tagGroup SexValerie the Magnificent Ch. 07

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 07

byval wrangler©

That next week was very trying for Valerie and me. With everything now out in the open, each of us was like a yo-yo as to whether we would go through with it or not. The first thing Val suggested (which was a very good idea) was that we not discuss the situation "in the heat of the moment". Of course we'd be into it then! This thing had to be discussed only when we were "sexually sober". So Saturday, Sunday and Monday, nothing was mentioned when we were getting it on, but the silly thing was, both of us were thinking about it the whole time we were messing around.

I stayed away from my recordings of Claire in an attempt to give myself a little distance to make the right decision. Problem was, any time she crossed my mind, I could immediately feel myself getting hard. Val admitted that the oddest things made her think about Davey's cock, and she would immediately get wet. Both of us used the other to try to cool off that ardor, and that worked until Tuesday.

Val had the late shift at the store, and when I got home, it didn't take me long to heat up some leftovers. That left me with a lot time on my hands. Having spent the day unsuccessfully not thinking about Claire, I was pretty damned horny. Nothing good on TV, I headed for the computer to catch up on some things I was watching for my business, and the latest ball scores.

Ten minutes later, I could stand it no longer and checked to see if anything had been recorded that day. Around 1:30, sure enough, Val came down the stairs, followed by Claire who was carrying a large duffel bag over each shoulder.

"It's really great that you're letting me use your washer. We're just about out of clean clothes."

"Not a problem," Val said over her shoulder, as they walked into the laundry room at the far end of the basement. For the next few minutes, I only caught snippets of what they were saying -- and laughing about. I heard the word Saturday evening at least twice, followed by a lot of giggling.

Finally, I could hear the sound of the washer filling as they came back out of the laundry room. Valerie was laughing.

"C'mon, Val, please?" Claire whined. "I'm going to have to hang around here for at least two hours! What the heck am I going to do? Twiddle my thumbs?"

My wife stopped, and hands on hips, looked down at the shorter woman. "Is sex the only thing you think about, young lady?"

"Well, yeah!"

Val got about halfway to the stairs when she stopped and sighed. "Oh, I guess it's okay. I just hope to God that Mike doesn't find out!"

Val and Claire disappeared under the camera, and the mic picked them up rummaging around in my workroom. I could guess what was going on, but which of our two toys would she come out with?


I had to chuckle as Claire set the machines right where the camera would capture the action best.

"Now you just make sure, girl, that you put everything back just where it was," Val told her. "I don't want Mike getting POed at me!"

Claire shot a quick glance up at the camera. "Don't worry, Val. I doubt very much that Mike would get pissed off."

Val checked her watch. "Oh my gosh! I should have left at least 10 minutes ago!"

And with that, Claire, the machines and I were alone in the basement.

She stood as close to the camera as she could, her face and upper body filling the computer's screen. "Hi Mike," she said in a sexy voice. "I hope you'll like my little show. Oh yeah, my washer's working just fine. I just wanted to come over and spend a little time all alone with you. We really do need to talk, you know."

Stepping back, Claire began removing her clothes. She had a great little hip wiggle to slip her tight jeans down over her bum. Her t-shirt soon followed leaving her in a lacy black bra and matching thong. Oh yeah, and sneakers with white socks.

She looked up at me again. "Valerie told me about your thing with finding sneaks and socks sexy. Maybe I'll tease you a little more by leaving them on while I pleasure myself." She tweaked and pulled both nipples. "Mmmm. I think I'm going to have to be pretty rough with these little guys today. They like it rough. Remember that, will you, Mike?"

Claire reached behind herself and the bra fell away. Her nipples were already hard and distended, but she pulled on them some more turning them redder and redder.

My cock was threatening to rip a hole in my pants so I shucked them off, then decided to get all the way naked. While I'd done that, Claire had removed her thong and stepped back from the camera so I could see her body from head to sneakered feet. My cock got harder if anything.

She twirled around playfully. "Like what you see, Mike? Want some of this on Saturday?

I was almost panting. Now my wife is a VERY lovely woman, but there was something so exciting about this red-haired vixen that made me want her more than was wise. I would have given almost anything to have her there in front of me at that moment. Yes, and that included letting my wife loose with her big-dicked husband.

