tagBDSMVicki Ch. 01

Vicki Ch. 01


Vicki was barely making it as an interior decorator, struggling with the hardships of trying to run her own business, and she knew that she was not going to make it, already. That thought really saddened her, because she had risked her savings and her efforts on success in this business. She desperately wanted to prove that she was not the failure of the family. Her self-esteem was at stake, and she had little of that to begin with, so this would really hurt.

She had gone through several jobs over the years, and being a single mom made it that much harder. Plenty of people probably thought of her as a loser, already, and she hated the thought of that reputation. How could she win their respect, if she lost her only business?

The worst part of it was the thought of how her son viewed her. Would she ever live up to his expectation that his mom was a person worthy of his trust and admiration? She loved her son, Trent, with all of her heart, and his opinion of her counted most. What would she do if he lost respect for her? He couldn't be made to think so poorly of his mother.

The bank would just about have to foreclose, if she didn't make that sale tomorrow, and she didn't see it happening. The past difficulties would make her a hard sell to these potential clients. It was becoming a vicious cycle, and it was catching up with her. What would she do?

"Dad, I need to go out to the neighorhood bar. Can you watch Trent for me?"

"Sure, dear. Trouble with work?"

"The trouble may be no work soon, Dad. I'm facing failure."

"I'm sorry. That's the hardest thing about a business- the risk of failure. You had to try, though. I understand that. It was your dream."

"I'm sorry to have failed you again, Dad."

"You're not a failure, Vicki. You're a dreamer, and sometimes dreams just don't come true. You took a chance, and I respect that."

"Thank you, Dad. I just hope that Trent understands. It will be hard on him."

"Don't worry, dear. Just stay here until you're back on your feet. You're my daughter, and I'll always love you."

"Thank you, Dad. That's the best thing I've heard all day."

"Run along, now. Go have some fun. Clear out the stress. You need a break. Just don't drive."

"I won't, Dad. I won't get drunk, either. I'll just have a couple glasses of beer."

"Alright. Have some fun. You need it."

Vicki headed out, after kissing her son goodnight, in case she didn't return in time, and she made it to the local bar in minutes, on her feet.

She hadn't been there in a while, due to her responsibilities, so the bartender didn't really recognize her. He'd seen her a couple of times, but no more than that.

"What'll be, darling?"

"Just a lite beer, please."


"Yes, I suppose. Not a large one, though. I have work tomorrow."

"That's cool. Any appetizers?"

"Yes, I'll have some nachos. Haven't had any in ages."

Eating her nachos, and drinking her beer, Vicki suddenly noticed the presence of a stranger with a goatee and well-combed hair. His dark brown eyes affected her rather instinctively, and she felt as if she could sense that he was somehow good news, not bad, for her.

For one thing, he looked at her with certain degree of concern, as if he was worried about her. Strangers were often kind in bars, but rarely that nice. She had to speak to him.

"Hi. I'm Vicki. You are?"

"Dan. You seem a little sad, Vicki. What's wrong?"

"I shouldn't be telling you this, since you don't deserve my stress, but I'm going to have to sell my business, and admit that I can't manage one. I'm not the aggressive, hard-nosed kind of person it takes to push ahead."

"What kind of person are you?"

"A well-meaning, but rather silly one, I think. I just want people to like me, so it's hard to do what it takes to succeed."

"You want to please people?"


"You seek their approval."

"True. I can't help it. I don't want to be disliked."

"If I don't seem too forward, maybe you need someone to take control of your life."


"Meaning, you need a man who will protect and provide for you, but you've got to be willing to follow him, even against social customs."

"This is not a cult thing, is it?"

"No, no. I'm not selling 'salvation'. That's BS, always was, and always will be. I am talking about a master- a benevolent master."

"You mean, like, bondage?"

"Yes. Bondage. Look, this idea probably shocks you, but feelings and desires choose you, not vice versa. They just happen, and you've got to just accept them. If you're interested, give me a call at this number."

"Okay. I'll think about it."

She thought that this man was just eccentric, now. Maybe he was a freak, of some kind. His almost psychic intuition about her needs chilled her to the bones. She always let men tell her what to do, including her dad. It just came easily to her. She even let her best friend, Michelle, a woman, call the shots in their friendship.

Even now, she didn't do what she expected to do- run like Hell. She found herself wanting to at least call him, and find out what was on his mind. Dan, that was his name. What would he do to her, if she agreed? Was this permanent- could she get out of it, if it turned out to be dangerous or uncomfortable? She knew that he wanted her body, but clearly he was after something else, as well. What was it?

She came home that night, fairly sober, and drifted to sleep with dreams of Dan, and what he might do to her, good and bad.

When the morning arrived, she hurried out to work, and met briefly with her prospects, to find out that she was right in her fears. They turned her down, and her business was doomed. Well, at least she was prepared for it. In fact, she was rather relieved, since she realized that she just wasn't boss material. A damn good thing that she didn't have to cut any more staff, she thought. They had all been compelled to leave her and take other jobs, anyway, when she couldn't offer them the right benefit packages or salaries.

