tagNonHumanVanara Ch. 01

Vanara Ch. 01


Katherine's key jammed against the lock to her apartment door as she fumbled with it in her shaking hands. The brown paper bag of groceries balanced with one arm against her hip threatened to topple, and Kate's twisted posture barely kept it upright. A million terrified, adrenalin fueled thoughts fought for dominance under the buzzing neon light as she desperately tried to act casual in the face of having completely lost her mind. Growing more and more desperate, she fought with the lock, trying to get the key to fit at all let alone turn, until gravity finally won out in its onslaught on her precarious tower of consumables. They all fell to the floor with an anticlimactic thud and clatter. Kate swore as one of the apples skittered just under the railing and over the ledge, hitting the dark pavement below with a wet smack.

Defeated, Kate turned from the rubble of her groceries, and focused on getting the key into the lock. After a couple more tries, it slipped in easily, as if nothing had ever been amiss. Kate swung open the door, and was about to begin gathering her groceries, when something stopped her dead. A siren, from a police car, or maybe an ambulance sounded far off in the distance. It echoed over the rooftops of low rent apartment complexes and office buildings, a call in the night that she must have ignored a thousand times before. But not this night.

She looked down to the bulge in her pants pocket. Her dangerous cargo felt heavy and conspicuous, like eyes were watching her suspiciously.

Kate quickly gathered up the rest of her groceries and went inside, locking the door behind her.


The clip stood upright, resting on its base, on the far end of Katherine's kitchen table. The light above bathed everything in the small space in slight yellowish hues. Everything but the clip, which cast an eerie green light around it. Kate simply sat and stared at it, admiring its technical aesthetics as much as considering the madness she had gotten herself into. She wanted to tell herself that she had gone temporarily insane, that she couldn't say what came over her and didn't understand how she had gotten to this point, but she was having a hard time lying to herself. The truth was, she had known exactly what she was doing. The gunshot rang out from the rooftop above her head, and a glowing object, like a fallen star, fell neatly into the garbage can beside her. Kate had recognized it immediately, understood the danger and realized fully that she should have called the cops and run. She pushed these thoughts aside, consciously, intentionally, and reached out to grab the long, square container without hesitation. Then she ran, and preyed no one had seen her.

Kate honestly couldn't recall when the sirens had started. Her rush back to the apartment was a blur of adrenalin and paranoia, and the first thing she could honestly remember between now and then had been the siren just now in the distance. They could have been going off constantly, and she wouldn't have noticed. She should have called the cops. She should have turned it in, but she just stared into the acrylic window in the side of the long, thin clip, watching the mesmerizing glow of the liquid inside, and she couldn't force herself to do it. The thought of it made her heart race. A full clip.


Ramay Chemical was almost literally a drug company gone mad. At the turn of the century, they produced a miracle drug called Vānara, with nearly inconceivable implications. It could do to human flesh what nothing in the history of mankind could even hope to achieve, but it was horribly unstable. Every attempt at utilizing it caused uncontrollable and bizarre mutations in the subject. Still, the company pushed forward, realizing their creation could potentially yield a technology that could cure no end of suffering and ailments, possibly including death. They spent more than a fortune on the project, went bankrupt several times, getting bailed out by the government and even other companies interested in the result. They were bought and sold almost constantly, but continued their research relentlessly. But as years grew long, the company turned out nothing but controversy and outrage against amoral testing on animals. Ramay Chem was finally blacklisted for good when it came to light that they had been doing human testing for several years as well. They started with cadavers, but quickly moved up to live subjects, criminals sentenced to death. Pictures were revealed with reams of paper documenting human atrocities, created by their unstable drug. Ramay Chem should have died then and there...

...but it didn't.

They moved underground, out of the country, stating at one point that the search for an end to human suffering, in total, was worth any price. Their drugs began circulating on the black market. The smallest hit cost a fortune, and they were unstable and often had terrifying results, but the effects were just as notorious. The rumor was that it changed you, mentally and physically, but not the same way each time. It depended on the kind of person you were, on the deepest recesses of your soul. The PSAs, however, said it would almost certainly kill you, and at best deformed you for life. Both were right, and Kate had a full clip sitting on her table.

