tagNovels and NovellasV&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 06

V&T, a Lesbian Love Story Ch. 06


Week Six:R & R

Trin did not like being bedridden. She detested being waited upon, and she sure as hell hated the compression stockings affixed to her thighs.

Since she got home from the hospital she would doze all day with Violet, and then allow herself to be dressed. Together they walked outside for a set number of blocks, then returned home. Violet had installed an air-conditioner into their room despite her own discomfort.

Trin emotionally was withdrawn. She did not do much, mostly nodding and spoke few words. Violet and James waited on her hand and foot which she resented. Woofer lay on the bed at his mistress's feet unless they were walking.

It was evening, and Trin watched Violet as she was getting dressed, and beckoned toward her with her left hand.

Violet quickly came over, thinking Trin might need help going to the bathroom.

Trin reached out both hands, bear hugged her, and rolled, pinning Violet under her.

Violet gasped and looked in shock.

Trin's rumbling voice spoke:

"Do you still love me?"

"Of course!" Violet gasped, astonished.

Softly Trin's mouth softly brushed Violet's lips, the tip of her tongue licked at her teeth.

"I need affection," Trin said.

Violet wrapped her arms around Trin and rubbed her nose against her.

Trin relaxed slightly and Violet took advantage of it. She neatly flipped Trin's massive body over, then stood. She closed the bedroom door, and tapped at the newly installed slide lock.

Trin's eyes watched her as she peeled off the top, and she stood before Trin in her tattered sports bra and scrub bottoms.

"You haven't touched me since my stroke," Trin said.

"I'm sorry. You scared me," Violet said.

"I scared you? I'll be back to normal in a week, the doctor said so."

"Trin, this is a lot more about one stroke. This is about your life. You're killing yourself."

"Boy you know how to talk romantic," Trin replied.

Violet sat at the end of the bed.

"I tell you this because I love you, and I want us to be together for the long run. I want to be able to go to many more prides."

Trin looked at her. She noticed Violet was wearing the b-b chain with the rainbow rings.

Trin reached out for her, and Violet softly nosed the outstretched fingers, chewing on them softly.

Trin smiled, and took deep breaths. She scooted herself up on the bed, using her hands, sitting up and beckoned for Violet. She was wearing a white satiny nightdress which covered everything but was easy to maneuver in.

Violet crawled up on her and softly laid her head on Trinity's obese tummy.

Softly, Trin stroked her coarse, thick, brown hair.

Her fingers tenderly explored Violet's plain face, her angular, pert nose, the wells of her eyes, and those wonderful lips.

Violet stayed very still, she understood Trinity needed to touch as much as she needed to be touched. While she was a nurse, in this setting she was in a difficult position, for Trinity was far more than a patient, she was her lover.

Trin's pudgy, strong hands, gently felt the wellspring of tension in the based of her neck, and dug the base of her thumbs into the neck, softly rubbing in circles.

Violet shivered softly, and not from the air-conditioning.

Trin spread her legs, causing Violet to squeal in surprise as she sank into Trin's crotch. Trin chortled slowly and leaned Violet's back, and softly put her mouth to the nape of her neck. Tenderly she sucked, tasting salt from her skin. She pulled back for a moment, and licked her lips.

"I really need a shower," Violet said.

"Yes, you do," Trin whispered and licked at her ear-lobe drawing it into her mouth. Her seeking tongue tenderly flickered the lobe. Trin felt Violet quiver as the hot air from the big woman's mouth roll over her ear canal.

Violet couldn't take any more, and flipped on top of Trin. Her mouth sought Trin's wanting tongue, sucking it greedily into her oral cavity.

Trin's hands yanked at Violet's sport bra, growling hungrily.

Violet was not to be undone, and rubbed her breasts into Trin's face, teasing her.

Trin purred happily as her mouth caught one of Vi's jutting teats, sucking the nipple in up to the aureole. Hungrily she chewed, mouthed, slobbered and tried to drink from Violet's Tit.

Violet shivered with ecstasy, grinding her upper torso into Trin's face, fucking her face with her breasts.

Trin grabbed at the string of her scrubs, untying it, pulling at the elastic of her panties. She wanted Violet's bush in her face, needed to feel useful, needed to feel wanted despite her invalid state.

Violet lifted back, and wriggled out of the bleach-stained scrubs and her equally tattered undergarments. Her black mass of pubic hair caught Trin's eyes, and she stared at Violet's thick, ruddy lips as if they were steak tartare. Her tongue softly left her lips, and moistened them.

Violet growled with need, climbing onto Trin, regardless of injury, and forced her unwashed, odiferious mons into Trin's nose.

Trin didn't bat an eye, and teased Violet meanly by using the tip of her tongue to roll around Violet's clit, sucking softly, drawing the hood with her lips. She locked her lips onto Violet's clit itself, feeling the soft, silky, nerve-encrusted pearl of her womanhood.

Violet churred like a big cat, pumping at Trin's chubby face, rocking the bed against the wall, slamming Trin's body mercilessly.

