tagExhibitionist & VoyeurVicki Lynn's Tennis Adventures

Vicki Lynn's Tennis Adventures


I like to play tennis, even if I'm not very good at it. I don't like to wear tennis panties, though, because they are not made out of silk or cotton, which are the two fabrics I like next to my skin. In addition to feeling good, cotton or silk panties have a tendency to ride up during exercise, exposing more and more of the flesh of my bottom. So naturally I wear regular cotton or silk panties, which I find exciting and which, when they realize what I am wearing, is exciting to at least the men and perhaps some of the women on the surrounding courts. The longer I play, the more of me there is exposed, and the more exciting it becomes for me. And my audience, I hope.

Once I was playing while on vacation at a Club Med in the Caribbean. Most times I wore regular panties. One day, though, while taking a group lesson, I wore my bright orange thong bikini bathing suit bottom under my tennis skirt. I figured that people saw me in that on the beach and what difference should it make if it was on the tennis court as well. Of course, I knew that the reality was that a thong bikini would be much more interesting and exciting on the tennis court than on the beach. It did seem to interest the other tennis students quite a bit – especially the men. And it excited me tremendously to know that they were all looking at my ass whenever my tennis skirt would fly up, as it frequently did. Another time, I wore a light purple thong bikini panty that seemed to excite quite a lot of attention from the people in the courts around me.

A day or so later, when my boyfriend Greg and I were playing, I was wearing regular cotton bikini panties. The weather was particularly hot that day and sweat was streaming down my forehead. I didn't have a sweat band for my forehead and sweat kept getting into my eyes. Eventually I looked around at the mostly empty courts and saw that nobody was glancing my way, except Greg. I didn't think he would mind what I was about to do. I reached down, lifted my tennis skirt and took my panties off. I then used them to wipe my brow, draped the panties over the net post and continued to play.

I was wearing a short, flirty skirt, the sort that showed most of my panties when I served or ran after the ball – or would have if I had still been wearing any panties. It was short enough that every time I had bent over to pick up a ball from the ground, almost all of my panties had been exposed. Even though I was very excited at having taken my panties off on the tennis court, I don't think I was quite ready for my bare bottom to be completely exposed. So at first both my tennis game and my ball retrieval was a little timid. I think I couldn't quite believe that I had actually taken my panties off in public. While playing a game that would definitely expose me to anybody on the other courts. I was very excited, but also overwhelmed and a little scared.

Because of this, whenever I would pick up a ball, rather than bending from the waist as I would normally have done, I bent from my knees and stooped down – much to the displeasure of my playing partner. After a little while, though, I began to stoop more rapidly, causing my skirt to flip up and expose my bare bottom, though only very briefly. Gradually, I became more self assured – no one had come over to arrest me – and I started playing with more exuberance, causing my skirt to flare up, exposing my ass more and more often. And, from time to time, the pubic hair of my pussy was briefly exposed as well.

Needless to say, my tennis game became worse and worse as my excitement grew. It took a while before people in the adjacent courts noticed what was going on, mostly because not too many people wanted to play when the weather was that hot. Eventually a couple of guys started playing in the court next to ours and a few more people started playing on the other surrounding courts. After a while, one of the guys in the next court glanced over just as I was bending over to pick up a tennis ball. I accidentally dropped it and had to pick it up again, providing an extended view of my naked ass. When I glanced over I saw that his eyes had become huge. I'm sure he couldn't trust that what he thought he had just seen was really a naked bottom. I watched as he missed both of his next two serves while spending most of his time looking over toward our court. The next time I had to pick up a ball I dropped it again, this time twice, and this time on purpose, before getting if firmly in my grasp and standing up. This gave him a really extended view of my ass cheeks and pubic hair.

He had a very visible reaction. Then, perhaps not wanting to give his opponent too much of an advantage since he knew his own game was going to be shot to hell, he called his friend up to the net and I think told him what he was missing. My partner and I hadn't been bothering to change courts after service breaks and these guys hadn't been, either. But now they started to with great regularity, which I think showed a real sense of fair play on their part. In the meantime, I seemed to have lost what remained of my inhibitions. When I would hit a good shot (and I kept hoping I would hit a lot of them) I would twirl completely around in pretended glee and happiness – and, of course, showing my legs and my naked torso all the way up to my waist.

