tagIncest/TabooValestock Ch. 04

Valestock Ch. 04


~Chapter Four: Testing The Suspension~

The day began early for Claire – well, ten in the morning wasn't exactly early, but Michael and all of the others were still asleep when she got out of bed and with a happy smile reached into her bag for the clothes she already knew she wanted to wear that day. Moments later, the gorgeous girlfriend was dressed, and after having combed her long, dark red hair, was finishing tying her knee-high boots up. She had chosen semi-sheer black underwear to go under her jet black cheerleader-style skirt and a patterned black lace top that showed her dark bra underneath, not to mention the soft white flesh of most of her body and impressive tits. Once more she had chosen to wear knee-high socks, black and purple ones this time, and so it wasn't long before she was ready for the day ahead and was removing her clothes for tomorrow before sorting out her bag, making sure the cum-stained pile of clothes was well hidden at the bottom. When she was done, she packed all of the things she wouldn't be needing, grabbed Matt's keys from the pile he had left by his 'door', and left the tent and all of the sleeping men behind as she made her way out into the bright, warm morning.

Taking a deep breath, which pushed her firm, 38D tits tight against her black lace top, Claire began to stroll calmly and happily towards where the van was parked, making sure she took her time and looking over the stalls as she wandered along with a contented smile.

After a little time, Matt's modified van came into view in the parking lot and Claire walked over to it carrying her bag. Opening the side, she slid the door open before she climbed in and pushed her bag under one of the seats Matt had built on the side of the van wall. Making sure it was safe, she climbed out again and pulled the door closed once more, locking it before she moved to one of the front doors. She remembered Matt saying that he had moved his CD collection to the drawers under the seats in the front and was hoping that he had some different ones; the guys had played the ones he had brought back to the tent to death.

Unlocking the front door, Claire was about to open it when she noticed some movement out of the corner of her eye. Looking over, a warm smile painted her lusciously soft lips as she saw Matt, tall and dark, walking towards her with a broad smile.

"Plotting to steal my van ah missy?" Her and Michael's black friend asked as he made his way over.

Claire laughed lightly as she turned to face him, her fingers drumming playfully on the van's door.

"I just came to drop my bag off, save me packing most of it tomorrow. I thought I might see if you have any other CD's while I was here, you and the others seem to only like listening to the same three." She answered lightly as he came to stand by her, resting his hand on the wing mirror nonchalantly.

"Did you find any?" He asked, squinting as the sun shone in his eyes.

"Haven't looked yet, I saw you coming over before I had a chance." She replied as she dangled the keys in front of him and smirked amusedly.

"Well, you should get some quickly, the others were getting up when I left." Matt replied as he smiled down at her in a peculiar way, and Claire eyed him curiously. He seemed to be up to something.

"Alright." She said slowly, watching him with amused caution, before she slowly turned to open the door to the drivers' side.

Pulling the drawer from under the seat revealed nothing but various wires and tools and so Claire figured he must have kept the CD's under the other seat, and so she climbed onto the seat and leaned over to pull open the other drawer, and sure enough, there were the discs.

"Damn." Matt said in appreciation from behind her and Claire momentarily wondered why until she remembered that she was wearing her cheerleader-style skirt and was bending over basically right in front of her and Michael's friend's eye line.

Rolling her eyes and smiling a pleased smile to herself, Claire took her time as she looked through Matt's CD's, taking a couple out and then putting them back, all the while though she was very conscious of his eyes looking up her skirt and fixed on her tight ass.

After a couple of minutes however, she pulled out a couple of discs that were lodged almost at the back before she pushed the drawer closed and climbed down from the seat, pushing the door closed behind her and leaning against, smiling with a look of mock-disapproval on her face.

"See something you like?" She asked him in mock-indignation, her eyes smouldering lightly.

"Very much so." Michael's black friend replied as he moved slightly closer to her. "It's been two days since I was in that fine ass of yours, and yesterday you almost had me begging for it with your teasing."

Claire smiled brightly to herself before she rolled her eyes at him.

"You men, don't you ever get enough?" She asked amusedly, "Anyone would think you had a right to get your dick in your friend's girlfriend the way you act."

Matt laughed amusedly at that as he placed one of his big hands on her slim waist and with the other gently stroked her soft cheek and slender neck. Oh it felt good, she thought as gentle tingling shivers passed through her body at the delicate touch.

