tagNovels and NovellasVampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 03

Vampire Korps of the Gestapo Ch. 03


Hex had a bad moment when the one SS officer changed seats outside the church, fearing he'd been discovered.

After that everything went smoothly considering he clung to the back of a car driving down busy streets. But soon they left Munich behind and traveled west on a road without streetlights and sparse traffic. The situation improved since he had less chance of being seen but the Mercedes picked up frightening speed. They probably traveled at over a hundred kilometers an hour. If he fell he would doubtless be killed. The highway underneath him zoomed by at a sickening rate. He forced himself not to look down at it unwinding behind him like an ebony ribbon.

The tires on the road made a lot of noise and the wind tore at his clothing. At least he wasn't choking anymore on exhaust fumes like he had before they got out of town. He concentrated on holding on. When the infrequent car did appear behind he ducked his head inside the trenchcoat. Since his clothes were black he was almost invisible. Nobody noticed him as Munich disappeared farther and farther in the distance.

Where on earth could they be going? With any luck it would be some secluded hideout in the middle of nowhere offering him a range of different options to choose from once they arrived. Bad luck would be a Nazi stronghold crawling with stormtroopers. He wished he could hear what the passengers said, it might give him an idea where they were bound. No such luck and he tried not to let the suspense unnerve him along with the many other dangers surrounding him.

In a little while he noticed a light had come on inside the car. Knowing under those circumstances he would be able to see in through the rear window but the occupants could not see out made him bold enough to risk peeking into the interior of the Mercedes. What he witnessed almost caused him to take a fatal tumble.

A nearly naked Monika leaned forward into the seat in front of her while von Schitt eased her panties down, spread her buttocks apart and put her face in between them. The SS man held a camera taking pictures as the goon girl watched the antics with glee. Hex had another bad moment when the colonel produced a straight razor from somewhere but later when he saw Monika's freshly shaven pubes he realized what the Nazi bitch had done. All manner of lesbian activity got photographed during the drive and, from what Hex deduced, Monika willingly participated. Eventually the brown shirted girl stripped and took the Gestapo officer's stout member in hand, then briefly into her mouth. Afterwards the colonel and she retired to the floorboard of the car with Monika sandwiched in the middle of them.

Hex wanted to turn his head away but to his chagrin was unable to keep from watching, fascinated with what the naked women did to each other. He felt ashamed that he wanted to be part of the proceedings. As much as he wanted to put a stake through the heart of Frau von Schitt, leader of the Vampire Korps, he had to admit she had a fantastic figure and looked stunning, especially unclad. The longhaired goon girl was much more lovely than her commander. But neither could compare to the incredible beauty of Monika Fuchsmach. No wonder she starred in films.

He knew her as Tobias Rothschild's 19-year-old inamorata, one of many mistresses Rothschild kept separate from his wife and family. Hex had seen only one of Monika's films and thought it nothing special. Rothschild, a banker, underwrote Hex's vampire hunting organization, the money from his coffers allowed Hex to travel internationally and destroy vampires wherever he found them. Such wealth attracted plenty of recruits for Hex's Raven Cadre, among them famous people like Odell Yell. How or why Monika Fuchsmach's manager got her involved with Yell, or this affair with vampires, Hex could not fathom. If Rothschild knew, he never explained. He signed the checks and his friend the Prime Minister of England, as well as President Roosevelt in the United States, provided Hex enough diplomatic immunity to get out of many tight legal scrapes in Europe and abroad.

A month ago Hex had been jailed in Fort Worth for slaying a well-known vampire businessman responsible for the murders of over a hundred Texans. But after forty-eight hours behind bars the jail doors swung open and a hard-bitten Texas sheriff grudgingly let Hex go free. A similar problem cropped up on the docks in Liverpool last year, but the PM got on the telephone to demand his release.

And now Rothschild's slip of a mistress drunkenly consorted with Gestapo agents with Hex powerless to intervene for the time being. He'd do his best to win the girl's freedom. But what would he say when he made his report to Rothschild?

Also confounding Hex was he was an unwitting voyeur, and an aroused voyeur at that!

