tagErotic CouplingsVelvet Heat Ch. 02

Velvet Heat Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Comments, critiques and tips are welcome.


Briana waited patiently in the car for Cole. She didn't know what he was going to buy from the pharmacy shop. But from his body language, it seemed very important that he got it. Well she had nowhere to go so she was not bothered.

She still couldn't believe they had actually had sex again this morning. She could still feel him. And to think this time yesterday, she was actually a virgin. Briana laughed out loud and quickly looked around to see whether someone was looking at her. Wouldn't want people to think she was nuts...laughing all by herself. She saw Cole striding towards the car and thought. 'He's all mine.' She felt really good inside and hoped nothing marred her good feeling.

Cole got into the car and gave her some pills and a bottle of water, "Take this Bri. It's called Postinor. It's morning - after pills. You know...we didn't use protection this morning..."

"Oh...'' Briana turned a delicate shade of red and took what Cole offered, quickly taking the pills. How thoughtful of him she thought. On the other hand, she thought, it could also mean he rather wanted to ensure that nothing tied him to her. That thought did hurt but she suppressed the feeling, telling herself that Cole was only looking out for her.

Cole drove to StarBites, a nice café where they could talk without unnecessary interruptions. He ordered regular coffee whiles Briana opted for sugar-free vanilla latte.

"Vanilla latte. Is it nice?" Cole asked Briana with a raised eyebrow.

"Come on have a taste"

Cole took a sip of Briana's latte and made a face which made her laugh.

"Ow admit it Cole. It's nice. It's defiantly nicer than your black coffee."

"Well I can boldly say it's definitely NOT nicer than you.'' He replied huskily, looking at her from under his lashes.

Briana blushed, staring into her latte. Cole took her hands into his, staring at her fingers. She had really delicate fingers. He shuddered to think what those fingers could do to him. His throat suddenly went dry and he had to take a sip of his coffee.

"So tell me...why were you so angry with me? And please be very honest with me because relationships that lack honesty, do not last. And this right here," Cole flicked his forefinger between them, "is a relationship. So spill it."

Briana took a deep breath and looked at Cole.

"I really don't know why I was angry at you Cole. I guess in a way, I was hurt with...you did drive me out of your house you know." She said giving him a reproachful look.

"Oh Bri!" Cole rubbed his closed his eyes and rubbed his brow remembering that fateful day three years ago vividly, "It was for your own good. You were only fifteen Bri...and do you know just how close I got to fucking you right there in my dad's living room? I would never have been able to forgive myself. And your dad would have killed me." He added the last bit with a smile.

"But I heard all the stories. You were fucking other girls my age so why not me? Was I that unappealing?" Briana asked looking dejected.

"No no no," Cole took Briana's face between his palms, "You don't know the effect you have on people do you? Even back then, you were stunning and sexy as hell. And you were NOT other girls Bri. You were like a kid sister to me. Do you have any idea just how appalled at myself I was, for having such inappropriate feelings towards you? And it all started with that kiss. I had to leave town the very next day to preserve my sanity. My dad didn't understand why all of a sudden I wanted to leave when I had two whole weeks to relax at home. For once in my life, I wanted to do the right thing Bri. You've always been on my mind since then babe. This thing between us...I don't know where it's leading. But I'm ready to find out. Are you?"

Briana was so overwhelmed and had tears in her eyes she couldn't talk so she nodded. Cole stood up, went around the table to her side and took her into his arms and hugged her tightly. He could do this he told himself. He really wanted her to be happy so he was ready to make an effort to let this thing work. So help him God.

They finally settled and spoke about themselves and what plans they had. Cole encouraged Briana to accept UCLA as it was in LA...where he was practicing.

"Will you look after me?" she asked jokingly.

"You bet I will. I wanna keep an eye on you so that those horny college boys wouldn't have any funny ideas.'' Cole replied with a mock scowl on his face.''

Briana couldn't help but laugh. God he was sexy even with a scowl on his face. She was so into him it was not amusing. And she was definitely going to UCLA...because she wanted to keep an eye on HER man. 'Her man.' She liked the sound of that. She couldn't wait to tell her parents about her choice.


