tagLoving WivesVegas Gamble

Vegas Gamble

byTx Tall Tales©


How far would the 3 wives go to keep the peace?

This is an entry to the Summer Lovin' Contest. Thanks again to Meathead 96 for his editing help.


We'd been planning our summer trip to Vegas for about 2 months. The girls hatched the scheme originally, and after a few days of discussion we'd finally worked out the logistics. It was going to be a short trip, in the middle of the week, staying at the Luxor hotel on one of those bargain deals with the room and air thrown in.

Summer vacations were hard to coordinate, and we'd changed our plans three times to make sure we'd all be available. With the summer heat in Dallas, escaping to the permanently and thoroughly air-conditioned casinos of Vegas seemed just the thing. The hotel pools were a bonus attraction.

The day snuck up on us pretty quickly, and before I knew it, we were getting off the plane at McCarron airport and grabbing a shuttle for the hotel. There were just the 6 of us. The other two couples had been friends for about 5 years, and we'd known the both of them for almost 3.

Melissa and Jay had been our friends ever since we'd moved into the area. It was through them that we met Beth and Karl, who lived just down the street from us. The girls became best of friends, and the guys were good friends as well, not as close as the women but sports make up for a lot.

Our flight got in around 4:00pm, the temperature outdoors a balmy 101. After a short bus ride we were checked into our rooms and unpacking by 5:00pm. We were on different floors, but we were all in the pyramid, even if we had to use different 'inclinators', the diagonal moving elevators that served the Luxor.

We dressed casually and headed down to the lobby, in front of the two large statues that adorned the entrance, where we'd agreed to meet.

My wife Cheryl was commenting on the behaviour she anticipated seeing from the guys.

"I hope Karl isn't a jerk to Beth this time."

"I'm sure everything will be fine." I assured her, although I felt less confident than I sounded.

"If he's not fighting with Melissa, of course," she added.

"Come on, they don't really fight, it's more flirting than anything else."

"Flirting! Are you kidding me? She teases him unmercifully."

It was true. Melissa did love to pick on Karl. While we spoke, the other two couples showed up and they were bickering already. I was starting to dread the idea of the weekend. I looked over and saw the concern on Cheryl's face as well.

As soon as they got near us, we could hear they were arguing about dinner, and who took too long getting ready.

"Listen up!" I told them, louder than I had originally intended. "We are all going to have a good time if it kills us, and I don't want to hear so damn much arguing!"

The group got quiet and looked at me in some astonishment. I'm usually the easiest guy to get along with, but I had been harboring reservations about how everyone would behave together and the flight, shuttle, and meeting in the lobby only fueled my fears.

"We are going to eat at Lawry's tonight and I'm picking up the bill. So let's not argue about where we're eating and how much we're going to spend. And for tonight, we're going to change things up. Melissa, you're my date for the evening; Karl, you're escorting Cheryl, and Jay, you've got Beth. Let's pretend this is a regular date - except it ends after the Lance Burton show."

I walked over and took Melissa by the arm and guided her over next to me, giving Cheryl a small nudge toward Karl. Beth was already standing between Jay and Karl.

Melissa looked at me with huge uncomprehending eyes.

"You look gorgeous. I'm so happy you're here with me tonight, I know we're going to have a great time."

Melissa and I were good friends, and when she'd had a few too many to drink, we were even better friends. Jay didn't like it when she got too drunk, so the last several months she'd been holding back.

I looked over to Jay and asked him point blank. "Hey Jay - don't you think Beth looks nice?"

He hesitated for a second and then laughed and with his thick west Texas accent, admitted, "Hell, yeah! Beth you are a sight for sore eyes. That dress does alright by you."

He wasn't lying either. Beth had a killer body, and the skin-tight, open back, mini-dress showed off everything she had to great advantage.

Beth was thanking Jay for the compliment when I looked over to Karl and Cheryl. Cheryl was sitting back on her heels, arms crossed, with an expectant look on her face, staring at Karl.

"Uh... you look real nice too, Cheryl," he managed to croak.

I think it was the first time I ever heard Karl say anything nice to any of the women present without adding a snide comment afterwards.