Now through the window he saw von Schitt take the camera from the SS officer and begin taking pictures as he approached Monika with his endowment preceding him. She knelt on the floorboard before him and he grasped her, both hands in her tangled hair. Smiling, she kissed around the purple tip of him before he plunged himself into her mouth. Holding her head in place he rocked his hips back and forth, sliding into the back of her throat. Monika sucked his tumescence like candy, accepting it more deeply than had the goon girl, until his pubic hair tickled against her lips. The man pulled completely out of her mouth, coated with saliva, strings of spit dangled from her lips connected to his prodigious length like a rope bridge. The man spoke and Monika laughed before he embedded himself to the hilt again, mashing her face against his stomach until the bulb in the camera flashed. When he withdrew an unexpected jet of semen spurted from him into her mouth. Hex noticed the muscles of her throat contracting when she swallowed. Several more squirts splattered her breasts until the final surge painted a white mustache under her nose. Her tongue roamed her upper lip to taste the viscous mass as it oozed down. Decorated with pearl colored spatters Monika smiled into the lens as von Schitt snapped another picture.

Then the man patted the seat in back that faced Hex. Monika hopped onto it on her hands and knees, breasts shaking, wiggling her buttocks in invitation, tongue licking at the fluid clinging to her face. The man squeezed each half of her saucy bottom and spread the cheeks wide. He inserted himself between her lips and thrust repeatedly inside her. Her face suffused with pleasure and Hex detected her cries of joy outside the car.

While the SS major pounded against her hips mercilessly he wiped at her face with a finger that Monika sucked clean. Her breasts wobbled with every mighty stroke and her buttocks jiggled with the intensity of his movements. He had one of his thumbs sunk all the way into the socket between her cheeks.

The goon girl spoke to him and he slid out of Monika's wet depths in exchange for putting himself deeply inside the other girl's mouth. She squeezed the sack at the base of his manliness. Monika wrinkled her face and mouthed some complaint to the SS officer. The goon girl pulled her head back, grasped him in her hand. She indicated the thumb he had in Monika's bottom. When he removed his thumb the goon girl guided the end of his length to that wrinkled muscle. By applying pressure his plum-shaped tip breached it and disappeared into her body. Monika opened her mouth in a surprised gasp but nevertheless she pressed herself back steadily by degrees until impaled to her satisfaction.

The colonel took another photo and Hex turned his head away in shame. He wished he could cover his ears so he wouldn't hear the Fraulein excitedly urging the man onward. The indignities heaped upon Monika were Hex's fault, like the deaths of Hoffner and Yell. He ground his teeth bitterly in despair, clenched his eyes shut. Was it worth this to finally get Ingrid von Schitt in the sights of his gun? His mind returned to the haphazard scheme he formulated at the church: he'd break the glass out in the back window with the barrel of the .45 and draw a bead on the baroness, then her vampire companion, saving the SS thug for last. The plan was doomed from the beginning. The driver would surely swerve the car the second he opened fire and Hex might inadvertently shoot the very girl he wanted desperately to save, or be thrown from the bumper and be unable to accomplish anything, a mass of broken bones and mangled bloody flesh.

Then the Mercedes began to slow. Hex opened his eyes, to the right a coniferous forest stretched to the horizon. They swung off the road and the car clattered up a dirt path cutting through the timberland. Encountering a hole or a rough patch of ground the front tires bounced into the air causing violent vibrations in the rear end. Hex lost his footing. He hugged at the spare tire holder in a feeble attempt to hold on but the heels of his shoes already dragged the ground. Hauling himself up caused the muscles in his arms to ache, but he managed to get his right hip situated on the bumper. He lifted his left foot off the terrain as the car shuddered to a stop.

Dropping face down in the dirt he slithered underneath the vehicle. He had the choice of hiding among the trees on either side of the path but if the driver accelerated off again he'd never catch the Mercedes. This way he remained on the path and out of casual sight. If someone ventured a look under the car Hex would shoot to kill. He hoped no one inspected for a damaged oil pan or if a tire had blown.

The left rear car door opened spilling light but no one got out. Hex eased his grip on the .45 not wanting to tense up and spoil his shot if compelled to make one. He only had one to make before all the passengers knew something was amiss.

Von Schitt's voice: "Damn it, Trommler, this is a forest trail not a fucking race track, we're not going to a fire, for God's sake."

The driver Trommler said something indistinct. Hex glanced at all four tires, none of them flat, no feet appeared yet. He strained his ears to hear. On his left hand side a pair of jackboots stepped onto the path, the toes pointed back down the way they'd driven.

