I was dressed up and horny. I had a day off work and after my wife left for the day I had spent the morning pampering myself. Scented bath with a couple of glasses of wine, bubbles and all over shave followed with a titillating fashion show and photo shoot through the various lingerie I had bought for my wife. My final selection was a hot pink and black corset with matching panties and mini skirt and a pair of black stockings. I used her hair products to make my longish hair look as feminine as possible, I even used a little of her make-up. Then I pulled out the "piece de resistance": a pair of hot pink pumps with bows and 5" heels, the only part of my outfit that was exclusively mine.

I was dressed and horny. The soft silky fabrics felt so good on my skin and the heels made me feel extra sexy. There was porn on the TV, music pumping and I was feeling good. I danced to the music, mimicking the strippers on the screen, and touched myself as I watched one girl deep throat a big cock as another rode on one. I teased myself relentlessly, never letting myself cum. I laid out some toys, dildos, cockrings, collar, beads and lube. I picked up the dildo and caressed then sucked it, alternately watching the girl on the screen and my image in the full length mirror. I was rock hard, my cock making a tent out of the pretty pink mini skirt. My whole body ached with a need to be touched. I was too horny to last long and I wanted it to last all day so I dropped the dildo on the bed and left the room, picking up a joint and my wine glass on my way.

We live in a secluded spot so I stepped out onto the patio. I sat in a lounger and lit the joint, the fragrant smoke filling my lungs soothed my rampant need. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sheer luxury of being a little drunk, a little stoned, horny and dressed up in the warm midday sun. I imagined my wife finding me like this, fantasized about what she might do to me in our bedroom, fantasized more daringly about a nameless, faceless, rugged man finding me and using me.

A noise brought me back to reality only to find myself looking into the amused face of a man I vaguely recognized. I panicked, I was terrified. No-one had ever seen me like this. I tried to stand up but it wasn't easy from a lounger in 5 inch heels. It took little more than a light touch from him on my shoulder to keep me there.

"Slow down, sweetie. No need to get up on my behalf." He said with a grin."We need to talk, and I don't think you need to be worried: you are a delicious sight."

He sat down on the edge of the lounger, picking up my glass. He smiled when he saw the smudge of lipstick on it. "So, how long have you been dressing up?" He asked, taking a sip.

I was barely able to speak; too frightened. Who was he? What did he want? Who would he tell? How do I make this nightmare end? Eventually I stammered: "A couple of years." It came out as a pathetic whisper.

He grinned. "Getting good at it! You look good! How do you feel?"

"Terrified!" I blurted out.

He laughed, putting the glass down and taking the joint from my hand. "Not now, Princess! Before, when you were dancing in front of the mirror." He looked me in the eyes meaningfully then took a long slow pull on the joint.

My heart was pounding in my chest. He had been watching me through the windows. I could barely breathe. He was still holding his gaze. It might have been the pot but I could feel him reading me. His eyes were intolerable, his invasion total. But something about him wasn't threatening "Sexy." I answered looking quickly down, the admission too embarrassing to bear.

He held the joint to my lips. I sucked gratefully at it, realizing with a hot flush, that his fingers were touching my lips. "Mmmmm, you definitely looked sexy." He released the joint and his fingertips stroked my cheek. "Were you imagining it was a real cock?" He asked, his voice a hoarse whisper close to my ear as he bent forward and picked up the glass again. He took a long sip, his eyes on me all of the time, waiting for my reply.

I sucked hard on the joint, closed my eyes and reveled in the feel of the smoke trapped in my lungs, the blood pounding in my head. When I could hold it no longer I released it in a long slow exhale. "Yes." I admitted in a quiet voice, opening my eyes to look at him defiantly but unable to look him in the eye for long.

He grinned then leaned forward and kissed me. Whether in surprise or desire, I don't know, but my lips parted. His tongue slipped easily into my mouth and caressed and probed me. To say that I swooned sounds trite, but all my resistance melted away as his tongue and lips took possession of me. The shock of it quickly turned to intrigue as the unique feeling of his masculine kiss enthralled me. No woman ever kissed me like that. His tongue stroked and probed and teased mine in a way that I couldn't resist joining in. The erotic dance was carried out entirely inside my mouth, captivating me completely; I didn't want it to end. When he did pull his tongue away, it was only briefly as he sucked and gently bit my lip, before plunging back into my mouth.