"Then we should be getting on our way," I said to nobody in particular. I slipped my arm around Melissa's tiny waist, and guided her toward the exit doors, assuming the others would follow.

"Where did this idea come from?" she asked me after the first few steps.

"I have no idea. I didn't plan it; I just wanted to stop the arguing. Particularly Karl. You know he never has a kind word for Beth, and we all know he likes Cheryl, so I just figured if I stuck those two together, and gave him an example of how he should treat a lady, maybe he'd take the hint."

"Oh? So you're going to show him how to treat a lady?" she teased.

"With your permission, I'm going to lay it on thick. You think Jay will follow suit?" I asked as we approached the Taxi area and I told the hotel guy we needed a ride for six to Lawry's.

"He probably would, but I think I can make sure, with a few well placed words." She giggled.

"No - let him work it out on his own, it'll be fun to watch."

Melissa agreed and leaned up against me, avoiding the strong breeze that was blowing outside. Her tiny frame was in danger of being blown away, so I slipped my arm around her and kept her near.

We got a cab with 5 seats in the back. I gave Melissa a hand up, after the hotel doorman opened the door. Jay and Beth followed her into the back row of seats, and Karl and Cheryl climbed into the middle row. I sat up front with the driver. At our destination, I once again hopped out and gave a hand to Cheryl as she got out of the car, after Karl had gotten out. Jay took the hint and helped Beth down after he'd gotten out, and of course I assisted Melissa. While I was helping my 'date', Jay paid the fare, and when I offered to split it he laughed, and said if I was picking up the dinner he had the cab fare and drinks at the show covered. Karl stayed quiet, never one to offer to pay for anything he could avoid.

Throughout the dinner I laid it on thick. I held the door as we entered, took her light wrap, held the chair, stood when she stood, and flirted outrageously. She went along willingly, and then some. She was very touchy-feely, constantly brushing her arm against mine, touching my hand, my shoulder, my leg. She was drinking the hard stuff, but didn't seem to be smashed, just enjoying herself immensely. We joked and kidded, but for all the flirting it never got overtly sexual.

We really played it up for most of the dinner like it was just the two of us. The table was circular, and we were seated boy-girl all the way around. Karl was next to Melissa who was on my left, and Beth was on my right. With the girls split up as they were, and Melissa not dominating their conversation, the patterns held up and Jay and Beth spent most of the evening chatting amicably with Jay on his best behavior following my example.

Cheryl and Karl were doing well enough on their own, to my surprise. Cheryl was riding herd on him pretty well, and although he always seemed to be a step behind, he would eventually take her chair, or fill her glass, as he saw the rest of us doing.

After the main course, while waiting for dinner, the ladies all left for the powder room. Within moments Jay was leaning over toward me.

"Ok, Buddy, what's the idea?"

"I don't know, I didn't plan it. I just was tired of the bickering and thought if we mixed things up a bit we would all get off to a better start." As I told him this, I rolled my eyes toward Karl, figuring he'd get the hint.

He gave a nod and a smile, and turned to Karl, "Well, I don't mind escorting Beth tonight if you don't."

"Hell no! Shit, she wouldn't pay me a lick of attention no how. I'm going to spend a god damn $2000 on this trip, and I'll be lucky to get laid. Better you put up with her than me."

It was the same discussion as always. He claimed Beth was frigid, and Jay and I knew that the more he chased her, the more she didn't want to have anything to do with him. He was always grabbing at her and she was always pulling away. Word was, she was on a calendar, and they had sex once a week. Saturdays.

Cheryl complained that I didn't give her enough attention. She was a very affectionate person and was always hugging, kissing and holding on. The truth was I probably didn't give her as much as I could. But with her there was no such thing as too much. What had been an amazing miracle just five years earlier, I took for granted. Shame on me.

Melissa and Jay had always seemed to have a great marriage, but she really took advantage of him and he'd been starting to resent it. She was very pretty, petite, with large 'enhanced' breasts, and long flowing dark brown hair. She was a stay at home mom, as were all of our wives, but she did the least around the house by far. She rarely cooked, she shopped way too much, she wouldn't get up with the kids in the morning, and she was always on the phone. The last couple of years Jay's business had gotten a little tough, and he had come down a bit from the days when he was riding high, but Melissa's spending habits hadn't changed an iota, and it was causing some problems.

