tagErotic CouplingsVenus School of Sex Ch. 08

Venus School of Sex Ch. 08


Jessica started her Friday morning feeling absolutely wonderful. Charity had spent another night with Paul and so Jessica had spent another night with Nick. Despite all the oral and manual orgasms she'd had, it had felt absolutely wonderful to actually get a cock inside of her for the second time... in some ways she felt like she was becoming a bit of a nympho or something, she just couldn't get enough sex. It was wonderful and terrifying... what would happen when she got home?

Maybe she'd just have to buy herself a lot more dildos.

Sex with Nick had been... wonderful, but not quite was she was looking for, which was probably why she was so excited to get to her Basic Intercourse class. He'd been fantasizing about Fiona and she'd been fantasizing about... well, to be honest about Mr. Flood and Mr. Fire. There was just something so intense about being with the two of them. Every time she'd closed her eyes she'd seen one or the other of them... and it didn't help that with their masks on they looked so darn similar.

"So how's everyone's first week going?" Charity asked when they all sat down to breakfast.

Vanessa laughed and bit off the end of her breakfast sausage making the boys wince. She gave them a saucy smile. "I'm having a great time."

"Me too," enthused Jessica. "I can't believe how much I've been learning already!"

"I can attest to that," Nick joked, and she jabbed him with her elbow. Everyone laughed. That was the best thing about this place, there was no judgment from anyone. They all knew that Nick was hoping to get with a girl back home, but they didn't think any less of him and Jessica for sleeping together.

"I need to find a study buddy," sighed Vanessa. She glanced across the cafeteria at her roommate, who happened to be sitting with the study buddy she'd found.

"I don't mind taking two for the team," said Nick, leering at her in a lascivious manner.

"Me either!" Now it was Charity's turn to elbow Paul, who immediately turned and kissed her deeply. Jessica smiled, watching them. It was obvious that there were some feelings there, between both of them, unlike her and Nick's much more casual arrangement.

"I don't mind," she told Nick and Vanessa, "if you two want to have some study sessions together."

"Thanks!" chirped Vanessa, looking thrilled. Nick looked rather stunned at his good fortune and immediately followed her thanks up with his own. It was amazing how casually everyone took it... but the truth was, as much as she enjoyed Nick's company and as much as she enjoyed sex with him, they just didn't have the kind of spark that she was looking for. Maybe that was because she was hardcore crushing on two of her instructors, but she knew it was better this way anyway.

And, she thought privately to herself, as long as he was free to, he should be able to have sex with whatever woman he wanted. He wasn't Fiona's yet and he certainly wasn't hers, so she wasn't going to restrict him. Plus, she had a very busy schedule today, so she doubted she was going to be feeling the need for his company tonight anyway.


Chris' cock surged the second Jessica walked into the Basic Intercourse classroom. God she was so beautiful. Watching Justin work her over during the BDSM course yesterday afternoon had been so hot that it had bordered on torture. He couldn't define what was so special about her... she had such a wonderful, feminine body, such a sweet smile, and now - as he and Justin both knew intimately - such incredible carnal sexuality. The two of them had gone from being smitten with her at work to bordering on obsessed now that they'd been instructing her at the Venus School of Sex. Her lush curves entranced him, the rosy nipples pressed against the thin material of her shirt undid him, and when they actually had sex... chemistry didn't begin to cover it.

He didn't know what he and Justin were going to do at the end of this. They'd be back to work with her not knowing who they were, and their awesome plan of getting to know what she liked and using it to their advantage was seeming less and less awesome. When they all went back home, they'd know exactly how amazing she was in bed and yet probably still have no idea how to actually GET her there using their real identities.

Not only that, but it was seriously going to suck to be the loser... he knew it wouldn't effect their friendship, at least he really, really hoped... but it was just so hard to get up any real interest in any girl but Jessica. He vacillated back and forth between trying to become interested in one of the other students, and just imagining that whatever student he was instructing was Jessica. Justin was the same. Neither of them were finding relief with the other Instructors anymore - which was unheard of for them. They were just staying in at night whacking off... both of them quietly taking care of business while picturing the same beautiful girl.

