tagGay MaleVarying Extremes Ch. 01

Varying Extremes Ch. 01


Episode One

Hi. I'm Sean Reily. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic for me and it doesn't seem to be ending. It was just last Tuesday when I started packing up my room, sealing almost nineteen years of my life away in boxes. It was my dad and older brother who helped me move everything to a storage unit just outside of Pleasant Lake. My mom had assured me that I'd be welcome to come back anytime, but the way she put emphasis on the words, I knew she was happy to have a house void of dependencies. I was nervous--very nervous but I was anxious to leave as well.

Now, here I am parked outside of Lakeside University, where I've been sitting for ten minutes. I've read and re-read these directions eight times but my mind is elsewhere. All I can think about is how I need to make a new life for myself now, new friends, new habits, new experience, new everyth---TAP!

"Hey bro, you okay in there? You sick or somethin'?"

A guy about my age was tapping on my window. At first I wasn't sure if I was still day dreaming, then I snapped out of my trance. I finally opened my door and exited my vehicle.

"Umm yeah, I'm fine thank you. I was just trying to figure out how to get to the Pine Building" I lifted the paper I was holding, "These directions are really confusing, I have to meet with my counselor by two this afternoon and I still have to unpack, not knowing where my room is can make that pretty difficult---"

The guy laughed. "Okay, just take a breather for a minute, dude. Ummm...I think this girl told me yesterday that the Pine Building is behind the Wicker Building...and we are practically in front of the wicker building...here I'll show you."

"Yesterday? So you're a Freshman too?" I asked.

"Yeah, I got here on Sunday but I really hadn't left my room until yesterday...things are too confusing...I may have never found my way back if that girl hadn't come!" He laughed. I was finally beginning to relax, maybe I'd last through these four years after all. Jason seemed really friendly. He has a sensitive smile, with a mouth full of pearly white teeth. The brightness complemented his light brown eyes. His hair was a nice sandy beach blond. He kind of had a face like one of those A&F type models but less boyish. His body was very big and long, standing at about 6'2". Big chest, big legs, big arms, but he didn't give off any domineering vibes. He seemed like he was very caring inside. Some have used the term "teddy bear". I didn't feel an urge to try to impress him with intelligence on sports or anything else, and he didn't act like he needed me to. This was the type of guy I'd been friends with back in high school.

It turned out that the Pine Building was only about an eight minute walk from where I had parked. Jason, who he finally introduced himself as, participated in friendly conversation during our walk. He said he lived somewhere just outside of Hartford, not far from my home town. He said he had even played against my High School's team before. He was here on a Football scholarship. His mom had past away when he was just nine years old and he had lived with his father and his two older brothers. Jason's dorm room was in the Oak Building, it was diagonally across from my building, maybe about a five minute walk if you went through the wood path. We trekked back and fourth from my car to the room and back again, until all my belonging were secured in my new home. Jason asked me if I wanted to hangout at his place for a while a little later. He had virtually fallen into my lap just when I thought everything was gonna be miserable, I was not about to let possibly the only companion I might have slip away too quickly--I said I'd love to hangout with him! He told me he'd pick me up at my room after I fulfilled all my student obligations with my counselor and such.

At about 4:30, Jason showed up to accompany me to his room. As I had previously anticipated, it took us about five minutes to arrive at Jason's room. It was a nice place. The decor was a the living depiction of a third graders art work, but yet it all fit together somehow. Masculinity seeped from the ceiling. There were posters of girls in bikinis and sports athletes everywhere, he had a 49ers football-shaped throw rug on the floor, a signed basketball on one of the end tables and three shelves that hung over the television housed about thirty sports trophies. He was definitely living up to the whole jock stereotype. He walked into his small kitchen area and got some drinks out of the fridge, then returned rambling....

"The RA said most Freshman won't be arriving until the middle of next week. I like to have first pick of everything so I came early...I also wanted to get acquainted with everythin', you know? So I know where to go and how to get there. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors aren't required to arrive for two weeks. My room mate probably won't get here until Saturday, they said he's coming from Arizona or somewhere out west...by car...so I was thinking since you don't know anyone--"

"You want me to stay here?" I hoped I didn't sound as unreceptive aloud as I did in my head.