After a few minutes, people in some of the other courts also noticed and the entire standard of play at the courts seemed to drop. I noticed this with enjoyment. I was obviously turned on by the commotion I was creating. But I realized that people were getting mostly good views of my bottom but not of my pussy. So I started casually using the front of my tennis skirt to wipe off my racket handle. Sometimes I would be walking toward one of the adjacent courts while meandering back to the service line, sometimes toward the other. As I grew increasingly bold, I would raise my skirt higher and higher, and for longer and longer interludes, making a real production of wiping the sweat (whether real or non-existent) from the handle of my tennis racket.

I enjoyed it greatly, while of course pretending to have no idea what was causing all the disturbance on the surrounding courts. After an hour or so, I had become so excited that I beckoned Greg to come to the net. I walked up to the net and I said, "My thighs are all wet, and it isn't perspiration, Greg. Can we go back to the room quick?"

He said, "Of course, let's get out of here".

I glanced around and then said, "My forehead's all sweaty."

Then I lifted my tennis skirt all the way up to mop my face. I managed to turn completely around while doing this, as if I were looking for our tennis balls so we could put them back in the can. There were (I think this is true and not just my overheated memory) almost audible gasps from the surrounding courts. It was great fun for me. So much so that I have done it again on several occasions.

One of those occasions occurred when I was visiting my parents. They live in a condo in a gated community with tennis courts and a swimming pool. I was visiting them with Greg. It was a nice day and we decided to play tennis. I had on panties when we started. As I said, I won't wear tennis panties because I don't like the way they feel, so I was as usual wearing regular panties. They kept creeping into my crack, though and didn't feel comfortable. I complained to Greg.

"Just take them off, Vicki Lynn," he said.

I had never done this at our condo before, only at places where we were on vacation.

"Do you think it'll be okay?" I asked.

"Sure, why not?" Greg said.

I immediately felt myself starting to get wet from the thought of playing with no panties right there where someone we knew might see me. Greg pointed out that there wasn't anyone on the other courts and this would be a perfect time to take them off. So I bent down and peeled my panties off. Then I draped them over the net post. I sort of wadded them up but Greg straightened them out so that anyone coming by could immediately see that there was a pair of panties hanging on the net.

We resumed playing and continued to have the courts all to ourselves. I found that I was actually beginning to feel disappointed that there was no one there to see my naked ass. Then a couple, probably in their late twenties or early thirties came by. They looked at the courts and examined the swimming pool adjacent to the courts. From the way they were looking at things, they seemed to be thinking about whether they wanted to buy a unit. The woman had long blond hair and I could tell from Greg's face that he found her very attractive. The man was extremely handsome. He had a good build, maybe 6'2" with a dark full head of hair.

They stopped to watch us play and I decided to put on a little show. I put my racket down on the court with my back to the couple and bent over from the waist to retie my shoe laces, which didn't need tying. I could hear the woman telling her husband, "Did you see that?" and heard him pretending that he hadn't noticed.

She said something like, "Let's wait a bit and you'll see. She doesn't have any panties on!"

Then he said, "Say, look over there on the net, isn't that a pair of panties? You may be right."

Since I was paying attention to their conversation and not to my tennis, and I'm not really that good, anyway, I missed my shots and turned around to go pick up the balls. I made sure to bend over from my waist, not my knees, and spent a long time picking up each ball.

I could hear the wife say, "See, I told you, she doesn't have any panties on."

And he said, "My God, you're right."

As I turned back around so I was facing the court, and them, a gust of wind lifted my tennis skirt (I always wear the kind that lift easily in the breeze) all the way up above my waist. Now there could be no doubt at all that I didn't have any panties on. This time I could hear both of them gasp, but I still acted as if I was unconscious of the fact that they had just seen my pussy. They watched for several more minutes and I got lucky with the wind a few times. I also bent over to pick up balls on many occasions, giving them good views of my pussy and my bottom. Eventually I heard them say, regretfully, it sounded like, that they really ought to go but that this seemed like a very nice place to own a condo.

After they left a couple of men came and started playing on the court next to us. I didn't do any overt bending over, but of course the wind was still fairly strong and from time to time my skirt would fly up. They were pretty serious tennis players so they didn't notice anything at first. Eventually, though, I heard one of them saying something to the other, and after that they seemed to be spending as much time looking in my direction as in playing their game. It was great fun for me, and very exciting. After a while Greg and I decided it was time to go relieve our sexual tensions. I picked my panties up off the net and we left. I think the men were disappointed.

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