Without warning, and with much the same push of willpower she had used when grabbing the thing in the first place, Kate stood up from the table. She took the clip, and tucked it away in a cabinet behind the flour. Then she closed the cabinet and began fixing herself something to eat, pushing all thoughts of the thing from her mind. She had to do something else for a while. Something normal. Something sane.


Katherine was by no means a criminal. She held a dull and normal office job at a technical firm, converting vague and contradictory instructions into code for her pointy haired bosses, and generally muddling through until the weekend. Nor was she a particularly outgoing girl. She made a point of maintaining a polite and regular exterior, even in the company of her wilder friends, while cultivating a more than exotic collection of fetishes in private. That was how she heard of Vānara.

Vānara had sparked more than a few fetish stories. Standard fare; people growing large breasts, changing gender, growing fifty fee tall, with a few more creative ones thrown in the mix. It was the supposedly true accounts of what Vānara actually did that had really caught Kate's attention, but that was where it ended. Kate wasn't a criminal. She wasn't stupid enough to get into hard drugs, and she certainly didn't have several thousand dollars to blow on it, so she stuck with fantasy.

At least until tonight, she reminded herself.

The thought sent shivers through her.

She fixed herself some instant ramen, absentmindedly petting her cat Augustus until it was done. She decided she needed to cool down for a bit, get herself thinking clearly before she decided what to do with the package waiting patiently in her kitchen. The adrenaline was sure as hell not letting her get to sleep any time soon, so she decided to blow some steam before taking a long, hot, bath. She had work in the morning, but wasn't so concerned with staying up late right now.

Kate put her groceries away, then peeled her coat off and tossed it carelessly on the couch. Underneath the coat, she wore a white polo, crumpled and worn from a long day at the office. She loosed her straight black hair from it's bun, letting it fall to brush against her shoulders, and kicked off her shoes. Heading down the hall to her room, she pulled off the crumpled shirt, revealing her curving waist and small breasts beneath a lavender bra. She was a little short at 5' 2", but had strong hips and long legs for her frame.

Sitting down at her computer, she plugged in her external drive, quickly navigating to her fetish folder, specifically avoiding anything related to Vānara, or mutations of any kind. She eventually settled in with a video of a girl being wrapped up in living latex goo, one she normally avoided thanks to the cheesy dialogue, which she muted, but at this point Kate felt so hot she could get off to pictures of elongated vegetables. She was finally getting into a good flow, rubbing her clit with one hand, while using the other to reach inside with a marker to stroke her g-spot, when a sudden and sharp rapping on the door startled her so much that she yelped and jumped out of her chair, landing hard on the floor.

Startled, Augustus screeched and mauled her hand from under the futon, causing Kate to cry out again, when she heard the rapping again, as well as muffled shouting.

"Are you ok in there?"

"I..." Kate started, confused and suddenly extremely nauseous, "I'm fine just... Just hold on."

Kate started frantically pulling her pants back up, wiping her hand on her bed sheets. She smelled her fingers, still thick with musk, but didn't dare try washing them off beforehand unless she made herself look even more suspicious. She was certain they were cops.

Sure enough, upon opening the door, she found herself being stared down by a stern looking policeman and his partner. She felt herself shrink beneath his gaze, her heart pounding in her ears.

"H-h-h-how can I help? Um... you?" she said, acutely aware of her nervous stuttering. The policeman cocked an eyebrow. He turned to his partner, a woman, and exchanged a glance with her, before returning to Kate.

"Evening, ma'am. I'm officer Daniels and this is officer Stone. Are you aware that there has been a major drug bust in the area? Miss...?"

"Um... No! Not at all! Oh! Katherine. Hekate." Kate nervously glanced between the massive man and his partner. Suddenly aware of her cowering stance, she attempted to lean against the counter in a more natural manner.

"Well I'm sure you've heard the sirens for the last half hour, but we're currently checking to make sure no one in the surrounding area has seen any suspicious activity to suggest that any one got away."

"Oh... um. Well..."