Karl had always liked Cheryl, so when I split up the crowd, that was the first thing I had in mind: get Karl away from Beth and the bad-mouthing, and away from Melissa and the teasing. That left Jay with Beth. I really didn't know what that relationship was like. They'd known each other for years, but whereas I always flirted with Melissa and Beth, I never really saw Jay flirt with any of the girls, nor did I find him hanging around and talking with Beth much. I could just hope for the best.

My luck held out through the end of dinner. We caught a ride to the Monte Karlo and were about an hour and a half early for the late show. So we decided to split up and play in the casino for a while we waited, and agreed to meet up in the theater a half-hour before curtain.

Melissa had told me in the days before we left for Vegas that she wanted to learn to play craps, so we found a relatively quiet table, with only three others at it, and I taught her the basics.

Melissa is very excitable. She was still drinking, and she was really enjoying craps. When I asked her to blow on the dice for good luck, she got a warning from the pit boss for pulling my arm away from the table, holding it against her fabulous breasts while she gently blew on my hand, and gave my fingers a kiss.

That first time rolling, we had a stroke of beginners luck, and though I only started with $100 on the table, we were up about $350 before I crapped out. She rolled after me, and got a hot streak of her own. I didn't bet it too heavy, and still we came out over $150 up on her rolls, but the guys down the table were going to town on all the odd bets and won a bundle. They were cheering her on; we were attracting a crowd and she loved it. The next couple of times around we weren't able to match that first time and lost back about half our winnings, before we had one more last run and ended up leaving the table up over $400. Melissa wanted to keep playing, but we had a show to get to. Good thing or likely as not we'd have lost it all.

She was ecstatic and gave me a big kiss. I don't even think she realized what she was doing, until we were slowly pulling our lips apart. Feeling her body pressed against mine had instantly had obvious consequences below the belt.

"Oh, I didn't mean..." she murmured looking down.

"No. That was wonderful. Thanks. I think it's Ok for us to share a kiss, if that's all it is, don't you?" I told her, grabbing her chin and making her look up.

"Yes. I just didn't want you to think I was... that it meant more than it did." She said softly, her eyes burning into mine.

"It means you and I just had a great time, and I'm happy as a clam that you're my date for tonight." I leaned over and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "I'm enjoying my time with you, you're enjoying your time with me, and a kiss between friends is nothing to be concerned about."

"And $400 dollars is worth a kiss or two!" She laughed, kissing me lightly then grabbing my arm and tugging me toward the theater.

We grabbed some frozen drinks from the bar just outside the theater and got escorted to our seats in the last row of the mezzanine. I tipped the guy $5.00 and took our seats. The others were already there and they'd left us the aisle seats. We found out that Jay and Beth had played the slots, and dropped about $70 and Karl and Cheryl had played Roulette and broken even.

About 5 minutes before showtime, the usher stopped by our seats.

"Sir, if you would like, we have some seats down front that I think you and your wife might like." He whispered to me softly.

I was astonished. No one had ever offered me a seat upgrade before. "We'd be delighted." I answered, and taking Melissa's hand, I helped her out of her seat, and down to our new seats in the front row, right hand side.

I searched in my pocket for another tip, and he declined my effort.

"That's not necessary; the house likes to cater to our newlyweds whenever possible."

As he left, I looked over at Melissa in astonishment, and she looked at me, and we almost collapsed in a fit of giggles over the idea that we'd been mistaken for newlyweds.

"Ah, my sweet young bride, they don't miss a trick here do they?" I teased, holding her hand in mine.

"No they don't, my studly new hubby." She leaned forward for a kiss, and I gave her a small one, which scared me a little when we didn't break apart immediately, but lingered for a few extra seconds, with just a hint of tongue brushing my bottom lip.

"Of course if we were newlyweds, I wouldn't be letting you out of our room for the first two days." I whispered, my eyes on the rising curtain.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." She answered softly, her hand giving mine a slight squeeze.

The show was incredible, and it ended all too soon. For much of the show, we held hands like teenagers. She turned and leaned into me, and the pressure of her tits pressing against my side got me hard all over again. Uncomfortably so. I had to reach down eventually and straighten things out, which wasn't missed by my hot little date.

