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Valentine's Wish List


This story was submitted to the Valentine's Day Contest in 2009, and as you can see from the comments at the end, it received mixed reviews (even ignoring the 'repent you sinner' comments). It's intentionally naughty and I hope the readers enjoy it. Perhaps you'll all get inspired and create lists with your lovers too.


A year ago, on Valentine's Day, besides pledging our undying love and affection to each other by way of a morning lovemaking session and the usual greeting cards, we leisurely sat around over breakfast that day talking about our marriage.

"What could we do to keep the spirit of Valentine's Day in our marriage all year long?" I asked my husband, being ever the romantic.

"Keep giving each other greeting cards at frequent but random intervals?" Jim posited.

"No, it's got to be something else. Something more personal - sexy," I suggested as I recalled the pleasure we'd experienced a half hour earlier.

"I just read where some couple made love every day for a year," Jim replied. "That has some appeal to me." He grinned at me.

I ignored his comment and said, "How about we make a Wish List for each other? Each list would comprise sexy things we want to do over the next year. We could make the lists today and give them to each other tonight at dinner."

Jim quickly agreed with the idea of the Valentine's Wish List. He'd also grinned at me with a devilish look and then scurried off to his computer for a few hours. I heard him typing madly, and I got a little worried. I figured his list would have a few things we did normally as well as some experimental ideas on it. Wrong!

Over our candlelit Valentine's Dinner, Jim presented me with his list - a neatly organized seven-pages of single-space perversions. By comparison, my list was one page and pretty staid compared to the things on his list. I quickly saw that if I did every action on Jim's list, I'd be way outside my sexual comfort zone for most of the year. I suddenly felt very naïve and a little scared.

"How did you create a list this long so fast?" I asked in awe as I waved his stapled pages at him. "I'm amazed at the extent of your imagination."

Jim chuckled and responded, "I found a web site full of stories in all sorts of categories: erotic couplings, loving wives, group, lesbian, mature, BSDM, and on and on. I just started to read story titles and their one sentence descriptions. I got one idea after another."

"Damn," I said with a grin as I swatted at his muscular shoulder. "Isn't that cheating?"

"No, I love all these ideas and I would have come up with them sooner or later. The stories were just reminders of all the things I wish we'd do -- that you'll do in the coming year. Right?"

I gave a reluctant 'umph' sound suggesting slight agreement and plopped down in my chair to study the list again.

After dinner, Jim volunteered for clean up. I reread his list and thought about things generally for another twenty minutes. The whole list idea made me wet and horny. I went to Jim and wrapped my arms around him as he finished putting the last of the dishes away.

"You have a brilliant mind, a wicked imagination, a perverted psyche, and warped sexual urges. And I love them all. I'm ready to start on the list ... now!" I ran my tongue into Jim's ear and my hands down his chest in my first moves of seduction of the night.

"Now show me that web site -- the one you talk about in number eight on your list," I asked.

Fifteen minutes later I'd fellated Jim's cock to a rigid state and then sat impaled on his cock as we read story after story from his favorite web site. When I didn't squirm around on his long rod, he'd pump into me. I remember we lasted about an hour before we finally changed to a web site with some porn videos and fucked as we watched the computer screen. We also crossed off number 145 on Jim's list.


The year went on and almost daily we tried something new. It was transformational. I changed my outlook on life, become much more of a sexual person, able to create my own list of perversions and sexual adventures. Thus, we reached today, Valentine's Day a year later.

"What turned you on the most over the past year?" Jim asked as we cuddled in the afterglow of our morning fuck.

"There are a bunch of them," I said. "I can still remember the day after last Valentine's Day when I went to work. I'd never exhibited myself to anyone, at least not like that. Remember that one of the items on your list was to give up wearing underwear for the year. I started that day. Then I was supposed to 'inadvertently' expose myself to some people on the Metro and at work too."

Jim volunteered, "I can still remember that morning as you went off to work. You were nervous but unbelievably horny."

I continued my reminiscence, "I remember I wore a short skirt. When I got on the Metro I hiked the skirt up slightly as I sat down and pulled out a paperback book and started to read. My skirt was almost up to my pussy. I know the guy across from me could see my slit. He even got a hard-on as he stared at me for the twenty-minute ride."

"I forgot to ask: did you ever let him know you were doing it on purpose?"

"Yeah, right at the end of the commute I locked eyes with him and gave him a knowing smile. He grinned back at me and when I rose to get off he blew me a kiss. Nice looking guy too."