His hand roamed over me too. He stroked and caressed my neck and shoulder. He reached down and stroked my thigh, my legs seemed to part themselves for him as he stroked higher, touching my panties and the desperately aroused organ within.

My body ached with desire for him when he lifted off me. I was panting and my heart was racing as he looked down at me.

"Fuck, but you are a very sexy bitch! You even kiss like a girl!" He smirked and held out his hand to me. "Come on, sweetie. Business before pleasure! You need to give me tour of your home."

Then it hit me where I knew him from: he was a county tax assessor and we had met when my wife and I disputed his last valuation of our house. My blood ran cold. He had been a hard negotiator and seemed to resent our questioning his judgment. He helped me to my feet, and put a hand round my waste to steady me as I tottered a little on my heels.

No doubt reading the reappearance of fear on my face, he pulled me in for another long kiss. Melting me a second time with his invasion of my mouth as his big hands caressed my almost naked ass. My body responded eagerly to his touch, molding into his strong frame, I felt his own hard cock pushing back at me through the fabric of his clothes.

This time when he pulled away I whimpered involuntarily. He smacked my butt and demanded,

"Tour! Your sexy little body must wait."

I walked ahead of him into the house.

"Fuck, you have a great ass!" he sighed following me inside.

I self consciously showed him every room of the house. He made it easy for me and we talked as we moved around the house. He made almost continuous comments on the decor, my body and my carriage. Twice we stopped to kiss again, both times leaving me breathless and dreamy. When we finally entered the bedroom, he smirked at the toys laid out beside the bed and the heap of discarded lingerie on the floor.

I wanted his lips on mine again, his strong manly tongue inside my mouth. I stepped close to him, but he reached down and picked up the collar from the bed. It was pink too. He held it up and I offered my neck without resistance. He fastened it snuggly then sucked and chewed on the sensitive skin around it.

"It's time you learned how to please your man, Princess." He murmured into my ear. "Suck me!"

He pushed me gently down to my knees, then unzipped his pants. "Lift up your hands!" I lifted them up and he guided them to his crotch.

My heart was pounding as I felt the hardness of his cock straining against the fabric. He slipped one of my hands inside his pants and my need took over. I found my way into his boxers and my little hand closed around its first hard cock. It was so hot and so hard, he was really turned on and there was no hiding it.

I stroked it gently. God, it felt good! I pulled it free and was amazed by the firm heat it exuded. I smelled musky and manly and my slowly moving hand made it grow more. I opened my mouth and took it inside. I was jittery and nervous but I was loving it. I bobbed my head up and down, stroking the thick flesh with my lips, greedy for his cock. Loving the way my mouth was full. Loving the taste and the feel of him inside my mouth. I sucked and slurped my way up and down his thick shaft, lost in the wonderful feeling of it filling my mouth, eagerly and urgently wanting to make him cum. I heard him groan above me and his hands stroke through my hair and I increased my efforts.

He groaned again and pulled me off him. Not-understanding and a little disappointed to not have made him cum I looked up. "Easy, now! There's no rush. It's not a race!" He was grinning.

"I'm Sorry." I mumbled.

"Damn, I love how shy you are and how eager you are to make me cum." He stepped away from me and lay back on the bed, dropping his pants, boxers and shirt along the way. "Now stand up, Princess, and let's continue!"

I stood up, but before I had walked more than a couple of steps he said: "Stand there, against the wall!"

I did as he said, not fully understanding. He took a photo of me, several photos, my hands high above me as I stood looking at him and more as I faced the wall, my hands stretched above my head and my butt tipped up and towards him. All the time he is making appreciative comments, telling me to relax and enjoy myself. I realized how jittery I was, took some deep breaths as I enjoyed the feeling of being so delightfully and sexily dressed for someone who admired me.

"Turn around." He said at last. I did. He was still on the bed, the camera on the bed beside him and in his hand was his big beautiful cock, rock hard. It was such a turn on and desire for this man and his gorgeous body rolled through me. "Look what you do to me!" He said. "Do you like it?"

"Yes." I whispered.

"Do you want it?"


"Do you want to make love to me with your mouth?"


"Tell me!"

