tagNovels and NovellasVickie's Venture Ch. 03

Vickie's Venture Ch. 03


Vickie's Cell Phone rang and she answered it as soon as she could. That was her special phone, the one she used for her customers. In the last little while, she'd built up quite the nice little clientele, not including Lucinda herself. The reason was she prided herself on discretion, plus no matter what she had to do to achieve that goal, the customer was always left satisfied.

"Hello, you've got Vickie. Oh, hello, how are you? I'm surprised to hear from you , but ... oh no, I'm sorry, I can't. I have a commitment tonight and don't have anyone free until after midnight. That'll be fine? All right, yes she is ... of course, I think we can accommodate that request. The fee? I think we can work that out later, have a lovely day."

Vickie snapped the phone shut and was a bit miffed. The client who had just called was an attractive woman who she would dearly loved to have girl-fucked, but she and Heather, Heather's Aunt Alexus, Lucinda and a few other women were getting together for a lesbian orgy she simply couldn't pass up. Then she was going to end the evening by going home and fucking Daddy raw. She was glad she had a few girls she could trust now, her own little entourage, because this woman was someone she truly wanted as a repeat customer.


Melissa Price gathered up her books and waved goodbye to her favorite teacher, Katherine Saunders. Katie was always glad to see Melissa, the girl was the kind of student teachers lived to inspire, she was bright, inquisitive and friendly and always seemed to have a smile on her face. Melissa was up for any challenge and was very involved with the School, including being on dance committees and a former member of Student Council. The pony tailed teen was also very easy on the eyes, as a lot of the boys had noticed. Melissa didn't seem to have a lot of time for boys though -- it puzzled Katie, given the girl's popularity, she could have had her pick of any male in the school. A few times, she had thought Melissa might be gay, but she did see Melissa flirt with boys, she just chose not to date any of them. Oh well, it wasn't any of her business, the strawberry-blonde thought to herself as she walked towards her car and made her way home -- to a big, lonely apartment with only her cat, Colonel, to keep her company, she sighed.

Melissa walked into her favorite coffee shop, ordered a large Mexican Don Pepe and got the restroom key. Once the door was locked, she let down her ponytail and brushed her waist-length blonde hair, in a few minutes, it was shining in the light. She applied a bit of blush, some shadowy mascara and a light orchid eyeliner. Next, she unbuttoned all but two of the buttons on her blouse and let her gorgeous 34C tits show in the lacy black bra she'd been hiding. Melissa had been working on her tan whenever she could; not a single tan line marred her breasts. She followed that action by rolling up the plaid skirt she'd worn that day to the point where her buttocks showed -- barely -- and one could see the tiny black thong she was wearing.

The killer touch came after that, she slipped off her sensible shoes and from her duffel bag, extracted long, thigh-high black PVC boots with a wicked stiletto heel. It wasn't Melissa who emerged from the restroom, it was Melisande. She grabbed her coffee and indulged herself with a Biscotti and flipped her Cell and dialed Vickie's number, feeling the eyes of the young Barista watching her with obvious interest.

"Hi Nick -- yeah, everything's great. What time are they expecting me? In an hour? Great, no worries. Am I going to them or are they ... they're sending a Limo? Ooh, sounds swanky, here's where I'll be then. Hugs and kisses sweetie, talk with you tomorrow." Melisande was glad she'd had her little talk with her friend Heather, who had nudged her in Vickie's direction. Being one of the horniest young women on the planet, her new extra-curricular activities were a lot of fun and very easy on the pocketbook.

Melisande had to be honest with herself, she was a tiny bit nervous, as she'd never been with a couple before, but Vickie had assured her the young marrieds were very nice and really sexy. Vickie always checked out the clients in advance, she either had references or insisted on meeting them in person. To calm her nerves, Melisande considered going outside and lighting a cigarette, she still had a few in her purse, but she'd been highly successful in her attempts to quit -- with some motivation from Vickie and Heather, who promised her something special if she stayed smoke-free for 3 months.

Another factor was that the aroma lingered, as did the smell of the joint she also had in her duffel bag. No -- if these people are as sexy as Vickie says they are, I want to be 100% straight.

Promptly at 6 PM, a long stretch limo picked Melisande up at the designated spot. Long coat wrapped around her, she got in the limo and saw the handsome couple seated inside. The male half extended his hand and greeted her warmly.

