tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 06

Venus School of Sex Ch. 06


Jessica woke the next morning to find herself slightly overheated because Nick's arms were wrapped around her, his body cuddled up behind her. There was also something insistently poking into the small of her back, which made her giggle. The movement woke Nick up and he stirred against her, tightening his arms for a moment. She reveled in the feeling of his body against hers, enjoying the sensation of waking up with somebody. For a moment she thought about climbing on again, but since her very first class of the day was Basic Intercourse, she figured it'd be better if she didn't. After all, it was her third day at the school and she had a long day ahead of her, including a new class - Light BDSM - at the very end of it.

But she couldn't help wriggling enticingly against Nick just for the fun of it. He moaned as her soft backside pushed against his hardness, and squeezed her body in his arms, one of his hands immediately latching onto her breast, the other stroking her stomach.

"Mmm," she feels good she said, "but we have to get up and get ready so we aren't late for breakfast. And with all our classes today we probably shouldn't waste our energy."

"Fine," Nick groaned, reluctantly releasing her. "Don't think I'm letting you off easy though, you're going to pay for teasing me!"

True to his word, when they got in the shower he began rubbing and touching all over her body, insisting on soaping her with his hands he massaged her back, cupped her breasts, tweaked her nipples to soapy hardness. Then he pressed her against the wall of the shower, her back to him just like it had been in the morning, and he used his fingers to make sure she was clean inside and out. Jessica moaned as he pushed his fingers into her, she was already hot and bothered from the thorough cleansing he'd given her, and starting to think that maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to just go ahead and do a little more studying before breakfast.

"Uh uh," he told her when she floated the suggestion. "You're just going to have to wait for your first class like you wanted to." Nick obviously didn't plan on waiting though, he began rubbing himself up and down the length of her butt cheeks, pressing the mounds together with his hands to increase the pressure. The water from the shower cascaded down on them, keeping her body slick. Jessica put her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit, but before she could do more than build upon the sensations he'd started, Nick was jerking behind her, warm stickyness spraying her lower back. It was quickly washed off, but he wouldn't let her finish playing with herself.

Even so, they ended up being late to breakfast, and Jessica had to go to class with wet hair.


Chris felt his balls tighten in anticipation when Jessica came into the Basic Intercourse class. Her hair was damp in a ponytail, and there were wet spots on her shirt where it clung to her, obviously from droplets of water that had dripped off of her. She was so gorgeous, and he'd been waiting months to even have a chance to be in this position. It sucked that she'd had a boyfriend and then had been so down in the dumps that neither he or Justin could really make a solid move on her, but now he was ready and willing to do so much more.

Noticing that Rick - aka Mr. Winter - was eyeing Jessica, Chris hastily walked over and claimed her as his student for the class. Rick just gave him a half-smile, obviously he wasn't too put out as there were plenty of other attractive students, but Rick had enjoyed teaching Jessica very much on Tuesday. Chris and Justin had been writhing with jealousy when he'd told them about it in fact.


"You've already taken one class of this course, correct?" Mr. Fire smiled down at Jessica. It was hard to look him in the eye, every time she did she remembered staring at his eyes in the mirror as he made her cum all over his fingers that first day in the bathroom. Somehow, even though she knew that they were strangers, she felt a strange level of comfortableness with him. Mr. Flood too, now that she thought about it. She'd let him play with her ass all class yesterday without even needing the kind of intimacy-introducer like she'd needed with Mr. Winter before her first Basic Intercourse class. When they looked at her, with their hot hungry eyes, it made her feel sexy and brazen. But it also made her feel a little embarrassed that she was so immediately comfortable and sexual with them, she hoped they didn't think she was slutty. And then she wondered why she cared.

"Yes, on Tuesday," she said, realizing that she hadn't answered Mr. Fire's question yet. He smiled down at her as he led her over to a free mattress.

"Good then we'll go ahead and move onto a new position. Have you ever tried doggy style before?" Jessica immediately made a face without thinking about it and Mr. Fire laughed. "I'll take that as a yes and that you weren't a fan."

"It didn't do much for me," she admitted, shrugging ruefully. "It was fun and different, but it's always been a starter-position for me, I've never been able to cum from it." Her cheeks turned pink again at her admission.

"Then whoever you were with wasn't doing it right," he murmured, and she couldn't help but thinking that yes, her ex Sean hadn't always been able to get her off. "Let me show you."

And with that he began kissing her, passionately and deeply. Jessica responded to him immediately. She and Mr. Fire had a definite spark (she giggled to herself). He was so intense, so confident, and she was definitely attracted to him. Idly she wondered what he looked like behind the mask. Maybe he and Mr. Flood were twins, they certainly had similar dark good looks.

Mr. Fire's tongue pressed into her mouth, and his hands were all over her body, sliding and groping. The intensity of the kiss, the hard and unexpected squeezes of his hands, made her absolutely breathless and a little weak in the knees. She clung to him, scratching the back of his neck with her nails, kissing back as best she could. Sucking his tongue into her mouth she felt him shudder a little against her, his hardness pressing into her belly.

