I was home for the summer after finishing my second year of college. I had a part time summer job as a lifeguard at our neighborhood pool and was spending my summer getting re-acquainted with friends, especially with my childhood buddy Veronica. She and I had "privileges" but had never fucked. She preferred pussy.

My Dad left us right after my high school graduation ceremony. My step mom never said anything about the circumstances but he had left her for another man. She was depressed and withdrawn for over a year but Mom never blamed him for anything. I suspected there was a large part of the story I did not know.

That summer I was very happy to see that she was nearly back to her normal cheery self. She had regained some of the weight she had lost during her depression and although still slim she no longer looked anorexic.

The one thing in her that was very different was a new fascination with my love life. I assured her I was not gay but even though she probably believed me she still kept asking some pointed questions.

Of course I had fantasized about fucking women, even my Mom or Veronica, but most of my fantasies involved some other guy's cock.

Mom had good reason to suspect I was gay. I suspected I was gay too.

My life was filled with confusion. The night after my high school graduation I saw my father naked on all fours in our living room. He had a cock buried in his ass and another searching for the back of his throat. He seemed to be in ecstasy. I watched as each man shot his cum into my dad then watched as my father's cock spewed his cum on the carpet. It had never been touched.

I wanted that bliss I saw in his face and the few fucks I had managed with girls had not come close to the ecstasy I had seen in Dad's eyes.

I had yet to do anything about my fantasies other than check out the guys at the swimming pool showers and watch gay porn on my computer. I had not dated a girl, (except Veronica), in over a year.

One evening after I had returned from an outing with Veronica I was on my bed naked, softly stroking my cock. Veronica and I kissed passionately often, I sucked her tits often, she gave me handjobs often and I fingerfucked her often. That evening had been interrupted before I got to her tits. Her mother had car trouble.

Mom knocked on my door and walked in before I could say anything. I was in the process of covering myself when she approached the bed and saw my hand on my hard cock before the sheet slid over them.

The only part of me covered was my groin. The rest of my body was open for her inspection and after sitting on the edge of the bed she did just that for a few moments.

She asked me if I had a fight with Veronica, she had not expected me home until much later.

I explained her mother's car problem and Mom started to say something but abruptly censored herself. She blurted out enough for me to get that she thought I was playing with myself because I had not had the chance to fuck Veronica.

I saw no point in denying that I had been about to masturbate especially since my hand was still on my very erect dick under the sheet. She had glanced in that direction a couple of times.

I had hazy memories of my real mother but to me the woman sitting on my bed was Mom,

The official reason for her visit had been satisfied but she obviously did not want to leave. I knew she was lonely and I was the only person of importance in her life. I knew she was afraid that when the rest of my life beckoned me she would be alone.

I sat up and hugged her and said, I love you Mom."

Sitting up had exposed my cock but I figured I would be able to cover it back up before she saw it.

Mom had never been all that careful with her home attire but she had always been "decent" around me. However I always knew that under her robes she was naked. The robe was now too big for her.

For an instant her robe had exposed a breast to me and I felt the bare tit against my chest as she embraced me. When she moved to kiss me her very hard nipple slid across mine. One of us may have moaned.

She sobbed as she tried to crush me in her arms. She kissed me hard on the lips before standing. As she turned to leave her hand swept down my chest and abdomen and over my cock. I felt her briefly squeeze it.

Even though she had not closed the door when she left I was attacking my cock immediately, a long string of cum was leaping for the ceiling in less than one minute.

The next week or so Mom became very loving, kissing and hugging me often. She did not mind when my cock suddenly flared to life against her body. Her interrogation ceased.

The following week she found my stash of gay porn in the computer.

She demanded that I make her understand.

I had never told her about seeing Dad getting fucked at both ends so I did just that, emphasizing how the scene had captured my imagination.

She could not deny any such thing had happened. She had been in the room with them. I could not see what she was doing at the time but I was sure she was masturbating.

We barely spoke to each other that week. Friday night I met Veronica and her friends at a dance club. I tried to have a good time but could not even fake it. I left without saying goodbye only to have Veronica jump into my car as I was pulling out of the parking lot.

