tagBDSMVicki Ch. 03

Vicki Ch. 03


Vicki knew that her new relationship with her Master, Dan, would be hard to explain to her father. However, at some point, she had to do it. The issue was merely one of timing. She couldn't just bring it up out of the blue Monday morning. She had to find out just how much truth her dad could accept at the moment.

After conducting some business at the bank, she went to her office and began preparations for closing shop. A leading interior décor competitor had wanted to buy her out for some time now. She called this fellow, a rather ruthless, but effeminate guy named Martin, to let him know that she was interested in selling to him. He was still keen on the idea, though he offered her a worse deal than before. Clearly, he knew how to drive a hard bargain. Having little choice, she agreed.

Hoping to survive for a while on the money from the sale of her business, Vicki still had to look for a new job. She didn't expect Dan to provide for her completely yet, as he had indicated that such an arrangement would take some time. Naturally, she went looking through the papers for work in the medical field, where she had been employed in the past. She had no wish to be on Martin's payroll, or any other competitors'. That would just be too humiliating.

A leading medical billing company had an ad for a certified coder, which Vicki could easily become again, having taken and passed the test before. She made a note to herself to call up that number. She then went shopping for groceries and a few sex toys, as she realized that Dan would want her to have some "marital aids".

She dropped those off at home, said "hello" to her father, and then went to pick up her son from school. At this point, she stalled further by getting dinner ready. She put a PG-rated movie in the new DVD player for her boy and knocked on her dad's bedroom door. He answered it and saw her standing nervously outside. Realizing that she wanted to discuss something major, he closed the door behind them for a few minutes of privacy.

"Okay, sweetie, what's going on?" he finally asked his daughter.

"Dad, I met a guy last week at the bar. I spent most of the day yesterday with him. We have become involved, physically as well as romantically. He's very different from Ryan. I just thought that you should know that he proposed marriage and I accepted. I love him and want to be his wife. It's that serious," she announced, anxious about his response.

"Marriage? That's a big deal, you know. I hope that he's as good as you think. I definitely want to meet a man who can you to take such a big step again, so soon after the last time. Are you sure this isn't on the 'rebound', dear? You know that I love you and will be happy for you if this works out, but I just don't want you to make a rash move and get burned again. You thought Ryan was very special, too, you know," her dad worried.

"I know. I'm impulsive by nature and sometimes take foolish chances. Believe me this time, Dad. He's very strong and independent. He's not a deadbeat, but a real man. He's got his own business, which is doing a lot better than mine. He even has a great-looking house, not that it's THAT big of an issue to me. He just wants to take care of me. I think he'd be a great stepfather to Trent. This is NOT a loser here, Dad. He does want me to work too, for a while, until he can make enough for both of us. Be happy for me, please?" Vicki explained.

"Okay, but what's this guy's name?" he inquired.

"Dan. Well, his full name is Daniel Eduard Leopold von Greiner, but he goes by 'Dan'. He hates to be called 'Danny'. He says it's undignified, especially for a blueblood like himself. Yes, he's from an old German family, or something like that," she replied.

"Von Greiner? Yes, that sounds quite German and aristocratic to boot. I take it that he is a cultured gentleman with plenty of manners and a lot of ambition?" her father commented.

"Yes, but he's also rather manly. He's no dandy or anything like that. I really want you to meet him. I think that even you would be impressed," she declared.

"Ah, so a Kraut with an old name, plenty of noblesse oblige, an education, money, culture, and plenty of machismo is your type now? Interesting indeed. Is he American or German-born?" he probed.

"Oh, he's an American, just 5th generation. His family left Prussia around the turn of the century. They stuck around and he inherited a small part of their holdings, since they have about 50 members now. He's a great guy. I got to see his family crest and coat of arms," Vicki told her dad.

"So, you're not afraid that his high-flying, upper-class relations will look down their noses at this middle-class Creole girl from rural Louisiana wanting to marry into their noble Prussian house? I love you, dear, and I don't want you to get hurt, because some well-meaning jet-setter took a liking to you that his old money family didn't share. Can you really trust him?" Mr. Blois pointed out.

"I trust him. I think that you will too, given time. I doubt he's that prone to appeasing his more snobbish kinfolk. He seems more liberal and stubborn than that," she responded.

"Then he will be very compatible with you, since you're pretty stubborn too, when something matters enough to you. I just had to make certain that this was what you really desired. I'll meet this new beau of yours and hope that he's the gentleman that you claim him to be. Have you set a date yet?" he asked.