"How about I get my big, black dick in you again?" Matt asked in a voice that was low and full of lust. Claire's heart began to pound due to that tone, his hot touch, and the thought of screwing not just any black man, but one who was her own boyfriend's friend too.

"You want to start the day off by fucking Mike's girlfriend?" She asked him huskily, fire beginning to burn within her body as she stared into his dark eyes. All of the horniness from the day before, that had built up to such a need at the thought of what she would do with the three guys who had taken such liberties with her behind her boyfriend's back when they got to the tent again, but yet had been denied...all of it suddenly came back, and with avengance. Matt nodded his answer as he moved a little closer, her large tits now touched his hard chest as he looked down at her, "I thought you said everyone was awake?"

Her and Michael's black friend smiled as he raised both hands to cup her face.

"They are, but they can wait." He answered and Claire smiled wickedly as she threw her arms around his neck just before Matt pulled her strongly to him, pressing his lips hard against hers, their mouths opening and tongues dancing instantly in a, hot, deep, passionate kiss.

"Mmph!" Claire moaned into Matt's mouth before she breathed heavily, his hands reaching down to encircle her waist. "Do you think we've got time?" She asked in a hot breath between kissing him fiercely.

"All the time we need." Matt replied, his hand reaching up to roughly squeeze one of her heavy tits over her lace top in a way that crushed the soft but oh-so-firm pliable flesh into his fingers and palm...the naughty feel of it sent hot, sexy shivers through Claire's burning body.

"Mmmph! Then get that big...black...dick in me." She breathed desperately in half a moan into his mouth, her nails dragging lightly along his neck. Fuck, she needed Matt's big dick so badly.

Breaking the kiss, Matt quickly glanced around before he pulled the door open to the van and helped Claire inside. Following her, he sat in the driver's seat and pulled the door shut behind him. The moment he sat down Claire pounced on his jeans, eager to free his thick, black cock, which did not take her long. Soon the ten inch rod stood proudly up and Claire hurriedly manoeuvred herself so that she straddled hiss lap where he sat before reaching under her to move her panties so that the thick head of Matt's long, big dick pressed against her naked pussy.

Staring lustfully into her boyfriend's black friend's eyes, Claire smiled dirtily before she moaned breathily as she slowly lowered herself down the long, hard length of Matt's thick, unprotected black cock. Inch after glorious inch sank deep into her unprotected pussy until finally she sat on his lap with his entire ten inch dick buried balls deep inside her. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Claire wasted no time in mashing her lips to his. His hands once again found her slim waist as she began to rock her hips back and forth, sliding his long, hard cock in and out of her very horny pussy.

"Mmmph! Mmmph! Ohh! Oh I have needed this so bad Matt! Ummm!" Claire moaned lustfully as she relished in the hot feel of Matt's big dick sliding in and out of her tightly stretched, burning hot pussy.

"Fuck! It's good having you on my dick Claire! I've been wanting to fuck you badly since the other day!" Matt breathed pleasurably as he held her waist while she stared hotly into his eyes.

"Well now you've got me riding your big, black cock Matt...Ohhummm...yeah...so watch your friend's little white girlfriend ride your big dick! Ohhhh! Ummm, fuck it's so big and hard! Ohhhmmm much bigger and harder than...ohhh...mmm...I remember!" Claire growled at him as she began to move her hips faster and faster, shivering all over as that long, hard cock of her boyfriend's friend filled and refilled her cheating pussy again and again.

The van gently began rocking back and forth as Claire quickly increased her speed as she rode her hips back and forth, pushing her boyfriend's black friend's dick in and out of her tight, hot pussy, fucking him harder and faster in the front seat, both of them moaning and breathing heavier and harder as they continued to have lust-filled, illicit sex.

"Ugh, fuck! I wish Mike could see his hot big-titted white girlfriend riding my big black dick right now!" Matt growled as his dick continued to slide ten-inches deep in and out of Claire's tight pussy furiously.

At that the sexy red-headed girlfriend moaned and kissed him deeply once more as he mentioned her boyfriend. The thought of Michael seeing the van rocking gently while his hot 20-year-old girlfriend rode their friend's black dick was so fucking hot! It sent bolts of electricity raging through Claire's already horny body.

