tagIncest/TabooVelvet's Hansel & Gretel

Velvet's Hansel & Gretel


A twist on one of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

The small cottage huddled at the edge of the Great Forest, a tiny box fashioned of stone and mud. The thin whorls of smoke rising from the chimney were the only signs of life in the area. There were no cattle in the pen and no horses in the stable. No chickens cooed in the coop and no pigs rooted in the mud pit. Even the tilled earth was lifeless; no green shoots sprung from its brown depths.

The poor woodcutter lay abed with his wife, unable to sleep because of the worries plaguing him. "What are we going to do?"

"About what?"

"About feeding the children. We don't even have anything for ourselves!"

"Then I tell you what. Let's take them into the forest where they don't know where they are and leave them. We'll build a fire, give them some bread and we'll be off."

"I – I can't do that! They would be set upon by wolves!"

"Fine! Then I guess we will all perish!" She huffed and flung herself onto her side, away from him. He sighed deeply.

"But the children... the children... "

Gretel lay still in the big bed, tears coursing down her cheeks and her stomach growling painfully. Her 18-year old twin, Hansel, pulled her close, rubbing her back gently. "Shh, Gretel. Don't worry."

"How can I not, Hans?"

"Because I'm here, darling sister." He pressed a kiss to her fragrant forehead, smiling at the scent of roses. She always rubbed her skin with rose petals after washing in the big pond. "I will always take care of you."

"Will you?" She whispered.

"Yes." He tensed as he felt her kiss just on the side of his nipple. Her mouth was so warm, her breath so hot. His cock sprang to life. He hoped that Gretel wouldn't notice it. She snuggled against him, her hand just inches from his prick. "Now, get some sleep."

She sniffled. "Okay."

He waited until he felt her body relax, signaling sleep, before he dared to release his breath. Yes, he would always take care of her. He loved her. Not just as a sister; he loved her. He wanted to kiss her soft breasts and plunge himself into her white-haired pussy and hear her cry out his name as she creamed on his rod. It would be easy to take advantage of her but he didn't want that. He wanted her to be with him because she wanted it. Because he loved her.

Very gently, he pulled the covers back and cast his eye on her shapely figure. The corkscrew curls of her white-gold hair cascaded over his shoulder and her face was angelic in repose. Her body was a mass of sexy curves: rounded shoulders, sloping breasts, small waist, soft hips and long legs. He ached to lick the instep of her lovely foot, to rub his tongue against her hard nipples, to suck the cream from her pussy.

He tugged on his arm and succeeded in dislodging her from his shoulder and turned on his side, facing her. His hand drifted down to his still rigid cock and he pulled on it, his palm rough and exciting. He could see through her gossamer nightgown and the milky globes of her breasts beckoned, making his fingertips ache to touch them. She turned over on her back and sighed in her sleep. He released a shuddering breath as the hem of the nightgown rode up and her sweet pussy came into view.

"Oh, Gretel." He whispered, stroking himself. He loved the way he pleased himself. He liked a heavy grip on the shaft with a looser grip on the helmet. Sometimes he would just get off using the light grip on the head but tonight, he was trying to make it feel as if she were doing it. He bit back a groan as the visual of that act flooded his brain. Her small hand wrapped around his heated flesh, her tiny tongue tickling his piss hole and swirling around the head.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum. Swallow it! Yes!" His quiet hiss accompanied a low groan as he pumped his seed into his hand, jerking with each spurt. He imagined being inside her and pumping deep within, her warm body wrapped around his, her tongue in his mouth. He used his washcloth to clean up and settled back in beside her, his heart pounding like a drum. Yes, dear Gretel. I will always take care of you...

* * * * *

"Kids! Kids, come on and get up! We have wood to gather!"

Hansel and Gretel arose from their beds and dressed, joining their parents outside. While her parents were talking in private, he used the time to stuff his pockets full of the white rocks that made up part of the entrance path. The foursome set off, heading deep into the forest. Hansel kept his arm around his sister, taking the time to drop a rock every once-in-a-while. When they reached the interior of the forest, they started a fire to stay warm and everyone went to gather wood. Once they'd gathered enough to keep the fire going, the mother told her children to sit down and stay warm, giving them a slice of bread for dinner.

