tagNonHumanVampire Dreams...

Vampire Dreams...


It's the same erotic dream every night. I see it happen in third person at first. I'm sound asleep under my satin sheets in nothing but a short white t-shirt. The sheets are cool and comfortable against my body, moonlight is pouring through the room. He appears outside my window in a small fog. The raven hair that nearly covers his eyes is gently flowing in the wind. His ocean blue eyes are staring at me, wanting me, raping me. I'm dreaming about fucking him again in my dream, and inevitably I wake up horny as hell, but don't open my eyes. I snake my hand across my chest softly brushing it against my nipple making me shake as my delicate hand travels south past my belly button, lower, lower, and then I shudder with that first rush of pleasure.

He's inside now. I didn't see how, but he's standing at the foot of my king-sized four-poster, watching me play with my pussy with the bed sheets half off the bed. The sheets barely covered my pussy, teasing him. Without a sound he slides off his long leather coat and it falls silently to the floor. I dip my finger into my pussy to make it really wet and go back to rubbing my clit and rolling my hips, blissfully unaware that he's there.

He's only in a pair of jeans now, the sexy dark kind that ride low on his hips showing just a bit of his pubic hair at the top. He leans weightlessly on the bed and inches closer and closer to me. He opens his mouth as he nears my neck and reveals a pair of fangs to penetrate my alabaster skin. He's almost there, one inch, half, a quarter, suddenly a cold breeze goes through the room and I open my eyes and stop masturbating. The dream now is from a first person view.

I sit up in bed and realize my French doors are open about three inches. I slide out of bed frustrated and cross the smooth wood floor to the doors. I touch the gold handles and push them closed and lock it. I stare out the window at the moon for a moment. Then his cold hands gently fall on my shoulders. I shudder, not because I'm afraid, I expected him to come like he always does. I shudder because of how incredibly turned on one touch from him makes me feel. I feel his lips upon my neck, and his fangs gently invade my skin and he gently sucks me, God I'm so turned on. I pull away turn around to face him. His eyes shine in the light and he wraps his slender but strong arms around me and kisses me like nobody else could.

Our tongues dance in each other's mouths as his hands sensually run up and down my back. He lets his hands run down to my bare ass and my pussy soaks at his touch. He fades back on the kissing slightly, enough to ever so gently bite my lip and make a little drop of my red hot blood appear. He takes his tongue and runs it over my lip while he holds my face with his right hand and I nearly cum right there, but the night has just begun.

He pulls away and runs his left hand around up my stomach to my tits, which are nearly bursting through my thin shirt. He runs his fingers over my cloth covered nipples and I groan like a whore at the pleasure it causes. He grins, like he so often does, before he reaches down so fast I don't see and picks me up effortlessly by my ass. He seems to glide over to the bed and then he lays me down and kisses me hard again. I don't fully understand him or what he is at all, but fuck he gives me so much pleasure.

He backs off again and starts walking over to the stereo, I'm so turned on I'm dying to have him inside me he can't get back here fast enough. He hits a few buttons and the stereo hums to life and a sensual melody fills the air.

Oh fuck, it's Closer by Trent Reznor, the hottest sex song in history. I let out another moan and I watch him as he becomes a blur of motion which frightens me a little but in what seems to be half a second he's back on top of me and he rips my shirt in half like it got caught on a conveyor belt falling to the floor on either side of the bed.

I'm totally nude, my pussy rubbing up against his jeans nearly making me cum. Before I can finish humping him he begins kissing down my body. He goes down my neck, then pays careful attention to my tits and he bites me a little and thumbs my nipple rings just enough to make me want him even more, finally he gets to my clit. I cum the second his warm tongue touches me, I was just that horny. As my orgasm hits its peak my body thrashes about but he greedily keeps me grounded to the bed as he continues to play my pussy like a piano.