"Not yet, but we will. He's made it clear that he wants to marry me soon," she clarified.

"I gather that you've been...um...intimate. Is that right?" he stammered. "Yes, Dad, I've consummated my relationship with him. That's why I took those tests. He wanted to make sure that I didn't have AIDS or an STD before he slept with me. That's because he didn't want to use a condom with me, like he does most of the time," Vicki told her father.

"So, he generally does use condoms, then? That's rather smart of him. I take it that he's not bothered by your being a mom?" her dad reacted.

"No, he's not. It's not the pregnancy and parenthood thing he dislikes, just disease. He's been very honest and upfront with me about things," she answered.

"'Consummated', eh? That's a word normally used for the wedding night, you know. I've never heard you use large words like that, anyway," her father noted.

"He uses words like that a lot. It's an intellectual thing, I suppose. He says that a long, serious relationship is equivalent to marriage and deserves the same kind of language. He says that man is an animal and marriage simply a matter of the law recognizing, institutionally, something that has already existed. Divorce is the law's belated acknowledgement of the end of a relationship. A wedding is a public declaration of love and one's intention to live permanently with someone that you love," Vicki explained.

"He seems very wise and profound. How old is he?" he inquired.

"30," she told him.

"30? He's younger than you by 5 years! Doesn't that worry you? I guess not, if he's so damned smart for his age. I just hope that there don't prove to be a lot of chinks in this knight's shining armor," he commented.

"There won't, I'm sure. I know that I've been wrong about a lot of things, but I have a strong gut feeling that he can be trusted. Meet him and see for yourself, Dad. I really think that you'll get along," Vicki urged him.

"I hope so," her father said.

The next time that Vicki saw Dan was 2 nights later, as he visited her house. Her Dad was there as well and took the chance to meet this man who would marry his daughter. The first thing he noticed was that the goateed fellow had the most piercing dark brown eyes he had ever seen. They looked like they could see his soul. It was an intimidating sight. However, he was very polite and friendly, despite his appearance of psychic powers.

After they talked and ate dinner (which Vicki cooked, of course), Dan left for the night. He was determined not to reveal too much about his lifestyle to the father yet and he definitely didn't want the son to know any of this at the age of 12. He might know that such things existed, but he wasn't ready for that kind of information about his own mother. He would find out in time, but Dan wasn't about to rush it. He was determined to respect Vicki's wishes in that sense.

Because of the circumstances, Dan and Vicki didn't have sex again for another few days. By that time, he had set up something very special for her. He had equipped the bed with ropes and had gotten his flogger ready. He would train her some more in submission before he acted on the swinging aspect of their relationship. There was still time for that later.

When she arrived at the house this time, Dan immediately ordered her to strip completely naked. After she was nude, he disrobed and led her to his bedroom. Seeing the ropes, she paled a bit for a couple of seconds. However, her breathing returned to normal as soon as she realized that there were no instruments of torture in sight.

"You trust your Master, don't you, Vicki?" he demanded.

"Yes, Master. I guess that you want me to prove my submission and learn something," she replied.

"That's exactly right, my dear slave. You're not ready for the swinging yet. First, you must learn to serve me ahead of yourself. You must expand the degree of trust that you feel for me, knowing that I won't do anything that will harm you. We will use a safe word for today, which will become permanent after you sign our contract. Yes, you're going to put your name to an agreement tonight that will make it clear who is boss, what rights you retain, and which ones you give up for life," he announced.

"Yes, Master," she agreed.

"Vicki, I want you to lie on the bed as I tie you up. You will lie on your belly as I flog you. The safe word is 'disco'. Don't worry. I won't do anything that maims or scars you. It will hurt some, but I suspect that the pain will actually delight you a lot. Won't it? Am I right? The thought of being restrained and whipped excites you, doesn't it?" Dan instructed her.

"Yes, but how did you know?" Vicki asked nervously as he bound her with the ropes.

"You're a masochist, as are many slaves and subs. It became clear from your response to the spanking and anal sex that you love to receive some pain, as long as it's not too extreme," he told her.

Taking the flogger to her legs, he commenced their session by running it between her ass cheeks. Then he slapped her feet with it, followed by her calves. The backs of her knees were next, as he moved up her body. As he had stated, the pain from the flogging added some pleasure. She started to feel damp as her juices dripped onto the bed. She knew that he could smell it, which increased her embarrassment, humiliation, and delight.

