tagErotic CouplingsVergenusszwerglungswochenende Ch. 02

Vergenusszwerglungswochenende Ch. 02


Two weeks had passed and weekend date number two was fast approaching. Not nearly fast enough in my opinion. On the last day of our first weekend together, Matthias ran out of condoms, which I found somewhat funny as I figured if one were having a sex kitten come from out of town for the express purpose of fucking you senseless that you'd make sure you were good and well stocked in preparation. With a lopsided smile, he good-naturedly grumbled that it would be so much more preferable for him to be able to have at me without a condom. There was no argument here. Matthias unfortunately lacked health insurance, being self-employed. I wasn't about to let that be a deterrent in the next level of our sex play. I had been sucking on his cock while he was telling me this and I ceased my ministrations to pull on my jeans, noting how uncomfortable it was to do this over a pair of very wet thong panties. "What are you doing?" he asked, a puzzled look on his handsome face.

"Getting dressed to go to the drugstore," I said matter-of-factly. When he seemed not to understand where I was going with this, I added, "We're going to the pharmacy and getting two rapid HIV kits. That way, once we both have proof that we're negative, we can bareback to our hearts' content." Looking simultaneously intrigued and crestfallen, he cast a pained glance down at his very erect penis.

"I may need a few minutes before I can hide this, [Kaetzchen]," he muttered in a resigned tone. When he'd finally tamed his enthusiastic friend, we pulled on our coats and he held the door open for me as we made our way out onto the street. I felt a little warm glow in the pit of my stomach when he took my hand in his own. As it was cold out, I was wearing my winter hat -- a combination hat, ear flaps, scarf and mittens all in one. The piece de resistance -- little cat ears perched at the top. The nice thing about being Asian as well as a pediatric doctor was that I could indulge my immature girlie tendencies without looking strange. I heard his laugh above my head as we walked (he was almost a good foot taller than me). Leaning down so that I could hear his conspiratorial whisper, he observed, "I think it is so funny how everyone looks your way and laughs when they see your hat. You really look like a [kleines Kaetzchen]." I loved my new nickname. There was something about the way he rolled the words as he said them that gave them such a soft, sexy feel.

"What's the word for tomcat?" I asked him as I cuddled further into his side as we walked.

He shot me a wolfish grin before replying, "[Kater]."

I giggled at his response. "I like that. [Kater] and [Kaetzchen]."

As we entered the Walgreens, he pulled me closer to him and breathed in my ear, "[Dein Kater schnurrt, kleines Kaetzchen]."

I felt my pulse quicken and another stream of my juices hit my thong. It was such a turn on to hear him speak entirely in German. "What does that mean?" I asked breathlessly.

"It means, 'your tomcat is purring, little kitten'." I scratched the front of his denim-clad thighs, wanting to get him back to his apartment and onto his bed.

Making a beeline for the pharmacy counter, I waved over a tech and asked, "Two rapid HIV tests, please." Matthias was perusing the condoms behind us and after giving me a grin, shrugged his shoulders as if to say "eh" and bought two boxes. Two Asian girls were working the counter and I wondered what they thought of me buying two HIV tests and my very large Teutonic friend buying twenty or so XL Magnum Trojans. If they thought anything about it, they said nothing. Matthias and I both had a good laugh on our way back to his place.

Setting up shop on his kitchen counter, I handed him my instructions, explaining that I was terrible at following directions. Chuckling, he took it and began carefully reading the indications. I was already unpacking my kit in anticipation. "Don't you want to wait until I'm done reading?" he queried with a bemused smile.

"I'm not doing anything yet, just getting ready," I bubbled. He let out a frank laugh at my excitement.

"It will take at least 24 hours for us to get our results." He turned his attention back to the instructions. When he was satisfied that he understood what we had to do, he indicated for me to go ahead and lance my finger. Pushing down on the lancet, I hissed as it nipped the pad of my ring finger. Matthias followed suit. "Oh that wasn't that bad," he admonished as he began placing the drops on the lab card. "You had me all worried that it was going to hurt really badly."

