Vertigo Eyes Ch. 1


“I will, I promise!” She reached up and kissed me again. This time the kiss lingered on longer than before. And Kate imperceptibly, rhythmically, started to press her sex against my fingers. And her hand moved down to rest lightly on the still rampant erection that was straining in my pants.

But further pleasure for both of us was not to be, because we were disturbed by the headlights of Corinne’s car shining on the lounge curtains as she came up the driveway. Just as quickly as she had come to me, Kate leapt from my lap and returned to her seat.

I was left with the problem of Kate’s sex odours on my fingers. There was no way I had time to get to the bathroom to wash my hands. Besides, I had a dark patch of pre-come dampness on my pants that would be immediately obvious to Corinne if she saw me stood up. So, I did the only thing open to me – I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked her smell from them.

“Ohhh Greg! Yuk! That’s my…”

“Sex lubrication!” I interrupted her. “Perfectly natural, perfectly clean… and simply delicious!”

“But… “

“But what?” said Kevin, clumping into the lounge and dropping his hockey gear in a heap on the floor.

“Oh, nothing. I was just saying to Greg what an untidy dork you are and he was disagreeing with me.”

“I love you too, Shit-For-Brains!” Kevin spat at her and stomped out again. But he soon came back to pick up his things, having been harassed by his mother to put them away ‘in the right place’.

Shortly afterwards, Jim arrived home. The presentation had gone very well and the practice had gained the contract. However, the clients were a straight-laced bunch who had all headed off home as soon as the celebration dinner was finished. “Our research on them didn’t show up that they are bible-bashers!” he muttered grumpily. “The buggers wouldn’t even touch a drink!” Jim had obviously been looking forward to a wild night on the town! Jim’s return home also short-circuited any possible “come-ons” from Corinne. Which was a great relief to me – there was no way I wanted to upset Kate now!

When I got to my house later that evening, the thought hit me: What did Kate mean by ‘And there’s me’? I stretched my palm the way she had done and peered at the point she touched. There, at the side of my hand a centimetre below the base of my index finger, were two tiny lines that curved to join my Life Line to form a perfect representation of a young girl’s pubic mound. I kissed it with a smile and then went to bed to dream of making love to her.

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