"Do you have anything suspicious that you would like to report ma'am?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

"N-no... Nothing. Nothing suspicious I think." Kate brushed some hair out of her face with what she knew could't possibly look like nonchalance.

"Well" started the policeman, before his partner interrupted;

"Ma'am, are you aware you are acting suspiciously?"

"What? No, I..." Kate's voice failed her, shrinking into a scared squeak.

"I'm afraid we're going to have to ask to come in." she stated, her voice more stern and authoritarian than the man's had been.

"There's! Um... I..." Kate could only manage to stutter and stare, wild eyed at the two officers in front of her. She found herself looking back to the man, hoping for some hint of salvation, but there was none. Without thinking, she instinctively moved to close the door a little more.

When she did this, the policeman placed his hand against the door, firmly pressing it open against Kate's feeble efforts. His partner began reaching for her radio, when suddenly a clatter came from within the apartment, followed by another screech from Augustus;


Kate's eyes went wide, along with those of the man holding her door open. She felt her face flush hot, and she shrunk even more in the door way. Behind her, the terrible dialogue played out as a sucking squelching noise repeated behind it. Kate's hands went up to hide her face, and she felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.

*ahem* the policewoman coughed.

"We'll just be leaving then," said the man, gently closing the door for Kate.

She heard them walk next door before knocking, continuing their duties. Still shaking, Kate walked into the back room to turn off the recording, no longer even remotely interested in it, before curling up in a ball of sheer, mortifying, embarrassment.

An hour or so later, her shame quelled somewhat, she was fixing herself a drink in the kitchen. Suddenly she realized that the complex had grown quiet again and the cops had left.

She'd gotten away with stealing the clip...

Kate abandoned the full glass on the counter, and hurried to the bathroom.


The water in the tub filled the small bathroom with steam as Kate cut off the faucet. Testing the water, she decided it had some time to cool down before she got in. Kate's naked body was trembling, and she wrapped her arms nervously around her midsection. She chewed on a fingernail, terrified about what she was about to do, but stood up, opened the door, and walked calmly into the kitchen. She took the clip out from its hiding place behind the flour, and held it for a moment.

It was heavy in her hand. The smooth shape had a technological necessity that was kind of appealing, reassuring. She took it with her back into the bathroom, and sat down beside the tub, her back against the cold porcelain.

She slid the top open with her thumb, expecting to feel some sort of heat from the glowing substance, but instead there was none. Nervously, she peered into the open clip, mesmerized by the glowing liquid within. Without warning she brought it up to her lips, and took a sip. It was slimy and tasted bitter, but with an overpoweringly sweet aftertaste, like olive oil mixed with artificial sweetener. She almost gagged as it slid down her throat.

Suddenly, Kate realized that she didn't have the first idea how this stuff was supposed to be used.

She felt sick, expecting to feel it burning through her stomach, and wondered if she would overdose and end up a story on the news. Her heart pounded and she realized then just exactly how stupid she had been in the last four or five hours. Stupid for having stolen it, stupid for having hidden it, and above all else, extremely stupid for having opened the stupid thing up and taken that stupid sip that was probably eating away at her insides now! She felt like she had to throw up.

Rushing over to the toilet, she leaned over, feeling nausea building up in her stomach. She waited, and waited, growing dizzy with fear and nervous anticipation, but nothing happened. Worried and confused, she moved away from the toilet cautiously, and sat back down against the tub where had been before. She felt her tummy with a hand, pressing it in lightly, but nothing felt amiss. She looked back at the open clip, wondering if she had really stolen a full clip of the most expensive and potent drug known to mankind, or just some sort of elaborate prop.

That's when she began to feel it.

A warmth, fuzzy and strong like alcohol, began to pour through her. Her mouth and throat went numb where the stuff had touched, and she gasped as a rush of pleasure pulsed out from her core. It was like an orgasm, a weak one, but it one that didn't stop. Again and again the warmth came, building with each pulse, wave after wave of pleasure, but not climaxing. She heard herself cry out quietly, moaning and twisting on the bathroom floor, aware of what was happening, but unwilling to let it stop.

