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Venturing Onto the Other Side



Author's Note

This is my second time writing gay fiction. This is intended as more of a romantic story; it has to do with German boy helping his Korean friend realize he doesn't have to look to girls for love. There's not really any penetration to speak of, but there's a brief handjob near the end.

Please leave any comments or constructive criticism, I love seeing them, even if they're negative. Enjoy!


Rain drummed on the windows, obscuring the view of the parking lot and the campus beyond. The sheets of falling water allowed nothing but a grayish light into the room.

Samuel sighed as he looked out at it, looking back down at the pot of boiling white Alfredo sauce he was cooking. Picking up the frying pan on the next burner, he used a spatula to scoot the seasoned chicken he'd been frying into the sauce. He was nearly done. He looked up at the clock; 6:12. Odd, Theo should have been back by now. His evening class got out at 5:45 today.

His roommate must have gotten hung up somewhere. Oh well. He could keep the sauce warm till his roommate arrived. He'd promise Theodore dinner. Though he knew the Korean wasn't picky, he'd rather have something good and fresh waiting.

Anyway, this gave him more time to prepare the pasta. Samuel brushed his hair out of his face. It was black, and came down past his chin. The longer bangs framing his face were dyed blue (and, he noted, were due for a re-dying soon) and framed his delicate features and dark green eyes.

He put the frying pan into the sink and filled a pot with water, putting it where the pan had been and starting the burner. As it heated, he washed the oily frying pan off and set it in the rack, moving to the pantry to get some-

Suddenly, the door of the apartment rattled and then opened. Theo was home.

He walked in and looked over with his brown eyes.

"Hey, Sam." He said in his deep voice. He didn't sound Asian in the least.

Sam detected something in his voice, and in his handsome face...something was wrong. "Hallo, Theo, how do you feel?" Asked Sam. He had a slight German accent. He thought it was kind of funny calling an Asian Theo; but, as did many Korean children, his roommate had both an American and a Korean name. Apparently his parents had been admirers of President Roosevelt.

"Ah, I'm okay." He said. "That smells good." He said, giving a smile. "Be back." He said, disappearing into his room, probably to change out of his jeans and polo shirt to the clothes he wore around the apartment. For his own part, Sam was wearing a pair of very short, very tight shorts and a snug white t-shirt.

He came back out around the time Sam was draining the pasta, dressed in a pair of baggy sweat shorts and a t-shirt. He was not a stereotypical lithe Asian, he had a pudgy build if anything, but Sam thought it suited him. He smiled up at him. "Hey."

"What's good, fag?" He asked, standing next to Sam so he could see what he was cooking.

Sam had been friends with Theo for three years now, the two were extremely close. When he called him a fag, it was a term of endearment. "Hopefully whatever it is that I'm cooking." He answered. "It's almost done. I did promise you dinner, didn't I?"

"Mm. You did." Rumbled Theo. He sighed and moved to the fridge, opening it. "Hey, Franziskaner! You found some!" He exclaimed. "Where did you find the shit? I couldn't find it fucking anywhere."

"Oh, John and I went to the ABC over on 67th. They had them there." He smiled backwards at his roommate as he began to remove plates from the cabinet. "Can you help me with the cups?" He asked. Theo was of average height, but Sam was short. His roommate brushed bodily against his back as he reached up to grab a couple of the cheap blue plastic cups out of the package they'd gotten at Wal-Mart. Sam let out a quiet sigh as his roommate's warm, soft body brushed up against his lithe, trim frame.

"What are you drinking?" He asked.

"Oh, just the Coke that's in the fridge."

Theo opened it. "The box is empty."

"How can it be empty? I just bought some." Asked Sam, looking over at him. "Well, give me whatever we have, it's fine." Said the German, smiling.

After sorting out the beverage situation, they finally sat down at the small table.

"So are you talking about the John you know or my John?" Asked Theo. "Oh god, this is good. Fuck." He said as he tasted the pasta.

Sam smiled broadly at him. "I'm happy you like it. I was worried I fucked up the spices." He said. "I was talking about my friend, you know your John is afraid of me."

Theo nodded as he sipped from the cup where he'd poured one of the Franziskaner beers Sam had bought him. "Yeah, that's what I was wondering, I mean he keeps up the front, but-"

"Ja, like you told me, I think he is...how do you say it, afraid of the gays?"

