tagRomanceValerie and the Bachelor Ch. 04

Valerie and the Bachelor Ch. 04


The next morning Marcus got up before Valerie had awakened. He looked down at her while she slept, so innocent, so clean, and so pure. He bet she really had been a virgin the other night, if that was the case, so much the better for him. That meant she'd already made a significant commitment. Everything else would fall into place so much more easily. There was something else that made it great too. If she really were a virgin, then she was all his. Imagine! It was like Christmas, a never been used brand new toy.

Marcus got up, stealthily showered, shaved, dressed, and left the bedroom. Going downstairs he made arrangements for their day. The ladies would go up and dress her while he finished what he had to do. They would start with a morning horseback ride, a short respite, followed by a filling lunch. After lunch he planned an afternoon of sailing on the nearby lake. The breeze was fair so he could handle the small sailboat with minimal concern. It was only a little sunfish. He thought they'd end up with a light snack, some wine, and perhaps a little intimacy. Later in the evening he thought a private dinner, just he and Valerie. It was his hope that, by the later part of the evening the exercise, his charm, and if necessary some special pharmaceuticals, his own private stock, would all induce her to skip work Monday. If he succeeded in keeping her here tomorrow, he'd be able to keep her all week. If he had her for the week, then he had her.

Marcus walked back into his bedroom. He heard the shower running so he figured Valerie was busy. Not knowing what else to do he sat back in one of the chairs and pretended to be reading the newspaper he'd brought back up. She had no clothes so he knew her appearance in the next few moments would be as nature planned it. How appropriate, him dressed, her naked. Him Tarzan! Her Jane!

Valerie turned off the shower and, wrapped in a towel, stepped into the bedroom. When she saw Marcus sitting and reading the paper she put one arm high on the bathroom door and leaned her body slightly forward. She made an inviting sight.

Marcus thought she looked lovely. What a lovely thing to possess. He said. "Come over here."

Valerie didn't need a second invitation. She walked demurely to where he was and partly leaned partly sat on the arm of the chair.

He pulled her onto his lap. "Well my little sparrow I have a lovely day planned for the two of us. Are you ready?"

She snuggled up and cooed appreciatively. "Yes sir."

He kissed her on the cheek. He thought nice, nice and docile. "Before we get started there's one minor little problem we have to tidy up."

She leaned back. She was curious. "What's that?"

Marcus gave her a sober look. "You do remember last evening when you were serving?"

Valerie nodded.

He added. "You remember the unexpected and untoward noise you made?"

Valerie gave him an incredulous look. "You mean when I sighed?"

Marcus had to be careful. This was going to be an important step. "Darling." He deliberately used a term of endearment hoping to soften what he had planned. "You know that was a formal dinner?"

She answered. "Yes, but I was tired."

He squeezed her. "I know you were dear." Another endearment matched by an affectionate squeeze. "But it was still a formal affair. The sigh was an honest mistake, but during those kinds of things it's a distraction, and distractions can cost money."

She realized he was being serious. She wanted to get this out of the way. It was an unpleasant interlude she didn't like. It could spoil her plans. This was to be the day she drew him into her web of love. "I'm sorry Marcus. I don't know what else to say."

He pushed her onto his lap and bounced her slightly. "It's OK. But I really think I should punish you."

She didn't feel comfortable with the direction this was going. "Punish? What do you mean punish?"

He laughed. "You were a naughty girl. Not seriously naughty, but naughty just the same. You were a naughty little girl." He deliberately repeated the word naughty, and he deliberately insinuated the term little girl in the sentence. He wanted to put her in a place where she'd be more amenable to his future plans. He hesitated, and then added. "I think you need a spanking."

Valerie gasped. "You're kidding!"

Uh oh thought Marcus. He had to go to plan B. Gently pushing her to her feet he stood up himself. "Never mind. It was just a joke." He said it in an off hand manner and started to walk to the door. He turned around. "The ladies, Hannah and Hilda, will be up shortly. I had them run out last evening and buy you some riding apparel and some other things to wear for today. I'll meet you downstairs for breakfast." He paused. Then added. "I hope what they selected will be acceptable." He turned and opened the door.

Valerie called out. "Wait! Don't go!"

