tagNonConsent/ReluctanceVengeance is Mine

Vengeance is Mine


Authors note: Special thanks to Renee H. for her editing assistance.


Lara sat in the living room of her spacious house sipping a wine cooler and doing some internet shopping. Outside, the rushing of wind signaled an approaching storm. Leaves rustled and an occasional twig or branch would strike the side of the house as it was blown amidst the gathering tempest.

The 38-year-old had recently divorced and was living by herself in the rural home she had shared with her husband. He was a successful lawyer who had been caught cheating on her with a secretary at his law firm.

The divorce settlement gave Lara the house and a tidy financial sum. Having no children, she relished the idyllic rural setting; a pleasant change of pace from the hectic rush of the big city, where she worked as an investment banker.

Strikingly beautiful, Lara had shoulder length black hair and brilliant blue eyes. She jogged regularly and her body was still fit and trim. Her 36C breasts were firm and fulsome and she sported the perfect hourglass figure.

In the background, the TV news was announcing the escape of two female inmates from the women's prison about 35 miles from her home. She was not overly concerned, as her sister, Donna was the head of the work detail at the prison and Sandy, the warden at the facility, was one of her clients whom she had helped with some financial matters. They would certainly contact her if there was any danger.

Bursts of lightning signaled the storm was getting closer and Lara lit some candles just in case power was lost. She watched a movie and decided to call it a night when she heard a loud noise, followed by the sound of breaking glass coming from the kitchen area.

Her heart raced nervously as she slowly made her way into the kitchen. There was a rifle in the living room closet, but she was too terrified to retrieve it. Her trembling hand slipped behind the refrigerator to find the light socket and flipped the switch to illuminate the kitchen.

She shrieked in horror as two figures stood in front of the sliding glass door, its glass lying shattered on the kitchen floor.

She turned to run, but they quickly overpowered her, dragging her into the living room and tossing her on the couch. In the light of the living room she could see two females towering over her.

The hooded sweatshirts they wore made them appear menacing as Lara gazed upward, fearful of their intent.

While one of the women stood guard with Lara, the other one searched the house, returning with duct tape, rope, nylons, and the rifle that Lara had hidden.

As they removed the hooded jackets, the tacky orange prison outfits confirmed what Lara had feared; these were the two women that had escaped from prison a short time earlier.

The taller woman had brunette hair, cut short, she was medium built, not fat, but stocky, a rather menacing look. She also had a noticeable tattoo on her right arm. The other female was slightly smaller with shoulder length blonde hair. She was stout with almond-shaped eyes. Both women were attractive in their own way.

She knew them from somewhere; she had seen them before but simply could not place it right now. It was not until one of them spoke that the mystery began to unfold.

"You don't remember us do you?" The taller woman asked.

As Lara listened, the woman indicated that they were freshmen when Lara was a senior. Lara had been in charge of their initiation.

She remembered now; remembered making them walk down the hallway in only their bra and panties, and forcing them to stand naked outside the showers with their hands on their heads while the football team went by.

"That was a long time ago. It was just silly pranks," Lara remarked, a hint of nervous caution on her lips.

"Yea, maybe so, but you have to love the irony. Of all the houses we break into, it is yours." The shorter one said meanacingly.

"Make us something to eat," The tall blonde ordered as she pointed the gun at Lara.

Lara was marched into the kitchen at gunpoint and fixed some eggs, bacon and toast and as the two women sat down and engulfed the meal, Lara stood nearby. With the rifle at the side of the taller girl, she knew that trying to run would be foolish, so she stood shivering with dread.

When the women had finished eating, they returned to the living room, where they forced Lara to sit on the couch once again.

"Here is the deal sweetheart. We have busted out of the prison and need to lay low till morning. Sheriff will probably be coming by soon. You say you have not seen us or that pretty little ass of yours will be buried in your back yard," The taller blonde remarked.

Lara spoke nothing but nodded that she understood the threat. For a couple of hours they sat watching TV. When the bulletins announcing their escape would play, the two would become agitated and pace the floors. The news brodcast relayed their identies as well. Nadine Prichard, and Carla Malone. Lara had forgotten their names.

Forcing Lara to lead them to the closets, the two women picked out a pair of sweat pants and tops that fit well enough for the occasion. They then forced Lara to follow them to the bathroom as they prepared to take a shower.

While one girl held the gun on Lara, the other would use the toilet, then climb into the shower and bathe.

Lara could not help but notice that both women had ample breasts, and definitive pear shaped butts. They both were completely shaven in the crotch, and they both sported "tramp stamps" on their lower back, just above the ass. Nadine's was in the shape of a dragon, while Carla's was a wilted rose.

The phone rang and Lara was walked to it by Carla, the gun stuck in her side. It was her sister, Donna, checking up on her. Lara told her that she was fine, and Carla told her she would relay that to the patrol cars out scouring the area.

Back in the living room, the women turned off the TV and turned on a stereo, lowering the volume to prevent it from being beard outside. Nadine looked at Carla and grinned.