The warmth of the fire lulled them to sleep and when they awoke, they were alone and it was night.

"Hansel! Wake up!" Hansel was slow to wake, warmed by the fire. He blinked in confusion. "Wake up! They've left us!"

"That's okay." He stood and helped her to stand. "Look."

The white stones he'd put in his pockets shone brightly in the moonlight and it was easy to find the way back home. They knocked at the door and were met by their mother.

"There you are! You sure slept a long time!"

It was a few months before Hansel and Gretel heard those hurtful words again. Late one night, their mother said, "We're down to a half loaf of bread. We have to take the kids out into the woods again. This time, we'll take them farther out."

Again, Gretel cried, curling her trembling body around Hansel and sobbing silently into the crook of his shoulder. "Quiet, sweetie." He rubbed her back again, holding her close. "We were fine before. We'll be fine this time."

"Oh, Hansel, how can you be sure?"

"Because I'm here to take care of you, honey. Remember?" He lifted her face and pressed a soft kiss to her left cheek. "I promised that to you." The next kiss went to her right cheek. "Remember?" Her eyes were so blue and so breathtaking, their silvery depths swimming with tears. His heart beat like a drum in his ears and the breath froze in his throat. Then, he saw her eyes close as she moved forward and suddenly, he was kissing his sister. His cock swelled and he rolled onto his chest, trying to hide it.

The kiss deepened and her small hands slid over his back, one resting between his shoulder blades while the other threaded through his hair. Hansel broke the kiss, staring deeply into her eyes. "I heard you cum last time." His face heated in shame. "Don't be embarrassed, dear brother. I felt the same way. All you had to do was ask."

"I love you, Gretel. I didn't want you to think that I just wanted to get my rocks off."

"I know you didn't." She moved her hand over his soft skin and smiled, feeling his shudder at her touch. "I wish we could make love."

"I do, too."

"I smelled your cum and I wanted it in my mouth." She squeezed one of his ass cheeks and he jerked. "Would you let me taste you, Hans?"

"Oh, Gretel, I've dreamed of that for so long."

Her smile made his heart beat faster. "Turn over."

He did so, his breath in his throat. "I – I... " A deep shudder ripped through his stomach as she slid her silken hair over his enflamed meat. "I hope I'm not too big."

"Are you kidding?" Her voice was soft. "You're perfect."

Hansel felt his breath catch as her fingers moved delicately over his heated flesh. Her questing fingers seemed to measure his length, then moved down to cup his balls. He gasped at the raw sensations that traveled up and down his spine and gritted his teeth as her hand clutched his tightly. "Are you ready, dear brother?" She didn't wait for his answer. She bent her head, her soft pink lips poised to strike, her sweet breath bathing the fat head. He thought he was going to burst.

With a slight smile, she took him into her mouth, running her agile tongue across the smooth helmet, tracing the crown and descending as far as possible onto the shaft. He felt acute pain, like a sharp knife slicing through him as his stomach muscles clenched, then the sweetest sensation that he'd ever felt. Her mouth worked to take him in and when she found that she could not, she concentrated on the head, alternately sucking and licking until he was fighting to keep from cumming. Then, she'd stop, grasping his root at its base and squeezing tightly, backing him away from the edge.

"Oh! Why did you stop?"

She only smiled and began her work again. Her head bobbed on the end of his prick, one hand jerking the stalk of his pole while the other gently played with his balls. It was coming again, like a storm cloud on the horizon, rapidly approaching, expanding, enveloping. This time, she did not stop and he could not find the words to warn her. Suddenly, his climax was upon him and he was struggling to keep quiet as his cock pumped its salty-sweet load into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could, but some escaped, slipping down over his balls.

It took several minutes before he found his voice. "Oh, Gretel, that was wonderful!" He pulled her down and kissed her, tasting his cum on her lips. He had never cum that hard before. He knew that it was because of her. He wanted to give her the same satisfaction so he pushed her onto her back, looking down into her eyes. "Do you want me to suck you, dear sister?"