He turned back. "Why? What's the matter?"

She sort of stared for a second. Something was wrong! She responded. "I'm sorry. You can spank me if you want to." She must be crazy she thought. She'd never been spanked in her whole life.

He waved as he walked out the door. "It was just a joke. Never mind."

She suddenly knew it hadn't really been a joke. She'd made a deal out of something silly. But it apparently wasn't silly to him. She'd overreacted. Now she'd hurt his feelings. She followed him to the door. The spanking comment must have been some kind of test, or some affection thing. She knew from stories she'd read men were funny about that kind of stuff. She got to the door. What to do? What to do? She didn't have anything on. She couldn't chase him down the hall. She knelt on the floor. "Master! Come back. I've been bad. I need a spanking!"

Marcus turned around. She was on the floor in the hallway with nothing on. Internally he thought, this was great! He laughed. "Yes you do need a spanking! You're out here in the hall with no clothes on. Get back in the bedroom!" He smiled and laughed again. "Get back in there and wait for the ladies! Now you owe double!" He smiled and waved, turned and continued down the hall.

Valerie slipped back into the bedroom a little bit relieved. She'd retrieved the situation. She laughed to herself. All men are just boys at heart.

Marcus went on downstairs. That had worked out better than he thought.

Shortly Hilda and Hannah arrived at Valerie's room. They walked in again, as had been the case the day before without announcing their presence or asking. One said. "We have clothes for you, and we have to get you ready."

The other announced. "Quickly now into the shower."

Valerie obediently went in and turned on the water. Hilda, she believed it was Hilda, stood at the side of the faucet and started to lather her hair. "Don't you do anything." The lady asserted. "We'll do it all."

Valerie replied. "You don't have to bother. I can clean myself."

The second lady emerged with some bottles. "No dear. That's our job. We'll get in trouble if we don't do our job. You don't want us in trouble do you?"

Valerie smiled and responded. "Of course not."

The first lady, presumably Hilda went on with the hair work. The second she could tell was preparing her attire. It didn't take long and the first lady had Valerie's hair washed, her body fully scrubbed, and ready for dressing. Out came one and the other went for the clothing. They had purchased a very attractive outfit, not an official riding outfit, but good garb for riding. There was a practical cotton bra and panty outfit. A pair of loose fitting jeans, and a relaxed fit button up cotton blouse. They'd also found some good soft cotton socks, and a pair comfortably fitting shoes. Presto! In seconds Valerie was ready for a rodeo!

Valerie and Marcus met in the kitchen, had a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon, and were off to the barn. Two horses had been selected. A robust looking young stallion and a slightly smaller less vigorous mare were awaiting them. Marcus helped Valerie on the mare, and climbed on the stallion.

Off they went for a gentle morning ride. Marcus wasn't confident about Valerie's horsemanship so he made sure they took it slow. Her horse was older; twenty to be exact, and well trained so she had few problems. They walked down the path to the woods and cantered along some of the back ways of the wooded area. It was a quiet pleasant ride for both. When a young girl Valerie had taken some riding lessons, and wasn't a complete novice. The horse was a kind gentle old mare, and the two of them got along well. Marcus enjoyed the ride, and he enjoyed Valerie's presence, but he was careful to keep conversation to a minimum. He understood the least thing could startle a horse, and Valerie could be thrown and injured in a split second.

They meandered down to a little stream where they got off and sat on some rocks while the horses rested. Valerie was the first to bring anything up. "I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't know whether you were kidding or serious about the spanking."

He answered. "If you had agreed I would have spanked you. Certainly not hard, but only as a tease. Don't fret about it. It was just a joke."

She answered. "I've never been spanked. I always thought that kind of thing was sort of degrading anyway."

Marcus didn't exactly bristle, but he made it clear her comment wasn't appreciated. "I didn't have your degradation in mind. You're a liberated woman. You do what you want. It was a joke, nothing more, nothing less." He got up.

"Come on. Let's head back."