Claire was going through the box of attachments I'd bought for the Sybian. Her comments were quite entertaining as she pulled each one out. "Now this tiny guy reminds me of my first boyfriend. He had a big car, but no one told me what that meant. Still I got my cocksucking chops together on him. Has Val told you I give the best head this side of the Pecos, Mike? I would love to suck your cock.

"Now this one is smaller than Davey, Mike, though it looks pretty big to me. Val wants that. She's still waffling about it, but I know she wants a ride on my husband's great cock." Picking up the medium-sized one, "This guy is smaller than you, but that's just the right size for me." She looked up at the camera again. "I love my husband, Mike, but I need a good no-holds-barred fucking and my husband can't do that. Oh yeah, it feels great to be filled up like only he can, but Davey just can't let go with me. He's too long and it hurts. Your cock will fuck me just right; I'm certain of it."

Reaching into the box again, she came out with one of the special attachments, the one Val had refused so far to let me use on her, the one with two cocks -- one big and one small. "Oh, now THIS one I really like!, Claire said as she held it up to the camera. "I'll bet this one feels really interesting. Know what, Mike? I think I'll try it. I haven't had a cock up my ass since before I started dating Davey.

Mounting it on the Sybian, then lubing it up, Claire carefully climbed aboard and sank down on both the dildos, her eyes opening wide as the last bit sank in. "Oh my God, that's already nice and I haven't even turned the machine on yet!"

The next two hours were almost non-stop orgasms for Claire, and I had the best seat in the house as she writhed and wriggled, panted and moaned, and the entire time had my cock as hard as it's ever been.

Right at the end as she was fucking herself enthusiastically up the ass on The Rider, she looked up and said, "This is so good, Mike! Know what I'm thinking? I'm imagining it's you pounding into my cute little butt right now, fucking me to your heart's content. I'm very tight back there, Mike, and it will feel really good when I let you take me this way. Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass? Want your first to be me?" She reached down between her legs, rubbing furiously. "Oh God! Oh God! I'm going to cum!! I'm going to cum again for you, Mike! Oh yes, fuck me, Mike! That feels so incredible!"

Claire's orgasm knocked her clear off the machine, either that or she wanted to give me a special show. Lying there on her back, legs spread wide, I could see her pussy spasming as she gushed all over the place. Another squirter...

Lazily rubbing her nether lips with one hand, and pulling on her nipples with the other, Claire's voice was dreamy as she spoke. "I have it all figured out, Mike, and all you need to do is play along. Everyone is going to win. You get me, and I get a royal fucking. Davey gets to fuck someone really hard for a change, no worries, and Val... Well, Val gets her second big cock and I bet she's going to really get off on it. All you have to do is play along, Mike, and you can have this."

Claire spread her lips obscenely wide and tilted her hips so I could see everything.

Sitting there watching, I only touched myself once and the cum sprayed everywhere: on the computer screen and keyboard, me, everywhere. I began looking around for some kleenex. My eye caught a movement at the study door.

There stood Val, arms crossed, leaning against the door frame, a wry expression on her face. "That little slut!" she said, but she was smiling. "I never should have trusted her -- or you! How long has that camera been down in the basement?"

My face was burning with shame. "Um...almost since the beginning."

My wife shook her head. "You're a naughty boy! Now clean up the mess you made and then come upstairs. You're going to be punished very severely for this! Spying on your wife and her friend. The nerve!"

With that she turned and walked down the hall, but I could detect a swagger in her movements that I'd never seen before. I got the feeling that I was about to find out how much of the dom my Valerie had in her...


The next morning, Val and I woke up early and lay in bed talking. My cock was sore as were my nipples but Val had a cat-like languor about her. She'd gotten fucked as well as I could possibly do it the previous evening. As we lay, she casually stroked my cock to hardness. My balls ached with the load they were carrying since I hadn't been allowed to cum again the previous night. I was there for Val's pleasure only -- not that I could have done much tied up as I was.

"You do understand that I'm truly pissed off at you for spying on me, don't you?" Val asked. "We have a trust between us and you broke it."

"Yeah, but there are things being said between you and Claire that shouldn't have been spread around."