"Well...you don't have to, I figure it'll be easier, make you more comfortable or whatever?" He replied, "Some company would be nice too."

I noticed that he had been here almost three days already and must have been pretty bored with barely any people being here. "No...I don't care, I'll stay...this is actually a relief. I was dreading the walk back to my room through the woods alone---it's gettin' dark out there!" We both laughed.

"Well check out the fridge, man. There's enough drinks for a whole week!"

Normally I would have withheld from drinking, it was something I rarely did. But tonight I needed to open up...I needed to be loose and open to some new habits. Why not have fun while I can, certainly when school starts there won't be many opportunities for social get-togethers. I got up an walked to the mock kitchen, as I did, I heard Jason turn on the TV.


We had each gone through about ten or so beers by the time 9 o'clock rolled around. Jason explained that there were virtually no students on campus yet, he could slip under the "No Alcohol" radar with no problem at all--who was gonna inspect empty Freshman rooms?! He must have been really confident in his theory too, because his whole refrigerator was filled with booze. By the time midnight hit we were officially drunk off our asses. Jason was slurring words like you wouldn't believe and I was making nonsense jokes to keep up the mood. We had just met each other today, but it seemed like we had been friends for ten years or more. I no longer felt any amount of nervousness about this next chapter in my life, everything was gonna be fine.

Jason turned the TV to Box Office Cinema, I guess around this time they show the porn type shows. The moment he turned, we saw some brunette chick getting fucked hardcore by two guys. A blonde dude was fucking her in her ass, while the other dude was jamming it to her pussy. Then the blond pulled it out and started fucking her mouth. I looked over to Jason, there was a reddish coloring to his face and a thin layer of perspiration covering his now shirtless chest. He must have sensed I was looking at him because he turned to me and said "This is hot, right?" I shook my head and he went back to watching the TV. It was getting more kinky by the minute, the blonde guy put his legs over his head and demanded for the chick to eat his asshole she quickly obliged, though she seemed apprehensive. All the sudden Jason turned to me with a smirk and said "Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to". Confused, I just nodded back.

As the girl ate the blond guy's ass the other dude was fucking the chick in her ass. By this time I had a noticeable bulge in my dirty denim jeans. I looked over at Jason's crotch; he was sportin' a woody as well. Once again he felt me staring, he looked at me smiled then looked down at his own crotch and said "I think we should relieve some stress, huh?..." With that he pulled down his sweat pants and his trunk-cut boxer-briefs. His cock was standing straight...and very tall. It looked about 9 inches and it had a good girth to it. I was almost mesmerized by the sight of his cock. Something about it--it's shape, it's size...something made me stare at it. Jason started jacking off. Slowly pulling his hand down his shaft. pausing to play with his balls, then slowly moving back up the shaft to the head. I was heavily concentrated on his technique, so concentrated in fact, that I didn't realize I had moved my head closer to him. It wasn't until Jason smiled coyly and said "You can touch it if you want, man..." that I noticed my face was now dangling only about a foot away from his lap, while I watched him masturbate. A bit startled, I broke out of my daze.

"Oh...no, sorry it's just that I've never seen another guy jerk off before...it's kinda different watchin' how it looks from this angle!" Jason just chuckled. I returned my attention to the television. Now, the girl was on all fours with both guys dicks in her twat, they eventually pulled out and started to jack off until they came on her back and ass. The scene faded to black then flashing neon pink letter flew across the screen that read "Natural Seduction". In this scene, about six men were seated in a bar atmosphere, they were all laughing and getting really trashed. I could definitely relate at the moment. As the camera was panning around the bar, I noticed one particular thing-- I there were no girls. Before I had a chance to fully assess the scene, Jason placed his hand on my shoulder and said "Bro, take off your pants...it's just us here..." I wasn't really sure about being naked in front of some guy I just met. It was something that I had never done previously, aside from in locker rooms, but he had a point, he was putting himself out there for me, which had to take some level of trust. I closed my eyes and kept thinking "new habits, new experiences." I guess my contemplations was taking to long for Jason.