One reason she was my best friend was because she would wait for me to open up to her, she never asked what was wrong. She knew about my fascination with cocks just as I knew of her fascination with pussy. The big difference between us was that she had gotten a lot of pussy; I had not had any cock.

Veronica was a curvy blonde, very pretty, great ass, and world-class tits. She called them her Hi C's and they seemed to point directions for her. I had feasted on them many times and she could cum from just tit play if a hand cupped her pussy, either her hand or mine.

After a bit of silence she retold me the story of how she had fucked the father of one of her friends twice, once after a very romantic dinner and dance on her eighteenth birthday, once on a dare in front of her friends. She would fuck him again if given the chance but he had remarried and there was no chance. She had loved fucking him. He had loved fucking her.

"Anyway, I was after his daughters pussy in the first place. The group you see me with all the time, the ones we were with tonight, all eat pussy, even the married ones. Yes, their husbands know and sometimes watch. They are not allowed to fuck us but interestingly enough we have all fucked the tall blondes father. For three of us he is still the only man we have ever had.

By the way, do you want to fuck me?"

She had as usual taken my mind off my funk. I ignored her question and related to her the war at home. She knew I had seen my Dad in a gay threesome but I revealed to her for the first time Mom's presence during the tryst.

"Kinky," was all she said.

I drove around for a while until I asked Veronica if she wanted me to take her back to the club or home.

"Neither" she said. "The gang has moved on to someplace else by now and it would take us a week to track them down.

And definitely not home. You know how it is there. I am one person that really enjoys living in a crowded dorm. I would stay in school during the summer but I can't afford it without the library job and that section of the library is closed during the summer.

Let's go to your house and make out. If nothing else it will confuse your mother."

I smiled at her logic and I drove us to my house.

Mom was surprised to see us, and a little tipsy. She looked like she had gone out since she had make up on but she was wearing her usual tattered robe. She was kind and friendly to Veronica, perhaps hoping she would be the one to lead me away from "the dark side." She was unaware that most of her left tit was exposed.

Veronica loved all female tits but she loved small ones with big puffy nipples best. That's what Mom had. Veronica was also bold.

She said to Mom, "Here let me adjust that for you, you are going to give your son a hard-on."

She palmed mother's exposed tit and pretended to cram it back under the robe. The wine she had already consumed allayed Mom's initial shock. The fact that someone else's hand was on her tit apparently felt very nice to her, she had allowed a contented sigh to escape her lips.

The comment made by Veronica that the tit was giving me a hard-on was icing on the cake. Mom let Veronica play with her tit for as long as she wanted. Ironically, the scene really was giving me a hard-on.

Mom suddenly shuddered and closed her eyes briefly. Then bolted to her bedroom.

I asked Veronica what she had done and she answered, "Not much. I pinched a nipple while I ran a fingertip between her pussy lips. She was wet. Now I am wet. Come suck my tits and finger me."

We sat on the couch and kissed deeply. She lifted her shirt and I soon covered her bare tits with my hand and my mouth. That night I really needed her tits. She noticed my adoration and urged me on. I forced my hand off her tit and inside her miniskirt until two of my fingers plunged into a very wet pussy. She groaned her way through a deep orgasm. I kissed her with a passion I did not know I had.

After regaining her breath she undressed both of us. She sat on the floor in front of me and began a long, slow, torturous handjob. For the first time in our long relationship we were both completely naked. For the first time ever she kissed my dick.

She moved up to kiss my ear and whispered, "Your mother is watching us. Look at the reflection on the TV screen."

I did and sure enough she was at the end of the hallway. One of her hands was at her still exposed tit. The other was inside the lower folds of the robe.

I whispered to Veronica, "Make me cum now."

She gripped my dick harder and began to jerk me off in earnest. Twice she leaned over and slid my dickhead into her mouth. The second time she did so Veronica had just barely removed her mouth before I erupted like a geyser. I know I moaned, but I thought I also heard a moan behind me. After my eruption subsided I looked at the TV reflection again but Mom was gone.

