tagNonHumanVampire Seduction Ch. 02

Vampire Seduction Ch. 02


Kate worked slowly, stacking tins of peaches neatly on the shelves. Each movement made her conscious of the pull between her legs where the stranger had taken her, pushing his hard flesh deep inside.

She worked in an aisle by herself, something for which she was grateful. She had been late to work, earning a blasting from the boss's son, and had to stay on after the end of her shift to make up the time. As much as she hated the job, the hours were good and she needed the money. And working nights meant she didn't have to go home and face her alcoholic father.

She continued to work, fighting off feelings of disorientation and detachment. It was as though she were looking at everything through a thick cloud, making the world seem fuzzy and distanced.

Yet the memory of him, of feeling him on top of her, moving inside of her, only seemed to grow in intensity. Her nipples tightened against the starchy cotton shirt with its tiny row buttons down the front, and a trickle of moisture seeped between her thighs. "Stop it," she told herself, squeezing her eyes shut. Her secret place seemed to pulse with a life and energy of its own, as though the mere thought of him turned her into a shameless wanton who craved nothing more than to spread her legs for the dark stranger.

When she woke that morning, drowsy and disorientated, the scent of him enveloped her where she lay in a tangle of sheets. She had stared at herself in the mirror for an age as the horror of what had shared her dreams and bed dawned. Her shaky fingers had traced the tiny pin prick wounds on the side of her neck, over her heart and surrounding her tender nipple. Remembrance of the exquisite sensations surging through her as his teeth hand sunk into her flesh made her body clench.

He was no dream but real, and what they had done was real. No longer could she believe he was a figment of her imagination, walking through her dreams and leaving her aching and breathless when she woke. He was intangible, yet real flesh and blood. Inescapable yet unexplainable.

"Kate, stop day-dreaming, and get back to work!"

Kate jumped, a can falling from her hand to plonk on the grey lino floor. She hadn't even heard Joe approach, she was so lost in thought.

"You stupid idiot! Now we can't sell it at full price because you put a dent in it!"

Kate picked up the can and put it back in the box, tuning out his rant. Joe used the fact that he was the boss's son to his every advantage, yet Kate knew it must goad him that none of the staff treated him with a ounce of respect that his father easily commanded. Joe was barely thirty but looked closer to forty. His belly hung over the belt that rode low on his hips, and his round face was pale and fleshy like uncooked dough. He had a watchful intensity about him that creeped out most of the girls that worked there, and they all avoided him as much as possible.

She continued to pack the shelves, hoping that if she ignored him he would get the hint and go away. When she reached down to open a new carton, she realised he still stood there watching her, and her violet eyes flickered to his. A strange expression filled his face, as though he had never seen her before.

Joe gazed at Kate in awe, wondering where the tired teenager hidden beneath masses of mousy blonde hair had gone. Her porcelain skin glowed as though moonlight danced over it, and her long blonde hair caught back in a pony tail gleamed like honey streaked with gold.

Her uniform of white shirt and pleated navy skirt seemed to accentuate the curves of her bottom and hips and tiny waist as though it were cut from expensive cloth, and her perky breasts jiggled enticingly with her movements. Of their own accord, his fingers reached out, tucking a loose strand behind the shell of her ear. Unable to resist, he gently stroked the soft skin there.

Katie flinched, pushing Joe's hand away. "What are you doing?" she demanded. He simply gazed back at her, unblinking, his fleshy lips slightly curved.

Gross. "I have to go to the bathroom," she muttered, brushing past him. Fingers closed around her forearm, twisting her around to face him. She gazed at him in disbelief, her eyes lifting from her arm to his face. She tugged free of his grasp before turning and quickly making her way down the aisle.

She felt as though eyes followed her every movement as she made her way to the staff restroom. Once she glanced up and caught sight of one of the storemen staring at her intently, that same dazed look in his eyes.

When Kate reached the restroom, she closed the door behind her and took a deep, steadying breath. What was wrong with everyone? Was there a sign stuck to her forehead that read 'A stranger took my virginity, and I think he was a vampire?'

With shaky fingers she withdrew a tube of lip gloss from her top pocket and applied it to her lips as she gazed at herself in the mirror. Two large violet eyes looked back at her, seeming to dominate her pale, heart-shaped face.

