tagGroup SexVegas Honeymoon

Vegas Honeymoon


Over dinner one night with a group of friends, we decided to take a trip to Las Vegas over the next long weekend.

We had all met on line playing a political simulation game. Jay and Denise were married and Jay played the game with us. I had met Mark through the game and moved across country to be closer to him when I was offered my dream job in his area.

Eventually my lesbian friend Kate moved out to California for law school from my home state and helped me with my homesickness. It was good to have a friend from home close by.

The five of us had so much fun together that our gay friend John decided to move closer to the rest of us to teach at the local college when his relationship with a well-known local politician ended badly. We all told him never to trust a Republican in California, but of course he didn’t listen to us.

Mark always teased me about being able to watch Kate and I together some day and there were days I thought about it. Kate was pretty and she had amazing eyes.

Mark called an old friend of his and arranged for us to have a huge suite for the weekend. The flight was uneventful and Mark won a thousand dollars in the slot machines at the airport. It was going to be a good weekend.

We took a limo to the hotel and the room was beautiful. Jay and Denise got one room while Mark and I took the other king sized bed. John and Kate shared the smaller room with 2 double beds. Mark and I wanted to catch the Lakers game and everyone else wanted to go explore the hotel so we all split up for a little while before dinner. We had tickets for dinner and a show in the main room so we were all meeting then.

Mark laid in the huge bed watching the game as I came out of the shower. I joined him on the bed as I dried off. Half time came around and I was starting to get horny. I kissed Mark’ neck and he pulled me closer to him on the bed. He pushed me down on the bed kissing me as the commentators sat in the Staples Center going over an amazing first half.

His hand slipped under the robe I was wearing and started to stroke the insides of my thighs. I opened my legs for him and he found the fire between them. His thumb stroked my clit and waves of pleasure ran up my spine.

He stopped and began to kiss my thighs. His warm breath on the insides of my thighs began to make me melt. He spread my legs wider apart and licked me hard from front to back. I couldn’t help but moan with every lap his tongue made at my slit. As his tongue teased my clit, his fingers stroked my g spot. Orgasm was inevitable. I begged him to finish me off as he laughed.

I came with enough force to cause me to black out for a few seconds. Mark stood up and dragged me to the edge of the bed. He dropped his Dockers and boxers. He was rock hard. I tried to get up to play with him but I was too weak from round one of our lovemaking.

He lubed up by rubbing his head up and down my soaking wet, sensitive slit. Mark was rather large so he took his time entering me. Once he forced himself inside, he waited until I got used to him before he pounded away. He filled me well and sex with him was the best I ever had.

He quickened the pace as half time wrapped up at the Staples Center. We both came together as Shaq scored and our friends came back to the room. Mark hurried up and got dressed. I adjusted my robe and laughed as Denise knocked on the door to our room.

Mark dove in the bathroom as I told Denise to come in. He shot me a dirty look as he closed the door behind him.

“What were you two doing?” she asked with a smile.

I giggled and she then asked what I planned on wearing to the show later. I showed her the little black dress, which was one of my old standbys for faculty dinners for Mark’s school.

Mark came out of the bedroom dressed and tried to get back into the second half but his mind was somewhere else. Thank goodness the Lakers won or I would have never heard the end of it.

W e went to dinner and watched the show. It was a drag queen review with men who looked better than the stars they were impersonating in the first place. The show was great and we teased Mark that he’d make a great looking woman on the way to the casino after the show.

After a bunch more drinks and a bit of gambling, John started asking Kate to marry him since they were in Vegas and all and that’s what you do in Vegas, you gamble, see shows and get married.

A few more drinks and we were off to get a marriage license. It made sense to Kate. She would get a huge discount on law school and medical insurance and John would get a roommate who could cook more than Top Ramen. It wasn’t like he was having any success finding a gay man to do that for him.

We went to the Little Chapel where all the stars got married and Kate picked the Elvis Internet Package. After a few cell phone calls and instant messages to friends on line who also played the game with us, so they could watch the wedding via a web cam. John and Kate stood at the alter, Kate in her usual casual attire and John in his Dockers and gay pride golf shirt. The Minister was dressed up like The King, the final years, and sang “Jailhouse Rock” as Kate walked down the aisle. John had a dopey smile on his face. It was hard to tell if that was from the alcohol or the emotions of the moment. The minister asked them to face the camera as they said their vows and 15 minutes later John and Kate were man and wife.