"I love your cock; I want to love it with my mouth. I want to serve you with my mouth."

"Good girl. Come here and show me! Take your time, relax and enjoy yourself."

I took a deep breath and stepped towards the bed and knelt beside him. I ran my hand across his waist, over his close cropped pubic hair. He moaned "Oh' yes, take your time sweetie!" as I wrapped my fingers gently around the hot hard shaft. I caressed his long thick phallus with my painted fingers, lapping and licking at it with my tongue and kissing it with my lips. I took the head inside my mouth, swirled my tongue around it and thrilled at the feeling. It was so hard, yet the outside was so soft and silky. It smelled so masculine, it tasted salty and musky. I was lost in the feelings it was giving me to love this wonderful tool and engrossed in the feelings I was able to give him. Every lick and every caress was as if I was both giving and receiving. It was no doubt the pot swirling through my veins but I felt so in tune with what his body felt. I ran my fingers down over his balls, soft and so pleasing to the touch. I ran my hands over his stomach and chest, loving the tight muscles, the slightly hairy warm skin. He continued to encourage me, my lips and tongue were not fooled, he was feeling this too. I felt him swell even harder, sucked my mouth deeper onto him, took him as deep as I could then slipped back up to the head, swirling my tongue over the most sensitive parts of it, under it, over it. Bobbing my head up and down, reveling in the pleasure I was giving him.

I felt him growing and surging upwards with his hips, his moans of pleasure and encouragement ringing in my ears, one of his hands in my hair. I again plunged my mouth down as far as I could, taking as much of him as my mouth could accommodate, and he burst, in a deeply satisfying gasp of pleasure his hips thrust up to meet me, his hand held me firmly in place as his seed gushed into my mouth in thick warm salty ropes. I slurped and sucked at him, swallowing without resistance, swallowing all I could, greedy for his cum and his pleasure and his admiration. His hips bucked repeatedly and his hand held me tightly, his body locked with mine as he rode through the orgasm, riding my mouth for all the pleasure I could give him.

As his hand eased off me, I continued to lap and lick and suck at his beautiful cock, not so hard now but the residue of the salty cum made it just as delightful to me. He laughed his pleasure at my triumphant first blowjob and lifted me off him. I knelt above him. His hands roamed over me, over my stocking clad legs, my satin clad body, up under my skirt stroking my butt, tight in its silky covering. He even caressed my cock/clit through my panties, I was so turned on, so sensitive to his every touch. I whimpered and moaned as he stroked me, told me how sexy I looked. He rolled me onto my back beside him and knelt beside me, continuing to work over every inch of my body. His big hands felt fantastic through the soft filmy fabrics I wore.

His hands ran up and down my stockinged legs increasing my desire. At the top of each stroke he caressed the bulge in the front of my panties. I was so incredibly turned on, he grinned at my obvious desire. "You love this, don't you, Princess? You love being this close to cumming, so close but not quite there."

"I love it." I panted, squirming with the desperate need for release.

He slipped down my panties; I lifted up my ass then my legs as he lowered them down. When they were off, my legs were up and my feet rested on his chest. He kissed them and bent forward, lowering his mouth to mine and in the process my legs slipped over his shoulders. He kissed me hot and deep again, his tongue mastering mine just as his hands and his will had mastered me all afternoon. I was doubled up and as he deep kissed me he rotated his hips. I felt his cock between my buttocks, stroking up and down the sensitive groove of flesh. He was hardening again and when he broke the kiss he reached forward and plucked the tube of lube off the bedside table. He rested back on his knees, looking down at me as he slipped a lubed finger inside me. Smiling as my acceptance of this new invasion was so ready. He rode it in and out of my tight hole, telling me how much he was going to enjoy screwing me, telling me how much I was going to enjoy it. My whole body was alive, this was first time that anyone had touched me, entered me in this way and it was amazing, I reveled in the pleasure he was giving me, the intensity was heavenly. His finger was joined by another and the intensity increased, I could feel my tightness but all the lubrication made his going easy. I writhed in pleasure as he looked down on me.

"I want to fuck you." He said in a hoarse whisper. "You want it too, don't you?"

I was so close to cumming and his fingers kept finding and stroking my prostate, I whimpered in my desire and pleasure: "Yes, please fuck me, please, it all feels sooo good."