He unbuttoned her blouse down to her stomach and reached into her shirt and the small cup of the bra to squeeze her breasts. Pressing them together in front of her, he kneaded and massaged the sensitive flesh as she whimpered, her own hands running down his bare chest, sliding through his hair and brushing against his nipples. In response, he pinched her nipples, not too hard, and used them to pull her closer to him, into a deeper kiss. Jessica moaned as his strong fingers pinched her tender buds, the shiver of pleasure and pain made her want to get on her knees for him. She didn't even care if she came, she just wanted to feel him inside of her!

Releasing her breasts, he wrapped his arms around her and gripped her ass, his big hands covering the majority of her cheeks as he pulled her skirt up. Jessica wiggled against him, moving her hips in time with him. Mr. Fire put one leg slightly forward and she practically climbed onto it, rubbing her front against his leather covered thigh.

Then Mr. Fire stopped kissing her and started nibbling at her neck, it was like she had a target on her most sensitive spots as he immediately zeroed in where her neck met her shoulder and sucked, biting lightly with his teeth. Jessica gasped and moved more strongly against his leg; she was so turned on and the hard muscles of his thigh felt so fantastic as she rubbed herself against it, she thought she might get off just from that. But his mouth moved up to her ear and he whispered "Get on all fours baby."

Jessica reluctantly let go of him, getting down on all fours. Her pussy was sopping wet and all she wanted was to cum.

Mr. Fire got down on the mattress behind her and began kissing her back, his fingers massaging the outside of her pussy. Jessica moaned and lifted her hips, humping back at him. That felt amazing. His teeth nibbled one her back muscles and she hissed and arched as one of two of his fingers began to press into her sopping wetness from behind.

"How does that feel, baby?" he asked, a little smugly because he already knew the answer.

"Oh my god it feels fantastic," Jessica moaned, thrusting back at him. "Please, I want you inside of me."

Chris thought he might burst hearing that admission spill from her pouty lips. But being a Teacher at the Venus School of Sex had taught him more control than that. He kept sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy, using the fingers of his other hand to circle and brush her clit. The girl moaned and quivered, her body clenching around him with an overwhelming desire to cum. It was right where he wanted her. He removed his hands and unzipped his pants.

Jessica practically crowed with joy when she felt him slide the head of his cock up and down her wet slit. She pushed back, wanting him inside her. His fingers had had her so close to cumming and she was hot and needy for it. Instead he teased her a little, rubbing and pressing his dick against her clit, which made her shiver and gasp with pleasure, and then he would push just the head of his dick into her and then pull it out and go back to rubbing her clit.

"OH PLEASE," Jessica finally cried out, completely worked up. Before she'd completely gotten the "please" out of her mouth, Mr. Fire's dick was ramming into her pussy so hard that his balls slapped against her clit. With his hands on her hips he began a slow, languid fuck, completely controlling how fast they moved and how deeply he delved into her body.

With every hard thrust his balls slapped and rubbed the rest of her pussy, hitting dead center of her clit, and she pushed back against him, spreading her thighs wider to give him better access.

"Good," he told her. "Now try to squeeze my cock every time I enter you."

Jessica did, on his next thrust, and she cried out with surprise and ardent need at the astonishing sensation. Squeezing his cock had made her so much tighter, made it harder for him to press into her, and it had enhanced the sensation incredibly as he'd rubbed and stretched his way into her. The friction was intense, and she started trying to move fast, groaning with impatience as he barely picked up the pace.

"Lower your upper body," he instructed, "hold yourself up with your forearms."

She lowered herself down, and was astonished to feel that it really did change the way his cock pressed into her insides. It jumped and bounced in her as she clenched, massaging the shaft's entire length as Mr. Fire buried himself inside of her. Her swaying breasts brushed against the mattress with every movement, rubbing her nipples to hardness and giving her a sweet sensation everywhere in her body.

Then Mr. Fire leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her, one hand gripping a swinging breast and squeezing her nipple, the other pressing between her legs as he humped her from behind, rubbing her clit. Jessica went wild, she was a bitch in heat, taking it from behind and she knew that she was going to cum, a first for her in this position.

She slammed herself back against him, her pussy rippling as her orgasm built and her breathing changed, her entire body tensing and then releasing in glorious climax. Crying out the culmination of her pleasure, Jessica shook and barely managed to keep her ass in the air as the ecstasy washed over her. Mr. Fire groaned and bit down on her back, sending her climax even higher, as he made three short, sharp thrusts into her pussy and then rubbed himself up and down against her sensitive lips as his cock expanded and burst, shooting cum deep into her hole. Jessica sobbed as his hardness rubbed against her and within her, completely overwhelmed by the sensations that had blitzkrieged her entire body.

"Oh god," she whimpered as Mr. Fire moved gently against her, drawing out the last lingering vestiges of their orgasms. "Oh my god that was amazing."

Music to Chris' ears.

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