When Dan flogged her thighs, Vicki realized that her butt was next. That idea particularly aroused her, a reaction that mystified the slave. On the other hand, did it really matter why she liked pain? If she received some satisfaction from being hurt, so be it. That was between Dan and herself. She was a consenting adult, as some people would say. She would accept her new situation and not worry too much about being "kinky" or "weird".

As she decided to embrace her submissive and masochistic nature completely, she noted that he had already struck her ass several times. While it stung, she didn't mind it. In fact, it stimulated her sex even more. Her pussy went from moist to soaking wet. This happened again while he flogged her back.

His next action really grabbed her attention. He started flogging her cunt, getting her fluids on his whip. As he lashed her, she felt the most potent climax from the pain and pleasure that she had dreamed of getting from a man. There was no question of her predisposition now. She was an obvious masochist and slave, enjoying the domination of herself by a man who was willing to whip her into shape, quite literally in this case.

"Well, it seems that you have cum from being flogged, darling. That's a clear sign of being a good slave. Now, however, you must find out what's it like to let a man fuck you while you're bound and still red from his whip. I think that you'll have a lot of fun being screwed like that, as will I," Dan informed his new slave.

Her hands and feet still tied to the bed, Vicki felt her Master lube up his cock, get behind her, and slam it roughly into her cunt. She squealed as he entered her, but there was no doubt that she wanted him to use her that way. Bucking her hips and struggling half-heartedly against the ropes on her joints, she surrendered her body to his penetration once again.

As Vicki yielded and Dan went deeper inside her sex, she came the 2nd time. The rough rutting was too exciting for her not to orgasm, unless she forced herself back from the brink. Luckily, he was not the sort of dominant who generally made her refrain from cumming. She eagerly succumbed to his cock as it pounded her pussy.

He continued to ram her cunt ruthlessly, not stopping for a minute. She felt her skin burn from the pressure of his body weight on the marks left by the flogger. It only raised the degree of pleasure with that of the pain. Her moans and cries occurred more often too, right alongside his grunts as he shoved his thick dick into her womanhood. She felt sweat pouring down herself from this energetic fucking. She could also smell his perspiration.

Dan knew that he was close to cumming now. This amazing romp, in bed, with a bound and submissive woman whom he had just whipped, absolutely turned him on. His cock and balls had swollen to an extent that he expected to shoot off his load VERY SOON.

When that happened, he planned to release her and make her sign the contract. He was very glad that she hadn't said the safe word. That was a rather good indication of her attitude about the experience.

As he thought about his plans, he felt the twitch of his cock and realized that he was starting to cum. He felt his load spend itself in spurts, as it always did, rather than one massive expenditure. With his needs covered, he got off his slave and untied her. The pleased look on her face made it clear that she appreciated the act as much as himself.

"Well, it seems that I'm not the only one here who liked it, am I?" he commented.

"Liked it? I LOVED it, Master! That was just wonderful! Bondage and pain are definitely for me. I don't have any doubts about that anymore. I'm glad that you introduced me to it. I want to be your slave for life," she exclaimed her gratitude.

"I'm happy to know that you're my little pain-slut. The rest of your training will involve more domination, pain, and of course, swinging. We have yet to do that, I know, but we'll certainly get around to that soon. I wanted to firmly establish my authority and your desire for a M/s relationship first. Speaking of establishing it, I need you to sign this contract, my love," Dan declared.

Without even glancing at it, Vicki signed the pact between them. She was so eager to become his first and favorite slave that she didn't weigh the ramifications. She would take whatever he gave her. Fortunately for her, it wasn't a carte blanche to abuse and mistreat her. It was just a document that made her his property on a permanent basis, with the right to dominate, punish, reward, share, and be shared by her as he saw fit. She was his slave, slut, woman, and head of his future harem.

"Very well. You will move in with me ASAP and begin your new life as my slave. Naturally, as my primary partner, you'll share my bed at all times, regardless of who else is present. The rest of your accommodations can be discussed later. You'll obey the rules of my house and help me enforce them. You'll also avoid any dangerous illegal drugs, not that you planned to possess them anyway. We'll make sure that any children that we have don't use them either. I won't have narcotics in my house, especially ones that involve needles," he commanded her.

Well, Vicki thought, I'm just glad to have a firm hand for a change. Daddy is tough up to a point, but a little too soft at times and unable to maintain any real control over a grown woman like me. Besides, I need a lover, a man who will dominate and possess me in a sexual and romantic sense. Now, I have one and it's even better than what I expected. It's definitely than what I had with the losers that I used to love. None of them were MEN in the same way as Dan. I am really looking forward to the rest of my life for a change. It HAS to improve now.

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