She knew she'd slipped up again. She knew now he had wanted to spank her. He had meant it. She knew he'd never bring it up again, and more than likely their weekend together was just what it was, a weekend. Later today or this evening she and he would kiss good bye, she'd go back to the city, and that would be the end of it. He might have over stepped himself a little bringing up a spanking, but she'd ruined everything with her stupid mouth. Worse, if she tried to fix things by offering to get spanked now, it would seem like she was trying to appease a child. That would never do. He'd see right through it, and never go for it. If she wanted this relationship to continue she had to think of something, and think of something pretty darn quick.

As Marcus went to remount his horse Valerie went over to the stream and stood facing the water and away from Marcus.

He rode over to the stream and spoke. "Come on. Get on. It's time to go."

Valerie ignored him. She kept facing away, and toward the water.

Marcus dismounted and walked over. "Come on." He said again.

She turned around and reached her arms up around his neck. "Kiss me." She said.

He leaned down, put his arms around her and kissed her. Then he said. "OK. Come on. Let's go."

She didn't move, and she didn't relinquish her hold on his shoulders. She puckered up. "I want some more."

Marcus figured it out. She knew what the score was, and didn't like the odds. She didn't want things to end, but she knew there was nothing she could say. She'd punted the ball into his part of the field. If he wanted her, she was still available, but it was his move. Suddenly he realized he wanted her very much. He stepped away, took the reins to the two horses, and tied them to a nearby tree branch. He returned to where she was standing. "You may not realize it, but this is a very special place for me. I used to bring my first wife down here when we were first married."

She had to say something, and if she wanted to hold on, whatever she said had better work. She looked up at him. "I'm glad we stopped here, but I don't want this to be our place just because you came here before." She walked several paces down the bank in the general direction away from the house. "I don't want to be your girlfriend at your first wife's special place. I want a special place of my own."

Marcus really liked this girl. She wasn't just pretty. She had character. It still didn't change things. He knew what he wanted. He'd have it his way, but he recognized she wasn't just another addle headed good bodied bimbo. So much the better! He walked back to where the horses were tied, got the reins, and walked back to Valerie. He handed her the reins to her horse. "OK." Pointing down the creek away from the house. "There's the path. There's the creek. We'll keep going till you find a spot."

Valerie hopped on her horse and started down the creek. He followed behind at a safe distance.

They ambled down along the bank for at least half an hour. There had been several spots he thought looked appropriately romantic, but she eschewed everyone. Finally they rode into a grassy area between the water and the woods. It was a pretty good spot. Valerie dismounted. She looked at Marcus. "Here."

He dismounted and walked over to stand beside her.

She looked up at him. "Did you bring your wallet? I brought mine."

When he left the house earlier the last thing on his mind was his wallet, but he had remembered. For the life of him he couldn't have explained why. "Yes. Why?"

"Give me your driver's license." While he fumbled through his wallet to get his license she pulled out hers. She knelt down on the soft damp grass. They were far enough from the water's edge to be on firm soil, but it was still close enough to be fairly soft. He handed her his license. She started digging in the dirt. After looking at her hands, she looked up at him. "I'm sorry. I got very a thorough manicure yesterday. My hands and fingernails are sore from the reins, and I can't seem to break this ground."

He knelt down beside her. "What do you want me to do?"

She answered. "Could you dig a hole. Maybe down six or seven inches. I want you to bury our licenses in the ground here."

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a penknife. He started tearing away the sod and digging into the dirt. Once he reached what he considered an appropriate depth he asked. "How's that?"

She took the two license cards and put them in the hole. She put his on top. She started pulling the dirt back into the hole.

He said. "No. I'll do that." He pulled the dirt into the hole till it was completely filled.

She took the surface grass he'd cut away and tried to push it on top.

He took the grass and finished the job for her. He asked. "Don't you think we should put a marker here, so we'll know where they are?"

She looked at him. She had tears in her eyes, and he couldn't figure out why. "No. I don't want to remember where the licenses are buried. They're here. They'll always be here. This is our place, our place forever. If we never come back, if you never see me or speak to me again after today, this will always be our space. No matter what happens. No matter how many women you date, take to bed, take horseback riding, or marry. This spot. This one spot will forever be ours. She stood up and started to pull down her jeans. She got her jeans and her panties down, revealing a bare ass. "Now I want you to spank me."