"Homophobic." He sipped the beer again, and sighed. "I'm really glad you found this, I've been looking high and low for this shit, in like twenty places and no one had it."

"I know, that's why I grabbed it when I saw it." Sam said, watching Theo for a moment.

He nodded. "At least something's going right." He sighed.

Sam stared for a moment. Here it was. He leaned a bit closer. "What's wrong?"

Theo shook his head and waved his hand dismissively. "Nah, it's really not that big a deal, just trouble with women, you know. Oh wait, no you don't."

Sam sat back and chuckled. "No, I know they are crazy, though."

"Yeah, well, I can definitely testify to that." He rumbled, shaking his head, putting his fork down, taking a long swig of his beer. "You know Vanessa?

"That girl you were hitting on?" Asked Sam, putting a piece of chicken in his mouth.

Theo nodded and took another swig of his drink. "Yeah. Well, you know how we went out the last couple of nights?" Sam shook his head as Theo finished his beer and got up for another.

Sam said; "Well, you never said what you did last night, you were in a hurry this morning."

"Oh, right. Well." He popped the top off the beer, taking a moment to stare at the monk on the label before coming back. "Anyway, you know, sometimes I go places with her and whatnot."


Sitting down, he continued. "Well, day before yesterday, you know I went out at like midnight to see a movie at her place."

Sam nodded. "Yeah."

Theo continued, gesticulating with one hand while pouring his beer. "And, like, I was sitting on her bed with her, at her suggestion. Nothing really happened, but you know, she suggested I sit on her bed because 'It's more comfortable than the floor, Theo.' Then after we went to Jimmy John's, and I came back here. Then yesterday we went to the movies, and the whole time, she's leaning on her armrest in such away that she is kind of...rubbing against me the whole time. And, you know, it seems like something up there, I mean, am I off in interpreting this?"

Sam shook his head. "No, it is kind of suspicious."

"Right. And I mean, I told you the other stuff she did. Anyway." He sighed. "Today I finally worked up the courage to ask her if she liked me romantically, you know, cause I was convinced she did."

"Oh no." Sam said, frowning, knowing where this was headed.

"Yeah." Theo slumped. "The thing is, she fucking laughed. Not a little flattered titter, she laughs like its some kind of fucking joke. It really hurt, man. I kept cool though, I just kind of said something and left, I don't remember what I said."

Sam frowned. "I'm sorry, Theo. Really, I know you were working yourself up for that. I'm proud of you for stepping in there though, as you'd probably say, stepping into battle."

He nodded and sighed. "Thanks. I still feel stupid. I shouldn't have said anything, I don't know if she'll talk to me anymore after this." He shook his head, sighing. They finished eating in silence.

Another few minutes later, and they were sitting on the couch, drinking the beer Sam had bought. The rain was still pouring and the twilight was upon the city, the scene outside painted in deep blues, interrupted by the gleaming orange beacons of the streetlamps.

They sat there for a while, not saying anything.

Finally, Theo broke the silence. "You know."

"Hmm?" Sam looked over at him.

"I wish girls could just be straightforward and honest. This has happened too many times to me, man, they always lead me on, I don't know why. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But that doesn't change the fact that they just...I dunno." He shook his head.

"I know what you mean, Theo." Sam said, smiling over at him.

"I can really understand being gay sometimes."

Sam chuckled. "I know, too bad girls make your cock hard." He said.

Theo laughed and went silent for a bit, polishing off the last beer.

Sam sighed, looking over at him. He really was a good guy. He felt bad for him. Theodore was such a great friend to him, ever since he'd come to the university to study... Looking out the window, he began to ponder something, something he'd wondered about in the past. He was doing well; he had a scholarship, he had good parents, he was doing well in grades. Theo was pulling an A-B average but he was stressed out. The Korean had come into a lot of work lately. He had a scholarship too (which he had almost lost due to the incompetence of the university bureaucracy), though it wasn't as big of one, and had to take a loan for school. He was worried about paying it off when he graduated.

But Sam knew the wanted most was someone else. He knew his roommate very, very well. And he wanted to know him better. Should he really try what he was thinking of? It might make things really weird, especially coming off the heels of his drama with the girl. But then again, Theo was just ranting about how he hated dishonesty coming from the girls...maybe he should tell him how he felt? Sam shook his head and looked over at the Korean. He was slightly drunk, he could tell. Would it really be fair to do things in this condition to him? Then again, Theo had said in the past that he never did anything he was against when he was drunk... Sam took a deep breath.