Justin's forbearance was nothing short of amazing, as far as Chris was concerned. He knew that the guy had been dying to get off during the Light BDSM class yesterday. Jessica would have loved to have him pounding her between her legs, that much was obvious. And yet Justin was still holding back, just waiting to get inside her beautiful ass. Well that would be happening soon, and the image that popped up into his mind along with that thought nearly knocked him over with the sheer eroticism of it. He and Justin had shared plenty of women sexually and he did love watching Justin do his thing... he wished he could watch the Anal Play class, but he'd already volunteered to help out with Fellatio. Plus, it was probably better not to tease himself.


When Mr. Fire came over to claim her as his student, Jessica felt a small surge of happy lust between her legs. Happy because she was hoping for him again. It was silly of her, to get so attached to an Instructor, but he and Mr. Flood fascinated her. There was just something more to classes with them, so much more exciting and fulfilling than any of the other ones. Just like yesterday, he led her over to a mattress and leaned down to kiss her, both of them still standing. His lips were soft and demanding, and she responded in kind. This is what was missing with the other instructors, other than Mr. Flood, and Nick. The intensity. The heat. With the other instructors everything was almost clinical and with Nick... she got warm fuzzies but not actual heat. Chemistry was the key.

She moaned against his mouth, her body moving against him as the kiss deepened and he cupped the back of her neck with his hand, massaging with his fingers as he bent her back, pressing his hard body along her entire length. As usual, he wasn't wearing a shirt and her hands scrabbled against the broad plain of his chest, digging into his muscles as she searched out his sensitive nipples with the tips of her fingers. Mr. Fire left her lips and began to kiss a burning trail down her neck, his hand sliding around to begin undoing the buttons of her shirt. She bent her head to nip at his ear, enjoying the shiver that ran through his body when her teeth dug into his lobe. Yes, her lessons were going very well indeed.

Sliding her shirt from her body, Mr. Fire ran his hands up and down her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts with his palms but without making any real contact. Groaning with anticipation, she arched her back against him, her exposed and upturned nipples brushing against his chest as she clung to his shoulders, wanting to hurry things up... but that's not the point of the class. Supposedly this was going to help teach her how to lengthen foreplay and heighten anticipation, but mostly it just made her so hot and needy that the only thing stopping her from jumping on top of him and wrapping her legs around him while they were still standing was the fact that he was still wearing his usual leather pants. Instead she just grabbed his head and pulled him down for another hot kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she pressed her front against him, grinding herself against the hard leather covered bulge.

"Very good," Mr. Fire said as he broke off the kiss. Reaching behind her he undid her bra strap with one flick of his fingers and she grinned happily up at him in anticipation. She was practically panting with need for him to go faster. "Now take off my pants, but slowly. Make me suffer."

Instead of following his direction immediately, Jessica kissed his chest, her lips and tongue massaging the flesh, teeth giving him small nips that made him shudder as she pressed her hand against his groin and moved it up and down. His hips moved, and when she glanced up at him she could see his eyes watching her with avid hunger. The power she felt, the power that he had handed over to her, just made her even more horny, and suddenly she realized what a rush it must be for the instructors, for him to touch her and have her respond with lust and need. Now she was doing it to him, getting some of her own back, using her lessons to seduce him with her body. And she wanted to. She wanted stand out to him amongst the students, if she could make him fantasize about her while he was instructing other females that would be even better.

Her mouth closed around his nipple and she sucked hard as her fingers curved around the bulge, as much as she was able to through the fabric of his pants. Mr. Fire gasped and his hips thrust forward, a low growl issuing from his throat and she reveled in the noise. Biting gently, remembering her BDSM session with Mr. Flood yesterday, she pulled Mr. Fire's nipple with her teeth, letting it go as he gasped and his back arched. This was so incredibly erotic. Mr. Fire's hips moved, rubbing his erection against her hand.

Slowly she sank down in front of him, kissing down his stomach, still pressing her hand against the hot bulge of leather at the front of his pants. His eyes were like his name, fiery hot and ready to burn right through her.

