tagBDSMValerie the Magnificent Ch. 12

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 12

byval wrangler©

I know it's been far too long coming, but here's the last installment in this series. Thanks to all of you who have been interested and for your insights. I hope you all enjoy it. VW


"Honey, I'm home!" Valerie shouted out as she dropped her luggage with a resounding thump in the front hall, then rose up to her full height, twisting and bending in an effort to get some of the travel kinks out of her back. Between her legs, her pussy was still throbbing from the assault it had withstood over the past two evenings Val had spent with Mike. Come to think of it, her jaw hurt, too.

"I'm in the bedroom," Mike called back.

Strange, Val thought as she headed off in that direction. I would have thought he'd have met me at the door when he heard the car pull into the driveway.

Dressed only in briefs, Mike was lying on top of the coverlet, looking like a man completely out of gas. Knowing how Claire could be when she got going, Val smiled slightly, thinking that she'd probably hit the nail right on the head.

"How come you're still in bed?" she asked and looked down at her watch. "It's nearly noon."

Groaning, Mike tried to sit up, but flopped back down. "I am so sore."

"From what?" she teased.

"From what you're friend Claire did to me the other night. Yesterday, I just barely made it through the day, but today it's even worse. I can barely move without my muscles knotting up. I had to take a leak about four hours ago, and it took me 15 minutes just to get up."

Valerie came over and took her husband's hand. "Did that mean old Claire wear my baby out?"

"Mean old Claire is right!" Mike said with surprising heat. "Your cute little friend spent the whole night torturing me!"

Val was inclined to laugh at what she thought was an overstatement, but was quite unhappy by the time Mike had finished his story.

"I was tied tight, stretched out on this bloody bed for nearly 7 hours. Every muscle in my body just aches. I feel as if someone stuffed me in a blender and hit 'frappe'."

"Didn't you tell her she was taking her little game too far?"

"About every 5 minutes." Mike looked up. "In truth, Claire's game may have led her to believe that I was lying about being so uncomfortable."

"I don't care. She should have been more careful. Look at you! You can barely blink without wincing. That isn't what I call fun."

Valerie stood up, and quickly undressed. Mike watched appreciatively as his wife undid her tight jeans and wiggled them down her legs, kicking off her sneakers before taking them completely off. Next came her turtleneck sweater, bulky, but not really hiding her firm breasts. Underneath, she had no underwear.

God, she's beautiful, Mike thought as his cock twitched a bit. Claire is an enchanting little minx, but my Valerie is one hell of a gorgeous woman. There's really no comparison.

Laying down on the bed, Valerie cuddled against Mike for a few minutes, luxuriating in his body's warmth.

"We've spoken about my weekend," Mike began, "but how was yours?"

Valerie didn't speak for over a minute, and Mike began to get apprehensive. Had this guy she'd met turned her head?"

"Do you really want to hear? she finally asked.

"Yes," and once more, despite his mounting concern, his cock twitched a bit, something Val would certainly notice.

She giggled, showing that she had indeed seen the telltale twitch, then said, "Well, I got my brains fucked out by a guy with the largest cock I've ever seen. I lost count of the orgasms I had the first night we were together. Last night there were even more. Steve was just a fucking machine." Then Val's hand snaked over Mike's hip, pulled his briefs down and grabbed his cock which had become surprisingly hard in just a few moments. "Does my friend hurt, too?"

"It's about the only part of my body that doesn't."

She stroked him for a few minutes longer. "Steve may have been fun for a one-time thing, but my pussy is so sore right now, I have trouble sitting down. The plane trip home was torture." She tugged on Mike deliciously. "Big cocks are fun once in a while, but this one I'm holding is most definitely my favorite."

"If you keep doing that, we're going to have to clean up a mess," her husband groaned.

"Oh, we can't have that." She slid down along his side, propping herself up on her elbows with her head just over his now fully-erect cock. Flicking out her tongue, she asked, "How about if I just gave you a good blowjob? I would not enjoy being fucked today, probably not even tomorrow."

"I don't think I could do much thrusting anyway, not the way my body feels."

Valerie dropped her head, her mouth engulfing the fat head of Mike's cock. Applying a bit of suction, she swirled her tongue over the sensitive opening. Using one hand, she cupped his balls firmly, knowing how much he liked that.