He turned to his friend. "Theo."


'It's tough, isn't it? The girls, I mean."

"Got that right." He said, nodding, staring at the empty beer bottle before setting it on the floor by his feet. They didn't have a coffee table.

After a moment, Sam spoke up. "Did you ever...think about...taking a different approach? Trying to find love elsewhere?" Sam asked timidly, his accent getting thicker. He fought the urge to shrink away. He didn't want to lose his best friend, but...he had to get it out there... If he wanted dramatic results, he needed to do something dramatic.

"Um. What do you mean?" Rumbled Theo, looking over at him.

Sam scooted himself closer. "You said girls are all crazy...did you ever think...about...guys?"

"What? No." Theo denied quickly and somewhat aggressively.

Still, Sam persisted, moving closer to his friend. "Please, just hear me. Those girls only ever hurt you. They just want to bat your heart back and forth like a cat and mouse."

Theo was looking at him, studying his face, expressionless.

"I won't ever do anything like that to you, I care about you, I want you to be happy. I'm as soft and warm as a girl." Sam said, brow furrowing. "Please. We can be together and be happy, and no dumb girls are going to toy with you or tell you how to be. It'll be how we are now, but deeper, and..."

Theo's face was softening somewhat. Perhaps he could sense just how much this meant to him...

Sam moved close enough for their bodies to touch. He slid one hand onto Theo's leg. "Please, just...give me a chance to make you happy."

Theo looked towards the window, then the floor, and sighed. "I didn't know you felt that way. I... I'd like to....but... my instincts tell me to go after girls, I don't think I can do anything with a guy. I don't know if this will work. We're happy as friends, right?" He said, making eye contact again.

Sam smiled at him. "Of course. But...well..." He slid the hand on his roommate's leg further, gripping his cock through his shorts. Theo gasped, surprised. Sam began to slowly rub. He could already feel it swelling... "I can make you feel as good as a girl..."

"Ahh..." Theo closed his eyes for a moment, before looking back and opening them. He shook his head. "No, come on, stop..."

"Your cock likes it. It's completely hard for me now..." Sam said, smiling. He stopped for a moment, withdrawing his hand...only to slide it under Theo's waistband, into his shorts. He gripped his cock and pressed up against him, talking low into his ear as his soft, delicate hand jerked his friend off.

Theo pushed against him. "Oooh...please...please stop it... Sam. I'm not gay." He gasped.

"You don't have to be..." He purred, starting to stroke his cock faster. "I just want you to consider us bois too... I know you, Theo, you're a big strong guy, you could throw me off if you wanted to... You like it, don't you..." He leaned in and kissed his friend's neck. Theo outright moaned now.

"Mmm, Teddy is enjoying my hand job, isn't he..." Sam said.

"Mmm.... No..."

"Yes you are..." Breathed Sam, softly biting at his earlobe.

"Ahh. Sammy...oh...Sam... mmm...I'm gonna cum..."

"Sammy? I like that name..." He chuckled. "Cum for Sammy, come on..." He reached down and gripped the sweat shorts' elastic waistband and pulled it down, exposing the Korean's cock to the air. "Cum for me..." He bent his head down, taking the phallus in his mouth.

He was rewarded when he felt a hot jet of thick liquid fill his mouth, a powerful stream hitting the back of his throat. He bobbed his head up and down, sucking on the cock as it spasmed and blew its load into his hot mouth. He moaned around the cock.

Then, as it ended, he withdrew his mouth from his friend's penis with a slurp, looking up at him, licking his lips, and swallowing. "Mmm, you taste good, Theo..."

The Korean was breathing hard, his chest heaving. "Oh god." He said. "You..." He shook his head. "I've never came so hard..." He closed his eyes.

Sammy smiled at him. "I can do this for you more, Theo, please. I can make you cum just as well as any of them. I just hate to see what the girls do to you." He said, kissing Theo's cheek. "Will you give me a chance?"

Theo looked over, sighing. Then, he smiled slightly. "You know how I hate being called Teddy?"

Sammy nodded, not sure where this was going. "Yeah?"

"You can if you want to." He smiled at him. Then, he nodded, moving closer to the German boi. "You're a great friend, I'd love to get closer. I'll give you your chance."

"Oh, ist das wundervoll. You won't regret it." He exclaimed, leaning closer, wrapping his arm around Teddy's neck so he could kiss him.

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