"Oh, yes." She breathed, opening her legs. "Please. Suck me."

He slid down and smiled when he saw her slit, the white-gold hairs glistening with juices. He used a thick finger to part the fat lips, then pushed into her tight hole as his lips nibbled at her clit. She nearly came off the bed, clapping her hands over her mouth to stifle a scream. He licked and nibbled again and again, his finger stroking her inner walls and driving her insane with pleasure. Then, he did something that sent her careening over the edge. He thrust his tongue into her weeping hole, along with his finger, wiggling his nose as it came into contact with her swollen clit.

Gretel's breathless shriek was silent, her mouth forming an 'O' as her body arched off the bed. Her skin tingled and her pussy pulsed around his finger and tongue, contracting as he slightly moved them. She collapsed onto the bed, her eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Hansel! That was so good! I've never cum that hard before!"

Hansel kissed her with a bright smile. "That won't be the last time, dear sis. Now, let's get some sleep. We may need it tomorrow." Naked and satiated, the brother and sister cuddled together and blissfully fell asleep.

* * * * *

The next morning, their mother called and they dressed and met both parents outside as they had before. This time, Hansel was not able to grab a pocketful of rocks and he was very worried. Their mother gave them a scrap of bread for dinner and they headed off to the heart of the woods again, to gather wood. Again, they built a fire and fell asleep and again, they awoke alone. Hansel soothed Gretel again, telling her that he'd left a trail of crumbs to follow back home, but both were dismayed to discover that the forest animals had lunched on the precious bread.

Cold and alone, they remained lost in the forest for three days until they stumbled upon a house made of cakes, sugar windows and bread. "Do you see what I see?"

Hansel didn't answer. He ran forward and broke off a large piece of roof, sharing it with his sister. They ate steadily for several minutes before an old hag came out, waving her cane.

"What are you kids doing to my house?"

"Oh, we're sorry, ma'am. We were just hungry."

"Well, why didn't you say so?" She smiled at Hansel. "I have food inside. Come with me!" Inside the edible house, the old woman had pancakes and milk set out and both ate heartily. Once they were finished, she showed them two beds that they could rest on and Hansel and Gretel quickly fell asleep.

* * * * *

"Get the hell up!"

Gretel fell to the floor, her head slamming against the floor. Sleep clouded her mind and she struggled to clear the fog. The bed that Hansel had slept on was empty and the old woman had turned into a terrible witch. "Where's my brother?"

"Out in the stable. Now get up and get going! We need wood for the fire and you need to cook him something to eat."

Gretel learned what had happened. The witch had chained her dear brother out in the stable. He was spread-eagled on a board with a cock ring at the base of his prick. She would come out every hour and jack him to the point of cumming, then leave him hanging. This went on day after day, with Gretel performing all of the menial work around the cottage. She cooked, cleaned and scrubbed until her fingers were bleeding.

Several days later, the witch proclaimed that it was time. Time for what, Gretel did not know. She fetched water and wood as she had done every morning and returned to the cottage, surprised to see Hansel, now chained to the top of the butcher block. His engorged cock was purple with blood and the witch squeezed the cock ring, making him scream. She just laughed, then turned to Gretel.

"Are you a virgin, girl?" Gretel nodded. "Good. Come over here."

Gretel set the water jugs down and stood beside the witch. With one easy movement, the witch stripped her of her clothes. "Climb up on top of him and give him a good fucking."

"Oh, no! I can't! He's my brother!"

"Either you get up there or I kill him." The hag laughed. "Your choice."

On shaking legs, Gretel climbed on top of Hansel and straddled his stomach. His eyes met hers. "I wanted you, sweet Gretel, but not this way. Not your first time."

She nodded, her tears bathing his chest. "I know."

"Quit talking and get to fucking!"

Gretel locked eyes with him and she felt something gentle enter her soul. The marriage of their essences, the singing of their hearts. Not just sister and brother now. Now, they would marry their flesh. Now, they would become lovers. She leaned down and gave him a soft, loving kiss, her heart melting at his tender response. She knew at once that he felt it, too. She lifted her hips and moved backwards, rubbing his pre-cum wet head into her aching slit. His moan matched hers and she began the laborious task of fitting his huge sword into her tight sheath.