"Christ, that's good!" he moaned.

She stopped and looked up. "I take it that a blowjob is okay then?"

"Oh, yes, please!"

"Good, because you're going to get the best one you've ever had."

"Just don't tease me too much."

She grinned at him. "Would I ever do something like that to my loving husband?"

But she did -- and it was.


After he'd soaked with Valerie in the hot tub, followed by a long massage, Mike could move a little easier. She cooked a light meal of grilled lamb chops and salad, with several shots of "muscle relaxant", their name for his favorite Scotch. After eating, they cuddled on the sofa, watching a movie in the den with Valerie rubbing his sore shoulders.

Later, getting into bed, he was looking forward to the following day, one where he planned on just sitting around in the back yard, enjoying his wife's company, and maybe with a little more of her sensuous mouth around his cock.

Cuddling up against Mike, Valerie was thinking of Claire and the revenge she planned on taking out on the redheaded girl for doing her man wrong. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn't help noticing a tingle between her legs as she thought of what she might do.


By Monday, Valerie was feeling a lot better between her legs, and reflecting on her time with Steve, she was terrifically horny all day. It was Claire's day off, so she didn't have to spend the day feeling awkward around the young woman, but spent the day refining her plans on what she would do.

With a little adjusting to the work schedule for the store, Val was easily able to arrange for both of them to have that coming Friday off. She would invite Claire over to have a swim in the pool and a bit of lunch.

But that wouldn't be what would actually take place.

Feeling incredibly wicked, Val had spent the evenings on Monday and Wednesday doing some research on the Internet and then some shopping at a rather disreputable store in a nearby town. Home Depot and her own supply of "toys" supplied the rest of what she would be needing.

She kept Mike in the dark about her plans, although he'd be very much involved when the time came.

Tuesday evening, however, with her genitals feeling much more like their old selves, she made sure that Mike went to bed a happy man. Perhaps it was her plans for Claire, but Val took a much more aggressive role in their lovemaking that night, much to her husband's delight. He seemed to especially like it when she rode his face, one arm behind her, pulling on his engorged cock. He quickly got the idea that she wanted him to suck on her splendidly large clit which seemed longer and fatter than he remembered. She must really have been turned on. The way he swirled his tongue around it as she fucked his face had her coming nearly constantly for a surprisingly long amount of time.

Valerie found herself more turned on than ever by exercising her feminine powers.

"What's gotten into you this evening?" Mike asked as she finally lifted her crotch off his face which was a gooey mess.

Valerie slid down his torso until his throbbing cock contacted the opening between her legs. With a delicious course correction, he easily slid inside as she pushed back slowly.

With a purr in her voice, she looked down at him. "You haven't -- until now."

Then she fucked him silly.


Claire was due at noon, but Valerie knew she'd probably be late. She nearly always was. Still, she was ready and waiting by the front door, handcuffs at the ready, a good fifteen minutes before the girl actually arrived.

At work during the earlier part of the week, Val had kept her distance from her young friend, only making a reference to Mike telling her that his time with her had been "quite memorable". The strained muscles and bruises the redheaded girl had caused were not even alluded to.

As Claire's bright blue Mini raced down their street and pulled into the driveway with a small squeal of its tires, Valerie shifted the handcuffs behind her back and mentally went over what would happen next.

Unsuspecting, Claire bounced up the front steps and rang the bell lustily. Val paused for a moment, then opened the door. Her friend came through and reached out her arms for a hug. In a flash, Val had one cuff clicked around the young girl's wrist, pulled behind her back, and it was the work of just a moment more until Claire's other wrist was secured. Completely taken by surprise, she'd actually put up no fight at all.

The expression on the girl's face as Valerie pushed her back against the door was a mixture of surprise, fear and maybe just a touch of excitement?

But she drew herself up and asked, "What the hell is all this about?"

Val's stiff finger poked her friend in the chest. "You went too far this weekend with Mike!"

"But you knew what was going on. We talked over the goddam phone!"

The older woman shook her head. "The poor guy could hardly move when I got home. You can't hold somebody stretched out that long."

Claire rolled her eyes. "Oh, please. He didn't really complain all that much. I thought it was just because he wanted to cum and I wouldn't let him."

