tagLesbian SexVenus School of Sex Ch. 16

Venus School of Sex Ch. 16


Author's Note: This was kind of a surprise Chapter for me... Charity and Jessica were supposed to have a brief interlude before Jessica's next day of classes. But the horny girls got away from me and next thing I know... this chapter happened. But I'm not complaining, because it was fun and it's always interesting when the characters do something unexpected! I hope you enjoy!


That evening, for the first time since she'd started staying in Paul's room, Charity came back to her and Jessica's shared room for the night.

"Is everything okay with you and Paul?" Jessica wanted to know.

"Oh yeah," replied Charity cheerfully, tossing her red locks of hair over her shoulder as she sat down on her bed and lay back. "We're great... it's just sometimes you need a break and your own space, you know?"

"Right," agreed Jessica. Although, truthfully, part of her was wishing that she had a lot less personal space... it was so unfair of Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood to be so darn attractive, and then finding out that there were good people behind the masks with qualities that she really enjoyed, that was just pushing the envelope too far. Class had been fulfilling, and wonderful, and yet there was a small part of her heart that was just so sad because after this week it was all going to be gone. She knew that she'd remember these two weeks fondly, but a wistful girlish part of her wished that she could bring one of them home with her.

"He's a great guy," said her roommate, sighing and curling up on her side to look across the room at Jessica, who was sitting on her own bed. "I just wish he didn't live so far away. I'm from Rhode Island and he's from Kentucky... it could be a hell of a lot worse, but it could also be a lot better."

"Yeah," said Jessica. She knew that Mr. Fire had grown up in Savannah... was that where he still lived? That was a long drive from Arlington, VA. He and Mr. Flood seemed to have such a good connection between them, did they know each other in real life? Did both of them live in Georgia? The thought made her feel rather glum. "Do you think you guys will keep in touch after next week?"

"Maybe," Charity said, studying her nails. "I'm not sure."

She looked so sad that Jessica moved over and sat on Charity's bed. The two girls cuddled, taking comfort in each other's presence, Charity snuggling her head onto Jessica's shoulder and wrapping her arms around Jessica's waist. It was surprisingly comfortable, and intimate without being sexual.

"What about you and Nick?" Charity asked. "I was starting to wonder if there was something going on between you two, but he's been spending more time with Vanessa lately."

Jessica laughed. "We're just friends. We did the study buddy thing a little bit. But he's got a girl back home that he wants to try and be with."

Charity pulled away to look up into Jessica's face, her voice turning sly. "And what about Mr. Fire and Mr. Flood?" The teasing gleam in her eyes made Jessica laugh again, and she pushed her roommate playfully.

"They're instructors, there's nothing going on there."

"That's not what it looked like on Saturday."

Jessica squirmed, feeling her cheeks turn red. "I mean, yeah. I spent the night with them. But nothing's going on. They're just instructors."

"Mmmm," Charity said. She rolled her eyes and a rather blissful expression crept over her face. "They're great instructors. You're going to love the Ménage class."

Smiling Jessica lay on her back, pulling away from her roommate. Charity immediately snuggled closer, laying her head on Jessica's shoulder, and Jessica wrapped her arm across Charity's back. The difference between cuddling with a roommate and cuddling with man-hulks like Fire and Flood was pretty stark; Charity's touch was much lighter, her body slimmer and softer. It was rather nice.

"Hey," Charity said, pushing her body up so that her weight was rested on her elbow, looking down at Jessica. "Mind if I practice my cunnilingus on you?"

"I'm sorry, what?" Jessica asked, not sure she'd heard her roommate correctly.

Laughter. Charity's smile turned absolutely devilish. "Oral sex. On you. I haven't had much of a chance to practice outside of class since I've been with Paul every night."

"Oh, ah..." Jessica felt at a loss for words. "I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with returning the favor..." she finally ventured. Part of her was curious what it was like to be with a woman, but she'd never experimented with any of her girlfriends and she didn't think she was interested enough to actually go down on another girl.

"That's okay," said Charity breezily. "I wouldn't expect you to. Plus, you haven't had the class so technically you're not allowed to practice it while you're here anyway." She winked cheekily and leaned down, planting a soft kiss right on Jessica's lips.

Although she made a startled sound in her throat, Jessica didn't push her roommate away as Charity's soft lips molded to hers, and then an eagerly insistent tongue pressed its way into her mouth. It was... very slightly different from kissing a man. Somewhat softer, yes, but also... Charity's tongue moved differently. It was insistent but not demanding, like they were two partners in a dance, rather than one of them taking the lead. Jessica realized that her hand was on Charity's breast, squeezing the soft tissue, a firm handful that just filled her fingers. Somehow her hand had moved there without her even knowing it.

Charity's own hands were unbuttoning Jessica's shirt. "God you have gorgeous breasts."