Veronica was pleased that she had been part of such an intense ejaculation on my part. She did acknowledge that part of it should be credited to being watched, to my mother.

She stood and said, "I am going to go ask your mother if I can stay the night."

I was about to mention that she was naked but it dawned on me that was the point.

I gathered our clothes and staggered to my room.

I may have dozed off while waiting for Veronica to join me because I was startled when she plopped herself down next to me.

"Guess what?" she said as she kissed me hungrily.

My eyes flew open when I realized what had happened. Veronica broke her kiss and giggled.

"You ate Mom's pussy?" I asked.

"Yes, and she ate mine. Feel how wet I am. The poor woman had not had any sex since your father left. I am glad I was there for her."

She was playing with my suddenly very erect dick. Without another word she covered my body with hers and slid my cock into her very slick pussy. We moaned through a kiss. She whispered, "Don't cum in me. Lesbians don't use the pill."

I had just had one of my top three cums in my life so I had good control. Veronica enthusiastically worked her way to a large and loud orgasm. After catching her breath she dismounted and gave me a handjob/blowjob until I again erupted for her. We covered ourselves with the bed sheet and cuddled together. We kissed until we fell asleep.

We were awakened the next morning when Mom sat on my bed. My bedcover was at our knees; Mom could see my dick and Veronica's pussy. She looked but did not react to our exposure. Although she was wearing her robe Mom was not making an effort to keep her tits covered.

Veronica presented her lips for a kiss and Mom eagerly gave her one. My usual morning kiss on the cheek was re-directed to my lips.

Mom asked what we wanted for breakfast that Saturday morning. As we talked about the options Veronica took my hard dick in her hand and began to play with it. Mom watched her slowly jack me while they debated biscuits vs. pancakes.

Suddenly Veronica sat up saying she needed to go pee.

"Keep this up for me please, I will need it hard when I get back."

She was talking to Mom about my cock.

I thought it was just Veronica being her usual wiseass self and I was going to laugh it off but as soon as Veronica released my dick Mom wrapped her hand around it and took over the masturbation.

The conversation continued to be about breakfast.

When she returned Veronica stayed by the door for a while and watched Mom caress my dick. Her robe was completely open by then, I could see a glistening pussy.

Eventually Veronica came to the bed and straddled my hips. I was stunned when Mom held my dick for her as Veronica sank her pussy over it. Mom's hand stayed in place until it was pinned between bodies then she slowly, (and reluctantly?), slid it out. She kissed us again and said she was going to see about breakfast.

Before Mom left the room Veronica was furiously plunging my cock into her. I had never seen her so aroused. I had never been as hot myself and had to fight to keep from cumming before she did. She groaned and shuddered through her orgasm and I quickly lifted her by the hips as mine erupted. My cum covered her pussy and ass. She milked my dick with the crease of her ass as aftershocks coursed through our bodies.

We paused to catch our breath. While still draped over me Veronica kissed me. Her deepest secret flowed to me in that kiss.

It occurred to me that my face likely showed the bliss I saw in my dads face years before. My broad smile stretched the skin on my face. A secret I did not know I held flowed to her in my kiss.

"I love you," she said confirming her secret. "We will be getting married after we graduate. I know you will never mind when my mouth is on a pussy and you know I will never mind if your mouth has a dick in it. But, I may as well tell you; I don't think that will ever happen. As a consolation prize any pussy I eat you can eat."

"You have always been so damn bossy. How dare you plan my life for me?" I demanded between deep kisses.

"Because I am smarter than you. You did not even know you loved me until a minute ago. You have been in love with me since the second grade. I have loved you since the eigth grade. I tried to get you to fuck me at the prom but you were too damn respectful. It's lucky for you that I'm easily distracted by pussy or otherwise I would had replaced you in my heart by now."

"I love you," I said.

It was as easy to say as all truths should be.

She was right to take the initiative; I would have wallowed in my own self-induced misery forever without her. I suddenly felt that I was now the person I was supposed to be.

As my hand caressed her cum covered ass cheeks I said, "You need to go on the pill."