"Mike's not like that. You should have known better."

"So what are you going to do? Give me a good spanking or something?"

It was clear from the way Claire spoke that she might find a good spanking something to enjoy. Val would have to remember that for when Mike got home from work.

"Oh no, my dear, this is going to be more than that," Val said, grinning evilly.

Claire's expression showed slightly more concern.


Mike was delayed by traffic that day, but since he had no idea what had been planned for his evening, he wasn't the least bit concerned when he pulled in the driveway at 7:00, an hour later than normal. It didn't surprise him to see Claire's jaunty, little Mini.

Stepping into the house, he was greeted by silence. From the front door, you could see through the dining room into the kitchen, but there was no dinner on the stove, no Val. He checked the door of the fridge where she would have left a note if she'd gone out somewhere with her friend.


"Val? You home?"

"Up in the bedroom!"

What was all this about? If Claire was here, why were they up in the bedroom? Could they be? No, Valerie was not into women. Claire he wasn't so sure about.

Walking up the stairs, Mike removed his tie. The door to the bedroom was partially closed, so he pushed it open and stopped, frozen by what he saw.

They'd recently bought a new king size bed with a metal frame and rather ornate headboard. It was quite strong and they could fasten some of their restraining devices in rather interesting ways. Val hadn't often been in the mood recently, and Mike himself wouldn't be after what Claire had done to him.

Judging by what met his eyes, Claire would be feeling the same way soon -- or might already be.

The young woman was completely naked, her arms extended straight out along one of the headboard's metal crossbeams and fastened securely at her wrists and elbows. Two of their long nylon restraining straps were velcroed tight around her ankles and tied around the finials at each end of the headboard, so that her legs were straight out and up, bending her body quite a bit at the waist. In her mouth was Val's ball gag. Her body was covered in sweat.

That was a lot to take in, but what drew Mike's gaze was at the apex of her legs which were opened obscenely wide. Claire's cute little snatch was shaved clean. It naturally always had a pink glow because of the light shade of skin, and when she was turned on (as she had been the other night), it got even redder. Right now it was nearly purple and quite swollen. The lubrication flowing from her opening had soaked the bed in a big circle around her rear end. Mike also noticed one of the butt plugs he'd bought for Val peeking out of her rosebud.

Raising his eyes to meet Claire's, he could see the pleading in them.

His wife was nowhere to be seen. Just what the hell was going on?

Just then he heard someone padding up the stairs. Turning he saw his wife. She was naked, too.

"Hi Michael," kissing his cheek as she came by. "You're pretty late tonight." Her voice showed a total lack of concern at what was happening on the bed.


Ignoring his voice, she walked over to the bed and patted Claire on the cheek. "How's my little honey lamb? Now that Michael is home the real fun can begin."

Picking up one of their more powerful vibrators from the bedside table, Valerie knelt between Claire's legs, making the poor girl jump and wiggle. Muffled sounds came from behind the ball gag.

"Valerie!" Mike said much louder.

She didn't stop what she was doing, but did answer, "What, Mike?"

"Just what the hell is going on?"

"I'm teaching Claire some manners." She said it with about as much concern as if she'd said, "I'm doing the laundry."


"The other day she made you suffer. Right now I'm showing her what real suffering is."

"You're torturing the poor girl!"

Claire's eyes bore into Mike's, trying hard to let him know that she agreed with that assessment completely.

Val looked over her shoulder. "Nonsense. She's no more uncomfortable than you were."

Claire was squirming more wildly now as Val teased the girl's very swollen clit with the tip of the vibrator. Clearly she was either incredibly uncomfortable or rapidly approaching a mind-blowing orgasm.

Just as Claire's eyes started to bug out and her breathing got very fast, Val switched off the vibrator and returned it to the bedside table. The girl's eyes followed Val's movements and the sound she made from behind her gag was clearly a groan as she sagged back onto the bed. Her genitals were now an angry purple. A few tears trickled down her cheeks.

Looking completely unconcerned, Valerie walked past her husband, saying, "I could use a nice glass of chilled white wine about now. Care to join me, Mike?

Shaking his head, Mike followed silently. Once downstairs, he grabbed his wife's arm and turned her around.

"Tell me what's going on?"

