tagNonConsent/ReluctanceValentine's Day: The Abduction

Valentine's Day: The Abduction


"Yippee! I howl out the car window. "It's over. We did it!"

Katy and I are speeding down the open highway heading to the shore. We've both just graduated from High School. Katy is bewitching in her hot pink knit halter top and short jeans skirt. Her "Farrah Fawcett" hairstyle is tossed about by the wind from our four open car windows.

"Come here you," I plead reaching over playfully for my teenage girl friend.

She is beaming. We're both thrilled to be spending a week at the beach with our friends and without any parental supervision. I snake my hand down the front of her shirt and fondle her erect nipple. She giggles. We are both so happy and so in love.

"Honey, will you do me?

"Howard now? While you're driving?"

"Yes. Please?" I beg while I unzip my tight fitting corduroys. She smiles and nods. Katy fishes my half hard cock out of my pants and puts it in her lovely mouth. I shudder feeling her warm wet mouth encircle me. The sensation is marvelous. I let out a long sigh. Her petite hand strokes my shaft matching the rhythm of her head that is bobbing up and down on my hard prick.

" Oh, God, that's great. I Love You!" I exclaim.

I gaze down in amazement at Katy. She is so beautiful and always eager to please me. What a lucky guy I am. We are going to be happy forever. I run my fingers through her lovely red hair and softly caress her tender neck as her mouth does its magic.

Katy lets my penis pop out of her mouth and spends a few incredible minutes lapping the shaft of my penis. She pays extra attention to the tender skin on the underside of my dick and the rubbery knob on top. Then, grasping my manhood, she begins to furiously beat me off. Just as I feel that I'm going to explode, her mouth returns to my dick. She consumes me and swallows me deep. I cum with a roar and flood her mouth with jism. She struggles to catch it. When I finally stop pulsating, she looks up at me with her adorable green eyes. My cum is drooling down her chin. ---- "Burringgg!" The sound of a ringing phone intrudes on my wet dream. I wake to find my pants soggy and I am sitting in my living room recliner.

"Borraaggg," I belch without thought echoing the ringing phone. I put my Coors Light down and answer the phone. "Aahh, hello?"

As I am on the phone my wife reproaches me with a stern look and says,

"Howard!! It's bad enough you drank a six pack and were snoring during my movie. Do you have to sound like an animal too? Can't you show me some respect!"

Still in a sleep and alcohol induced fog, I hand her the phone slurring a little too loudly, "It's Maria, the Ice Princess."

My mind tries to return to my vivid dream. I cannot recover it. I hadn't been dreaming so much as re-living a memory of one of our happier days. Saddened, I close my eyes. It hurt to confront such a sharp vision of how happy we once were since today, we are barely civil to each other.

Oozing warmth, Katy says, "So Maria, you're back from your business trip to Europe. It's a shame you had to spend the Christmas and New Year's holidays there alone. When can we get together?"

Maria is in her thirties like us. She has never been married. In fact, she hasn't had a serious boyfriend since she broke up with Doug during our second year in college over 10 years ago. At first I found this surprising. Maria is an attractive brunette with a pretty face and a shapely figure. However, I learned she is not alone because she can't attract a mate. She doesn't want one and she makes this fact crystal clear to every man that approaches her.

Maria has spent a decade scaling the corporate ladder at her Fortune 100 company. She has pursued her career with a single mindedness that would please Betty Freidan herself. She has had an accomplished career with quick promotions, substantial job titles and lot of cash.

"Well, I'm still doing a lot of traveling, Katy. Let's see, I'm free the second Friday in February. Oh, that won't work for you, that's Valentine's Day."

Laughing my wife answers, "That may have been a sacred day when Howard and I were going steady in High School, but for us old married folks it is practically just another day on the calendar. What about you, any special plans this year? "

"No, just my usual. I'll take a nice long bubble bath and treat myself to some fine French brie and a glass of my favorite Champagne. And you?"

"I thought the kids were going to be home so I planned a big family meal with prime rib. But both of them have cancelled on me – the rats. Grandma got a special travel deal and is taking Ian and Gwen on a three day week-end trip to Disney World. So it's just Howard and me."

"That still sounds nice. A good meal and a romantic evening with your hubby" Maria responded with just the slightest change in her voice.