"Keep going," his voice was hoarse. Demanding. She ignored it and licked along the top of his pants as she settled onto her knees. He moaned. She rubbed, and let her other hand reach around to touch the back of his knee, sliding it up his thigh to the underside of his butt. As she lowered her other hand on the bulge she looked up at him deliberately as she put her mouth over the leather and bit down. The fabric was thick enough that her teeth didn't hurt him at all, but the pressure over his cock caused his knees to actually tremble and he steadied himself with his hands on her head.

"Goddamn," his voice was tight, "who taught you how to do that?!"

Jessica didn't answer, because the truth was, no one had taught her. Being with him, being at this school, was just bringing all sorts of erotic impulses that she'd never known she had. In some ways, she was going by sheer instinct right now. She unbuttoned his pants and unzipped them, rolling them down his hips and freeing the rampant erection. Helping him step out of the pants, she rubbed her cheek along the length of his cock, and enjoyed listening to him moan again. No wonder he and Mr. Flood took their time with her, extending the foreplay. Hearing, seeing and feeling his responses to her touch, to her plays, was the hottest aphrodisiac she'd ever had.

Mr. Fire grinned down at her. "Take off your skirt. There's a reason I gave control over to you for foreplay, and you're going to keep it now. You're on top today."

A tight wave of lust clenched down Jessica's insides. She always liked being on top anyway, but the idea of riding Mr. Fire, of looking down and watching him watch her bounce on top of his body, that was going to be so intensely hot. As he laid down on the bed she quickly pulled off her skirt and knelt down, throwing one of her legs over to straddle him.

His hands caught at her hips before she could lower herself onto him.

"Uh uh, anticipation remember? Now that you're on top it's even more imperative that you keep control over yourself and draw this out. What can you do to make me even hotter now that you can't bite me through my leather and we're lying down?"

The smirk on his face annoyed her.

"I can do plenty," she told him in a low voice, leaning forward so that her breasts swayed over him seductively. His eyes followed them and then his hands traveled up her body to cup them, hold them and squeeze them. Jessica moaned and arched her back, keeping her hips well above his where he had stopped her descent in the first place, so that as his body started to thrust beneath her he hit nothing but air. In fact, she leaned farther forward and away from his questing hard-on so that her nipple was conveniently placed over his mouth.

Immediately Mr. Flood opened his lips and drew her breast towards him, sucking the rosy tip between them and deep into his mouth. She could feel his tongue lashing at it as he sucked it deep, and it was her turn to moan. God, her body was so ready... but he wanted her to tease him. Pulling back, she popped her nipple out of his mouth and lowered her own lips to his body. This time she sucked on his nipple, the one she hadn't attended to while they were standing, and he groaned his appreciation, his hands roaming over all the parts of her that he could reach - her hips, her stomach, her back, her breasts... he dug his fingers in, squeezing hard as she teased him with her mouth and hands.

Sliding her body lower, she let her upper body descend so that his cock was wedged between her breasts. Looking up at him, she smiled sweetly before moving her upper body like she would her hips, her arms tight against her sides, squeezing her breasts together to create a small tunnel that his dick traveled through. She'd seen something like this in a porn once, and she had no idea if she was doing it right, but Mr. Fire groaned his encouragement, his hands tangling in her hair as he reached for her. Obviously, at the very least, this was a tease. Pressing her arms even tighter, squeezing him between her breasts, she lowered her face and licked the tip of his dick as it thrust between her breast flesh.

"Yeeeesssss...." hissed Mr. Fire as her tongue swiped across the top of his cock, over and over again with each thrust. "Fuck Jessica... that's fucking perfect."

His words, his arousal, had her so hot. She began crawling back up his body, keeping herself pressed firmly against him until she was lying on top of him, spread out, his hard dick trapped between their bodies and she attacked his mouth with a desperate kiss, sucking his tongue between her lips. His hands groped her, down her back, down to her ass, and he pressed his fingers into her soft butt cheeks as he humped his hips up at her.

God... she couldn't wait any longer. She needed him inside of her. Now.