Somehow he knows exactly how to make me cum harder than anyone else has ever done. I don't know how he knows, but oh God does he know. I'm already horny as fuck again as he slips a long slender finger inside me. He runs the tip of his finger to the roof of my pussy and finds my g-spot without needing anything more than my moans of pleasure to find it. He swiftly works his way back on top of me as he takes my left tit in his mouth sucking it just enough to make it hurt and feel good at the same time. He's fingering me harder now hitting my g-spot like a sniper every time, getting me closer and closer to the edge. Fuck I need him inside me now.

I make him stop and pull him up and push him down roughly on his back, by the grin on his face I can tell he likes it. I tear at his zipper nearly catching his dick in it as I furiously pull down his pants. No underwear, I loved it. Only a zipper, button, and thin layer of denim ever separated him from my pussy.

I take him in my hand, he's hard as a rock, and his dick is so gorgeous I can hardly keep from impaling myself on it right there. I fight the animalistic urge to fuck his brains out and get on all fours and slowly take his cock into my awaiting mouth. Now it's his turn to moan.

The moment my lips close around him he lets out a low moan and stretches more showing me it feels really good. I pump his cock with my left hand and I slowly bob up and down on his rod. I gradually get faster and soon I feel him growing even harder and I place my hand on the skin between his ass and balls and feel him begin to cum. A moan of nothing short of ecstasy escapes his mouth as I feel the first splash of cum hit my mouth. I greedily suck him as his cock pulses and he continues to give me what I want. I take it all, not sparing a drop. I slow my pace and before I can look up he grabs me and forces me onto my back and holds me down. Please don't do that. I think to myself, I'm already turned on enough, but I know he knows I like it rough, just like he knows everything else.

Both his hands are on my shoulders, he bends down and bites my neck harder than before. I'm bleeding badly, I feel it running down my neck staining my sheets, and he's drinking it, but fuck is it hot. My pussy is soaking again and I know he can sense it because agonizingly slow I feel his hard dick slip inside me. He's about a quarter of the way in when he suddenly thrust all the way in nearly bottoming out inside me. I yelp in pain and incredible pleasure when he's completely inside me.

He releases my shoulders and leans back and instead raises my legs up off the bed and he begins fucking my pussy even deeper. He moves so swiftly, completing each stroke never breaking the glorious rhythm of my hips bucking up against his cock. After a few minutes of this I'm dying to cum again, again he knows this.

Almost as if he read my mind he leans back carrying me with him this time forcing me to straddle him with my knees bent and my feet upright on the bed. He holds my ass to help keep my legs from getting tired and he starts pounding me like a drum. He angles his cock just right so it rubs my g-spot with every thrust. He's moving so fast all I feel is his cock continually inside me, and it's too much for my aching pussy to take.

I feel my muscles contract and that mixture of pain and pleasure building quickly, a few more thrust sends me over the edge and I cum so hard I nearly force him out of me. In my ecstasy I hear faintly in the background that Closer is still playing, he put it on repeat. I haven't started coming down yet when I feel him starting to twinge as he slows his strokes. Oh yeah cum for me baby, I say to him as I know he's close. He says nothing, he just looks at me with pleasure on his face and he closes his eyes as he continues to fuck me.

He releases my legs and I lower myself onto my knees and bounce up and down on his cock meeting every thrust. Finally it happens.

I see his face twist in that way I so love and I feel his cock twitch and he violently begins to shake. His cock rattles my pussy as that first spurt hits the walls of my pussy, it's so warm, and nothing feels as good as his cum in my pussy. He keeps pumping me slower until eventually my pussy has gobbled up all his cum and he relaxes and collapses back onto the bed.

I slip off his messy cock and crawl up beside him. He puts his arm around me and I lay my head on his chest and my leg on his. We're thick with sweat and have no need for the now soiled sheets.

Who are you? I ask softly. He looks down at me and smiles.

He opens his mouth to speak.

I wake up. Horny as fuck, and my French doors open slightly, his jacket on the floor. The night is just beginning.

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