"Would you make me beg for your dick? Make me moan how much better you were than him, how much bigger?" Claire groaned breathily, moving her hips faster as Matt's dick rammed repeatedly deep inside her horny pussy, deeper and wider than Michael had ever been in her.

"Fuck, you're a horny slut!" Matt grunted, feeling the increased heat of Claire's movements as his dick pistoned relentless inside her.

Claire smiled wickedly at that before she moaned and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around Matt's head and pulling his face into her tits. Despite the black lace top showing no cleavage, it was still semi-see-through and so when Claire pulled Matt's face to her heavy rack, her and Michael's black friend began biting through her top, uncaring if he was a little hard on her. For Claire, though, pleasure shoot through her every time Matt's teeth sank into her soft, firm flesh, spurring her on to ride his hard cock faster and harder.

However before long he pulled his face from her luscious tits and with no gentleness he grabbed the large globes, squeezing roughly as he revelled in the feel of Claire's pussy squeezing his huge, hard cock as she continued to rock her hips back and forth on it like he was her boyfriend rather than her boyfriend's friend.

"Fuck, you've got the best tits girl!" He growled in pleasure and Claire smiled as she breathed hard, sweat forming on her face from both the heat made by their fucking in the van and the oncoming warmth of the day.

"You like my tits baby?" She purred breathily as she slammed herself full of Matt's black dick once more, almost knocking the breath from her lungs in her horniness. Oh how she wished she could watch his huge black dick sink into her tight white pussy, fuck! She loved seeing his dark hands all over her creamy white tits, and her soft white hands all over his mammoth cock...mmm...she loved looking at that black face, knowing that she was not only cheating on her boyfriend but with a black man too...fuck...and their friend at that...but damn, to watch herself sucking on his huge cock and to watch his big dick pumping in and out of her while he fucked her senseless...well, that would just blow her mind! All of that flashed through the sexy red-headed girlfriend's lust-filled mind between asking him that question and seeing the hunger blaze in Matt's eyes...and so with a dirty grin, Claire asked, "Would you like to see them?"

Without waiting for an answer, as she rode his hard cock, Claire pulled his hands from her body and reached down to pull her black lace top up over her head, leaving her topless except for her semi-sheer bra which lustfully held her large, round, heavy 38D tits as they bounced hotly as she rocked her hips, driving his hard black cock into her tight white pussy again and again.

Matt's eyes were fixated on Claire's impressive rack, seemingly as wide as they would go, until Michael's hot girlfriend reached behind her to unhook her bra. Slipping the straps from her shoulders she dumped the now useless bra on top of her top on the passenger seat, her eyes fixed on Matt's face as she now rode his ten inch dick topless.

"Mmmmm, I love your black cock!" Claire purred heatedly, "Now show me how you treat your friend's white girlfriend."

Without another moment wasted, Matt filled his hands with a handful of his friend's white girlfriend's heavy tits. The contrast of their skin spurred them both on as Claire continued to fuck herself on Matt's large, unprotected black cock while he squeezed and groped her large, naked tits roughly, licking and biting her nipples as Claire moaned in pleasure.

Meanwhile, while the hot dark red-haired girlfriend was riding her boyfriend's black friend topless in his van, her loving boyfriend was sitting around the fire eating the breakfast his brother had made for them all, completely unaware that right in the parking lot, anyone who walked passed the gently rocking van would see a hot, half-naked white girl riding a large black man for all she was worth, hearing her lust-filled moans of pleasure as ten inches of hard, black cock rammed again and again into her tight, hot, unprotected white pussy.

As Michael filled his mouth with a spoonful of food, his friend's dick filled his girlfriend's hot body again and again, and while Michael spoke to his friends, his girlfriend moaned lewdly, uncaring of anyone wandering passed who heard her illicit moans of pleasure. As the faint thought of wondering where his loving girlfriend was came into his head, the truth that Matt, their black friend, had his hands full of her naked, heavy, 38D tits while his dick slid in and out of her pussy, did not even enter his mind.

Matt didn't know how long Claire had been riding his dick for, nor did he much care. All that he knew was that he couldn't take much more of her tight, hot pussy sliding swiftly up and down his dick as she rode him hard and fast. Her gently rocking hips had literally turned into her bouncing up and down the entire ten inches of his dick as she pressed her body against him, squashing her large naked tits against his chest while her tongue danced hotly with his and her hands gripped hard to the seat behind him for support. His own hands now held two beautiful handfuls of Claire's tight ass, helping her bounce up and down his hard shaft, pulling her back down his big dick, filling her with a grunt of pleasure.