Dinner that evening was an interesting affair. Nick and Elaine were thrilled with their daughter's choice of college. Briana was happy too but was very uncomfortable because Sean kept staring at her and she didn't know why.


She asked for the eleventh time but he just shrugged as he had been doing throughout dinner. And he had this ...shocked look on his face, like he couldn't believe something.

"Hey son, what's the matter? You're making your sister uncomfortable. We're all going to miss her but we're not staring. Say something.'' Nick Scot admonished his son.

Sean still maintained his silence but minimized the staring. Briana couldn't tell what was going on through his mind. But she knew he would tell her in his own time. It was still creepy though.

That night she called Cole to let him know it was a done deal. She was going to be with him in LA. They were both happy and Cole talked about all the places they could visit and the fun they could have. Briana heard her door being opened and turned to look. Sean stood in the doorway looking at her.

"Cole, let me call you right back. Don't sleep.''

"I won't babe.''

Briana melted at how he said 'babe' in that sexy voice of him. She couldn't wait to talk to him again. But now, she had to deal with her brother.

"Hey." She said to Sean, patting the space beside her on the bed, indicating he come sleep beside her. But Sean chose to sit on the chair beside her bed...which was rather strange but she chose not to comment on it.

"Who were you talking to?" He asked.

"Cole. Why?

He continued to stare at her.

"Will you stop with the staring already Sean. Just tell me what the pro..."

"I saw you." He said it so quietly she almost didn't hear him.

"You saw me where?" Briana asked confused.

"I saw you this morning. In here. On this bed. With Cole."

The blood just drained from Briana face and it was now her turn to stare at Sean.

"I came home and heard all these sounds coming from you room. You didn't even close your door Bri. At first I thought of kicking him off you. But then I noticed just how much you were enjoying yourself and encouraging him...that was the best porn EVER!"

With a loud laugh he jumped onto the bed pointing at his sister's face.

"That's not funny Sean and keep it down before mum and dad come barging in here." Briana whispered loudly, jumping out of bed to go and close her bedroom door.

Sean was still laughing his head off and holding his sides. "You're a slut Sis. You should have seen and heard yourself."

"Just how long did you watch?" Briana asked angrily. She wanted to strangle her brother.

"Long enough. To know that my slutty sister wanted to be ploughed by the sexy lawyer. What were you thinking Bri? I could have videotaped the whole thing and you wouldn't have even noticed."

"Did you?"

"Did I what?"

"Did you videotape or take pictures Sean?"

"How the fuck can you even ask that? I'm going out of my mind here already, that even one guy has gotten to see you like that. Why would I wanna risk somebody else seeing that? I'm actually not amused with this whole thing Bri. What made me laugh was the look on your face when I told you I saw you. You looked like you were going to faint. It was funny actually." Sean added with a chuckle.

He stood and made to leave the room but stopped and turned to his sister.

"Bri, I really hope this is not a onetime thing. Do you like him?"

"I love him Sean." And it felt so good saying it out loud.

"And how does he feel about you?"

"Well...he likes me. And as of today we are in a relationship." She said with a slight smile.

"So LA huh? If he does anything bad to you let me know. Okay?" Sean said looking all serious.

That startled Briana. "Oww Sean thanks. But what can you do if he hurts me? You are only fifteen."

"Pray we never get to find out Bri. Nobody hurts my sister." He replied giving her a tight hug. "I'll miss you sis. Take good care of yourself."

"I will." Briana answered with tears in her eyes. What's with all the tears today she thought.

At the door Sean turned and added teasingly, "Oh and don't get pregnant...yet."

Briana laughed and threw a pillow at him but it only hit the closed door.


Briana was standing outside the airport with her parents and Sean, slowly becoming more and more red in the face with embarrassment. Elaine was holding her face between her palms and crying.

"Mom" Briana gasped, "I'm an adult and I've been away from home before remember?"

"Not for a whole year. And you'll always be my baby." Elaine answered tearfully, rubbing aggressively at her cheeks. "But you're right. Sorry sweetie. We'll miss you."

"I'll be home for a couple of weeks at Christmas." Briana replied turning to hug her father. Sean couldn't help but laugh when he saw that his dad was hugging Briana so tightly that her face was turning blue. Briana was staring daggers at him over Nick's shoulders. Though he was sad to see his sister go, it was a little consolation that she was facing this humiliation.