Katy could hear a hint of sadness and loneliness in her best friend's voice. She often thought about the heavy personal price Maria has paid for her successful career. Reaching out to her she says tenderly,

"Maria, why don't you join us? I have all this food and if it is just Howard and me we'll be in bed by ten. If you come, we can get dressed up and make it more of a gala."

Sputtering beer, I sit up abruptly and stare daggers at my wife. "No" I start mouthing to her. I begin waving my arms at her to emphasize my objection, but to no avail.

"What's the matter? You make it sound like turning in early with your husband is a real drag. We couldn't pry you two apart with the jaws of life in college," Maria laughs.

"You know what I mean: been there, done that."

"Okay. If you're sure I won't be intruding? What can I bring?"

"As I said I have the prime rib. If you want, you can bring your brie and champagne."

"It's a date."

Fuming, I lean back in my recliner as my wife switches the television back to her Hallmark romance movie. There was a time not so long ago, when an evening with me was enough romance for Katy. Now she acts like dropping out of college to marry her High School sweetheart was the worst mistake of her life.

Katy knows I don't enjoy spending time with Maria. Partially it is because Maria never misses an opportunity to let the world know she doesn't need a man. But mostly, it is cause of the funk that Katy slips into afterwards. I suppose it reminds her that if I hadn't knocked her up, she too could be globetrotting and having a fabulous career.

Now I'm so mad I could spit! My mind is racing. "One bad evening to be followed by one month of moaning and complaining about how rotten Katy's life is. And now she's telling everyone that I'm some boring old husband. I should fix her wagons....yea, both their wagons," I think to myself as I finish off the can of beer.

I start humming a song from the movie "The Sound of Music". "How do you solve a problem like Maria..."

Under my breath, I say, "I've got to make a plan. Yea, a plan...." I excuse myself and head down to my unfinished basement.

_ _ _ _ _

Valentine's Day arrives and I couldn't be more pleasant. When I get home from the plant, I hand Katy a bouquet of roses and I help straighten up the house. I shower and put on my best suit without a complaint. I crack open a bottle of white Zinfandel and let it breathe. Katy smiles at me. Pleased for my help and glad to see that I don't have a can of beer in my hand.

"Rrinngg". The door bell calls out the arrival of our always prompt guest. I answer the door and sweetly give Maria a kiss on the cheek and take her coat.

She is all dolled up wearing one of her designer gowns. The scooped back shows off her tanned shoulders. The scooped front displays a nice expanse of cleavage. The fancy dress gathers in the middle showing off her trim waist and flares at the hip accentuating her rounded bumm. As I said she is a quite a package.

My wife's still slender figure compares favorably to Maria's. However, her department store dress pales in comparison to the top of the line fashions that Maria can afford.

The evening moves along smoothly as the two college roommates catch up on current events and reminisce about past ones. We all enjoy the wine and a good meal. After dinner, I open Maria's champagne. That's when it hits them. The "Ruffies" I've spiked their bubbly with kicks in and renders them unconscious. Now I'm in control.

As the woman doze on the sofa, I quickly disrobe them. I am instantly hard. Katy and I haven't been intimate for months. I'm horny. And so my planned Valentine's Day Alien Abduction Adventure begins.

I arrange them cheek to cheek on the sofa. Maria's skin has an olive complexion consistence with her Mediterranean heritage. Her 36 B size breasts now unsupported by a bra sag a little. Her tits are top off by surprisingly smallish brown nipples. These are the nipples of a little girl or her in her case, the childless.

Katy's Scots-Irish background is evidenced by her fairer, freckled skin. Her modest, chicken cutlet like A cup breasts are alabaster white. What she lacks in cleavage is more than made up for with her extraordinary nipples. When hard, they extend out almost a full inch. Her nips look like pink thimbles anchored to her large, womanly aureoles. In truth, her small breasts are all most 100% nipple.

I kneel in front of them poking and roughly handling their boobs. Katy's slight breasts are firm while Maria's are a softer, more joyful handful. I tease their nipples to maximum extension. Maria's hardening nipples barely protrude while Katy's farm animal like teats thicken and extended, begging to be twisted. I oblige; yanking and wrenching Katy's beauties. I can't capture Maria's so I resort to pinching her little brown buttons.