Shifting on top of him, she raised her lower body up onto her knees, sliding her hips forward and rubbing her wet slit along the entire length of his cock, covering him with her juices as his shaft slid back and forth between her lips. They both moaned and humped... even though he wasn't inside of her this felt fantastic. After a few minutes of rubbing against each other his cock was as wet as her pussy, and it was like a sexual slip and slide between her legs. Pulling forward, she circled her hips around until the head of his cock was against her hungry hole, and then she pressed down.

As the head of his cock nudged inside of her she gasped and threw her head back. She was always so much tighter when she was on top that it was usually hard to get a dick inside of her, but she was so wet that it slipped in without a problem, stretching her very suddenly. Making minute movements with her hips, she slid his head in and out of her hole, several times, until Mr. Fire groaned and brought his hands up to her breasts, squeezing hard with an almost punishing force. In response, she pushed down so that he filled her a few more inches, her slick wetness making the penetration incredibly easy. God he was so big inside of her, even with only a few inches stretching her open. His hands moved on her breasts, just as harshly as he'd squeezed, but she welcomed the sweet pain, it was a heady rush through her body that mingled with the wonderful sensation of being stretched open and filled.

Very slowly she let herself sink down on top of him, working up and down so that he entered her just a little more each time. As she got lower and lower on his dick, he started thrusting up to meet her and she would have to pull away. She watched him, eyes glittering, as he moaned and growled at her, the frustration on his face was so incredibly hot as he tried to slam himself fully inside of her and she moved her body away. Finally he grabbed her by the hips and forced her body down as he thrust upwards, and both of them cried out with passion as he filled her up completely, burying himself to the hilt.

"God yes," she moaned, grinding down on top of him, luxuriating in the sensation of being completely filled by his dick. It was so big, it felt like it was throbbing inside of her. She purposefully squeezed her muscles and then gasped as she felt it bounce and move in response.

"Ride me baby, ride me," murmured Mr. Fire, his hands still on her hips, encouraging her to move.

Jessica began to bounce, she leaned forward with her hands on either side of his head and moved her hips so that he slid in and out of her, slow but hard. She dragged her body off of him and then would let herself fall back down, feeling every slick inch of him as he penetrated her deepest parts, over and over again. Mr. Fire looked down between their bodies, and she knew that he was watching his dick sink into her pink wetness with every thrust, watching it split her open and stuff her with his meat.

One of his hands moved up to play with her breast while the other went behind her to caress her ass, fingers gripping the firm cheek as she rode him. He was filling her, touching her, playing with her. The best thing about this school was that the main thing they taught was pure enjoyment in sex. Sure, there was technique and craft involved, but mostly it was about taking the time to have a purely sensual experience, not just a quick orgasm. Even if she didn't cum from this, it would still be some of the most fantastic sex she'd ever had. That she had no doubt she was going to have an amazing orgasm was just the cherry on the fabulous ice cream sundae.

"Lean back," Mr. Fire instructed, his voice controlled and deep. She could tell that her movements were really getting to him. His hand pushed against her breast, pressing her upwards, and she continued the motion after he couldn't reach that far until she was sitting up straight on top of him, her knees flexing with every bounce, her thighs spread over his body. "God you're beautiful. Play with yourself. Let me watch you."

His words were like fire across her already sizzling nerves. The compliment, the desire to see her... no guy that she'd ever dated or had a relationship had made her feel this good. This hot. Mr. Fire looked at her like she was a sex goddess, and as she rode him she truly felt like one.

Lifting one of his hands off of her hip, she brought it up to her mouth and sucked two of his fingers between her lips. He moaned as he watched her sucking on his digits, her tongue sliding across the underside of his fingers. As she sucked on his fingers, she cupped her bouncing breasts, squeezing and kneading them as her back arched and she let her teeth drag across the tips of his fingers. Beneath her his bucking became stronger, more wild, and he shoved his fingers deeper into her mouth. Jessica responded by sucking harder on them. She pinched her nipples, rolling them between her fingers and making small sounds at the back of her throat as his fingers began to move in and out of her mouth, mimicking the sex act that was occurring down below.

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