tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVanessa's Dissonance Ch. 21

Vanessa's Dissonance Ch. 21


"It's done!" Steve exclaimed while pulling the memory card from the video camera. "At long last, I got what I've been waiting for all this time -- some cold, hard proof!"

Vanessa stood in the middle of the locker room and looked at her date for the 'Monte Carlo Ball'. She was confused and bewildered. Steve's sudden appearance had left her dumbfounded and thunderstruck. The flame-haired beauty was completely perplexed. Once and for all, she felt like her world was irrecoverable out of joint.

The 'Monte Carlo Ball' had turned out as Vanessa's personal Armageddon. Megan had discovered her secret slut identity. And Steve obviously knew about it as well. In front of her eyes, her whole plan of becoming Steve's trophy wife collapsed like a house of cards. She would never get away from Pavone and SEP!

The unexpected turn of events left Vanessa so dazed and overwhelmed that she didn't even question how Steve had gotten wind of the 'Gangbangers' Ball' in the first place. She didn't really have a chance to ask anyhow as the other guys didn't pay her any further attention. Griffin had grabbed Megan's arm and left the changing room with his skanky pony in tow. The other three staff members were about to leave as well.

"Time to get my payout!" Steve remarked.

In Vanessa's confused state of mind, she hadn't even noticed him stepping next to her. Now, he grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the locker room. The flame-haired knockout didn't offer any resistance. Her world had gotten off the rails. She felt like nothing really mattered anymore.

There was a backdoor that directly led from the basement to the outside. It was used by the staff only. Several cabs were waiting in front of the clubhouse. Steve shoved the numb redhead into one of those taxis and got in next to her.

"You look a bit surprised about my appearance." Steve addressed Vanessa when the cab took off.

"Guess I played my role to a T." he chuckled. "Sorry to disappoint you. But I'm no doctor. To be honest, I'm a reporter for a local newspaper."

The mention of Steve's real occupation tore Vanessa out of her haze. She remembered the headline about her hotel performance during the law convention that had brought so much trouble upon her. Ever since, she was no friend of newsmen.

"My dad owned a car dealership in the old industrial park." Steve started to explain his interest in Vanessa. "One day SEP approached him and made an offer to buy the property. My dad wanted to retire anyways. So it looked like a great pension. With the signing bonus, the offer appeared even more attractive."

"Only, there was a twist he didn't know a thing about." Steve carried on telling his family saga. "However, he found out soon enough when he received a DVD in his mail box. It showed him having sex with a certain flame-haired whore."

"I guess you know that whore." he hinted at Vanessa's involvement in SEP's scam.

"He didn't want my mother to find out he had been cheating on her." Steve continued. "And SEP knew how to use that leverage. In the end, my dad sold the property at a ridiculously low price. That wasn't the retirement he was looking for."

"I found the video by chance." Steve slowly came to the point. "Ever since, I set out to expose these scumbags and the scam they're running. The video and my dad's testimony is not enough to press charges though. I needed more proof!"

"It wasn't hard to find that flame-haired whore and discover her special function at SEP." Steve grinned while giving Vanessa a look-over. "Following you, I learned about Pavone's involvement in the scam. It was the final piece of the puzzle."

"SEP uses Pavone's dirty money to buy all the properties of the industrial park." he described the scam. "They wanna build a gated community there. With the sex videos, they push the prices down. And with the local demand for high-class living, they can sell the new houses at inflated prices. With Connor, they even got a local politician in their pocket, pushing the project through the council."

"It's a perfect plan!" Steve admitted. "And it wasn't easy to come up with a way to rain on their parade by any means."

"First, I got into contact with you." he explained his interest in Vanessa. "And that's how I found out about them setting up most of their meetings at the country club. It was the only place to get close to them. So I became friends with Tucker."

"I even send him to the 'Red Rose Club' to get a hold of you." he chuckled. Vanessa cringed when she realized that Tucker's debasing dogslut treatment had been set up by Steve.

"Tucker's a lecherous creep." Steve huffed. "But he was more than useful for my cause. He had already placed video cameras in several club rooms. He was secretly filming the female members."

"So we struck a deal. For the 'Monte Carlo Ball', he equipped all rooms with cameras and bugs. In return, he got the flame-haired whore for his 'Gangbangers' Ball'." Vanessa gasped when she realized his involvement in the gangbang she had just endured.