Vampires didn't exist outside of books and movies, she told her reflection. He just had a fetish for blood. Some people like being tied up, others liked blood.

Her hand slid up over her collar bone and touched the tiny marks on the side of her neck she had covered liberally with concealer that morning. Kate groaned to herself. She would have to be crazy to even entertain the idea, wouldn't she? Only she didn't think she was crazy.

Unable to look at herself any longer, she capped the tube of lipgloss and turned. And with a squeak of surprise she bumped into what seemed like a brick wall. Two large hands captured her tiny waist and steadied her. A familiar heady masculine scent teased her nostrils.

Kate struggled to free herself, but the hands only tightened on her waist. She felt the hard edge of the basin nudging against her bottom as she was wedged against it by the press of his firm body.

"Good evening, Katalina," he murmured against her ear, his warm breath making her flesh goose pimple and her nipples tighten.

"Leave me alone," she whispered, pushing against his chest. He brushed back a stray tendril and gently lifted her chin with a finger. Kate found herself looking up at him helplessly, the confusion dissolving into mist as desire surged through her. His eyes dropped to her mouth, and she moistened her lips nervously. Her heart thundered in her chest, and her legs trembled.

"What do you want?" she breathed. Her nipples tingled where they brushed against his chest, and a pulse thrummed between her thighs. Her body ached for him, and she hated that he knew it.

"Do I need to remind you?" His lips brushed softly against her mouth.

"How - how did you get in here?" She asked, trying to distract herself from the memory of him surrounding her, moving inside of her.

"You smell like violets." His lips caressed her brow, her cheeks. His hands slid up to capture her breasts, molding the tiny handfuls to the shape of his palms. Her knees buckled, and her fingers clutched at the lapels of his black jacket.

"I - I don't even know your name," she choked out as his muscular thigh wedged itself between hers. She moaned as he pressed insistently against the dewy heat of her, helpless against the thrall he held her in.

"Names hold power, little one," he murmured as his lips trailed over the side of her neck. "What reward will you give to me if I gave that power to you?"

She felt as though his words were completely senseless, yet on some level entirely rational. Her lashes fluttered close as his teeth gently nipped her earlobe. She was overwhelmed by the closeness of him, of the power and dark sensuality he exuded.

"What would you like?" she murmured breathlessly as he gently pinched her taut nipples. Her back arched at the answering tingles between her thighs. Had she really said that?

His lips twitched as he tugged on her tender nipples, sending curls of sensation rioting in that melting part of her. "To ask me what I would like is to invite the devil to do his worst."

"Are you the devil?" She was in awe of his magnificence and strength, drowning in the deep green pools of his eyes. Every instinct shouted 'beware', yet all she could think about was the feel of his hands toying with her nipples, generating a quivering heat between her thighs.

He chuckled softly, drawing a finger down the side of her face. "Ah, no, little one. Disappointed?"

She quickly shook her head, then bit her lip to prevent a moan escaping her as a hand slid down, squeezing her waist before shifting lower.

"You may call me Lucian. Or Luc."

One hand lifted the hem of her skirt and tucked it in her waistband, revealing her cotton bikini briefs to his interested gaze.

"Luc." Her fingers splaying across his chest as it became suddenly hard to breath. Fingers massaged the soft flesh of her upper thigh, mere inches from her melting core.

Luc's lips pressed against her ear. "You are exquisite, Katalina. You burn at my lightest touch, your young body consumed with desire." His thumb lightly stroked her damp panties, sending tingles racing across her skin.

Kate felt she had to fight him. He had touched and caressed her while she dreamed, stealing her innocence and showing her the exquisite pleasure of his possession. Yet she was unable to focus on anything but the feel of his thumb lightly skating across her most intimate flesh.

She whimpered as he slowly peeled her panties down, tugging them to her knees. Anticipation and fear melded as cool air swirled over the dewy heat of her secret place.

"Luc," she murmured again.

He kissed her. She clung to him as his tongue touched hers, her breasts crushed against his chest. A finger teased the entrance of her dewy gate, probing her, before sliding up inside. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he caressed her tight pussy walls until she was writhing on his hand.