"We need some entertainment. Start dancing Lara," Nadine ordered, as the girls both laughed.

"I..I can't dance," Lara replied hastily.

"Wrong answer, bitch!" Nadine remarked as she pointed the gun at Lara.

Lara was paralyzed with fear, but knew she had no choice but to do as the two said. The TV indicated that they were considered dangerous criminals and not to engage them.

A song with a pulsating rhythm began playing and Lara began moving her body awkwardly to the beat while the two females looked on in amusement.

Lara felt humiliated and flushed with embarrassment as her body swayed to the rhythm.

"I think we should make her strip while she dances," Carla remarked while sipping a cold beer. "Pay her back for making us get butt naked at school."

"That is an excellent idea. You heard her, start stripping," Nadine commanded.

"Please, I can't do that," Lara pleaded as she gyrated and moved around slowly to the beat of the music.

"You don't have a choice bitch. Get naked or I will pull this trigger. You can start with the tennis shoes and socks," Nadine huffed.

Lara bent down and removed her shoes and socks, then continued moving her body in slow circular motions as she began pulling the top over her head. Nadine and Carla stared lustfully as Lara's bare tummy came into view. Lara was wearing a low cut lacy bra and both girls whistled teasingly as Lara reached back to undo it.

"Yea, show us those tits," Nadine remarked in a cruel tone.

A tear formed in Lara's eyes as she removed her bra and let her breasts fall free for the amusement of her sadistic captors. Strangely, Lara's nipples began to harden; a fact not lost on either Nadine or Carla, as they both took in the sensuous sight.

Lara felt as if her own body was betraying her. The adrenalin began pumping as she reached down to unbuckle the small belt of the jeans she was wearing. Unzipping the pants she began lowering them downward until she finally stepped out of them, and brushed them aside with her feet.

Clad only in a pair of light blue frilly panties, the girls motioned Lara to turn in circles as she danced. She slipped her fingers into the elastic bands and slowly began sliding the last vesture of clothing from her body. The eyes of both women were fixed on Lara's crotch as the panties fell to the floor.

"Please let me stop now," Lara pleaded through tearful eyes.

"Keep dancing slut," Nadine ordered. "Now turn around, bend over and spread those ass cheeks apart. Let's teach you some humiliation.

"Oh god, please don't make me do that," Lara pleaded, but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Lara felt faint as she turned her back to the females and bent over. Taking both hands, she pried her ass apart for them to see. She could feel their stares gazing at her nether region, as her body trembled in shame and humiliation.

"Move your ass around like a whore," Carla uttered in a lust filled voice.

Lara could only comply as she shamefully moved her ass around for their perverse pleasure. She felt like a cheap whore on public display as the tears flowed down her face.

When satisfied with Lara's performance, Nadine ordered Carla to ensure that the doors were locked and they marched Lara into the bedroom. Taking the small ropes they bound her hands to the headboard, and spread her legs, securing them to the foot of the bed.

"Look at that pussy, it is already damp. What a shameless slut," Nadine teased as both girls began stripping naked, while ogling Lara spread eagle on the bed.

Once naked, both women climbed in the bed on each side of Lara, and began rubbing their hands over her naked body.

"You know what is it is like to be locked up in prison with no outlet for sexual frustration?" Nadine spoke in a menacing tone.

"Please, don't do this," Lara pleaded Trembling from their touches and hating her own response, she was helpless to avoid their caresses in any way.

Both girls leaned over and each took one of Lara's' nipples into their mouth, teasing it to full hardness, while their hands moved slowly up and down Lara's trembling stomach.

"We have our own little sex slave tonight," Carla teased.

Lara's body was shamelessly burning with desire. She could feel the juices of her pussy flowing uncontrollably. She both hated it and loved it. The wetness oozed down the valley of her ass and pooled onto the sheets beneath her as the females continued slowly taking Lara to the edge of passion.

Nadine let her fingers slip down to Lara's damp mound and began tracing the puffy lips of her drenched sex. Lara's chest began to heave and her breathing became erratic as the sexual arousal climbed to the point of no return.

Nadine slipped two fingers into Lara's drenched pussy and began finger fucking her, while Carla rose and lowered herself onto Lara's face.

"Lick my cunt whore. Lick it good. "Carla ordered as she rubbed her damp and musty smelling pussy over Lara's face and mouth.

Lust craved passion now consumed Lara as her tongue flickered over Carla's sex. She could taste the girl's juices as they oozed into her mouth; coating her face as Carla writhed in sexual abandon.

Nadine furiously fingered Lara's pussy as the first wave of orgasm began building from deep inside. Like an active volcano, she erupted, squiring a thick stream of female ejaculate onto the already dampened sheets, drenching Nadine's hand in the process.

Carla soon shuddered and drenched Lara's face with cum as she came from Lara's tonguing. Not to be left out, Nadine rose and straddled Lara's face as Carla moved off it.