Val thought for a moment. "True, but I think your transgression is worse. You do have tapes of me that I didn't know about. Now I knew why you'd go upstairs when you had me tied to those machines. You were watching me get myself off."

"I wanted to see what you were like when you thought you were alone. Let me tell you, Val, dear, those recordings are very hot."

"Hotter than what Claire was doing for you on that recording I saw last night?"

"Yes!" I said, meaning it. "You have a lot of things going for you that she doesn't and besides, I love YOU. YOU turn me on more than anyone else and I love seeing you get off in a big way."

"Turned on enough to let me enjoy myself with Davey this weekend? I've made up my mind now, Michael. If you agree, I'm going to fuck that big cock until I can't move." She grinned. "And you can have Claire -- assuming that you can handle her!"

With that, Val bent down, took my cock in her mouth and gave me the best blow job I'd ever gotten, although I lasted an embarrassingly short time.


We had no sex for the rest of the week. Both of us wanted to be primed and ready for Saturday night. I let Val change the password on my spy software and the recordings, and she let me lock up her toys in my work room, which sported a new padlock. Neither of us could cheat unless it was with our hands. We joked about his and hers chastity devices.

Val would tell me nothing about what she and Claire had planned and I got thrown out of the house first thing on Saturday. "Go play golf or something. I just don't want to see your face until 5:00!" Claire was arriving as I pulled out of the driveway. I didn't know what to say when we were finally face to face. My cock knew what to do, though...

She casually leaned on the window frame. The heady scent of Chanel #5 wafted into the car. "Hello, Mike! So we finally meet. I understand that you've been a very bad boy! Shame on you for doing that."

I was so flustered, my brain refused to slip into gear. Finally, I managed to croak, "How did you spot the camera so easily?"

Claire reached in and tweaked my nose. "My dad is a private investigator. I'd be still doing that too if we got along better. Good dads can make bad bosses. Remind me to tell you all about it sometime. Anyway, it was pretty clear from the way your machine was set on that board so that it could only be put on the floor one way, and from the fact that you'd leave Valerie alone on it, that you were spying on her. There were only a few possible places to put the camera and I knew what to look for." She stuck her head into the car and sucked my earlobe into her mouth, then breathed, "You better leave now, Mike. Seeing that cock of yours pushing out your pants like that is making me VERY wet."

I played my worst ever round of golf that day, quitting after 15 holes. Then I wasted a few hours looking at power tools, listening to the ball game on the radio and eventually stopping to get each lady a dozen long-stemmed roses. I pulled into the driveway at 5:00 sharp. Needless to say, they were both blown away by the flowers. Score one for the guys!

Both women had been to the beauty parlor. Claire's hair was done in a French braid and her make-up was superb. Someone could drown in her gray eyes if he weren't careful. Val, however, looked like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Her hair had been cut and styled by a pro, just off her shoulders in the front and long down the back. Different highlights glistened in her black hair every time she moved: now a flash of auburn, then chestnut, then a touch of blonde. It was stunning. Her eyes were deep and smoldering, her cheeks just with a hint of blush and her lips red and inviting.

I stood there gawking so long that Claire got in between us and said, "Hey! Remember me! I'm the one you're SUPPOSED to be looking at!

We all burst out laughing and I hugged both women, and if Claire was put off because I hugged Val a little closer for just a little longer, she didn't say anything.

"Nervous?" I asked Val.

She nodded and her cheeks reddened a little more.

I turned to Claire. "So what's the drill? You seem to have put yourself in charge of this little event."

In answer, Claire went out to the kitchen, a delicious little wiggle in her butt as she left the living room, and returned with a bottle of white wine and three glasses.

We all sat and had a sip. Val and me on the sofa and Claire right across from me on a wing chair. She was wearing loose fitting shorts and made sure I could see right up them. Not a stitch of underwear was in sight and my cock twitched in response.

Val noticed immediately. "Claire! Behave yourself!"

The girl sat back in the chair and crossed her legs which only made the shorts rise higher on her thighs. She stuck her tongue out at Val.

"Davey's out working today and should be here by 6:00. Mike you're going to be in charge of the grilling. You're also to make sure that Davey gets just enough booze. I don't want him too blasted to be able to perform, but I also want him good and loose. Valerie and I will do the rest."