"Did I do that to you?" she asked softly, reaching out and rubbing a finger along my length. Just a little tease.

"All the time."

She pulled my face back to hers and gave me another kiss, a sincere, hot kiss. "That's sweet. Thank you." She gave my cock a squeeze before taking my hand back in hers and clutching it tightly.

I wanted to bend her over the front of the stage and ravish her in front of everybody present. Now that would have been a show! But that little squeeze and kiss was as far as it went.

When we met up with the others after the show, and explained what happened with our seat upgrade, we all got a good laugh out of it. I was worried that there might be some hard feelings but everything was cool.

We had talked about hitting one of the clubs after the show, but decided to forgo the dancing, and hit the tables one more time before heading up. The Monte Karlo was only a couple of hotels down from ours, so we walked back, laughing and chatting as a group about the show, our "dates" apparently over. The girls chatted away, and slowly pulled away, as the guys dropped back.

"You know - I had a real nice time tonight," Jay said, "and I think that you, Karl, can expect to have a real nice time tonight, at least that's what Beth's thinking. Just take it easy, and let her make the move, and you are in like Flynne."

"I had a good time too. I thought you were nuts, Steve, but this may have been just what the doctor ordered. I think it's good for Beth to see that other women might find me attractive," Karl answered.

Jay and I almost cracked up laughing. "Get over yourself, Karl," I teased. "They're happy, tipsy, in great moods, and they've all been catered too, complimented and flirted with all evening. I think we're all going to be getting lucky tonight."

"Amen to that," Jay laughed, and we went back to talking about the show, and what to do the following night.

Back at the hotel we decided to skip the gaming; we were all tired, and even though it was barely midnight, it was 2:00am back home. We split up in the lobby. Melissa came over to me and lifted her chin expectantly for a kiss goodnight. She's only about 5' 2", but at least she had on three inch heels, so I only had to bend over a bit to give her a kiss.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening," I told her.

"The pleasure was all mine."

Beth went to claim a kiss from Jay, which was a little tougher, she's about the same height as Melissa, maybe a bit taller, but she was wearing flats. Jay is a good 2 inches taller than me, at least 6'3. He gave her a chaste kiss and thanked her as well.

Not to be outdone, Cheryl claimed a kiss from Karl while Beth was getting hers. And theirs was a little more prolonged than Jay and Beth's.

When we got to our room I wasn't disappointed. We weren't in the room for two minutes before Cheryl was out of her outfit and tugging down my pants before taking my cock in her mouth.

"I could see that you were hard most of the evening," she teased. "I didn't know you had a thing for Melissa, I always thought you liked Beth." She blurted that out a few strokes into my unexpected blow-job, before going back to work.

"I don't have a 'thing' for either one of them, but I had a better time than I expected, I was just hoping to keep things civil between Karl and Beth." I told her, although it was hard to keep my concentration.

She came up for a break, stroking my now very stiff cock with her hand. "Well you had her juices going. She just went on and on about what a gentlemen you were, and how nice you were, and how you made such a good looking couple."

"Like you didn't have Karl worked up? He had a huge damned wet spot on the front of his pants."

She giggled. "God, he's going to have some explaining to do. I had way too much to drink, and when we were in the show, I put my hand on his leg and found my fingers were on his hard-on. He just gasped then put his hand on my thigh. I swear I didn't mean to. You're not pissed are you?" She suddenly sounded contrite.

I helped her off the ground and laid her down on the bed. I slipped a pillow under her ass, and lifted her legs up high, sliding my cock into her, beneath her closely cropped, wispy blonde hair.

"Tell me everything." I demanded, slowly stroking in and out.

"God. That feels nice." She moaned, closing her eyes. Then she started.

"When I touched him, there, I could feel him jump in his pants. I felt so in control. So I teased him a little. I ran my fingernails up his cock, and back down. By the second time he was pushing up against my hand and I had to calm him down."

I slid in and out of her with long slow strokes, imagining her actions in the dark theater.

"I leaned over and whispered to him, 'take it easy, cowboy', and just rested my hand on his cock. I could feel his pulse through his pants." Cheryl had her eyes closed and I could feel her reliving the experience.

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