I stretch the girls out on the floor and spread their legs to display their womanhood. Katy's reddish bush is sparse and wispy, it doesn't hide her sex. Maria, on the other hand, has a thick carpet of curly black hair that gives no hint of the crevice that lies beneath. I run a knuckle against each of them. Katy's twin lips bend to my touch; Maria's don't. Her heavy pelt keeps me at bay, for now.

I slip a towel underneath them and begin the grooming. Using scissors, I remove as much pubic hair as I can. With a razor, I get the rest. It is delicate work, but in no time I have them as bald as the day before they hit puberty. I knead their freshly shaved flesh and massage it with baby oil. My slippery fingers penetrate their non-responsive pussies. I finger fuck them both while taking turns kissing their clits and savoring the aroma of their assaulted cunts.

I strip, releasing the iron pipe of an erection that I've been carrying in my pants.

"It is time for your special Valentine's Day present ladies, an alien anal probe," I say with a snicker. I coat my hard prick with oil as I ogle the two nude, unconscious women before me.

I approach my first target, my wife. I flop Katy over the back of the sofa. Her firm little butt is now at the proper height. I paw at her ass cheeks spreading them apart to expose her secret brown spot above an oily, freshly shaven pussy.

"This will hurt you more than me," I sarcastically say to the comatose beauty as I put my throbbing knob up against her exit. I drizzle some baby oil down her crack and lean in with my manhood. Slowly, I make progress.

"Aahh. Yes," I moan. "You've been a pain in my butt for years and now I'm returning the favor. Its karma, baby, it's all about karma."

I'm half way in now. Seeing my dick shoved up her ass is as pretty a picture as I had expected it to be. I lean in some more and drive it home. Slowly, I began to work my erection in and out of her sweet derrière. Her flesh submits ungrudgingly to my bidding.

"Is that good, sweetie? It certainly isn't the same old; same old is it, huh?" I query aggressively as I pick up the pace and give her ass a good fucking.

Leering down at Maria, who is sprawled spread-eagle face up on the floor, I say, "Don't worry Miss Priss, you're next and as my special guest I'll be making a deposit with you."

I extract myself from Kate with a small popping sound and walk around to the front of the sofa to my next victim, Maria. I roll her over and position her kneeling in front of the sofa. Genuflecting behind her, I squirt some oil on her ass and grasping my dick, begin to force my purple headed monster into her back channel.

She is tight and denies me. "Funny, you've always acted like you had a stick up your butt so I just expected this would go easier. Here, let me loosen you up."

I shove a lubricated thumb in her bumm and work it around roughly. The next time my prick knocks on her back door, she welcomes me in. I reach around and paw her clit as I plow her backside. She remains unresponsive, so I drop the half hearted attempt of pleasuring her. I clutch her by the hip bones and forcefully fuck the bitch. Staring into the blank eyes of my wife, I spew a load of cum in the ass of my wife's best friend.

After enjoying a couple of minutes of quiet, post-coital togetherness, I finish phase one by stamping all three of us with a black circle at the base of our spines. Now all that is left to do is to carry the girls downstairs into the basement and enjoy the rest of the week-end.

The anal probing was as good as I had expected. I found it sexually satisfying, but also comforting for my soul. I felt great dominating my nagging wife and her bossy, frigid friend. It made all the planning and work staging this event worth while.

For days I had pondered how to get one over on them. Then the idea came to me as I was doing the weekly grocery shopping. Well, more accurately as I waited in the check out line and glanced at the National Enquirer. It was there, right there on the front page. "Woman abducted by space alien. Held captive for three days." the headline read. It went on to describe her ordeal and her suspicion that she had under gone an anal probe.

"Perfect!" I thought. I could stage abduction and take them to my "alien chamber". There I could enjoy myself at their expense and they would never be the wiser. Perhaps this experience would prod them to remember what it means to be a woman.


In the morning, Maria awakes to find she is nude. She also discovers a man's hand upon her bare breast and a hard cock pressing up against her butt cheeks. So she screams out,

"Get your filthy hands off me," Maria snarls ripping his hand off her breast. "And get your dick out of my ass!" Maria quickly scoots away from him.

The shrill sound wakes Katy. Her head is hurting and her mind is foggy. "Why is Maria here and naked? Where are my cloths?" she wonders. Katy shakes Howard hard, rousing him from his peaceful slumber.

"What, what?" Howard says looking around bewildered.