I felt his hand on my fly as I opened my eyes. "Let's go bro, live a little...we're cool..." he smiled, "don't go pussy on me!" He had unbuttoned my jeans and was attempting to pull them off of me, I took over for him and I went It wasn't long before my 8 incher sprung up from it's constraints. I felt a little inadequate compared to his elephant dick but he help to make me more comfortable.

"Well, I don't know why you were tryin' to hide that thing, dude!" He laughed really loudly.

Embarrassed I responded, "Thanks...it's nothing compared to you though..."

"Sometimes it's better not to be too big...I've scared people off on a few occasions. Sometimes it's more intriguing to look at then have inside of you! Maybe that's why I'm single. haha" I didn't respond to his statement, instead we went back to watching the show. It was obvious that there weren't going to be any girls in this scene. In the short time that it took to take my pants and underwear off, two guys on the TV had gotten naked and were rubbing up against each other and kissing, while five other guys watched and stroked their cocks. My cock lost some of it's hardness. I looked over to Jason, assuming that he was gonna change the channel, but to my surprise he was still jacking off. Now I was feeling a bit uncomfortable--very uncomfortable. Fuck new experiences....I needed out!

"I think I'm gonna get to sleep...I'm feeling really tired for some reason..." I said as I pulled my pants back to my waist and attempted to make my exit.

"Okay dude, you can take the lower bunk if you want. I have an extra pillow in the closet." He hollered as I was already in the bed room. "Umm, okay. Thanks" I quickly said as I closed the door to just a small crack. The money spent on this college was well spent. The dorms were so spacious-- that of a small one-bedroom apartment. The bedroom displayed the same athletic artistry. There were more posters, a dart board on one wall and a stack of Sports Weekly magazines sitting on the a smaller version of a pinball machine next to the bed. There were to triangle-shaped flags displaying the words "Go Lions" and "Hartford High" tacked above the window behind where the bunk bed was positioned. At this time, all I could see outside was darkness. This scared me a little, (I've never been one for the dark) so I made sure to close the NFL curtains the best I could.

I'd sleep on the top bunk, God only knows what Jason had done below in just the short time he had been here, if his display out on the couch was any depiction, I didn't want to take any chances. I stripped down to my boxers, threw my shirt and jeans on a pile on the floor, grabbed that pillow from the closet and then quickly climbed onto the bed and slipped under the covers. I was drifting off to sleep no more than ten minutes later. Though I had simply been trying to elude the situation going on just outside the door, I was also pretty damn tired. I had gotten up at about four in the morning to weather the hour and a half drive from Connecticut. I had been up ever since.

After approximately twenty minutes passed, I fell into a dreamless sleep to the distant sounds of "Natural Seduction". I was so deep in slumber, that I almost slept through the uncanny feeling of a tongue on my cock. I brushed off this, apparent mental illusion, until I felt a mouth going all the way down my shaft to my balls. There was no denying it, someone was deep-throating my now, rock hard dick. I was now fully awake, but I wasn't gonna let my company know this. I opened my eyes slightly, looking around to see if I was still in Jason's apartment. I was. I could tell that it had to be about 5:30 or so in the morning cause the sun was scarcely lighting the room.

I came to the conclusion that Jason must have gotten piss drunk and decided to give me a blowjob. I had heard stories of this kind of thing happening at party back in high school. This had to be the explanation, because Jason definitely wasn't the "gay" type.

Regardless of why it was happening--it was happening. And though, naturally I was loving having him suck on my cock, I knew I had to stop it. He'd thank me one day. Hopefully if he was lucky, he'd forget the whole experience ever went on, I could only imagine his embarrassment. I made small movement, that I figured any sleeping person would, in an attempt to get a better glimpse at what was happening in my nether region. Yes, Jason was certainly the culprit, but as I watched him, I could tell that he seemed to be completely sober. It wasn't what I thought at all, Jason was deliberately trying to have sex with me. I began to understand why my friends often times called me naive. I immediately closed my eyes, afraid he'd notice me watching. I had to stop this. How could I stop this? I was trying to think, but other thoughts were clouding my mind.

