of pink from the shower. He can't wait to hear her screams as she begs him to let her cum. Since her ass is clean and read he gets a big dose of Vaseline and starts rubbing it into her ass. He pushes the knuckle of his pointer finger in her ass marveling at how it grasps his finger trying to suck it in. He knows if he is ever going to fit that submarine in his lovely slave's ass she was going to have to be well lubricated and stretched out. He slowly slides his finger into her ass loving hearing her moan. He twists his finger and starts to pick up tempo. He adds another finger stretching her further eliciting another moan from her. He has increased the tempo of fucking his two fingers in her ass. He pushes a third finger in her ass and really starts hammering away at her ass. She is getting so into she is bucking back on to his fingers while whining, begging him to fuck her and use her like the toy she is.

He feels she is sufficiently stretched and grabs the submarine as her eyes widen as she realizes what he intends to do she starts to get up scared that the toy is going to tear her in two. He grabs her and with the ropes he has hidden under the blanket proceeds to tie her to the end of their king size bed. It is made out of wrought iron and can withstand any pulling she tries, and she only succeeds in making the knots tighter. Great she thinks I have just ruined the whole evening and now I have no way to defend myself. She starts to beg him to forgive her but the look he gives her silences her right away. He said "I was going to be nice and lube this submarine up before I stick it in your ass but now I am not, and slave if you start screaming to much I will be force to stuff your mouth with something so you can't scream anymore. I want to hear not a peep from you. Don't think I have forgotten that you need punishment for trying to run but that will come later."

All she did was meekly nod knowing she should never have tried to run. She then feels him line the hard rubber submarine toy up against her anal ring. He said "Get ready" and started shoving it into her ass. She was so thankful for the stretching he did earlier. He didn't stop going until the toy was all the way buried in her ass. He looked down to marvel at how her ass looked stretched out by the thickness of the toy. He smiled as he got another idea and grabbed his phone so he could record this session for later and show his friends at work what a slut he has for a wife.

Heather heard the unmistakable click that his phone makes when it starts recording something and she knew he had his phone pointed at her ass where the submarine was buried deep in it and the way that she was spread out there was no denying that the toy was in her ass. She felt two things in the same instant the first was a deep shame that she had let herself become this helpless to him and the other thing was that her pussy was so on fire it was literally gushing out and would need no lubricant when it needed filled.

Master looked down at her and just seemed to know what she wanted. "I want to hear you beg for me to fuck your ass with this here toy submarine and to fill your pussy with that purple toy while I fill your mouth with my dick."

Heather looks up and looks her master dead in the eye, "Please Master fuck my ass hard and punish it while you stretch my pussy with the purple monster that we call "Purple People Eater" while I have the pleasure of sucking that great cock of yours. I will die without it please master use my like your fuck toy.

He looks down and says "No I don't think you were that convincing slave. I want you to look this camera dead on and tell everyone what a slut whore you are and that you want your ass and cunt stretched so far that it feels like you are tearing yourself apart on the two fake dicks all while sucking my dick until I cum, but you are not lucky enough to swallow my sperm yet I will instead cum all over those lovely tits which will be tied up in ropes and nipple clamps attached to your nipples. Let the camera beg hear you beg to receive that and if you are convincing enough I may just do that."...

Please let me know what you think and if you want me to continue down Heathers torrid tumble as her Masters Valentine's day p

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