"Melisande, my -- you're just as lovely as Vickie said you'd be -- no, you're lovelier . I'm Barry Saunders and this is my wife, Tenaya." Melisande heard the last name Saunders and wondered if he was any relation to Katherine Saunders, her teacher? "I hope you'll be everything we've been fantasizing about." Tenaya smiled at her, she was pretty enough, with her hair tied up behind her and horn-rimmed glasses. Her clothes were somewhat elegant though, as were Barry's and she had a lovely smile, with beautiful brown eyes.

"I guarantee it," Melisande said confidently.

"You're my birthday present," Tenaya said softly.

"Oh? Well then, happy birthday," Melisande said, leaning in to kiss the blonde woman. She brushed her lips against Tenaya's, but Tenaya threw a bit more passion into her kiss and her hand brushed Melisande's cheek. This woman can kiss and I don't think it's her first time kissing another girl, Melisande thought.

"Share, darling?" Barry asked his wife, who nodded. She kissed Barry and then let him kiss Melisande, who gave him a preview of things to come. Her tongue darted with his and they kissed for a while as the limo drove on. Then Melisande returned her attentions to Tenaya -- why not start things up a bit, she reckoned.

The limo pulled up to a luxurious townhouse and the trio got out. The couple linked their arms with Melisande's and led her upstairs to a beautifully furnished home, with tasteful decorations everywhere. Barry poured them a drink and told Melisande he was a writer. "You're that Barry Saunders?" Melisande said, astonished. Barry laughed, indeed he was -- now that she could see him clearer, he looked exactly like the pictures on his dust jackets. Melisande was a huge fan, his characters were bold, vivid and real -- and sexy. She was going to have sex with Barry- frickin'-Saunders, she danced inside.

Tenaya sat down and removed her coat, she was wearing a light pink silk blouse and elegant black skirt, calf-length, with a pair of black stiletto heels and sexy hosiery. Still, Melisande thought, she seemed a bit tame in appearance to be the wife of such an accomplished writer.

"What do you do?" Melisande asked as she also sat down and joined Tenaya.

"I'm a schoolteacher at Briarwood Academy," Tenaya said.


Barry spoke now. "Yes -- which is the reason we requested you when Vickie showed us your picture."

Tenaya spoke now, her voice changed tone, becoming softer and more alluring. "I see some of those shameless little bitches in their uniforms, with their skirts hiked and their gorgeous asses and pussies showing, their long legs and I just want to pull them into my class and have my way with them. Little sluts , I want to show them what a real woman could do to their hot little cunts, but unfortunately, I'm a well-respected member of the faculty and I can't do that. Besides, the scandal could ruin Barry. But I yearn to eat their slutty little pussies, so every once in a while, we get a girl like you and I do naughty, horrid things to her." Tenaya said, shuddering a bit in delight.

Clearly, Melisande had underestimated Barry's blonde wife. He smiled.

"Melisande, I can assure you that Tenaya won't harm you, quite the opposite, you'll leave here weak in the knees. My wife can be quite the shark once she gets going and I don't mean to brag, but I can still throw a woman a mean fuck, even though I'm heading ... " Barry coughed intentionally " ... towards 50."

"My Daddy is 50," Melisande purred, throwing a bit of a spin on the events. "I have a bit of a Daddy complex, I warn you." Melissa had wanted to screw her business-exec father for some time now, but he always saw her as his little girl, she knew. Barry's eyebrow arched in response and she could feel Tenaya's eyes staring lusty holes in her.

"Why don't you show us what it is you're wearing under that coat?" Tenaya purred softly. Melisande realized she hadn't taken it off, even though the other two had made themselves quite comfortable. It's all about the show , she thought to herself, remembering some of the things Vickie had taught her. She stood up and let the long coat slide to the floor, showing off her wares. She did a little pirouette and showed her tiny skirt, the sexy ass clad only in a thong, all of her body on full display for the pretty teacher and her somewhat-older husband.

"Oh my -- oh, she's exquisite, we chose well," Tenaya said, almost drooling. "We're going to enjoy her darling, I can tell."

"How did you two meet?" Melisande asked. Famous authors and schoolteachers did not often run in the same circles.

"Before I hit it big, I taught at Briarwood. Tenaya was one of my students and I'm afraid my willpower wasn't quite as strong as hers. I couldn't resist her hot little sexkitten body, so I seduced the little bitch and fucked her on a near-daily basis until the summer, when she graduated."