"And your husband knows nothing about this?"

Claire and Val exchanged glances. "Well, the past two weeks, I've been kind of steering our pillow talk," Claire admitted. "I also made sure that Davey spoke to Val a few times. Let's just say that he thinks she's pretty darned hot and I got him to admit in the heat of the moment that he wouldn't mind getting to know her better."

Val had reddened at the talk, and I asked her, "What's wrong?"

Again the exchanged looks. "I...ah... I've been pretty flirty with Davey the two times we've met."

"Come on! Out with it!" I said.

"Well, I may have, ah, rubbed myself on him a bit and touched his arm and I, ah, kissed him once."

"One of your quick pecks or the full monty?"

"Um, somewhere in between."

"Out with it, Val!" Claire whooped. "She's been coming on big time with my hubby, that's what she's been doing."

I went upstairs to shower and change, shaving once again so that my face wouldn't have a hint of stubble on it for the evening. Val and Claire headed to the guest bedroom to get changed, refusing to tell me what was up.

I got downstairs and went out to get the barbecue ready and saw by the wisps of steam rising off the pool that swimming was on the schedule for the evening, despite the nip that would be in the air when the sun went down.

The table was set for four, a wine cooler at hand, and four lounges had been set out by the pool.

Was al fresco sex on the menu? We live at the edge of town on a large bit of land, so no neighbors could see what we do in the back, but Val had never agreed to have sex outdoors because "who knows who might walk in on us!" This would be a big change for her.

At 6:00 on the button, I heard the doorbell ring. A few moments later, Claire came out the back door hanging onto the arm of a very large man. Davey's polo shirt was tight around his torso and the muscles in his arms stretched the fabric out to its limits. His waist was fairly small and I could see from his dockers that his thighs and calves would also be impressive. The man obviously didn't just lift weights, he was a full-blown body builder.

Claire looked miniscule next to Davey, but she wouldn't go unnoticed anywhere. The miniscule, tight red shorts and blouse tied under her gently swaying breasts would make sure of that. I also noticed sneakers and white socks again, the vixen. Claire looked to all the world like some horny cheerleader.

"This is for you," Davey said a bit uncomfortably as he handed me a bottle of very nice red wine. "Thanks for having us over. Claire's talked about nothing else all week."

I'll bet she has, I thought. "Welcome, uh, Davey? That's all I've heard Claire call you."

He grinned, a nice, friendly, open one. "Davey's just fine."

"Why don't you two guys get comfortable," Claire said. "Val should be dressed in a minute and I'll go get a couple of beers." She squeezed her husband's arm. "You must have worked so hard today. A cold beer would go down nicely, wouldn't it?"

Claire sashayed into the house, wiggling that delicious butt of hers and we both shamelessly watched her go.

Val was the one whocame out with the beers and, my God, did we stare this time! Besides the perfect hair and make-up, she had on the most amazing pair of jeans I'd ever seen. I remember thinking two things: that they'd been painted on her or been custom made. They were so tight, you could see her camel toe. On top was a shimmering blouse of turquoise silk, no bra, and on her feet, my favorite high-heeled sandals with the ties coming halfway up her calves. The effect of the way she was dressed, groomed and the obviousness of her sex was absolutely jaw dropping.

Davey's jaw did drop.

"Why Davey," Val said, giving him a lingering peck on his cheek, "how wonderful to see you again! Thanks so much for coming over!"

Davey couldn't help himself nor could I as our eyes traveled over this heavenly creature standing before us.

After handing us our beers, Val went back into the house and her wiggle was even better than Claire's. This was my shy and restrained (at least in public) wife?

The girls left us alone for a good half hour and I found that Davey was a pretty regular guy. He bowled instead of played golf, enjoyed football instead of baseball, but other than that, we felt the same way about a lot of things. I found that I liked him.

Eventually, Val and Claire came out with some more beers for us and white wine for themselves. Claire and Davey chatted for a few minutes about the job he'd been working on that day, and Val managed to get me to come over to the back door for a few private words.

She looked at me seriously. "Last chance to back out. Is this still going to happen?"

"Valerie, you look so good tonight, I'm beginning to think I'll keep you all to myself."

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