"Please..." she cried, feeling the tension coil unbearably between her thighs, her back arching. She whimpered as his mouth left hers, and before she had even opened her eyes she felt his finger ease from her body and her panties drawn up.

She blinked up at him in disbelief, her desire quivering of the edge of release. Had he taken her up against the sink where anybody could have walked in and seen them, she wouldn't have been able to prevent. And she would have enjoyed every wicked moment. Yet he had stopped.

She tried to calm her hectic breathing. "Why me?" she asked. She was a nobody who worked in a grocery store to try and support herself and her father.

He gazed back at her for what seemed an age before he answered. "Your heritage calls to me, Katalina. It flows through your veins, centuries of power and magic, untapped."

Kate's brows flew up, and she gazed at him incredulously, her hands gripping the basin behind her. Magic, like vampires, did not exist. "We are so not having this conversation." She tried to push past him, intent on escaping this lunacy.

He caught her forearms, holding her prisoner. She gazed straight ahead, refusing to meet those mesmerising eyes that seemed to drain her of her all free thought.

"You are not crazy, little one. Things are not what they seem." Hands cupped the sides of her neck as his thumbs tilted her chin back. The pulse fluttered at the base of her throat as she stared up at him.

"Then what are they? What do you want from me?"

She turned her face away as his head dipped, and his tongue licked a fiery path along her cheek. Helpless tears trembled on her lashes as his teeth nibbled on her lobe.

Fingers gripped her chin, turning her face back to his. The expression in his eyes set off little fires between her thighs. She found herself imprisoned by his lightest touch, her resistance wavering as her secret place pulsed.

"Who - are you?" she breathed.

The moment his lips touched hers, the tangle of confusion and fear began to fade. Desire overwhelmed her as everything but the thought of him kissing her no longer seemed important. Luc's fingers curled around the nape of her of her neck as his mouth ground against hers, and she kissed him back. Her body melted against him, molding itself to his hardness. With each stab of his tongue she felt a corresponding throb between her thighs, as though tiny tongues of fire licked at her, consuming her.

Yet a small part of her protested, grasping for some shred of sanity. He was using sex to manipulate her, and she had to find out why. She drew back, her tiny fists pushing weakly against his shoulders. "No."

A small smile curving his lips. "Your power is strong against my lure. But then I knew this from the first moment I sensed you in my dreams."

"You - this, its crazy. Leave me alone," she cried, and this time he let her go, his arms falling to his side. She inched around him in the small space of the restroom, careful not to touch him.

"Do you not enjoy the things I do to your innocent little body?" he enquired, amused green eyes following her. "The way I lick and nibble your tender breasts, the way I fill the honeyed channel between your soft thighs, the-"

"Stop it!" she cried, fighting back the sensations his words evoked. "What have you done to me?" Her hands searched and closed over the door handle behind her. She pulled it open and slipped through the narrow opening, intent on putting as much distance as possible between them.

"You are mine, Katalina. The sooner you realise it and stop fighting me, the easier it will be on you."

"Never!" she hissed over her shoulder. Luc's warm laughter followed her, doing odd things to parts of her that she wished would stop throbbing.


Kate leaned against the door when she finally got home close to midnight. Her shaky fingers turned the deadlock with resounding force. The action gave her little comfort though, because she knew a locked door would not keep Luc from her had it been his will.

Magic and power. The words conjured up images of Harry Potter, and she laughed dryly to herself. She would know if she possessed some fantastic magical powers, wouldn't she?

Katie shook her head. She was crazy to even contemplate the idea. Crossing the hallway, she paused in the doorway to the lounge. Disgust rolled through her at the sight of her father slumped on the sofa, a beer still clutched in his hand as his chest rose and fell as snores filled the room.

"Pig. Why couldn't you be like other fathers?" she demanded of the unconscious bulk, but he didn't so much as stir. The smell of beer and cigarettes assailed her nostrils as she picked up empty cans and dirty food containers. She dumped them in the kitchen bin before heading upstairs to the seclusion of her room.

Luc didn't come to her that night. She didn't know if what she felt was relief, so tangled were her emotions. Her sleep was uneasy, and what dreams she remembered upon waking were dark and sensual and full of him: of skin against skin, the play of muscles beneath her hands, of dark green eyes that seemed to burn through her.