Kate squirmed slowly on the ground, clutching herself and moaning in ecstasy. She felt like her insides were churning, boiling and changing, melting and rubbing up against each other like some strange sex organ, like she was filled with eels. She giggled with excitment, and regained her composure enough to sit up, but the feelings didn't stop.

Kate smiled wide, as she fingered her clit, already toying wickedly with thoughts of her next actions. She took the clip, pinching it elegantly between two fingers, before pouring a small measure into her other hand. Careful not to spill a drop, she placed the clip back down, and spread the glowing green liquid over her fingers. At this, she reached down and pressed a slick finger into herself. The effect was almost immediate, and far more intense. Images of fire lighting up an oil slick came to mind as the heat spread throughout her sex. While her one hand pressed inside herself, her other focused on her clitoris, before moving outward to rub and spread the glowing stuff over her entire mound. Everywhere the oily goo touched lit on fire, and Kate found herself gently thrusting her hips into her hands in search of more sensation.

She worked herself like this over and over, moving her shaking hands painfully slowly over, around and inside herself. Her left hand came up to pinch and knead at her breast, while the right one still played inside her twitching cunt. She didn't stop, didn't think about anything but the pleasure, until she felt something begin to push up her throat.

Suddenly having trouble breathing, she gasped and felt it retract inside her. Confused, but not sure enough of what happened to stop, she let her ministrations slow to an absent minded tease, as she focused on the feeling inside her. The churning never paused, but it slowed, as if it were aware of her attention, until she could pick out the feeling of the thing that had stopped her before.

Something inside of her.

She focused on it, pushed it up from inside of her, and was surprised to find it obey. She held her breath as it pushed up her throat, feeling its soft and slimy shape fill her mouth before opening to let it out. She didn't stop pushing it, didn't feel strained in the least as it reached several inches out of her mouth, and a pink tentacle, like an octopus, waved gently in front of her face.

Unabashedly, she grabbed it, stretching and pulling it out of her, which it did with no resistance. It had a texture like soft rubber, and stretched easily. She felt it when she grabbed it, and felt the pull travel down deep within her core. It was good. Very good. Kate should have been terrified, especially considering the events of the last couple hours, but the bizarre sensations only excited her!

She could feel her fingers, their skin like sandpaper against the delicate tendril. Every accidental brush or involuntary twitch of the thing sent shivers back down its length and up her spine. Whatever it was, it was clearly a part of her.

You are completely off your rocker you know? she thought to herself. She had fantasized about this exact thing on many occasions, and could hardly believe it was actually happening to her now!

She smiled madly as she stood up from her place on the floor, and looked at herself in the mirror, a three foot long, pink tentacle stretching from her mouth. It gave Kate an idea.

She focused on her tentacle for a second, willing it to get thicker. It swelled accordingly until she felt it straining her throat, pressing her jaw open as far as it would go. She almost came right then. It felt inhumanly good. She let it shrink back down, letting it pull back inside her, but willing up more from within as it did. They crowded out from her mouth, twisting and intertwining with each other a couple of inches outside her mouth. She played with them in her hand, weaving them between her fingers, feeling their thick slime coat it, and receiving the sensation of both her hand and the sensuous tendrils.

She began giggling and laughing as they retreated back inside her. They rejoined the churning within her, and her devious mind turned its attention downward. She sat back down, as she reached inside her pussy, cooing quietly as she searched inside her for anything she could find. The Vānara from her fingers had made the walls of her vagina bumpy and rough, each node sending a jolt of pleasure through her. But no tentacles yet. Grinning, she turned her attention back to the mostly full clip.

COMPLETELY off your rocker...


The hard linoleum flooring hurt Kate's spine, her legs wavered in the air, trying to keep her balance as she maneuvered herself into a more stable position. She was lying on her shoulder blades, her back bent upward against the side of the tub to force her ass and groin skywards. She giggled and the lewd and ridiculous pose, while her arms splayed out, trying to find a way to keep her balance like this. Eventually, after many failed attempts and some bruising, she managed to get herself into a stable position. Her legs were curled up against her chest, and her left hand anchored to the base of the sink, while her right searched carefully for the clip.

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