"Tha-aaaAAAAAnks," Jessica said, her word turning into a gasp as Charity sucked one of Jessica's nipples into her mouth. Shifting position, Charity moved on top of Jessica, her knees between Jessica's legs, as she feasted on her breasts. Jessica moaned and reached down to rub Charity's own breasts, unbuttoning the top few buttons of Charity's shirt so that she could get her hands skin to skin on the perky mounds. They were smaller than her own, but the pink nipples were longer, and Jessica experimented with pulling on them, making Charity gasp. It felt oddly sensual to be playing with a woman's nipples rather than a man's; they were so much larger and firmer.

"Do you want to taste one?" Charity's fingers plucked at Jessica's nipples as she asked the question, a mischievously sneaky look on her face.

"Yes please," Jessica said, rather shyly. But when Charity moved up her body, taking off her shirt and letting one pale pink nipple hang over Jessica's lips, there was nothing shy about her mouth. She latched on, flicking her tongue over the engorged bud, sucking it into her mouth and enjoying the difference. Charity moaned, pushing more of her breast at Jessica, and she opened her mouth, trying to take as much of the soft flesh into her mouth as she could. Very gently, she bit down, sinking in her teeth, and Charity gasped and moved on top of her.

No wonder men liked to suck on women's nipples when they got such responsive reactions. And there was so much to suck on.. the soft flesh of Charity's breasts was different from the firmer stub of her nipple, and both of those were different from the soft, nubby skin of her areola. Jessica ran her tongue over the little bumps that were sparsely ridged around Charity's nipple, before biting down on the succulent center again.

"Yeeeeeeeeees," Charity hissed, her eyes half closed and her hips moving against Jessica's body. She had one hand still on Jessica's breast, and Charity pinched the nipple and twisted, making Jessica shudder underneath her, moaning into Charity's smaller breasts. "The other one."

Moving slightly to the side, Charity's eyes were eager as Jessica's mouth latched on to her other nipple. The one that had previously been in Jessica's mouth was now a slightly darker pink, damp with her saliva. After a few more minutes of Jessica suckling on Charity's nipple, the redhead pulled her breasts away and began to move back down Jessica's body. Kneeling between Jessica's legs, Charity lifted the other girl's skirt, revealing the pretty pink pussy beneath, already wet with juices.

She began to kiss around Jessica's hips, moving her tongue in patterns over Jessica's bare mound as the brunette gasped and humped her hips up and down. Charity's touch was so different... much more teasing than a man's, more exploratory, and her slim fingers rubbing Jessica's thighs and buttocks were almost tickling her. Jessica moaned as Charity's tongue took a quick swipe around her outer labia, teasing the edges of her pussy. A sudden lick right down the center of her pussy lips made her gasp, and her hips jerked as her clit was touched.

Then Charity's mouth latched onto Jessica's pussy lips, sucking and nibbling her outer and inner labia, licking and exploring every nook and crevice... there wasn't enough of a rhythm to it for Jessica to get off, but the pleasure that was building from the oral assault had her writhing on the bed, her fingers digging into the bed sheets. Fingers pried apart her buttocks, and she could feel Charity's nail probing at her asshole.

"Oh God..." Jessica groaned as Charity's finger pushed into her... much slimmer than Fire or Flood's digits, Charity didn't need any lubrication other than Jessica's pussy juices, which were leaking down her crack, to gain entry into the tight hole. It burned slightly, in the most wonderful way. Jessica's hands moved from the bed sheets to her breasts, squeezing her own soft mounds, the flesh spilling over the sides of her fingers, and pinching her nipples. They throbbed wonderfully as Charity's finger pumped in and out of her ass, the tight hole squeezing down on the invader, as the oral assault intensified.

When Charity sucked Jessica's clit into her mouth, shoving a second finger deep into Jessica's ass, the overwhelmed brunette cried out as the ecstasy. The wave of pleasure took her body and she rode it upwards, her nerves lifting and surging, before slowly descending into the blissful aftermath as Charity's tongue laved over her swollen folds, lapping up her juices. With a pleased moan, Jessica' released her nipples, rubbing the tender buds gently as an apology after her rough treatment of them.

With a few last licks, Charity smooth Jessica's skirt back down over her hips, smiling happily at the proof of her oral prowess.

"So what do you think?" Charity asked, her blouse still hanging open and she moved back up the bed and lay down on her stomach next to Jessica.

"Well I'd give you an A+!" Jessica said and they both laughed.

"You should try the class if you come back here again," Charity said. "It was weird for me at first, but it's a lot of fun. Women are so different from men."

Jessica thought about it for a moment. "Maybe, I'm not sure I'll be back."

She buttoned her shirt back up. The class would probably be interesting, and she was now wondering what it would have been like to be in Charity's position, but she knew the truth was that if she came back here again she would be doing so in hopes of seeing Mr. Flood and / or Mr. Fire. And that just didn't seem really emotionally healthy.

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