Jim said, "And then you got to work that day; as I recall you continued to have fun?"

"Oh yes, there's more," I said. "I'd always liked Carl and wanted to get closer to him. So I'd arranged to have coffee with him that day. I did the same thing I did on the Metro, sitting down and hiking my skirt simultaneously. When he sat opposite me, I thought his eyes would bug out of his head."

I went on, "Actually, he was a perfect gentleman. He said something in a halting voice like 'You may want to adjust your skirt a little.' So I did; I hiked it up another two or three inches showing him more thigh and I could spread my legs a little wider. Then he knew my display was quite intentional."

"And? And?" Jim asked with a lecherous grin.

"Carl said, 'Very pretty. Very nice,' to me several times then he asked whether this was as far as I intended to go. I told him I had one milestone for the day if he were interested. He nodded, and I told him I wanted him to finger me -- that was on your list: 'Get fingers by a co-worker'. I also told him that'd be all for that day, hinting that we might go further another day."

"I still remember Carl brought me to a wonderful late-morning orgasm. He thrust a couple of fingers into me and then moved them so rapidly against my little G-spot that I blew off for him a few minutes later. We kissed a lot, and then I broke off lest we get caught. The rest of that day after Valentine's Day, I was a 'good girl' except you should know that Carl brought me a single red rose in mid afternoon."

Jim asked, "Did you feel the Valentine's Day Spirit with you as you worked on the list that day?"

"Oh, yes," I said. "Now, what was your first high point from my list?"

He started, "Well, your list was shorter and lot more conservative, but I remember you wanted me to make love to you in a public place. I chose the beach at dusk, if you recall."

I nodded and smiled at the recollection.

"I'd bought you that pink bikini and talked you into wearing it that day; I think it was in April -- a nice warm day. At the time, you thought it was scandalous because the bathing suit showed so much skin. I made you walk the beach with me as I told you some erotic story to get you in the mood. We'd brought some wine and well, by dusk you were in the mood."

"I pulled you and our blanket into the dunes. I remember pulling your bra off and making love to your naked breasts for five or ten minutes before you let me go any further. If we'd been standing everyone would have seen us, but that one dune barely covered our activities. Finally, you let me strip off your clothes completely and go down on your lovely salty pussy that day. You always taste good, you know?"

"So do you," I told him as I squeezed his hand.

Jim went on, "Anyway, eventually, you pulled my suit off of me and we started to fuck, right there on the beach and only a hundred yards or so from the path back to the parking lot. If you'd screamed or shrieked a little louder someone would have come and investigated?"

"Actually, I have a confession to make," I told him.

Jim looked puzzled, "What's that?"

"We were watched. Another couple came walking close to the dune we were behind. I think the girl saw us first. They stopped, and the woman kept him quiet. You were buried to the hilt in my cunt as you fucked me. The two of them watched, occasionally kissing or stroking one another. He sucked on one of her breasts briefly and even fingered her."

"Why didn't you say something?" Jim asked.

"I didn't want you distracted," I said with a grin.

"Hell, I would have invited them to join us."

"Well," I said, "that makes me think of another great Valentine's Day List moment during the year -- the time we had Carl to dinner and the two of you made love to me."

"That was one my highlights too," Jim affirmed.

"Remember how unsure Carl was of what our agenda was. He arrived, and I pasted my body against his to welcome him. By the end of that first kiss, he had a hard on. I remember he watched to see what your reaction would be, but all you did was smile and nod encouragingly to him."

"He caught on fast enough soon after that."

"Particularly when you went to make the second round of drinks and I started making out with him." I laughed at the memory. "I took his hand and moved it between my legs. We hadn't done anything since I'd let him finger me. This time I took his cock out as he fingered me and started sucking on him. That's when you 'caught' us."

Jim stated with a laugh, "He had that deer in the headlight look when I suddenly appeared in the room."

"But you were gracious," I told him with a smirk.

"Well, I asked whether he wanted to be more comfortable."

"He said, 'Yes'."

"And that was when you pulled him up to our bedroom leaving behind a trail of your clothing."

"Well, he finally caught on that we were both all right with a three-way."

"You were hot that night," Jim exclaimed. "You had the Valentine's Spirit."

I rubbed my mons; "My God, I can still feel your two cocks. I'm glad we still get together every now and then. You are so special to let me play with him. I love you, but he's special too."

"I love watching him make love to you. It's sexy, erotic, stimulating, and we fuck like minks after he leaves. What's not to like? You are one beautiful woman when we're loving you."