Damn this feels good. No girl ever gave me head this awesomely. Maybe I don't want it to stop, I'm gonna cum soon enough, I could let him continue and simply act like I don't remember a thing happening when I wake up. Before I had a chance to fully sway myself either direction. I felt Jason climb onto the bed with me. He continued sucking my dick, he had slid the bottom half of the blanket off my feet up my legs to my stomach. While his mouth was eagerly working on my cock, he left hand was caressing my nuts and his right was rubbing up my belly and chest. I was absolutely gonna let him finish!

He continued sucking me off for a good ten minutes and then he slid up on top of me. As his legs positioned themselves in between mine, it was apparent that he was fully naked. I was panicked now, what was he doing? He started grinding his dick into mine. It burned a little, but it was intriguing. He began kissing me, but my mouth defied opening, still keeping up with my pretense of being asleep, nor did I want him to try and French kiss me. he then made his way down to my neck, then to my nipples, which he sucked as if he could get milk from them and then continued down to my stomach back to my cock. He sucked it again for a short time, deep-throating it like it was nothing special, and then he lifted my legs, confusing the hell out of me. He tongued his way down to my balls. Then he shocked me by sticking his tongue on my asshole.

He began pulling my butt cheeks apart to get better access to my hole. He then went to full battle with my rectal wall. He eventually was able to get his tongue inside my hole. This was a feeling I had never felt before, it was sort of like that small sensation you get when you take a shit, just as it releases itself, except it was multiplied to the one-hundredth. However, it was making me feel uncomfortable, I wanted him to stop, but I kept up the pretense. He then started to rub his index finger around my hole repeatedly it tickled-- it was an exhilarating feeling. Then, without much warning, Jason jammed it all the way in my ass. I couldn't play along anymore, this would have pushed even the most tired of hibernating bears to the highest state of alertness. I shot up, and pulled myself into a somewhat fetal ball with the blanket wrapped around me. I guess Jason didn't see the distain on my face because he smiled at me somewhat seductively and then move into my face and try to kiss me. I pushed him off.

"I think I should leave now..." I gave him a look of utter disgust. I jumped off the bed and started stumbling to get my pants on. I grabbed my shirt and started maneuvering to get my sneakers on.

"Sean...Sean, come on you know I'm just drunk dude. I'm sorry, okay?" His attempt at an apology.

"You and I both know damn well, that you aren't drunk Jason! You aren't even fuckin' close to buzzed!" I could have started crying right there. I felt so guilty for allowing him to go as far as he did. I felt guilty for liking some of it. I feel like a cheap prostitute. "Is this how people make friends here?!" I started to leave.

"Sean!...come on...it's not like that...its not like I wanted to do this, you have to know that! Come back here Sean..." The sympathetic tone had left his voice, now all I could hear was anger. "Don't say anything about this to anyone, okay Sean, not a word to anyone....Sean!?" Those were the last words that were audible as I closed the door behind me. I was so angry at Jason, but more so at myself. What was I thinking?! First day here and already I was in strange situations. I was feeling so many different emotions that it was blurring my vision, which can explain why I was startled when I saw a female figure step into my path.

"What were you doing in there?!" Asked this chick. She was noticeably agitated.

"I was just visiting with a friend" I lied. I was trying to read this girl, but there was almost nothing to her. This was not the best time for a social experience. What did she want? I noticed she had a clipboard tucked under her arm and a name plate on the left breast of her jacket that read "T. Murray", the last name looked familiar. I returned my attention to her eyes. It was obvious that she wasn't satisfied with my response as she contorted her face into that of a crazed serial killer you'd see in movies.

"Do you think I'm stupid!" She raised her voice, "Do you think I don't know what you bitchy little fags do to unexpecting attractive guys?!" She was screaming now. "I saw you in there okay, so cut your shit. Just for future reference, next time you decide to try and lead someone's boyfriend down your sick little path, close the curtains!..." My mind was racing...close the curtains, I distinctly remember closing those curtains. Was I more drunk than I thought last night? What difference did it matter? Why was this fucking bitch spying on me?

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