tagRomanceVelvet Journal Ch. 2

Velvet Journal Ch. 2


All I can remember vividly is her breasts and her smile. That's nice I suppose, but perhaps should be her smile and her breasts. But I was 19 at the time.

Sarah. Perfect breasts. Perfect smile.

That's nice.

I met Sarah at church and she was my first steady girlfriend. I think she was keener on me than I was on her - I was, of course, still a sex starved maniac but perhaps most 19-year-old males were.

Well yes, the ones I knew were.

Is my cock big enough?

The girly mags still came out at night and I was still waiting for my first fuck.

So Sarah was lovely, a pretty brunette, who smiled for England and seemed to beam constantly when I was around her. She was a friend of Gabbys who had since moved on to older males with cars and motorbikes - not pushbikes like me - but Sarah was an innocent unlike my previous liaison. Unfortunately that was not a good thing, as I wanted her to be dirty and experienced - to eat me whole in an orgy of sucking and fucking just like they did in those glossy pages. So the scene was set for me to corrupt her and lure her into my world of pink pussies and red lip-gloss to satisfy my lust.

Kissing - we did a lot of kissing. It started on the way home from Church one evening when I asked her out.

Will you go out with me?

The necessary words to start the romance - the burning face and stuttering words that I had worried over all week.


Yes. Yes. Yes. Fantastic. The snogging started immediately.

French Kissing. We got off to a blistering start with a long session of tongues in the alley opposite her house. Nothing could distract us from our wet searching embrace - everyone used to be going by but we carried on regardless. My cock hard in my tight trousers, trying to pull her against it constantly as I caressed and kneaded her behind, occasionally making a foray to touch her breasts under her coat.

And constant tongue action.

My mouth was so sore and red.

Oh yes - my parents are going out.

Saturday night and they were going out till late. A dream come true as I remember with the timing perfect to move our budding romance on. The constant action in the local alley was wearing thin and I wanted more. My dirty mind went into overdrive. My right hand inspired my dreams as the evening grew near.

I can still remember opening the heavy front door to Sarah - fishnets! I had told her that I liked fishnet stockings and suspenders, inspiration obviously straight from some photoset or other in my brother's horde. She really must have liked me.

Thank you Sarah.


So into my room and straight into action.

My hand finding flesh almost immediately as I explored my first pair of stockings. That beautiful soft skin at the top of her thighs, fingers brutally delving to touch her pussy, rubbing her through her panties with excited amateur fumbling.

Then came her breasts. Perfect breasts.

Sarah was uncomfortable with my style and her legs stayed locked together. No access for the crazed teenager.


I adapted my technique to work at her bra - pushing up her shirt as our French kissing continued - hand cupping her breast and kneading away. Pushing the cup up to expose her nipple - more kneading and pinching. Continued tongue action. Her hand rubbing my cock through my jeans - alert in my brain - wanted to come. Slow down!

Reacting to this, I tore away from our mouth lock and got up. I took her hand and pulled her up to sit on the bed while I knelt in front.

Phew - embarrassing ejaculation in pants avoided.

Now this was special. She let me pull her shirt over her head to reveal her white lace bra.

More tongue action as I wrestled with her strap. Got it. Her bra dropped away and there they were - perfect breasts. Exquisite tits. A 19 year olds dream. Not too big or small but firm upright perfect symmetrical breasts. My eyes and mouth took them all in - I sucked on them for all I was worth as she lay back to let me enjoy - absolutely fantastic.

Shit. Ejaculation. Wet and sticky underwear. Just off to the toilet....

No fuck tonight but her parents were going out tomorrow afternoon.

Now that's another tale. A conscience developing. Me?

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