"Yes, yes, my pretty babies. Yes, that's it."

He barely heard the crone's words over the roaring in his ears. He was watching his dark purple dick slowly being engulfed by his sister's untried cunt. It helped that she was so wet but it went slowly, excruciatingly slow until he met her hymen. He mouthed, 'I love you' to her and thrust his hips upward. She screeched in pain, a sob caught in the bottom of her throat. It took a moment before she could move again.

And move she did.

Gretel lifted herself up, sliding up and down on her brother's aching cock, slowly at first, then speeding up as she became accustomed to his size. Her first orgasm erupted on the third downstroke and she threw her head back, moaning and rocking. "Oh, yes!" She saw him grit his teeth as her muscle walls rippled around him. She bucked against him again and again, taking him in harder and deeper. She didn't know how many orgasms she had but his penis was slick and streaked with her blood.

"Ah, yes." The witch inhaled deeply. "It's time."

She reached underneath them and unhooked the cock ring. Gretel's screamed was drowned out by Hansel's bellow as days worth of pent-up sexual frustration shot out of him like a rocket. His entire cock swelled, bringing on a teeth-rattling climax that left her limp and trembling.

"Climb down." The witch helped her down and had her lie down on the bed. "Don't move." Gretel couldn't see what she was doing, but she heard keys jangle and then the thud of a body. Hansel. He was free now. Could they escape? The witch pushed her legs apart, viciously pushing a finger into her cum-filled pussy and examining the thick, blood-streaked juice. "Perfect!"

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to eat his cum out of you." She cackled. "And your virgin blood and his virility will make me young again." She knelt on the floor, pulling her hips forward.

"Wait a minute."


Gretel sat up, lazily pinching her nipple. "Why don't you let me sit on your face?" The old woman's expression showed distrust. "That way, I can push it out into your mouth and you can make me cum again."

"Why would I want to make you cum again?"

"To help push the rest of it out, of course."

The hag arose, pinching Gretel's other nipple. "You're a tasty morsel, pretty girl. I might just keep you."

"Get me off and I'll let you do whatever you want to do."

A smile split the old woman's face and she licked her lips. "All right." Gretel moved to one side and waited until the woman was lying down before presenting her already dripping pussy. "Okay, bitch-baby. Give it to me."

The old woman really knew what she was doing. Her fat tongue stabbed into her dripping hole, extracting as much cum as she could. Gretel pushed down and the woman hummed in appreciation. "Like that?" The witch hummed again. She began to rock back and forth on her tongue, feeling the electricity of an upcoming orgasm as the witch's tongue searched every nook and cranny of her cunt. "Oh, yeah. Oh, I'm going to cum. Oh, yes!"

The orgasm rocked her to the core, making her toes curl, especially because the old woman's tongue was impaling her throbbing pussy, her eyes wide open. Hansel plunged the knife into her chest again, pausing to help his sister off of the dead witch's face. "Are you all right?"

"Yes. God, I love to cum!" They both laughed and she hugged him tightly.

"Go clean yourself up. I've got a little work to finish." While she washed and scrounged for some clothing, Hansel deftly cut the old witch's heart out. He knew that if he and Gretel drank the pure heart blood, they would be young forever. He squeezed the tough muscle's blood into a cup and they both drank, smiling as they felt the energy radiate through their bodies. "Now we can be together forever, if that's what you want."

"Oh, yes. That's what I want." She sighed in his warm embrace. "What a wonderful thing it will be to fuck you whenever I want."

He laughed. "Well, let's see what we can find and get out of here."

Scattered around the cottage were casks filled to the brim with precious stones and pearls. Hansel found several packs and they loaded them as full as possible. "So, what do we do now?"

Hansel looked at his beautiful sister, her bright blue eyes shining and filled with love. "Find a nice inn and spend the night fucking properly."

"I love you, Hansel."

"And I love you, sis."

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