"Now, I got your confession on tape!" he happily declared. "I even got your little poker session on tape as well! It's the perfect proof that the signing bonus is no tale."

"You thought I didn't know what you were doing in the poker room?" he asked Vanessa. "I'm not that stupid! But now, I got all the proof I need. I'm gonna make it public! It's gonna be the top story in the news for weeks! All these scumbags will go down and my dad gets what he deserves!"

"Maybe," he addressed Vanessa again. "I'm gonna cash in on the scandal too and write a book about my time with the 'Red Rose Whore'."

Vanessa flinched when he mentioned her role again. She had enjoyed being the famous superwhore. But she didn't want to become publicly known as a whore and crook. Her lady-self would be destroyed forever. She would be nothing more than a criminal hooker.

She couldn't let that happen! She couldn't let Steve publicize the scam! Right then and there in the cab, Vanessa decided that it was time for some radical measures. Change was overdue and it had to happen now.

But right at the moment, she was in Steve's clutches. She had to play along until she found a chance to get away and save her ass.

The cab driver took them straight to Steve's home. Vanessa was fully aware that her night was far from being over. But she was too tired and exhausted to argue. When they arrived at his condo, Steve dragged her inside and shoved her onto her hands and knees.

"All that time, I knew you're a cheap piece of trash whore!" he hissed. "And I had to hold my horses. Now, it's time to let off steam!"

His threat sounded kind of unpromising to Vanessa. Her fuckholes were sore. They throbbed from the cock beatings and overstretching. However, she had to lull Steve into a sense of security if she ever wanted to escape.

The reporter pulled Vanessa's zipper open and quickly got rid of her gown. Then he grabbed her ginger hair and walked the naked slut into the master bedroom. It had been a long night for him as well. So he settled for a simple blowjob before he called it a day.

He lay on his bed and let Vanessa show him her cocksucking skills. In her quest to lull the guy, she eagerly slurped on his shaft and bathed his balls in spit. It didn't take him long to empty his seed in her mouth.

He wasn't done with the ginger slut though. He got up and walked her into the bathroom. He made the flame-haired beauty squat down with her back against the towel radiator. The heater comprised several horizontal tubes that were arranged on top of each other.

Steve grabbed Vanessa's arms and lifted them above her head. Then she heard a clicking sound. He had used a pair of handcuffs to chain the redhead to the radiator. She was caught in this squatting position - an extremely uncomfortable position at that.

Before he left the bathroom, Steve produced a black scarf and put it over her eyes. Everything went dark for Vanessa. The black fabric blocked all light. She was totally at the reporter's mercy. She couldn't even see what was coming at her. The stunning redhead got slightly frightened by the outlook. The process of lulling the guy didn't seem to go as easy as she had thought.

Out of the blue, Vanessa felt something cold on her right nipple.

"I prefer the hooker-look on you." Steve explained. "Now that I finally get my hands on you, I want the proper 'Red Rose Whore' look!"

Following his words, Vanessa felt a sharp tug on her right nipple and the feeling became clear to her. Steve had rummaged through her purse and found her nipple rings. She hadn't dared to wear them at the 'Monte Carlo Ball' as they would have shown through the flimsy material of her gown. Still, she had taken them along -- just in case. Now, the reporter was pushing the tit rings back through her pierced nipple holes.

"Ouuuhhh!" the redhead suddenly winced.

Steve had grabbed both nipple rings and roughly pulled them together. He tugged so forcefully on the tit rings that he deformed Vanessa's luscious, round funbags. He didn't stop pulling until the rings were firmly pressed against each other. The flame-haired knockout wailed from the pressure on her ample, soft fleshcans.

"OuhOuhOuh!" Vanessa's whining increased another notch.

She heard another clicking sound and suddenly a heavy weight pulled on her tits. It felt like her nipples were about to get ripped off her tits.

"Hehehe!" Steve commented his handiwork. "That padlock looks good on your tits, fuckwhore! Keeps your fleshorbs fuckable!"

Vanessa's mouth gaped open. Steve had locked her nipples together! The reporter mustered the squatting slut a final time before he went to bed. He had created an extremely raunchy, vulgar scene. The naked, red-haired beauty squatted on the tiled floor with her hands chained to the towel radiator above her head. Her tits were adorned with silver nipple rings that were tied together by a padlock. This way, her big, fat fucktits were firmly squeezed against each other and formed a tight, deep canyon.