Trin could care less, and slipped three fingers easily into Violet's soft, sloppy wetness using her knuckles to stimulate Violet's lips.

Violet pulled back, and then grabbed at Trin's head, forcing her nose into her unclean nether regions, rolling her slit vertically, grinding her juices into her lips.

Trin hungrily licked at her snatch, driving her tongue deeply into the musky smell of the dominant woman. Her tongue reached in deeply, her nose often brushing against her clit, as Violet lewdly used Trin as a fuck toy, humping her face madly.

Trin took one of her slick, woman stained fingers and dilated Violet's butt with it, causing her to shriek.

"Cunt," Violet growled.

Trin responded by latching her lips onto Violet's clit, sucking, flickering and making an obscene series of noises. Violet pressed harder, nearly suffocating Trin, and let off a long, shivering convulsion of pleasure as she climaxed, flooding Trin with her skank.

Trin drank it all in, until she couldn't breathe any more, having to pull back to get a breath of fresh air. She went back in just as quickly, and licked at Violet's unwashed crotch like a starved woman.

Violet relaxed back on her haunches after a few moments.

"Slut," she said.

"Bite me," Trin replied.

Violet's mouth violently violated Trin's neck which had only recently healed up, causing Trin to nearly scream in pain. When she pulled back, her face was the mask of domination which Trinity so desperately craved.

She pulled up Trin's nightdress, baring her pale, pink quivering flesh, leaving only the thigh-high compression stockings. Over her head it went, and she jammed her knees into Trin's pits, forcing the shoulder up.

Violet fussed with the dress a moment, then then tied Trin's hands together, and then to the wooden backboard. Trin's eyes lit up as she understood she was bound, and she wiggled her legs in defiance.

"Oh don't you think so, bitch. I have a few words to say to you," she nearly yelled.

She slipped down to Trin's smooth, beaver, her mons purple. Coldly, she reaches to the side and grabbed the fleshy part of Trin's ass, flipping her bodily to one side. Trin's eyes widened as she saw the arc of her open palm, with no warning, the pain of the spanking came.


"This is for exhausting yourself."


"This is for making James and I wait for your sorry ass in the hospital."


"This is for not taking care of yourself."


"This is for not knowing you're still loved, you fucking cunt," she raged. Her tears poured down her cheeks.

Trinity was in shock. She felt on a primal, deep level.

Violet flipped her back on her back, and removed each compression stocking.

She tied them to Trin's ankles, and then to the bed-posts.

Trin was crying from the pain of the spanking, her emotions poured out of her. She quivered, blubbered and bawled.

Violet went into a plastic bag, and pulled out Trin's flogger.

"Oh yes. I found this. I also read those books, Trinity. I know what you want."

Trinity quivered when she saw it.

Softly Violet dragged the leather over Trin's face and danced it over her nipples. She gave a soft, nonviolent stroke and stimulated both nearly simultaneously.

"Do you want this, Trinity? Do you?"

Trinity nodded.

"You have to earn it. You just don't get it."

Trinity's face blubbered, her voice croaking with tears, "h-how?"

"Once a week, I will send James to run errands. For every mile you have walked during that week, I will smack your beautiful fat ass. You control it, Trinity. You want a spanking, god dammit, you'll get it."

Neatly she flipped the flogger in her hand, it's leather knob she rubbed against Trin's nose.

Trin quivered.

"Lick it."

Trin licked. Softly her tongue reached out for the sweet taste of the cowhide and she suckled on it as if it were a huge, sheathed cock.

Violet teased her, and then pulled it away, enjoying Trin's bondage, her desire to serve. She had never known anyone so devoted. She got an evil idea, and softly rubbed the knot of it at Trin's spread mound.

Trin hissed, for the knot of the flogger was huge, easily the size of a lemon.

Violet rubbed her lover's cunt with it, grinding it until the dilation was great enough to just barely take it.

"What do you want, Trinity?"

"Please," Trin begged.

"Please what?" Violet smiled cattily

"Please ma'am, please." Trin gutturally begged.

The flogger struck again, across both nipples.

The handle this time went directly into Trin, as Violet's tongue flickered at the big woman's clit, her lips drawing it's thick hood and nub against her teeth. The handle pumped into Trin fucking her rudely, screwing her more powerfully than any man had ever considered.

Trin did not take long, and she did not squeak when she climaxed.

She roared.

Her bound body raised itself out of the bed, her strong abdominals lifting Violet's head up. The flogger popped out of her body with an soft, slick, sucking sound.

She breathed heavily, gasping for air.

Violet looked down at her partner, smiling.

Trin grinned at her.

Violet made her lick the flogger off, and then she hung it off the doorknob in their bedroom.

"Next Friday. One per mile."

Trin nodded, and snuggled under Violet's arm needfully.

Violet softly kissed her fine, sweat-scented hair and whispered, "I love you."

Trin turned, noses her softly and said, "I love you too. Ma'am."

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