I said, "That night was my first threesome. I couldn't believe I could receive that much pleasure at one time. I hated for it to stop."

"You wore us out."

"When you were sucking on my breasts or kissing me and Carl was plundering my pussy with his tongue or cock; I went to some magic land where life became one infinitely long metaphysical orgasm. I never wanted it to end." I paused and added, "You guys still do that to me when we're together."

We were silent for a moment then I said; "Now I bet I know another of your favorite moments although it came from your list and not mine."

"Beth!" we both said simultaneously. We laughed at our simultaneous agreement.

"Well, she's your sister," I said to Jim.

"Yeah, but you're the one that seduced her."

"How else was I going to cross number 22 off your list -- 'Participate in a MFF lovemaking session'?"

"She liked it and keeps coming back for more," Jim said. "She likes our Valentine's List and even took a copy of mine to see how many of them she can do on here own."

"And I love her and the time we shared. You even got to watch the two of us make love to each other, the two-headed dildo notwithstanding. She even let you fuck her that first night."

Jim said, "I think we had some pent up feelings for one another. Growing up we'd occasionally see each other naked. I think she even tempted me from time to time; approach-avoidance; she wanted me but was afraid. I'm glad we got through that."

I said, "Well I think she wanted me too. I didn't know I was bisexual until I kissed her that night."

"She didn't know she was bisexual until that night either."

I said, "We sure went from 'A' to 'Z' pretty fast. When you kissed her passionately, she gave up whatever reservations she'd had about making love to us. She knew, and we knew instantly."

"I love burying my head in her nest and eating her pussy. She tastes so good; and then making love to her as you sat on her face -- how mindblowing! My only regret was that we didn't start ten years earlier."

"Well, we're regulars now. I wish she lived closer," I said.

"You know, we should have her here sometime when Carl is staying over. I bet they'd both like to hook up or participate in a wider variety of activities." Jim nodded in agreement.

I asked, "So, now for the key question of the year. Dah daaaaaaaaah!" I gestured with a fanfare; Jim looked puzzled. "Did we capture the Valentine's Day Spirit for the year?"

Jim thought carefully before answering; "Yes. Yes, we did. I love you more today than a year ago. I feel more open with you -- more intimate. I have shared more of myself than ever before, and I know you have with me. Although we involved others in some of our sex play, I love you more each day. Valentine's Day is about love, and I feel what we did helped us move in the right direction. How about you?"

I responded, "Oh, I think we found a winning strategy. I agree that Valentine's Day is about love. Not only did my feelings of love for you intensify and grow, they also extended to Carl and Beth with no diminishment of my love for you. I love them too, and they love us -- so we are both triply blessed."

Jim asked, "What about all the other times; our kinky lovemaking around the house, and interesting places and times outside?"

I responded, "That's all part of how we love each other. We play, and the joy it gives us is both fun and loving. When we're kinky, like my giving you a blowjob in that restaurant or you eating my pussy in the movie theater, that's part of how we play and signal that we love each other. That things are a little risky just adds some spice to the equation."

"Well, I do love you more than ever," Jim told me. "Now I have a little surprise for you."

Jim reached beside his chair and pulled up a large greeting card as well as a sheaf of pages stapled together.

"What's this?" I asked as I thumbed through the pages. "Oh, goody," I exclaimed, "Another list." I opened the greeting card and read the sentiment of love in it, but quickly went back to scanning the new list.

"That's my Valentine's Day Wish List for the coming year," Jim exclaimed. "It's a little longer and kinkier than the past year. I've had more of a chance to find ideas and note them down in anticipation of today. I really liked the way we kept the Valentine's Spirit for the year."

"Well, I have a little surprise for you too," I told him as I pulled a card and about a dozen handwritten pages from the drawer in the coffee table.

"Oh?" Jim said quietly as I passed things to him. He perused the pages then turned and said, "You made a list too?"

"Well, my list last year was pretty tame. I'm warmed up now and gotten a lot bolder. Doing your list took me out of my comfort zone, and I'm ready to move way out of the zone in the coming year, but I want to take you outside your comfort zone too. So I've been thinking about what you might do to keep the Valentine's Spirit throughout the coming year and so now you have my Valentine's Wish List too -- much longer than last year."

We stood and hugged each other.

Jim finally exclaimed just before he led me back to our bedroom, "Oh, this is going to be such a fun year! Happy Valentine's Day, Darling."

"Happy Valentine's Day, Love."

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