Her dad finally let her go and she walked into Sean's outstretched arms. For a fifteen year old, he was very tall. Briana tucked her head under his chin holding him tight.

"Remember what I said?" He whispered into her hair.

Briana nodded her head fighting the tears that threatened to turn into full blown bawling.

"Thanks and happy birthday in advance." She whispered back, turning to pick up her suitcase. Sean would turn sixteen in just two days. Too bad she wasn't going to be around for his birthday. Almost all her stuff and car had already been sent ahead. She therefore had only one suitcase to handle.

"Don't forget to call as soon as you land. And say hi to Cole." Nick said. She hadn't told her parents about her and Cole yet. Cole had called to assure them that he was going to meet her at the airport and help her settle in on campus.

"And eat well. Go to all your classes and do all your assignments." He mother added.

"Ok Mom." She gave Elaine a final hug, turned and walked through the airport towards departure.

One hour, two bottles of Coca Cola and a bar of snickers later their plane was finally taxiing down the runway. Briana fiddled with her Mp3, she stuck her ear phones in her ears, relaxed her seat, closed her eyes and allowed her mind to wash over with memories of the last time she had seen Cole. And that was exactly two months, one week and three days earlier. And what a fantastic day it had been. She actually remembered it like it was just yesterday. After all, she had given her very first blowjob...


He was to fly back to LA that evening. As early as seven in the morning, Briana had left home with an excuse of spending the day with Julia, one of her close friends and driven over to a very posh hotel to meet Cole. For the past three weeks, they had been inseparable. Fucking like bunnies whatever chance they got and getting to know each other very well. Briana had gotten on the pill so could comfortably enjoy herself without any unexpected surprises. They had planned on spending the whole day together, just ordering room service and fucking each other's brains out. Cole met her at the lobby with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey babe."

"Hey sexy." She replied with a naughty look.

Cole laughed and steered her straight towards the elevator. Whiles waiting for the elevator, Briana unabashedly checked out Cole by allowing her gaze to slide over him. He wore dress slacks in light slate gray and a black V-neck sweater, the overall effect being one of careless sophistication. She loved the look on him and was attracted to the softness it gave him, even though she knew it was only an illusion. He was a hard man in a lot of ways. She was constantly awed by his gorgeousness and raw sex appeal and she couldn't help but want him anytime he was this close to her. Her eyes darkened with want.

Cole turned to look at Briana and smirked at the look of pure lust on her face.

"Stop that."

"What?" She asked breathlessly.

"You know what." He replied with unrepressed lust in his voice. More than anything, he wanted to fuck her hard and deep right there in the lobby. 'Down boy' he told himself. 'It's not even eight yet for heaven's sake.' The elevator finally arrived and they stepped in but even before the doors closed, he was turning her around and devouring her mouth with all the intensity he felt. Taken completely off-guard, it was a couple of seconds before she reacted to the kiss, parting her lips to kiss him right back. Thank God they were in the elevator alone. The kiss was wild. When she began to make those erotic little whimpers in the back of her throat he knew he'd accomplished his goal. She was already hot for him. And Lord, the sounds made him ache to be inside her.

His hand moved on her thigh underneath her dress. When he began to caress the sensitive skin near the junction of her legs she moved against him restlessly. His fingers slipped beneath the edge of her panties, and he slowly began to stoke the fire in her. He knew just how much pressure to exert, just where to touch to drive her wild. She let out a ragged moan when his fingers thrust inside her. "Easy, baby," he whispered when she tried to stop him. "Don't fight it, Bri. Let it happen."

He held her tight against him and continued his sweet torture. His fingers were magical, demanding. He moved to suck on her earlobe and Briana was soon mindless to everything but finding her release. "I love the way you respond to me. You get so hot, so wet. It's all for me, isn't it, Briana?" She couldn't answer him. He was becoming more forceful with his demands and she was coming unglued. She couldn't stop the climax. It happened before she realized it was going to happen. Her hands reached down to hold his hand between her thighs, and she tightened around him by drawing her knees up and squeezing him tight. It was a shattering orgasm. Briana went limp from the wonder of it. She fell against Cole's chest in blissful surrender.