The man from the back seat was saying: "I've got have a piss, if you don't mind, colonel."

Hex wished the fellow would move away from the car so he didn't get rained on.

Monika giggled from inside, "I need to pee too."

The SS officer volunteered, "I'll go with her, kill two birds with one stone, make sure the big bad wolf doesn't eat her."

The right rear door opened then and the baroness remarked, "You're a sick man, Koch, go take care of your business over on that side of the forest. The ladies will use this side. We like our privacy. If you were a gentleman you'd bloody well know."

Pebbles crunched under Koch's boots, under his breath Hex overheard him mutter: "Gentleman indeed, as if she's a fucking lady."

On Hex's right he recognized the low-heeled shoes Monika wore scampering into the woods ahead of two pairs of bare feet that moved more carefully in her wake, picking their way through the rocks and pine cones.

"Don't get any crazy ideas about running off, Monika," called von Schitt behind her, "there's supposed to be wolves out here."

"I'm not, Ingrid, I really have to go."

She'd no sooner finished speaking when the driver killed the ignition and his door opened, more light pooled on the ground. His jackboots rounded the front of the Mercedes toward the woods in the direction Koch had taken. Not a one of them closed the door after emerging from the car. With the light between Hex and the colonel he couldn't see well enough to trigger an accurate shot.

The hot engine block cracked once, startling him. The drone of crickets chirping came in the stillness undisturbed by the idling car. He could hear the two SS officers conversing, the women had retreated deeper into the woods than they.

Trommler complained, "You lucky swine, you got to screw her. Me, I'm going to have piss straight into the air."

Koch laughed, "Stand clear of me when you do, you bastard."

"I don't understand that woman. I fetched the camera, and the extras, but you get to take the pictures and I get to drive the bus."

"You'll get your turn, Sieg, von Schitt said so, when we get to the cabin or whatever the hell."

"Was Monika good? She damned well sounded like it."

"What do you think, man? I never spent so hard in my life!"

"All I can say, Wolfgang, is I better well be next in line."

With everyone away from the car Hex thought about jumping in the driver's seat and taking off. He could leave them in the forest, drive a ways up the trail and circle back on foot. Two reasons quashed that idea: they'd be on the alert knowing an enemy stole their transportation; and Monika would be in more danger than ever as a hostage, von Schitt would use her as a shield instead of a plaything. Plunging into the forest after the women now would result in the same stalemate, they might be naked and he armed but the vampire colonel would sink her fangs into Monika's soft white throat the instant he appeared or she suspected treachery.

The jackboots returned first. With luck he wasn't lit up like a Christmas tree underneath the car for all to see. The men went to the driver's door, one of them suggesting they have a cigarette. A lighter clicked, one pair of boots stayed still, the other shuffled and paced.

"Wolfgang, why don't you volunteer to drive the rest of the way?"

"I don't mind but the colonel might have other ideas."

"Why don't you suggest it? The colonel likes you more than she does me. Why, I don't know."

"It's all right by me, Sieg, I could stand a little cooling off. But if she says no I'm not arguing with her."

"Of course not, you don't have a case of blue balls the size of Nueschwanstein castle either."

"Ssh, there they are."

Hex heard them too. Monika appeared ahead of the vampire women from the trees, probably because she wore shoes. In the light his eyes fixed on the sight of her shaven pubes, her breasts bobbing languidly whenever she took a step. She sounded drunk, giggling again.

"Is there anything to drink at the cabin?" she asked over her shoulder.

"It's a hunting lodge, not a cabin, dear," von Schitt explained. "And it is well stocked. Liquor, food, running water."

"Can I bathe? I'm all sticky."

"Of course, darling. I insist on you freshening up before we finish what we started in the car."

Monika's made friends with them, thought Hex. What would the ramifications of that be?

"Mind if I take over behind the wheel, colonel? I promise to drive nice and slow."

"Does that mean Major Trommler will join us in the back?"

Trommler stammered, "It would be a pleasure, colonel."

"Why do you want to sit with a bunch of naked women?"

No answer.

Monika got in the car first.

The other woman laughed at what von Schitt had said. "Why not let him have a thrill, Ingrid? Now that I can see him he's better looking than the other one. He might be fun." Then her bare feet left Hex's line of sight one by one as she climbed back into the Mercedes. The man whose jackboots had remained still got into the driver's seat. The other pair of boots walked around the car's bonnet, probably to get in the front passenger side or the rear, depending on what the baroness agreed to.