"I don't like pain," I grimaced as I followed his example. "Why the hell is my finger barely producing any blood and you're more than done in only a few seconds?" All I got by way of reply was another laugh.

"You are so funny." It was adorable how he said the word. He lingered on the "n" in an almost singsong way and it sounded like "fahn nee". When we had both finished, we wrapped our left ring fingers and I began giggling uncontrollably. "What?"

"This has got to be the weirdest first date ever," I managed between giggles. "We have a weekend long sex fest that ends with both of us getting an HIV test in your apartment and now we have matching band-aids as a souvenir." I held up my finger for emphasis and again I heard the pleasant sound of his laughter.

Grabbing me by the waist, he pulled me onto his bed and gave me a kiss. "When do you need to go?"

I looked at the clock on his stove. "In half an hour." I pouted. "I don't want to though."

"Whatever shall we do for that thirty minutes?" His roaming hands already indicated that he had a pretty good idea how that half an hour would be spent. We hurriedly shed our clothes and began to sixty-nine. He got me so turned on that in less than a minute I was pleading with him to fuck me. Sliding on a condom, he grabbed his camera and as he slid into me, he snapped a picture of his cock stretching my bald pussy. "That's very nice," he noted, before handing me the camera. He grabbed my hips and starting thrusting as I stared at his thick shaft buried halfway up my cunt. It was an unbelievably sexy sight. "I'll send it to you after you leave, so you can have something to look at when you play with yourself," he said, his balls slapping against my lips. At that, I came, screaming for like the fifth time in a 48 hour period. Minutes later, I felt him tense and he unloaded inside me, breathing heavily. As he finished, his thrusts became more leisurely and finally he lay on top of me after taking a deep breath. Gently kissing me, he told me, "I would like to go with you to the train station." I felt a pang of sadness mixed with warmth at his gesture.

"You don't have to," I demurred, feeling a bit forlorn that I wouldn't be able to feel his warm weight on top of me anymore.

"I know. I want to." He was such a sweetheart. It was going to be rough leaving him behind. After gallantly walking my luggage outside, we rode in the cab largely in silence while he held my hand. I looked down at my small fingers twined into his large ones and his eyes met mine. His face was uncharacteristically serious -- I was so used to seeing him looking cheerful and carefree.

"Why so quiet?" I asked softly, not a little concerned.

He gave me another of his smiles and said, "[Trauriger Kater]."

I figured that he must be exhausted from the weekend. "Does that mean tired?"

I felt his finger rub the back of my hand. "It means 'sad tomcat'." I leaned closer into him, finding it strange that though I'd only known him for a few weeks that I was already missing him so much. Staying with me until I had to board the train, he gave me a parting kiss and said that he would call me.


Now two weeks later, I was again like a child on Christmas in anticipation of his visit. As before, I asked him to not jerk off for the two days prior to our meeting. "Why do you want me to do that?" he asked in an exasperated tone, which never failed to make me laugh.

"I don't like the idea of you wasting your cum," I said innocently.

"I don't think you have to worry about my running out, [kleines Maedchen]," he retorted sourly. "Why torture me?"

"Because it's so much fun." I heard something that sounded like a cross between a groan and a chuckle on the other end of the line.

In preparation of his visit, I had been getting everything ready to make sure that he enjoyed every minute of his stay. I always enjoyed having someone to spoil and I spent the week before his visit cooking up a storm. Not wanting him to be put off by anything, I had various friends sample my prospective menu and all gave me the thumbs up. Each day leading up to the actual visit seemed longer than the one preceding it. To make it worse, he decided he didn't want to Skype, but preferred to talk on the phone. When I asked why, he replied, "Well I don't want it to get old. I want it to stay exciting." At this point I was masturbating up to three times a day and I wasn't sure that I could refrain from imploding until he arrived. Sometimes he'd be kind and talk dirty to me while I played with myself so that I could finish faster.