"Please, sir! Don't leave me like that. Pleassse, sirrrr!"

Vanessa started babbling and begging when she heard Steve walking out of the bath. She couldn't see anything, she was chained in an extremely uncomfortable posture, and the padlock painfully squeezed and dragged on her tits and nipples. The stunning redhead was barely able to move. She could only squat or get on her knees while stretching her chained arms.

However, Vanessa's begging was to no avail. Steve left her in the bath for the night unable to sit or lay down. She was tired as hell but there was no way for her to get some sleep.

For several hours, Vanessa kept transitioning between squatting and kneeling. But both positions were uncomfortable. Finally, she faded into some sort of doze. However, she was startled out of her half-sleep shortly after. She heard the bathroom door opening. Steve had woken up and strolled into the bath.

"Open!" he simply barked.

Vanessa couldn't see him but she was too tired to resist. So she obediently opened her lips. A second later, her head shook and she whimpered in disgust. Steve had been woken up by his full bladder. And now, he was pissing right into Vanessa's mouth.

With the scarf covering her eyes, the flame-haired knockout didn't have a chance to anticipate the piss blast. It hit her totally unprepared and made her choke on the golden, salty spurt. She pitifully retched and spluttered while the rancid, vile piss gushed out of her mouth.


Steve harshly slapped her face when she didn't act like a proper urinal. He wanted the whore to swallow his piss. But most of the foul liquid had splashed over her cheeks and dripped down onto her big, round funbags so far. So he stopped pissing and waited until the ginger slut had calmed down.

Once again, Vanessa had to open her mouth without a chance to see the oncoming blast. Once again, the rancid stream fiercely hit the back of her oral cavity and made her choke. She was struggling vigorously but she tried to keep her lips open with all her might. She didn't want to earn another slap to the face.

Under huge strain, she managed to hold still. Soon, her mouth was overflowing with the vile, yellow brew. It looked like a perverted water feature. In response, Steve grabbed Vanessa's chin and pushed her mouth shut. The redhead didn't have a chance to control the pungent liquid. With Steve's forceful motion, the foul salty piss load rushed down her throat. One more time, the flame-haired beauty choked and trembled. But the piss was gone and caused her stomach to churn.

With his bladder empty, Steve left Vanessa in the bathroom again. He had marked her with his piss scent and was eager to get back to sleep. The flame-haired knockout was left with her stomach rumbling from the rancid drink. She barely managed to slip back into another doze.


Vanessa was rudely awakened by a painful tug on her locked funbags. Steve was back in the bath. This time, she hadn't even heard him stepping inside. He had positioned himself in front of the redhead and pushed his hard cock through the tight, deep canyon between her voluptuous, deformed fleshcans. Obviously, he had woken up with a raging hard-on and was intent to get some relief.

In Vanessa's chained posture, she was completely under Steve's control. She was rendered to an immobile, helpless fuck device. He could use her body any way he liked. And that was exactly what he did.

With the small padlock, her titflesh was squeezed so tightly together that there was no space for his hard cock in between. When he thrust his shaft through her glorious cleavage, her tit meat was forced apart and her nipples were roughly stretched by the lock.

"Ouh!... Aaahhh!... Ouh!... Aaahhh!" Vanessa whaled and whimpered along.

But Steve didn't bother with her lamenting at all. He was still kind of sleepy. So he leaned forward, resting against the towel radiator. This way, his body covered the squatting figure and his jabs through her locked cleavage became even more vigorous.

The more the reporter became awake, the naughtier he got. He straightened up and began playing with the ginger slut's obscene whore decorations. He flicked his finger against the padlock, making it wildly swing around. It bashed against Vanessa's soft, bulging titflesh and fiercely pulled on her strained nipples. Every impact made the flame-haired knockout's body jerk frantically.

Eventually, he pulled his cock from Vanessa's wobbling juggs and shoved it into her mouth. His shaft had barely touched her lips when it erupted with spurts of spunk. The stunning redhead was treated to a healthy wad of cum for breakfast. The flame-haired knockout had long lost count of the number of jizz doses she had gobbled in the course of the day.

With his arousal subsiding, Steve got ready to go back to bed.

"Please, sir!" Vanessa started begging again. "I need to pee. I can't hold it any longer."

"This little crook is making demands now!" he simply huffed in response.