That was it, she told herself. She had to get a job, and soon. She had also to talk to Dan. Somehow, his lust for her made him reassuring to her. He wasn't a con-artist- he was a man, after her body, but evidently out to control her as well. For what purpose, she wondered, as she, trembling, picked up the telephone.

Dan answered in his calm voice, saying, "Hello, this is Dan. May I ask who's calling?"

"It's me, Vicki, from the bar."

"Well, I'm glad that you called. I don't normally just suggest bondage like that, to a total stranger no less. I just knew that you would need it- you're a lovely woman, who happens to need a firm hand. I can be that for you."

Vicki smiled in spite of herself. She sensed that this was a life-changing event, a catharsis, and she was headed in the right direction. She wanted to belong to something all of her life, and she hoped to belong to Dan.

"Well, Dan, last night you spoke of being willing to follow and obey a man, presumably yourself, even to the point of defying social conventions. So, exactly what did you mean by that? It sounds exciting, ya know, breaking free of the rules and loosening up."

"I'll explain to you when you arrive. Be at my place, at exactly 10 am Sunday morning. Do not be late- I can't stand tardiness."

"What is your address?"

"340 Topeka Drive. It's the green, 2-story house with the white Doric columns and the large lawn."

"You mean, a Georgian-style plantation house?"


"That address is outside of the city limits, in the suburbs."

"I know, but I think that you can find it."

"Yes, you're right, I can. I'm sure that will be fine, since my son is with his Dad on the weekends."

"Very well, but come wearing a sundress, with no panties."

"No panties?"

"No panties, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Dan. I will do as you instruct. After all, I am about to submit to you, so I might as well as get some practice."

"Spoken like a true slave, already. You sound like my type. You'll still have to be checked for STDs, and such, so go get tested tomorrow, and bring your results to me Sunday. I wil reimburse you for the medical cost, whether you pass or not."

"Anything else, Dan?"

"Just be on time, with your results, and ring my doorbell. Don't knock. Turn around when you've rung the bell, and wait for me to open the door, but stay put until I direct you otherwise."

"Very well, Dan. I will do as you wish."

"Good girl, which means a reward if you prove suitable."

They said good night to each other, and then she cleared her schedule for the doctor visit the next day, calling to make an appointment since it was still early in the evening, and the staff was still working at the office.

She had herself tested, and 2 days later, Saturday, she got her results in the mail. She had been cleared of all STDs, as well as HIV, so she was medically fit to be Dan's new slave. He seemed rather methodical about this, which was surprising since he seemed to be the promiscuous type.

Oh, well, she thought, he probably wants to decide between long-term bondage and casual sex with a condom. The sort of man who would test her was the sort who would use protection, she assumed.

Results in her hand, and her heart beating faster in her breast than it had since her prom, Vicki rang the doorbell to Dan's house, and sure enough, Dan himself answered it.

She heard his voice whistling as he seized the results from her right hand. He looked at it for a second, and then he approached her from behind, blindfolding her, and instructing her to follow him inside.

He led her to a long dinner table, just like those used for formal dinners, and sat her down at the back end, as he took his place at the head.

"Alright, Vicki, you may remove the blindfold."

She did, and saw the incredibly majestic dining hall, with the ornate furniture, and realized that she was in fact seated across a long table from an obviously prosperous man. He sat on the other end, smiling at her, as he read out the results of her test.

"So, you have a clean bill of health. Good for you, as well as for me, since it means that I can fuck you without a condom, and that makes you wife material."


"Yes. My first slave will get to be my wife. That's you."

"You mean that you'll marry me?"

"Exactly. I'll marry you, but you must accept that I will have other slaves."

"Yes, of course! I mean, if this is what you meant by defying social norms, I love it!"

"So, you're interested in an open marriage?"

"Right now, I'm interested in almost any kind of marriage, thank you very much! I'd even be okay with a lesbian marriage, if it meant a wedding, a ring, a few bridesmaids, and a honeymoon."

"You really like marriage because it gives you a sense of belonging, don't you?"

"Yes, I think that's it. I want to be part of something, and marriage is a dramatic something."

"Very well, Vicki. What's your last name, oh, I see it on the results. Blois, like the French county."

"Yes, I'm French, from Louisiana."


"That's right."

"Excellent! A Creole wife, to make sure that the meals are spicy and delicious!"

"I hope that you love my cooking- I really try! I can do more than just Creole and Cajun food, you know? Practically anything, but I'm not as good as I was before that business wore me out."

"You mean you're rusty? Well, time will take care of that, won't it?"

"Yes, you're right, Mr.? I just realized, I don't know my fiance's last name!"

"Von Greiner. It's German."

"Well, Daniel Von Greiner, I would be honored to be your wife."

"Then, Victoria Blois, I will be glad to become your husband."

"Oh, my God, I didn't expect a proposal of marriage right off the bat!"

"Don't worry, I know what you're about, and I can tell that you'll be worthy of the position of my mate. Let's prove me right, and fuck each other right now. No servants around, until I get even better off, and can afford them as well as the house. It was an investment, but one that cost me alot of money that would have otherwise gone to new TVs and such. I only have only one TV, and a laptop, since I sold the others and one of my cars to help pay for this place."