Von Schitt paused for a protracted moment before saying, "You can keep us company back here, Siegfried."

Hex felt uneasy but the colonel stepped into the vehicle and slammed the door. The jackboots to his left disappeared one at a time and the left hand door closed too. The instant it closed Hex started sliding backward on his belly in the dirt. Along this trail the car would experience bumps and likely travel slowly, the new driver had said he'd take it easy. Hex would get back on the bumper and his additional weight to the rear end should not be noticeable to the passengers.

He hurried when the engine turned over, got his feet under him and crouched close to the spare tire. The car started but didn't move and he had ample time to holster his gun. He waited to step onto the bumper for the last leg of the journey. And he continued waiting, inhaling petrol fumes. In the back the overhead light shut off and Hex prepared for their departure. The thought entered his mind that if the car were suddenly thrown in reverse he'd be run over. He had enough clearance so he flattened on the trail again.

Car doors burst open suddenly and with them the sound of running feet. Face down he was slow drawing his gun. Why had he put it away so soon? A jackboot pinned his right hand to the ground. When he looked up the mouths of three Luger barrels were less than a meter from his head.


Colonel Ingrid von Schitt snarled, "Get your hands in the air and stand, mein herr."

She lifted her boot off the back of Hex's wrist and he rose very cautiously to his feet. He couldn't help but notice she wore only her black uniform jacket and boots. Her coat hung open and part of the globes of her breasts and her bare crotch were visible. He remembered Monika's nakedness and realized she'd been sent out of the forest first on purpose, parading her nudity to provide an alluring distraction. Was she in league with them or merely an unknowing dupe?

When had von Schitt originally spotted him lying underneath the Mercedes? In the forest? No, it had to be when she paused before getting back into the car.

While she aimed her Luger at his face one of the SS officers' hands went quickly through his clothing. The second one held his pistol to the back of his neck while the other searched him. His .45 got confiscated from his shoulder holster first, then the wallet containing the badge, two extra clips, last a switchblade knife he carried in the outer pocket of his trenchcoat. Von Schitt ordered him to remove his shoes and socks and one of the men hurled them into the woods. Even his Fedora was snatched off his head, the silk lining and the hatband rifled, then shoved back on his head with impudent force.

"Inspekteur Kuntz, I presume?" the colonel asked, arching her eyebrows.

"You have me mixed up with someone else," Hex said coolly, more nonchalant than he felt.

Von Schitt's smiled before she sucker punched him in the gut. A female vampire is stronger than any man, even Hoffner, and her blow bent him double. He fought not to vomit, not that it mattered, showing weakness this late in the game. The jig was up, his little ruse over.

"I don't suppose either of you men have handcuffs?" she asked, her eyes never breaking contact with his.

Trommler did not speak, waiting for Koch to answer, who said: "They're not standard issue, colonel."

"Why secure him, colonel? I vote to shoot him right now and leave his body for the wolves," Trommler said.

"This man murdered or engineered the deaths of three of my troops today," von Schitt growled, more at Hex than at the major. "This son of a bitch has a lot of explaining to do before he dies a slow agonizing death. Take him to the car, I've got an alternative solution to handcuffs."

Hex kept his face impassive, putting up a brave front though never in his career had the drop been put on him so succinctly. But he'd be damned if he'd whimper for these thugs.

Koch shoved him roughly from behind. "You heard the lady. March! And keep your hands in the air."

Von Schitt got into the Mercedes first, seated herself in the corner in the back, her pistol trained on Hex. He climbed in next and sat in the corner diagonally opposite the colonel. Trommler got in last and shut the door behind him. He too sat across from Hex with his Luger aimed at him.

Hex tried not to pay any attention to the two naked women seated to his left. The blonde Vampire Korps girl held a hand over Monika's mouth to prevent an outcry, the other mashed a pistol to her temple. She sat in her lap wearing nothing but a garter belt and stockings, her nipples rigid with fear, or excitement. She avoided his eyes, Hex turned his head away too, the indentation bisecting the base of her crotch had already distracted him too many times tonight. Even though the doors had been left open he smelled the odor of intercourse, knew quite an orgy had taken place back here only minutes ago.

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