Marcus was a damn good businessman, a great horse trader. He could spot a good deal a mile away, but women often baffled him. This time he got it. He reached over and started to pull her panties and her jeans back up. "No." He said as he finished redressing her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders. They both sat back on the ground, stark still. They sat and stared at the babbling brook. He took his hand and pulled her head over so that it rested on his shoulder. Speaking in a general way, not to her, or to anyone, he said. "You picked a good spot. This is a beautiful spot, a perfect spot."

Neither spoke. Neither tried to kiss the other, or touch the other beyond the ever-present head, shoulders, and arms.

After perhaps fifteen minutes, or maybe it was thirty, who could tell. He said. "We both forgot to wear gloves. Let's get back, and have same lunch. Later I want to show you my little sunfish."

She smiled up at him. "OK. I'd like that."

They remounted and rode back to the house in silence. Valerie thought about what had happened. She hoped it solved a problem and maybe helped seal a connection, a connection she desperately wanted to cement. Marcus was doing some thinking too. He had intended that she would be his fun sexy housemaid. Now things were starting to get complicated. The big question. Could he have his cake and? He thought about it. Well yes! Yes he would.

They got back to the house where lunch was already prepared and waiting for them. Both ate hearty sized B.L.T. sandwiches, and washed them down with a cool Coors Lite. It was a tasty lunch. Marcus enjoyed it, and he could see Valerie did too. He also realized the horseback riding was new to Valerie, and she starting to stiffen. He suggested. "Let's go out on the sun porch. There's a nice old- fashioned glider. You can lay back and relax, while I give those aching muscles some attention."

Valerie smiled. "Great idea on all counts!"

They moved to the sun porch. Valerie hit the glider like an exhausted meteorite. Marcus pulled in at her feet where he could get at her legs. She grabbed a small throw pillow and cuddled it to her head. He grabbed her feet, pulled off her shoes and socks, and started rubbing up and down her legs. He suggested. "We can rest here a while, and a little later I'll take you out on the lake."

She responded in a kind of low whisper. "OK."

He went on. "The lake's only about three miles down the road. We'll drive, and then I'll show you this little sail boat."

She answered. "Mm. Mm."

He continued. I don't know if you've done much sailing. I like the water. I've found a small boat on a rough lake is almost as much fun as big boat on a bigger body of water. Have you done much sailing?" He waited for an answer.

She mumbled. "Mm. Mm."

He said. "I guess you're pretty tired?"

There wasn't any distinct answer, only a low mumbled mumble.

He added. "I think I'll take you out and drown you. Is that all right?"

He heard a soft response. "Sounds cool." She'd drifted off to sleep.

With no room on the glider, and not being tired at all himself Marcus went down to the barn to check on the lawn equipment. He thought he'd' take tomorrow off. It was Monday anyway, and cut the grass.

It was close to 4:00 before Valerie started to stir. Marcus had never gone to sleep, but he saw how tired the riding made her. He also recalled she had worked all the day before, and everything just might be getting to her. Things weren't working exactly like he planned them, but he was flexible. She'd given away the most precious gift a woman had to give. He figured if she just needed a little more sensitivity? He could be sensitive. Hell, he'd make sensitive his middle name.

When she did wake up he told her. "Valerie I'm glad to see you had a nice long nap. You really needed it. What do you say we go inside and watch some television until dinnertime? Later we'll just lay back on the living room sofa. I'll find a couple old movies on the Internet, and we can just cuddle."

Valerie heard him but thought he still wanted to go sailing. After earlier in the day she didn't want to disappoint him again. "Marcus I thought you wanted to go sailing?"

He answered. "Valerie you've been asleep for quite a while. I'm not sure you're up to it."

Valerie wasn't going to disappoint this man. Everything could have come crashing down that morning. An hour or two on a lake wouldn't kill her. Besides, she loved him. Pleasing him was what she wanted to do! "I've never been sailing. I'd really like to give it a try."

Marcus was leery of the idea but answered. "Look we'll go out a short while. We'll get you your sea legs. Then sometime later we'll take the big cruise."

Valerie wanted desperately to please. She wasn't going to let him down. "That sounds OK. Let's go out now and see how we both feel once we're on the water?"

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