The day that I was to pick him up at the train station was so distracted. I could barely get any work done, as all I could think about was later that evening. I stopped at the store after work to buy a few fresh ingredients as well as his favorite beers and began prepping for dinner. As his train was a late evening one, I imagined he'd be hungry when he arrived. As his pick up time approached, I had a nice long shower, making sure to shave every last hair off my body and exfoliating like crazy. I thought it would be fun to serve him dessert on my tummy and wanted a nice clean space for him to dine off of. He sent me a few texts to keep me updated on his schedule. I was happy to see that his train was running on time -- early in fact. After making sure that everything was set up, I got dressed and grabbed my keys.

Now when I say I got dressed, I suppose I could only really say that in the loosest sense of the word. My attire consisted of a pair of white thong panties, silver stilettos, a white faux fur coat and a red vinyl bondage collar, complete with leash. Trying to sneak into my car as discretely as possible, I shivered at the feeling of the cold night air on my bare skin but also felt that jolt of adrenaline knowing that soon Matthias would be sitting next to me. He called me as he was approaching the last stop and that was when I started the engine and set off for the train station. Sitting in my car practically naked on a cold February night, I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when I pulled up. Almost as if on cue, my phone rang.

On our previous visit I'd asked him to record a ringtone for me in German. When he asked what I wanted him to say, I wrote it down and showed it to him. He laughed as he read aloud, "Little kitten, it's your tomcat calling. Pick up the phone or I'll bring out the whip." This actually wasn't a bondage reference, but a nod to Nietzche. Matthias was particularly fond of his writings and had lamented the fact that English translations did little justice to the original German text. One of the most misconstrued ideas was that Nietzche advocated beating women. Matthias explained to me that what he had meant was that a man had to wield a whip in a figurative sense in order to command a woman's respect -- basically not to be a pansy. He would then jokingly refer to the whip sometimes over the phone or in a text. Trying not to chuckle, he dutifully spoke into my phone and I never failed to smile when he called. I'd made up my mind that I needed several different recordings, like for my alarm.

Hearing his sexy voice, I eagerly answered, "Hello?"

"Meow, [Kaetzchen]. [Kater] is here and very hungry." I could hear him smiling.

"How hungry?" I queried playfully.

His warm laugh tickled my ear. "Like a whole pride of lions."

His English never ceased to impress me. "Excellent. I'm out front. Honda Civic."

"I will see you soon."

Time couldn't pass more slowly than as I scanned the main doors to the train station. Finally, I saw him make his way out, a travel bag thrown casually over his shoulder, dressed in a simple t shirt and a pair of jeans. When he saw me at the wheel, a smile broke out over his face and he headed over in my direction. Tossing his bag in the back seat, he opened the door and slid in the passenger side seat, letting in a wave of cold air. "[Wilkommen]," I greeted, leaning towards him to plant a kiss on his cheek.

His eyes took in what I was wearing, or more likely what I was not wearing. "Did I mention I was hungry?" he said impishly, his eyes dancing.

"You did indeed, [mein Krieger]." I did my best to pay attention to the road as one of his hands began caressing my upper thigh.

"This is very sexy," he approved, working his hand even higher. "Such a nice way to be picked up."

"[Kater]," I ventured, "if you don't want us to both get killed, you may have to wait until we get back to my place to start petting your kitten."

Feigning a huff, he crossed his arms and turned his head away dismissively. "Fine. We'll go back to your place, I'll eat dinner and then probably fall asleep right after." He snuck a glance out of the corner of his eye and when our eyes met, we both started laughing at the absurdity of such an idea.

"Fine with me," I joked in return. "I don't need you to be awake anyway. Just that one part of you will do in a pinch."

He laughed even harder. "You're going to rape me in my sleep?"

"A fate worse than death," I deadpanned.

"I don't know if I'll ever recover from the trauma," he noted somberly.