When she was calm enough, she sighed and moved to pull out of his embrace, but he wouldn't let her. He pulled her into his arms and just held her close, running his fingers through her hair. He smelled so good. She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms about him absorbing his warmth and his strength. For a moment time seemed to stand still. He held her for a long time against his body, breathing deeply, as though he was struggling for some kind of control. She could tell he wanted her as she could feel his hot erection throbbing against her belly, still trapped within the confines of his slacks.

The elevator doors were opened behind Cole but fortunately there was nobody waiting to use it. Briana was grateful for that. Why did he always do this to her? She seemed to forget her surroundings whenever she was with him.

"We have to stop doing this." She whispered.

"Sorry. But it is your fault. You seem to bring out the beast inside me without much effort." Cole said leading her out of the elevator towards the suite he had booked for them for the day.

Briana felt warm inside hearing Cole admit to finding her irresistible.

"Yeah blame it on me won't you." She said laughing. She had told him about Sean seeing them having sex and Cole's response had surprised her. He told her calmly that Sean is a dude and that he'll get over it. But he had called to speak to Sean later. What he told him, she doesn't know but whatever he had said, seemed to have made her brother happy. After talking to Cole, Sean had smilingly told her that she had his maximum support in the relationship. If possible, she had fallen even deeper in love with Cole. But she had also made him promise to ensure they are careful at other times.

"Why can't you ensure that?" Cole had asked teasingly.

"Well I can't think straight where you're concerned and you know it."

"Really? And you think I can think straight? I'm the guy here Bri. Come on!" He had replied starting to spread tiny kisses all over her face.

She laughed and pointed out that he was also supposed to be the eldest among the two of them and logically, the most sensible. It looked like Cole wasn't going to heed her advice after all. Surprisingly she realizes she rather found it thrilling when they take such chances. Obviously the trill is in knowing you can get caught. Who would have thought reserved Briana Scott had such a naughty streak in her. She smiled to herself.

Cole led the way along the short corridor, stopping when he reached the door at the end. And after fitting the keycard into the slot with a deftness born from an obvious innumerable stays in innumerable plush hotels, he ushered Briana into the room.

Briana was impressed with the suite. She saw the huge bed replete with green and cream embroidered cushions and threw herself on it. There, over by the elaborately dressed windows, was a perfectly coordinated green and cream striped sofa. And to the left, was a partially open door to the en suite bathroom, allowing a glimpse of shining chrome, gleaming tiles—and the Jacuzzi.

Cole threw his key card down on the dining table and turned to look at Briana on the bed. Their eyes locked and her breath caught. Cole's eyes were smoldering and he was watching her with a heavy-lidded gaze like he wanted to eat her alive. His tongue slid leisurely along the seam of his lips, as if he tasted her. She knew that look so well ...knew what came after it ...knew how ferocious he could be when he wanted her that badly. It was a look that screamed SEX. Hard, deep, endless, mind-blowing sex. His look conveyed how hard and deep he wanted to fuck her and a delicious shiver moved through her. As they stared at each other, his gaze warmed to scorching heat.

"Take your clothes off." Cole ordered in a husky voice.

Briana felt her heart start pounding. She licked her lips, which had suddenly gone dry. She stood up and striped...all the while aware of Cole's intense gaze on her.

Cole couldn't take his eyes off her. She looked absolutely delicious and he couldn't go a second longer without having her.

'Fuck, I want to be inside her so bad.' He thought to himself.

Growling possessively, he lifted her into his arms and deposited her gently in the middle of the bed, even as he captured her mouth hungrily.

"I'm sorry baby but I gotta have you now," he said breathlessly. "Next time we'll go slow but right now..." he groaned again and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as he quickly undid his pants and released his hard throbbing cock. Spreading her open, he plunged inside, filling her, his thick, hard cock stroking inside her pussy and gliding over her quivering clit, sending hot sensation streaking out from the center of her pleasure. She felt every inch of him pushing and thrusting in and out of her. Cole's fingers slid between then to touch her clit which was hot and swollen and he stroked her with speed, pressure and rhythm required to bring her to orgasm within seconds.

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