Kate wondered if she would ever be free of him and the effect he seemed to have on her. She was consumed by thoughts of him, her body ached for him. The words he had whispered in her ear as his hard body had possessed hers as he had stolen her virginity haunted her. "Soon you will be mine, Katalina. Body and soul, completely and forever." Had this been what he meant, that her every sleeping and waking moment would be tormented by thoughts of him?

Kate moaned as she hurriedly dressed for work. She could no longer deny that while the mere thought of him terrified her, he reached out to touched something buried deep inside of her, setting it free.

In the following days Kate often caught herself glancing about her as she worked, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. She knew she should be relieved that an insatiable sex fiend with a fetish for blood had left her alone, but she felt empty, as though a huge part of her was missing. Had he simply tired of her? And why did that thought trouble her so much?

"Stop it, Kate," she told herself. She tried to force all thoughts of him out of her mind as she worked, checking the used-by dates on the bakery items.

The hours dragged, and she was almost comatose with boredom when her dinner break finally arrived. She skirted past the frozen foods section as she headed for the staff room, and her steps slowed as she spied two women, barely a year or two older than Kate's eighteen. They appeared harmless, yet the tiny hairs on the back of her neck began to prickle. One woman giggled behind her hand as they strode toward Kate. She was petite with perfect features, like a tiny, exquisite Japanese doll. Her black hair was caught up in pigtails with furry pink scrunchies. They pair were dressed almost identically, with tight mid-drift tops and plaid pleated skirts with thick belts around their tiny hips and knee high boots.

Some instinct warned her to run as the woman giggled again. She looked about her, but before she had blinked, the two girls surrounded her. Fear pulsed through Kate as she backed up against the long, low freezers that ran along the length of the aisle as hands reached out toward her. Pale fingers stroked her shirt and touched her hair curiously, and Kate slapped them away.

"What do you want?" Kate demanded, truly frightened now. "Who they hell are you? Did Luc send you?"

"I can smell him on her," the other women murmured, inching closer.

Kate tried to ward them off with her hand, but slender fingers closed around her wrist in a crushing grip. Tears filled Kate's eyes and as she opened her mouth to scream, lips settled over hers, cutting her off. The movement had been a blur.

Incredibly soft lips moved over hers as a breast pressed against her arm. Kate blinked, trying to focus on the perfect features before her as hands held her immobile.

The strangeness of a woman kissing her totally threw Kate. She would have been able to resist brute force, yet the mouth moved seductively against hers, eliciting a response Kate struggled to withstand.

Kate was barely conscious on fingers trailing down the side of her neck, tugging on her shirt collar. "He's marked her," the other replied. A tongue darted out, licking the tiny puncture wounds on the side of her neck. "Mistress won't be pleased," she breathed in Kate's ear, and a shiver chased down Kate's back.

Marked her? Mistress? Oh, God, what was happening to her boring, uneventful life? She felt a tiny prick against her lip, and Kate reared back, breaking the kiss. Her tongue investigated the tiny nick, tasting the blood there. Dark eyes followed the movement with an avid intensity, causing an unsettled sensation low in Kate's belly.

"Stop it!" Kate pushed at them, but their strength was incredible despite their tiny stature, giving no quarter.

"Kate?" a voice interrupted, and all three heads turned toward its direction. Joe stood several lengths away, his head tipped slightly on the side.

The women's grip relaxed on Kate's wrist as Kate struggled to say something, anything. To her complete surprise the tiny figures silently melted away, moving toward the end of the aisle without a backward glance.

Kate turned back to Joe, her damp lips parted in surprise. Never in a million years would she ever have thought that she would be grateful to Joe. A lecherous grin followed her as she walked briskly past him on trembling legs.

"Perhaps the four of us could get together some time?" Joe called out.

When hell freezes, she thought silently to herself.


Kate spent what little money she had in her purse paying for a cab ride home. She was spooked by the Asian duo, more so than she wanted to admit.

She let herself in the house, and headed in the direction of the blaring TV. Her father sat on the sofa, munching on soggy chips wrapped in newspaper. He let out a loud burp at the sight of her standing in the entrance to the lounge.

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