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Venice 1754


Venice 1754, the evening of Carnival. When Venetians gather in Piazza San Marco in masks. A night when torches blaze, their light dancing along the walls illuminating brilliant costumes below. In an apartment overlooking the Piazza, a beautiful young duchess is making a final touch, placing two black feathers on her silver and purple mask. Completing her disguise, her personality for an evening where her passion and desire will be free to lead her.

Elle D'or was the idol of all France, no other has ever been found, nor will one ever be found to match her beauty and her talents. Everything about her was natural, her purity of heart, the movement of her spirit, and her passion for ecstasy. Her gown, made for royalty, barely kissing the carpet as she walked was made of the finest fabrics the world had to offer. Draped across her shoulders, tight around her waist, accentuating her bosom which created a valley so deep and profound it demanded careful study from all those who came across it.

She took one last look into the mirror, brining the mask up to her face, hiding all but her eyes and her lips. Her mouth curled up into a smile, approving of her fine handy work and the look of heated expectation in her eyes. For tonight she would not be alone in her escapades. It had been arraigned the evening prior that she would meet a Venetian noble man whose reputation and many talents were well known throughout the city. His charm infected all those around him. He was able to make women go into rage with desire and able to unleash their lustful passion. With mischievous intent in her eyes she dashes to the door. She pauses and takes a deep breath, causing her bosom to rise and fall as if they were clouds on a breeze. She cracks opened the door, takes a peek out side and makes off into the night, the candles in her room blowing out as she shuts the door.

Across the canal in an abandoned lot, four of Venice's finest are drinking the last of their wine discussing their strategy for the evening. Although they are all similarly dressed in black capes, one man stands above this group. His stance is slightly more relaxed and refined, confident of his place in life. His mysterious face hidden beneath a mask made nearly all of red through which all you could see are his two penetrating eyes, the devilish Count Dominique Rosa. There is a flash in his eye as fireworks explode overhead. After a final good luck toast these four-cloaked figures go their separate ways, our count makes haste for Piazza San Marco, to find a mystery woman from the north.

As the Count and Countess wind their way through the alleys the temperature rises as thousands have taken to the streets, they weave and doge, making their way through the crowd. With every step the anticipation grows, the noise and music becoming louder, beating in their chests. Both have spent hours playing out the events to come. Now with the moment upon them their pace quickens, their breath impatient, each eager to tease the other into submission.

Arriving at the chosen meeting point, the fun begins. They do not know each other, are unaware of what the other is wearing, they can only study the crowd and the masks, locking eyes with others to find the truth of their intent. For several minutes Elle D'or sneaks through the crowd hoping to discover the count before he discovers her. She stops in mid-stride, caught staring at the ground. She can feel them, his penetrating eyes. He has spotted her from a far, able to remain anonymous in the crowd. She does not know where he is, but she can feel him staring into her. Her pulse is racing, her blood rushing through her body, the excitement is overwhelming, as she skips a breath. She slowly looks up and carefully glances over her right shoulder.

She catches sight of a bright red mask, stationary in a sea of movement. Confident of the authority her beauty possesses, she turns and challenged this man, radiating truth and purity from her eyes. As she smiled slightly toward him, encouraging him, their line of sight was broken by a passing crowd. As the crowd parts Dominique sees her disappear into the crowd, the chase is on. He weaves and dives his way through the mob of people, catching only glimpses of Elle D'or as she continues to elude her pursuer. A game of cat and mouse. She leads him away from the crowd, he always sees her as she is turning a corner into another alley, making haste to find this temptress he turns down the next ally and BAM, he is knocked to the ground by three men who place a sack over his head and tie his hands behind his back.

There was no time to struggle, he is taken inside a house just off the alley, forced up the stairs and placed in a chair. The men then leave without saying a word, down the stairs out the door and down the alley, their fading laughter infuriating the count as he sits helpless in the house alone in the dark. Then something strange, the smell of incense, the sent of woman and he could now make out candle light on the floor. It was not a sense of fear that he feels, but curiosity of what was to come.

A presence in the room approaches him, radiating pure sexual power, her movements choreographed for maximum effect, her prey, within her sights. Ever so slowly, and every so softly the duchess lifts the sack from off the counts head, revealing his mask and his eyes. He immediately catches sight of her mask and realizes at once that this woman was more powerful then he ever imagined. Having the prowess to kidnap a count right off the street, but then again, anyone kidnapped by Elle D'or would consider himself to be a lucky man.

Their eyes lock, she takes four steps back allowing him to see her in full. No words were spoken. None are needed, their intent clearly written all over their hidden faces. With grace and delicacy she moves her right hand up to her left shoulder slowly slipping her gown up off her skin and down her arm letting it hang at her elbow revealing pristine skin above her left breast. Brushing her other shoulder, she slowly spins and her dress falls, exposing her back. A quick glance behind her to make sure she has his full attention and she drops her gown and slowly begins to reach for the sky, giving him a clear view of her beautiful ass and long legs as her gown comes to rest on the floor. Stepping out of the silk and velvet, she spins around on her toes taking a wide pose, allowing this man to see her in all her glory.

Her figure is perfect, a true goddess. Her breasts generously offer themselves to him, her waist asking to be squeezed, and pussy waiting to be devoured. She slowly and seductively approaches him, bends over at the waist, her nude body a blaze from the candlelight, and gives him a soft wet long kiss on the lips. She can feel his hands struggle against the ropes, and notices the bulge growing in his pants, struggling against the tight fabric. Coming in close again, she slowly spreads her legs and one by one sits on his lap naked facing him, wrapping her legs around the back of the chair, not yet letting her breasts touch his chest.