Vanessa cringed from being called a crook. Nonetheless, she continued pleading. Her bladder was filled to the bursting point. Her situation was uncomfortable enough. The need to piss wouldn't give her any peace and quash any chance of getting some rest.

Steve eventually had an understanding and took the scarf off her head. He opened the handcuffs and pushed Vanessa on all fours. The stunning redhead was more than happy to get into a different position. Her legs were sore and cramped.

"Tucker told me you've become a well-trained dogslut." he addressed the ginger slut. "You'll take a piss like a proper dogbitch then!"

Vanessa couldn't imagine how that was supposed to work. But Steve didn't waste any time to show it to her. He dragged the flame-haired beauty over to the toilet bowl.

"Cock your leg like a good doggie!" he ordered. "And better don't spill anything!"

Vanessa's head flushed in shame. This was a new depth in her devaluation to a low fuckpet. It felt worse than carrying the fly flap as a tail. But her bladder was killing her. She had to relief herself.

Shaky from embarrassment, she kneeled on all fours perpendicular to the toilet bowl. Then she lifted her leg just in time before her bladder exploded and a hot piss stream burst from her cunt.

Of course, Vanessa didn't find the right angle at the first try. So the burst of piss shot over the bowl and splashed onto the tiles on the other side.

"Uuuhhh!" the ginger slut winced when she received a kick to her locked, bulging fucktits and a scolding huff in response.

The flame-haired knockout quickly adjusted her pee stream. When she finally managed to hit the opposite rim of the toilet bowl, her yellow blast was so forceful that the piss splashed back against her body and into her face, making her tremble in disgust.

"Eeegh! Uuugh!"

Steve laughed his ass off from the depraved sight in front of him. The 'Red Rose Whore' kneeled on all fours in front of the toilet bowl with her right leg lifted and her big, juicy juggs tied together with a padlock while pissing into the toilet and getting splashed by the recoiling dashes. The reporter was wide awake by now, and his cock was stirring from the debauched show.

With her bladder emptying, Vanessa's piss stream turned into a dribble. Before she could react, some rancid squirts didn't reach the toilet bowl and splashed on the tiles in front of it. For making such a mess, she received another kick to her locked, straining fleshcans and another scoffing huff from Steve.

With her juggs still wobbling from the kick, the redhead quickly scuttled closer to the toilet so that her crotch was hovering above the bowl. To Vanessa's relief, the last drips landed right inside. Nonetheless, she had made a disgusting mess around the bowl.

"Obviously, this dogslut needs some more training!" Steve ranted about her incompetence while he tore some tissues off the role of toilet paper.

He wiped up the piss spots in front of the toilet bowl. Vanessa sighed with relief. She had feared worse. Her mood drastically changed though when Steve scrunched the piss-drenched tissues up and stuffed the icky toilet paper into her mouth.

"Eeegh! Umph! Mphhhh!"

Once again, the flame-haired knockout was rendered to a whimpering heap of human waste. Her tits were locked, her face and busty rack drenched in dried piss, and pee-drenched toilet papers got stuffed up her kisser.

The disgusting mistreatment as a waste basket made Vanessa wince pitifully. Meanwhile, Steve grabbed her neck and pushed her face into the puddle of piss behind the toilet bowl. He treated the ginger slut like a puppy that had peed onto the carpet. He used the tissues that were sticking out of her mouth as a rag to clean up the vile mess.

Vanessa whaled and struggled as much from revolt as from shame of getting turned into a pissmop. The toilet paper got so drenched with piss that the pungent liquid seeped through the tissues, and the nasty brew ran down her throat. With the toilet paper completely soaked, Steve began to wipe Vanessa's cheeks in the foul pool until her skin had soaked up the whole icky broth.

Apparently, Steve liked the deranged, obscene make-over of the 'Red Rose Whore' as he went the extra mile. He positioned Vanessa on her ass with her back against the toilet bowl. Then he used the handcuffs to chain her arms behind the bowl. Finally, he took a marker and wrote something onto her forehead.

Once again, Vanessa found herself in an extremely uncomfortable position with her body chained to the toilet, her ass on the cold tiles, and her back against the hard bowl. In the mirror, she could see her vulgar appearance with her voluptuous funbags locked together, her cheeks and busty rack shimmering in a coating of piss, and the piss-soaked toilet paper stuffed up her mouth. However, the worst thing she saw was the writing on her forehead.

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