try something new in bed
to add some flavor to your sex life
do something you've never done
and surprise your husband or wife
pretend you are strangers
who met at the bar
then go get busy
in the back seat of your car
fuck in front of the window
so all your neighbors can see
if you listen to my advice
soon you'll be thanking me
put some ice in your mouth
while you suck your partner's dick
it will give him a thrill
so go ahead try this trick
give a sensual massage
that you know will lead to sex
pay close attention
to what i say next
walk down a dark alley
and get attacked by your mate
try this one right away
i don't think you'll want to wait
put a collar on your man
making him your bitdch
after he obeys all of your commands
then the two of you can switch
put on some sexy lingerie
that is see through
then try some thing
you thought you'd never do
put some whip cream on your lover
and some strawberries too
my methods are guaranted
to spice up sex for you
the key to a great sex life
is having variety
once you've tried my suggestions
please get back to me

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