"Uh! Uh! Uh! Ohhhhh Fuuuckkk!" Ummm yeah! Yes! Ugh fuck I love your big dick so much Matt! Oh yes, stuff me full of your hard cock!" Claire growled lustfully, her face contorted in animalistic lust. "Ram your big black cock into my pussy! Fuck your friend's girlfriend! Fuck her good! OHHHH!"

Claire's big tits jiggled against his chest as he began thrusting up as he pulled her down onto his dick, driving his hard, thick shaft deep inside her and driving the air from her lungs in sharp guttural grunts and pleasure-filled screams of ecstasy.

"UGH YES! OH YES! YES! UHHH! OH GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME YOUR BIG BLACK COCK! OH FUCK! FUCK YES! OHHUMMM! DRIVE IT INTO ME DEEPER! HARDER! OH FUCK YESSS!" Michael's hot girlfriend screamed, her body bouncing up and down on Matt's hard shaft so fast that the van was now rocking lightly and the old chair squeaking in protest.

"Ride my black cock you little white slut!" Matt growled between clenched teeth as he slapped Claire's ass under her skirt, "Make yourself cum on your boyfriend's friend's hard dick!"

And fuck but Claire did just that. She fucked herself ruthlessly on Matt's hard dick as she could, screaming and moaning hotly as his huge, ten inch cock drove deeper into her than her boyfriend ever had, again and again and again, fucking her closer to her immanent orgasm. The thought that she was here, topless for anyone who walked passed to see, in the front of Matt's van, riding her boyfriend's friend's black dick, that was burying itself unprotected into her hot pussy deeper than Michael ever had, while her boyfriend was away by the tents probably wondering where she was, and here was Matt, no doubt about to cum inside her pussy, shoot his thick, potent seed into her unprotected womb for the second time, just made her orgasm speed closer as Matt's solid black dick drove relentlessly into her wanton 20-year-old body.

"OH FUCK MATT! OH FUCK! YES! OHH THIS ISSS SO GOOD! OHHH I'M...OH FUCK! OH YEAAHHH! OHHHH I'M GONNA CUMM!" Claire groaned before ending in a shout of horny ecstasy as she rode his dick more erratically; her orgasm about to rip through her hot body.

Matt could feel his own orgasm fast approaching and gritted his teeth as he continued lifting and pulling Claire on his dick by his grip on her tight ass.

Suddenly, Claire stiffened and screamed loudly as her pussy clamped tightly around his thick shaft, slamming herself down, impaling herself hard on his rigid cock.

"OHHHHHHUHHHHHHHAHHHHHH!" His friend's gorgeous girlfriend screamed from the bottom of her lungs as her orgasm suddenly tore through her sexy, big-titted body, her fingers gripping the seat behind Matt so tightly that he heard the material creak in complaint.

Matt himself felt his balls tighten as Claire's pussy locked tightly around his thick cock, squeezing and milking the long, thick shaft incredibly tightly in pulsing spasms as her body shook, however he gritted his teeth and did his best to hold back; he had already decided he didn't want to cum inside her this time, there would be plenty more opportunities for that now he was sure. This time he had something different in mind...if he could hold back that was! Fuck she felt incredible as she groaned and shook continuously.

Claire's body shook as orgasmic ecstasy shot through her until finally she slumped forward with a very happy smile on her now reddened face. Matt however couldn't hold himself back any longer and quickly pulled the door open. Claire looked at him confusedly for the briefest of moments, not understanding why he was trying to push her off him, topless into the parking lot and not having cum yet, when she suddenly understood and swiftly pulled herself from his hard dick and sank to her knees on the floor outside the van.

Matt just about turned and moved from the van when his balls tightened and his dick expanded; he couldn't hold back any longer. With a yell he aimed his dick at Claire's heavy tits and suddenly his cock exploded. Load after large load of his hot, sticky cum blasted from his ten inch black cock, spraying hotly all over his friend's white, red-headed girlfriend's big, naked, 38D, tits. Large globs of his white cum covered her nipples, the soft, firm slopes of her impressive rack and ran down the deep valley of cleavage as Claire used her arms to push her impressive heaving tits together.

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