Vicki smiled happily, as she realized that this man, while not rich yet, would be a great provider for her and Trent, and that he wanted her body, which was already 35 years old.

She slipped off the sundress, baring herself without even being told, and he eyed her with obvious relish. She was delectable, with a petite figure, long legs, and soft, light brown pubic hair, just like her hair, which was short, but feminine. Her breasts were small, but her ass more than made up for them, being very well-shaped and smooth. He grinned, feeling a sense of vindication. He could just tell that this woman was his type, from the very first night.

"Vicki, my dear, you are definitely pleasing me so far! Now, come here and suck my cock! Demonstrate your submissiveness!"

Dan dropped his pants, showing her that he wore no briefs, and she eagerly obeyed him, lowering herself to the floor, and then kneeling to suck his dick, determined to satisfy this man's lust, and prove herself deserving of his confidence in her.

Vicki's mouth slid on and off of Dan's dick, licking and sucking it in a rotation that certainly had him groaning with his gratification. He knew it- she was a cock-sucking slave by nature, with the kind of personality that made her a truly delightful companion. His instincts about her were right, and he was now rewarding her for justifying his conviction about her merit. She even smiled gratefully as she wrapped her tongue around his glans, licking it like a scoop of ice cream.

All that Vicki knew was that this man had believed in her worth as a person and a lover, and she would never forget his confidence in her. If he wanted oral satisfaction, then that's what she would give him, doing her absolutely best effort to service him to orgasm. This man wanted her to belong to him, so how could she turn him down, or disappoint him in any way? Here was her opportunity to prove herself to somebody- to earn his approval.

Dan really did approve, by the looks of it, as he sighed and grunted with his stiffening arousal. His hard-on was buried in the mouth of this cute, perky MILF, and he knew that she had passed muster. She was the right candidate, to become his wife and primary partner- his sex slave.

There would be other women, but no other wives or favorites. Vicki was his mate, the woman that he would love. She had demonstrated the right attitude, with the proper subordination to him. She wanted to belong, and now she did.

"Stand up."

Vicki stood up, although she had hoped to swallow his semen.

"Bend over the table."

Vicki complied again, and found her cheeks being spread, and a pair of handcuffs slapped on her wrists. Dan then began to lick her cunt, ass, and thighs. His mouth went everywhere, it seemed, devouring her insatiably, and his fingers probed her relentlessly. Vicki was squealing like a girl, since she could not believe that she was getting fingered like this.

Dan continued to eat her, rim her ass, and lick her thighs, even running his tongue over her cheeks, and she kept writhing as he did so, not sure of what to anticipate. His mouth was getting her soaked in her pussy, and he was just drinking her juices like they came from a watermelon or something like that.

"Oh, fuck! This is so fucking wonderful! Is this going to happen every day?"

"You bet, baby, and I haven't even fucked you yet! If you're this pleased by cunnilingus, you're really going to love being my slave!"

The sensation of being eaten continued for a good hour, until she had something like 3 orgasms despite her best efforts to control them. She was on the verge of a 4th, when Dan finally showed mercy on her, and entered her cunt with his penis. Even then, he was fingering her as he fucked her, so that she was trying her very best not to cum, but to no avail.

"Don't try to hold back your orgasms, dear! Let yourself climax! I'm not that kind of master! I'm not out to torture you, just to dominate you!"

With that, Vicki completely let go, cumming on his cock, to their mutual delight, and he just kept thrusting inside her, until after 5 minutes, he also came. She was afraid that was it, that this marvelous session was over, but he just kept fucking her.

"I'm not gonna to apologize for finally cumming, because it is my right, but I do try to stay in a woman afterward, to see if I can give her a 2nd helping of my cream."

"Oh, God, yes! Give me more cum! Fuck me more! Use my pussy!"

Dan then started slapping her cheeks, spanking her bottom as he rode her doggie-style, and his cock continued to plunder her pussy, thrusting in and out of her vagina, until she had another climax, her 5th that day, and it caused to clench her vaginal muscles, forcing him to cum again.

As his sperm filled her once more, he then grabbed her and put her over his knee, smacking her butt for several minutes, while his cum ran down her thighs and legs, even landing on his lap.

He was not punishing her, she could tell, but rather slapping her bottom for the sake of her own masochistic enjoyment and his sadistic delight. He knew that she needed his hand warming her butt, and she was revelling in the fact that he was spanking her that vigorously.

Finally, he sat her up on his lap, and planted a French kiss on her mouth, making her get wet all over again. She was drenched, and she hungrily reciprocated his kiss, even wrapping her arms around his neck, and sinking her tongue between his jaws. This sloppy, messy, enthusiastic kiss was the perfect conclusion of the love-making, which she now knew the sex today to be- it was the first sex of her new life as Dan's slave.

Dan looked into Vicki's blue eyes with his own dark ones, and he whispered to her that she had completely proved his point. She was his, and he would dominate her with the knowledge that both of them were happy with this arrangment.

They headed up to his room, still nude, to take a nap, and he held his slave in his arms for the first time, proud that he made the best selection any master could imagine.

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