"Like I said upstairs, Claire's getting some of her own medicine. I'm teaching her what happens to people who don't take proper care of my man."

As she took a bottle of wine from the fridge and poured two glasses, Mike asked, "How long has this been going on?"

His wife glanced up at the clock. "Since about 1:00. I had Claire handcuffed and stewing in her own juices for a while before I got to work."

"And what does that mean?"

"Well, first, I took her down to the basement so she could watch me pleasure myself on the Sybian. That always gets her hot. She also probably thought that I was going to strap her in and leave her to orgasm herself into a stupor.

"A little later I took her jeans off, gave her a nice close shave, then rubbed a special gel I bought a few days ago all over her genitals. She also got a half a Viagra pill as insurance."

"Is that why her twat is so red and swollen?"

Val looked at Mike over the rim of her glass. "Partially. I also pumped it up with another toy I bought, just to make everything really sensitive. Believe me, between the way I've been bringing her to the edge and the effect of the two drugs, she has a real itch to have an orgasm."

"Back up. You used a pump?"

"Yeah, it's a plastic thingy that goes over a woman's pussy and you create a vacuum by squeezing out the air. Just like those pecker enhancing pumps you see advertised on the Internet. Surely, you've seen those! That's why Claire had to be freshly shaved."

"How long has she been fastened to the bed like that?

Val looked up at the clock. "Five hours, give or take a few minutes." She smiled evilly. "Guess it wasn't a good night for you to come home late."

"Jesus, Valerie, do you have any idea what being trussed up like that feels like?"

"She does now. That's why Claire has the ball gag in her mouth. She was threatening to yell loud enough to attract the neighbor's attention."

Mike finally took a big swallow of wine. "Did you ever stop to think she just might go to the police afterwards?"

Val said simply, "Oh, she wouldn't do that. She's our friend."

His response to that bit of logic was an even larger sip of wine.

"I'm going upstairs to release her," he said, draining his glass.

Val grabbed his arm. "Please, Mike, let me see this out my way. You're right; it's probably been enough time. We'll go up together, but just let me do all the talking, okay?"

Mike followed his wife's glorious bottom up the stairs, something he never tired of doing. Having it naked was even more of a plus.

The moment they walked into the room, Claire began struggling and her voice would undoubtedly have been very loud indeed if there hadn't been a red ball gag stuffed in her face. Mike began to worry that he might be right and that Val might have gotten them into a whole pile of trouble.

Val stood near the head of the bed, hands on hips, and said sternly, "So, Claire, have you learned your lesson.

The girl's eyes blazed for a moment, then her head moved up and down, but just once.

Valerie said, "Good. Now, I want you to apologize to Mike."

Reaching over to the center of the bed, Mike couldn't help notice that his wife's crotch was very close to Claire's face. The small redhead was also aware of it. It took a few moments to get it untied, and as Val struggled with the knot, girl and twat inched even closer together. Mike's cock stirred in his pants.

Finally, the gag swung free and Val stood up again, putting it on the night table.

"Valerie, I am going to pay you back for this someday!" Claire shouted.

"Oh dear. I may have to put this back in," Val answered, as she reached down for the gag.

"I apologize, Michael, unreservedly," the girl quickly said, looking at him in the doorway. "I got a little carried away, and I'm sorry that I hurt you." Then she smiled impishly, "But you can't say you didn't enjoy it a little, can you?"

Val looked over her shoulder at Mike. "I think a bit more torture is in order for that remark, don't you think?" She picked up a bottle of lubricant, along with a stick-like thing. When had Valerie bought a riding crop?

"You're not going to spank me, are you?" Claire asked in a frightened voice. "Look, I'm willing to let bygones be bygones if you let me go now."

"I don't think so."

After a generous squirt of lubricant on the leather end of the crop, Val got onto the bed between Claire's legs, sitting on her heels. Mike couldn't see well so he moved to the side, watching as his wife proceeded to masturbate the young girl's swollen genitals.

Squirming again, the girl was obviously getting aroused very quickly. The blush on her cheeks rapidly spread to the top of her chest and she was breathing raggedly through her mouth and making a low moaning sound. Just at the point where she was going to lose it, Val flicked the crop and whacked Claire loudly right on her exposed lips.

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