He slipped out his fingers and the emptiness was enormous. I felt the head of his cock at my hole and moaned in the desire to feel something slipping in and out of me again. The pressure built as he pushed against me, but his fingers had done their job and he slipped inside me, the thickness of his cock making me gasp. He held it there watching me, his knowing eyes on mine a tiny measure of concern showing but grinning at my desire for more. He pushed forward and I groaned, the stretched muscles and nerve bundles sending shock waves of pleasure and mild pain through me. My core wanting more and more of this, wanting to feel him take me completely. He slipped slowly out again until only the tip of him was inside me, the whole of me thrilling at the feel of flesh dragging on silken flesh. I was moaning and whimpering, lost in the fantastic sensations.

He pushed back in, his hands clutching my thighs through my stockings, drawing himself into me. I looked up and at him and saw his eyes full of lust, his face framed by the pink of my heels over his shoulder. He took long slow strokes pushing deep so inside me that I gasped, then withdrawing until he was barely in me at all. His self control was fabulous, he fucked me slowly, stroke after stroke, and I felt every vein, every ripple, every ridge in his cock. I felt it at my entrance, I felt it caressing and stroking my prostate and I felt it nudging somewhere deep inside me.

"You like is, don't you sweetie!" He grinned a knowing grin at me.

"Yes, yes, yes" I moaned with every slow stroke.

"You like being my girl!"

"Yes, I love being your girl."

His fingertips ran down my thigh and stroked over the head of my exposed and aroused cock, the only remaining testimony to my maleness. He stroked it with fingertips, slippery from the continual ooze of precum as his hard cock stroked me inside. I groaned and moaned and gasped, writhing in the agony and pleasure of orgasm as it built and then burst under his ministrations, his slow stroking tipping me over the top in pulse after pulse of amazing pleasure. "Yessssssssssss, Aaahhhhhhhh."

His hand played in the mess I had made on my stomach, the pool of cum wet on my skin. His cock still riding slowly inside me. He leant forward over me, feeding his sticky fingers to me as his hips continue to grind into me. My mind whirred with aftershocks. I accepted his fingers, licked and sucked at them cleaning my cum off them as I knew he wanted.

"Good girl." He murmured as he continued to fuck me slowly as I dutifully cleaned him, his eyes on me, glorying in my subjugation. "Good girls like to do what they are told, like to please their man." Then, pushing himself up, he groaned an animal groan and lost himself in his fucking.

It was amazing, my body no longer wrapped in its own sheath of lust became his to use as he desired. He pinned me doubled over with his big strong hands as his hips thrust at me in a lust filled craze. He was pleasuring himself with my body. I whimpered in my acceptance of his onslaught. I gasped with the pain as he drove in too deep and groaned as the flesh at my entrance grew sore with the continued friction, but my mind was soaring, filled with the joys of submission to this big strong willful man. I wanted him to cum, wanted him to be totally satiated by my body. I frantically moaned: "Fuck me, fuck me fuck me, yeah fuck me! Make me yours, I want to be all yours, own me, own me. You own meeee."

He repeatedly buried his rock hard cock in my folds, faster and faster he crashed into me, without regard to my cries and gasps. He took me and made me his, plunging his gorgeous great cock deep inside me and withdrawing it all the way before plunging again. His eyes sometimes closed with pleasure, sometimes openly eating up the spectacle I presented below him, my submission to him and desire for him complete. His fucking sped up, driving my own body into a craze of desire again, his hip crashed into my thighs as he bore down into me. I whimpered in ecstatic pain as he took everything I had to give him. My body thrilled at every desperate thrust and grind of his hips, every withdrawal and reinvasion of his big cock inside me was so defined and raw. His head rolled back and he panted and gasped his orgasm, his hands gripped tight on my thighs as he grasped me to him, pounding deep into me and emptied himself inside me with stroke after stroke of deep pleasure. "OH, Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!" And one final deep thrust. "Yesssssssssssssssss."

My body thrilled at his final deep resting, I delighted in the fact that he had taken me completely. I had done it, I had finally lost that part of my virginity.

He rested on my thighs. Opening his eyes, he grinned at me. "Good, huh!?"

"Very, very good." I replied with an embarrassed smile.

He raised up and slipped from me, cleaned himself on my panties and started to dress.

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