Eye to eye, she deliberately takes his head in her hands, digging her fingers into his mocha hair, brining her lips to his. Their tongues meet, slowly tasting each other, stirring the passion brewing within. The moment is eternal, their lips connected, enjoying each other's breath. He is helpless, unable to resist desire. Again she stands up and backs away to a table, grabbing a bottle, she lays down on the couch in from of him. She tilts the bottle over and out comes pure oil, slowly beginning to coat her upper right breast and gently roll down the middle of her chest toward her belly button. Gliding her hands over her breasts her body begins to glisten as she covers herself in oil. Now rubbing her hands all over her body her heightened arousal becomes evident from the soft moans escaping from her rounded mouth. Now closing her eyes she reaches slowly between her legs, parting the lips of her pink already soaking pussy. Rubbing her hands over her clit she squeals in delight. She slowly penetrates herself with two fingers. The pleasure between her legs begins to spread to her whole body. She bits her lower lip, as she continues pleasuring herself, her fingers gliding easily in and out her dripping pussy.

The Count sits there, viewing a scene that will haunt him for the rest of his life. How could he be so lucky? Watching her there on the couch, pleasuring herself, the moans turning into whimpers as she begins to lose control. He watches as her muscles spasm uncontrollably, her back arching her hair fanned out and her open mouth, unable to speak as the orgasm takes her over completely. You can hear the juice from her pussy as she removes her soaking fingers and with here eyes still closed, slowly puts her fingers in her mouth, tasting her own sweetness. By this point Dominique's cock is engorged, stiff and seeking release from the tight cloth around his waist, yet he is helpless.

As if Elle D'or had read his mind her eyes open sharply, her gaze pierces his soul. She jumps up from the couch quickly closing the distance between them. In one quick move she reaches for his waistband, and before he knows it his pants are on the other side of the room. Elle D'or looks at his cock, now standing at full attention, she glances up looking Dominique in the eyes with delighted approval and a little smile. Then without warning she devours his cock. Her mouth, salivating from the thought of this glorious meal, immediately forces moans of pleasure from the count. The duchess, continues fucking his cock with her mouth, deep, fast, and with fire as she rubs oil all over his inner thighs, caressing his balls, tugging and pulling them as she continues to suck his cock with all her fury. It fills her mouth, she can feel it in the back of her throat, and all she wants is more. Sensing he is about to cum, she slows way down, and removes a small knife hidden in her hair, she looks as if to stab him then reaches behind him cutting his ropes setting his hands free.

The power dynamic instantly changes, as he grabs her with his strong arms and bends her over the chair onto which just a moment ago he was bound. He gives her one hard spank on the ass and then thrusts his cock inside her as hard and as deep as he can go. She instantly cums, screaming in ecstasy, her pussy flooding, showering his large cock inside her. He shows her no mercy, and continues to pound her while grabbing a full head of hair, pulling hard forcing himself deeper and deeper with every thrust. The walls of her pussy contact tight around his dick as intense waves of pleasure create spasms causing her to nearly fall to the floor. He doesn't let her escape, he throws her up against the wall and using his abundant strength puts both of his arms between her legs and spreads them wide as he lifts her completely off the ground, her back against the wall while she is sitting on his arms.

He fucks her silly, his cock going in and out of her pussy over and over again causing a single bead of sweat to roll down his forehead to his cheek. Their eyes attached to one another's souls, each still wearing their masks. Just after she cums for the fifth time, he takes her to the bed and lays her down, never taking his cock from her pussy and continues fucking her without skipping a beat. Her legs spread wide, in full submission, his ass flexing hard as he dives into her again and again. They never want it to end, no pleasure has felt so deeply satisfying. Sweat is now dripping from his head onto her oil soaked body. His muscles are on fire and just as they are about to set fire to the sheets, they feel it.

Electricity from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes and everywhere in between. They cum in perfect unison, squeezing and holding each other tightly as they experience this profound emotion and indescribable feelings. Dominique spasms violently as he cums inside her, every contraction delivering more and more hot white cum as he fills her to the brim. She can feel the pressure inside her every time he cums, taking her higher and higher than ever before. For a moment, nothing exists. Everything is whole, complete.

The moment lasts.

Their bodies slide together as they begin to calm and catch their breath. Again softly kissing, playing with each other's tongues ever so gently, in a mess of oil, sweat and cum. He begins to slowly pull out, but is stopped by her hands urgently grabbing his ass, pleading with him to stay inside her for just a moment longer. He gracefully obliges and rolls her on top of him.

Lying underneath her, he has a new perspective to admire this beautiful woman. Her breasts and nipples engorged, twice their original size, the foreground to her beautiful smile and crystal blue eyes. Elle D'or's pussy, wet and swollen with cum starts to leak and drip down the base of his strong cock, covering him in a potion of pure love. She sits there, admiring her work just long enough, then with her lips curling into that mischievous smile. She slowly gives him one last kiss. Takes her time dismounting him, and with elegance and grace, slowly walks backward towars a back door, never taking her eyes off him from beneath her mask. She blows him a kiss and slips out the door still nude. Curious, Dominique approaches the door, cautious of another trap, but upon opening the door he finds nothing but an empty closet with an open window, curtains blowing in the breeze. A look down the alley shows it is deserted except for the sounds of carnival still raging on.

Not sure what to think, he slowly turns around walking back towards the bed. Throwing his mask on the floor he collapses on to the sheets that smells of his mystery woman, warm from the love they created. There is nothing more for him to do except use the last of his energy to softly smile and embrace the moment.

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