"Apparently," Mom said from the door. "Breakfast is almost ready. You two need a shower, come to the kitchen when you are done."

Veronica and I hurried through our shower and joined Mom in the kitchen. Neither of us bothered to dress. Mom seemed to be pleased by that and I noticed her robe was completely open with her tits and pussy clearly displayed. Veronica gave her a full body hug and a deep kiss, I followed suit and felt the head of my dick snuggle into Mom's pubic hair.

Breakfast was the best ever. Mom had gone all out, (she had always been an excellent cook), and between bites many kisses were exchanged between the three of us. Veronica and I helped with the clean up and we each took a cup of coffee into the living room.

Veronica and I sat close together on the couch while Mom sat in the high-back chair across from us. She asked us about our plans for the day. I said I did not have any which gave Veronica the opportunity to roll her eyes. I kissed her while cupping a breast. I did in fact have the afternoon shift at the swimming pool, which Mom was happy to remind me.

Veronica asked Mom what she had planned and was answered, "Underwear shopping."

Veronica told Mom, "I only wear panties and bras during my periods. The gang of girls I am part of decided a long time ago not to wear any undergarments so we could have ready access to each other's charms. That plus I learned years ago your son does not have the boldness to go through another layer of clothing."

In one fell swoop Veronica had just told my mother that she ran with a group of lesbians and that I needed to be nearly forced into a fuck.

Veronica added, "I know just the place to shop for underwear. I guarantee you will enjoy the personal attention of the sales staff."

Mom asked Veronica about her plans. Somehow I knew that had been a very risky question.

"First you and I are going to your bed and we are going to eat each others pussy until we cum. By then your son will have an enormous hard-on and he will fuck the hell out of me until he cums over my tits. You will lick it off my tits then kiss me hard.

After we shower you and I are going underwear shopping while he goes to work. Tonight we eat Chinese and each other."

There was a deep silence for a moment until Mom said, "Well then, we better get started."

I detoured to the bathroom on the way and by the time I walked into Mom's bedroom they were side by side in a noisy sixty-nine. I sat on the bed and kissed and licked Veronicas' ass. I leaned over a bit and kissed Moms' cheek. She took her mouth off Veronicas' pussy for a moment and gave me a pussy juice infused kiss complete with probing tongue. She motioned for me to kiss Veronicas pussy and after that was accomplished she resumed eating her. Veronica was well on her way to a large orgasm by then.

I walked around the bed and kissed and licked Moms' ass then kissed Veronica on the cheek. She lifted her head for a kiss and as we kissed her orgasm hit. I held the kiss until she was done, then without thinking I kissed Moms' pussy. Veronica sat up leaving me to finish off my mother. As soon as Mom realized who was eating her pussy her orgasm overwhelmed her, I had to hold her firmly to maintain contact between my lips and her clit.

Veronica had again been right, my cock was painfully hard. I slid it into her pussy and for the first time I was fucking her instead of her fucking me. There was no mistake about this one. The others were lovemaking at heart. This was a fuck.

I was pounding into her as fast and as hard as I could.

Mom and Veronica urged me on. My own orgasm was soon in coming. I pulled out of Veronica's pussy and began to stroke myself furiously aiming my cock at her tits. Mom pushed my hand off my dick and jacked me until I spewed over Veronica. The first spurt flew completely over her head; the others covered her chin, her tits and her abdomen.

Before the last of my cum oozed out of my cock Mom pushed me off Veronica, licked and kissed her way up Veronica's cum covered body until they were tit-to-tit, pussy-to-pussy, and deep into a kiss. I saw that they had at least one more orgasm in them and I left the room.

I went to my room and after stripping the linens off the bed and starting the wash I got ready for work. When I checked on the ladies they were in the shower, Veronica was washing Mom's hair. I stayed and watched them for a while, as sexy a scene as I had ever seen but managed to force my way out of the bathroom and towards work.

That day at the pool somebody said to me, "It looks like it might be a good day."

"It has already been a most excellent day," I said. "With a good chance of getting even better."

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