The three of them move apart. They begin to look around trying to make sense of things. They see a small room made up of metal walls and ceiling. There is a bare double bed in one corner. A small metal bathroom, the kind you would expect to find in a jail in another. The third corner had some bench seats and small table and a steel door is near the last one.

Cameras are perched high in every corner as if someone is monitoring them. Three of the wall panels have a 6 foot tall "X" in them, like a wood inlay on a piece of fine furniture. There is also a television mounted on the wall above the small dining table.

And finally, then there is the three of them, naked as jay birds. The woman instinctively reached out to cover themselves. Katy and Maria are surprised when their low hand finds only skin. Looking down, they are chagrinned to find themselves shaved bare. Howard conceals a smile as he takes in their shocked expression.

"What's happen to me? Where are our clothes?" Katy asks apprehensively now sitting up on the bed crossing her knees so very ladylike.

Maria stands and marches defiantly up to the steel door and tries to open it. It doesn't budge. Katy runs over to it and together they pull and pounded on it. Howard sits back and enjoys the view of their firm behinds and bouncing breasts. The women begin screaming and shouting. They continue until they wear themselves out. Sobbing, a red faced Katy pivots toward Howard and implores "Do something!"

"Like what?" Howard strides over and tugs on the door too, to no avail.

"What is this place? Maria asks.

She has given up on the door and is ready to explore the room. The rest join her. They all pace around the room rapping on the strong steel walls seeking an explanation and an exit, but finding neither. They all end up back on the bed. Katy is crying again. Maria struggles to retain her composure. Howard sits quietly keeping a mystified look on his face.

Distracted by their situation, the women have forgotten about their nudity. They no longer attempt to cover themselves; Howard grows stiff enjoying the flesh on display.

Howard muses out loud, "What is going on? Someone kidnaps us, steals our cloths and locks us up in this room? For ransom? Katy and I don't have any money?"

"And why shave Katy and me as bare as babies!" A glaring Maria adds. "And why not you?"

Howard stands, lifts his arms over his head and pirouettes slowly exhibiting his hairy body. "Maybe they didn't know where to start," he snorts. His audience in not amused.

On a more serious note, Howard turns to Katy and asks, "Honey, how do you feel?"

"I'm scared." Katy is biting her lower lip as she sits hugging her knees to her chest. Between her thighs, Howard is treated to a framed view of her pussy. The thick lips are split right down the middle and as always, a little of her inner lips spill out.

Maria interrupts demanding, "I want to know what's going on here." She is angry. She stands tall with her arms down by her side, her hands balled into fists. Her shoulders are pulled back; her luscious breasts are proudly thrust out. She has the biggest clit Howard has ever seen. It peeks out from under the hood at the top of her vagina. Howard can't help but wonder how big it would be if someone paid a little attention to it.

Howard eats up the view and then, adds shaking his head from side to side, "I just don't know."

Maria catches Howard staring at her body and turns her back to him with a noisy "Humph". Her breasts jiggle enticingly.

Howard points to the small black circle on her spine and says to Katy, "Look at that."

He then looks at Katy's back and says, "You have one too."

He twists his backside to Katy and she exclaims, "You have one too. What does it mean?"

"I don't know," Howard responds thoughtfully. He rubs his butt and adds, "Is your back sore?"

Maria responds quickly, "Some, but mostly I ache lower."

"Me too. It's like the time you made me have anal sex...," Katy pauses, "Oh my God, what did they do to me?"

Howard massages his butt cheeks in solidarity to the fear stricken women.

The television above the table comes on. They all turn attracted by the sound of static and the light. A picture appears. The first is of outer space and stars, then a metal plaque depicting a man and a woman, followed by a series of photos and sounds of things on Earth. Then screen goes blank.

The screen turns back on and again goes thru another series of pictures of stars, other images and sounds. No one recognizes anything until the last slide which is a picture of a bulbous headed alien. This alien looks a lot like the alien masks you can buy at any costume store.

The three of them are befuddled. They stare at the screen as it repeats the two series. Eventually, they are repeated three more times that morning.

"What does it mean?" Katy asks.

Maria says, "I've seen that plaque of a man and a woman before. And the pictures and sounds that followed were all of things here on Earth. However, I don't recognize anything in the second set until that Halloween alien mask."

Trying to be helpfully Howard offers, "Maria, I remember the plaque too. Wasn't it on one of our spacecraft, the Pioneer?"

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