"My turn bitch, make me cum, or you will be sorry," She threatened as she lowered her crotch to Lara's drenched face.

Carla snaked her way down to Lara's flooded sex and began licking her swollen pussy lips, drinking in the spent female passion as Nadine ground her body into Lara's face while clutching Lara's tits.

Lara's mind was numb, and her body enslaved to the depraved lust that now held it in its grip as she moved her tongue furiously over Nadine's pussy and clit.

Nadine soon let out a guttural moan and convulsed as a powerful orgasm consumed her body. She slumped to the side of Lara and lay there catching her breath.

Nadine and Carla crawled on each side of Lara and they all drifted to sleep. All through the night, Lara would be awakened to the feeling of one of the girls fingering her pussy to another orgasm. Her body was drained and weakened as if sexual vampires had drained every ounce of energy from her body, leaving her enslaved to their sadistic whims.

Her head was spinning as the morning light shone through the window. At the foot of the bed she could see Nadine and Carla standing naked, ready to put on the sweat pants and shirts to make a quick getaway. The bedroom smelled of stale sex, and the sheets were blotted with dried stains.

Lara's bladder was clamoring for release, yet she feared the two would leave her there tied up.

"I need to pee," Lara whispered, almost too weak to speak.

Both girls looked in amusement at Lara's stretched and bound body, glistening in the juices of last night's sex.

"Sorry sweetie, got to make a run for it, can't let you up," Nadine remarked as she pulled a pair of panties up her legs.

"Please. Untie me, I have to go really badly," Lara pleaded as she tried to squirm in her bonds.

"Well don't mind us darling, go ahead and piss," Carla giggled as she pulled a sweatshirt top over her arms.

Nadine finished dressing and walked over to the squirming Lara.

"I guess you don't want me to do this then, do you." She remarked as she took her palm and pressed down firmly on Lara's stomach, sending her swollen bladder into overdrive.

"Noooooooo," Lara pleaded as she began pissing uncontrollably onto the bed.

A thick stream of hot pee arched into the air and landed onto the bed, drenching it as the girls laughed hysterically. Nadine and Carla came over and kissed Lara on the lips and turned to leave.

"The bindings are made so that you can free yourself, but it will take a while," Nadine remarked.

The two women left the house and disappeared into the wooded area of the surrounding forest, leaving Lara alone in the house, trying frantically to free herself.

Two hours later, Lara made it to the phone and called her sister, Donna. Reporting all the details a manhunt was immediately assembled for the two escapees. Donna rushed over and talked to Lara while she soaked in the tub.

"Don't worry, we will get these two bitches and they will pay dearly, I can promise you that," Donna remarked as she consoled Lara.

No matter how many times Lara washed herself, she could still smell Nadine's and Carla's scent on her.

Three days later.

Lara was in the backyard watering her flowers when the phone rang. Picking it up, she was met by the excited voice of Donna on the other end.

"Hey, got something for you. You know the old Brewer farm. I have a work detail here. Gotta couple of naked chicks down here you should see," she remarked.

Lara hung up the phone and drove to the old plantation that had been overgrown. As she walked down the path she could see the women out cutting shrubbery and limbs, and then saw Donna coming towards her.

"Follow me," Donna remarked and Lara followed her to a patch on the opposite side of the road. There was Nadine and Carla laboring naked in the hot sun.

"Disciplinary rules," Donna remarked grinning.

"Lara scanned their naked bodies, glistening with sweat. She could not help but savor the moment as she watched them work.

"I called you down here because I know you need some payback. Don't worry, no one will know and no one will believe them if they do say anything," Donna whispered.

"What do you mean?" Lara asked inquisitively, her interest peaked.

"There is a secluded area over there. I will handcuff them to a tree and you can switch their bare asses and pussies till they bleed if you want," Donna remarked.

Lara simply could not resist the temptation and nodded her approval. Donna walked over and forced Nadine and Carla into the secluded woods and cuffed their hands to a limb above their heads. She returned and told Lara that they were all hers.

Lara picked up the leather crop that Donna had brought and walked triumphantly into the seclusion of the woods. She stared at the sight of the two women with glee.

"Well fancy meeting you two here. Payback is a bitch, and so am I," Lara groaned as she began laying lash after lash to their naked asses.

She purposely let the crop find its way between their legs, striking their sensitive pussy lips, as the two squirmed and moaned in their gags.

Walking in front of them, she took the crop to their bare tits, turning them crimson red, and watched in delight as the tears flowed down their faces. Once again, she spread their legs apart and lashed their exposed pussies, loving the feeling of power and revenge she had over the two. They were now as helpless as she was.

She stepped back and watched the two naked women wriggle in their bonds and grinned in sadistic delight at the sight before her. She spent over 30 minutes lashing them, and then walked out of the woods to meet Donna.

"You can undo them now, I am done." Lara grinned as she handed Donna the riding crop.

"Oh let's leave them there a couple of hours and go grab a beer," Donna grinned and the two got into the pickup truck and headed down the road.

Justice had been served, country style.

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