When we'd parked the car, I scanned the entrance to the building to make sure not too many people were around and scurried into the elevator, dragging Matthias behind me. As soon as the elevator door was closed, his hand slid under my coat and began groping at me as we shared a heated kiss up a short four floors. My thighs were already sticky with anticipation. Fumbling with my keys, I managed to open the door and usher him inside. Shoving my coat roughly off of my shoulders, he yanked me to him by my collar and I let out a small squeak as my pelvis bumped against the hard bulge in his jeans. All I wanted at that moment was to bend over and feel his naked cock sink into my ready cunt, but he'd patiently tolerated a long, uncomfortable train ride to see me, and was likely starving. "Can I feed my [Kater] first?" I pointedly rubbed the front of his jeans as I looked to him for an answer.

Placing a finger under my chin, he tilted my face up towards his and placed a small kiss on my lower lip. "How could I say no?" Sliding into the kitchen in only my stilettos, I began brining out plates of salad, appetizers and the chicken Marsala I'd been perfecting. It was so gratifying to see him tuck in. As he finished the meal, I went to get his dessert. I'd poached pears in a red wine reduction and set them out on a plate in the shape of a heart with a side of vanilla bean infused clotted cream. I found him lying sprawled out on my bed with a satisfied smile. It was a relief to see that his six foot one frame actually just fit onto my queen sized loft. "Is this a king?" he asked appreciatively. "I thought because you were so tiny that your bed would be too."

Sidling up next to him, I set the plate down. "Ready for dessert?" Laying on my back, I dipped one of the pear slices into the cream and set it down on my belly. Grinning, he obligingly got on all fours and sampled the fruit, slowly licking the skin of my abdomen clean.

"Very sweet," he opined, before pushing the plate away and lying on top of me. As soon as I felt his weight, I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing him ardently. "Are you ready for me, [Kaetzchen]?"

"Oh, fuck yes," I could barely manage. Pulling off his shirt, I shamelessly eyed his beautiful torso as he began to undo his jeans. I swear every time I saw his cock, it was like seeing it for the first time and I let out a small gasp of appreciation. He stroked it a few times before allowing me to lavish it with attention. The familiar scent and feel of him stretching my mouth made it impossible for me to resist the urge to have him inside me and I pressed my stomach into my mattress and lifted my hips in invitation. Looking over my shoulder, I felt him rub his head lightly against my slick pussy and nearly starting shaking out of anticipation. I'd actually masturbated myself raw in the week prior to his arrival -- that was how badly I wanted to feel him. I was so wet that he slid in right to the hilt with no effort and the sensation was so silky smooth it almost literally took my breath away.

He chuckled at my little sigh of delight. "This is so much nicer. Time for me to show my [Kaetzchen] how much I appreciate her efforts." With that he began fucking me in earnest. The wet sound of his balls slapping into my soppy hole was heavenly and it wasn't long before my first orgasm hit. Sound travels far too well in my apartment and in order to not have my neighbors call 911, I buried my face deep in my mattress and screamed at the top of my lungs as he fucked the first of a series of body-shattering orgasms out of me. When he was satisfied that I'd been sufficiently rewarded, he pulled out and turned me over. In my stuporous, post-orgasmic haze, I saw him fisting his cock and leaned in to clean my juices off him. I loved how I tasted on him and when he was licked clean, he began pleasuring himself.

"Are you going to cum on me?" I lilted.

His body began to tense and I saw the veins in his chest and shoulders begin to stand out. "I am."

I locked my eyes onto his as he brought himself closer. "Do it. Cum all over my sweet, innocent little face. Give me all of it."

I heard him hiss, "Fuck!" as he shook and a warm glob of his semen landed on my chin. Watching him cum all over me was such a turn on. Within seconds, my entire belly was covered in thick carpet of his spunk. As he sat back on his haunches to catch his breath, I scooped off a good amount and sucked it off my fingers. He didn't taste overly strong, which I really, really liked.

As he rolled over onto his back, he gave me a quick peck before stretching out heavily. "[Wie geht's dir?]"

He allowed himself a lazy stretch. "[Schnurrrrrrr]..."


kleines Maedchen: little girl (German)

wilkommen: welcome (German)

mein Krieger: my warrior (German)

wie geht's dir: how are you (German)

schnurr: purr (German)


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