We went back to the casino where I won a close to three thousand dollars playing blackjack. Eventually we all went back to the room and settled in with room service and a case of beer we picked up prior.

The alcohol flowed freely and Denise was soon asking Kate what it felt like to be a lesbian. Kate told her that being with a woman was better because a woman knew exactly what felt good and where. The more Denise and Kate drank, the more they were touching each other. I was curled up on the couch with Mark and he whispered in my ear that they were turning him on. He kissed my neck and got me warmed up. His hand was slipped up my dress and he was discovering I did not wear any panties to the show.

Jay was telling us tales of his days in the Navy and the fact that he was Bi-sexual. John was quite interested his stories. We soon discovered our friend was a porn star in his younger days to support himself when he ran away from home at 15.

Soon Kate and Denise were making out on the couch while Mark and Jay watched and John scoffed at them. Kate was helping Denise out of her clothes and motioning to me to join them. Mark told me to join them because it would really turn him on.

I was making out with Denise as Kate went down on her. I kept Denise from screaming as Kate licked her in ways that even Jay, the former the porn star had not. Mark was hard as a rock as my sweet pussy was sticking in his face. He leaned over and started eating me out as I sucked on Denise’s pert little B cups. Kate was bringing her to her second orgasm as Mark started sliding two fingers in my soaking wet pussy. I came for him in record time as Kate and Denise switched positions. Kate told her how to lick pussy while Mark took me from behind. I looked up and John and Jay were making out on the couch opposite of us. I laughed and whispered back to Mark that it was one hell of a wedding night for the happy couple. Mark and I finished what we were doing and settled on the couch in each other’s arms to watch our friends explore each other’s partners. I think this gave new meaning to the term wife swapping.

Pretty soon John and Jay were naked and exploring each other’s bodies. Jay had John lying on the leather couch face down and he was running his tongue down the length of his spine. Soon Jay was rimming John and John was moaning like crazy. Jay told John that he wanted him to always remember his wedding night as he pulled John’s ass closer to him and slowly entered him. John cried out in pain as Jay entered him for the first time. He held still and told John to relax while John’s ass got used to Jay’s rock hard cock. Shocks went up and down John’s spine with every thrust of Jay’s huge cock.

The sight of the two guys going at it really turned me on and I showed Mark how hot I was by sliding myself onto his already semi-hard cock. He just sat there as I rode him like a five and dime pony. The drugs and alcohol in my system took away all my inhibitions and Mark’ as well. We didn’t care who was watching us. We mated like animals and I’m really surprised that security wasn’t banging on the door to tell us to keep quiet. Seeing Mark like this, it was hard to believe that by day, he was a mild mannered college professor turned writer. Me, I was a wild child, so no one doubted me being a tiger in bed.

John and I came at the same time so the room was pretty noisy. John kept begging Jay to stop fucking him but John was now Jay’s bitch and Jay wasn’t gonna let him get off and leave him hanging. Jay continued to bang the hell out of John until John was cumming again and Jay was filling his ass with the white hot cum from his aching balls.

John’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as Jay finished then he fell into a heap on the couch as Jay smacked him in the ass and called him an amateur. Jay got up and grabbed his pack of cigarettes off the coffee table.

“After a lay like that, I need a smoke.” He said as he went to light up. He took a long drag of his cigarette and then told Denise it was her turn.

They got up and went off to their bedroom while Kate, Mark and I watched poor John try to catch his breath. Kate and I went to our rooms to get pajamas on while Mark pulled up his boxers and gave John a fresh drink. Kate sat on the couch with John while Mark and I cuddled together. We drank some more and talked about the show. John got up eventually and announced he was going to bed. Kate said she’d join him. They got up and left the room. Mark and I turned on the TV and watched it for a bit before going to bed.

About twenty minutes later we heard Kate moaning like a mad woman and John yelling “consummate this bitch”. I looked at Mark and started to laugh my ass off. Guess it was really good wine and John wouldn’t be bothering the sheep anymore for a good long while.

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