"He thinks he seduced me," Tenaya giggled, Melisande and Barry joining in. Tenaya continued. "He was my first," she sighed. "Well, first man anyway," she added with a chuckle. "I moved in with him a few months after that and he makes sure my pussy is well satisfied. He's a wonderful husband!" Tenaya blew him a kiss as Barry poured them all a final drink.

They drank a toast to the "sexy lessons" that were yet to come. Tenaya stroked Melisande's cheek again. "We should go upstairs darling, I simply can't wait any longer to get at you." She led the girl up a flight of stairs to a spacious, beautifully lit bedroom with a large bed, more than enough room for fun and games. Melisande was horny with anticipation, she hoped they'd be as sexy in bed as they acted and sounded.

"Would you like to see more of me?" Tenaya smiled at Melisande. Curious to see the wildcat Barry had described, she nodded.

Tenaya unwrapped the black skirt and revealed legs that were sleek and shapely and wearing stockings and suspenders. Her pussy was covered by a pair of sheer black-lace panties. The blouse was unbuttoned to reveal perfect-sized tits clad in a lacy pink & black bra and skin a buttery complexion, looking appealing and soft to the touch. Tenaya's next move was to remove her glasses and then she let her hair down -- it was an astonishing transformation, the once-modest teacher was now absolutely stunning. She was one of the loveliest women Melisande had ever seen and her anticipation of what was going to happen made a Quantum leap.

Tenaya's eyes narrowed and she walked in front of Melisande and spoke sharply. "Why are you dressed like that, you little whore? Haven't I warned you about dressing like that in my classroom?"

Melisande picked up her cue immediately. "Y-Yes ma'am," she said meekly.

"So, why do you continue to do it?"

"My Daddy -- my Daddy makes me dress this way."

Barry smiled to himself -- the naughty little bitch had added a nice twist to the mix. She was going to be well worth the exorbitant fee Vickie had charged.

"Your father makes you dress this way?"

"Yes. He says since I'm a little slut , I should dress like one." Melisande continued, thinking on her feet.

"Are you a little slut?" Tenaya said, tremendously turned on by this exciting new twist in her fantasy.

"I -- I guess so. I fuck my Daddy when Mommy's not home, I love his big Daddy-cock."

"Hmm. You are a slut then, and should be punished for that. Let's take care of that now, shall we?"

Tenaya led the blonde teen over to the edge of the bed and extracted a small ruler from the nightstand. Melisande looked over at Barry, who said quietly "She won't hurt you, just go along with it -- you're doing great."

"Twenty strokes," Tenaya said firmly, bending the girl over. She lifted the skirt and saw the tiny panties. "You are naughty, such a little tramp. I hope we can correct your bad attitude."

Whack! came the first blow of the ruler and contrary to Barry's statement, it stung -- but for the exorbitant fee Vickie was giving her, Melisande would endure it. 19 more followed and her tush was a bit warm, but she endured Tenaya's flailing of her buttocks, she could hear from the soft pants the blonde was making she was getting off on it. Not only that, she was feeling mildly aroused herself.

Tenaya stopped on the twentieth stroke and pulled Melisande's tiny thong aside. "Just as I suspected, you're soaked. You really are a perverted little slut, aren't you?" She sighed, with a bit of exaggeration. "Just what am I going to do with you?"

"Eat me."


"You heard me teach -- eat me. You're not fooling anyone, I know you've been checking me out in class. You want me teach, you're as big a slut as I am -- a perverted lezzie slut ."

"No -- no, I'm not."

Melisande yanked the blonde teacher close and snarled "Yes you are, but it's okay. Let's do all sorts of slutty things to each other, the kind whores like us get off on. You want to, don't you teach?"

Her breathing heavy, not play-acting at all at that moment, Tenaya groaned "Yes -- oh yes, it's wicked and I'm a horrible person, but I want your sweet little pussy and tits and ass ... "

"It's all cool, teach," Melisande said, enjoying her role. "When Daddy's not around, I fuck Mommy too. I come by my slutty behavior naturally."

Tenaya gave out a gasp, this sexy teen was proving to be a wonderfully inventive little fuckmate. "I-I shouldn't, I'm trying so hard to be good and virtuous ... "

"Goodness and virtue are overrated. Face it teach, you're a slut, like me. Come on -- you know you want to lick my tits and pussy and make me cum and have me do those things to you. Don't you, you horny bitch?"

Continuing the roleplay, Tenaya groaned "Yes, damn you, YES! I think you're delicious and I can't wait to bury my face in your horny little cunt and eat you up!" With that, she pushed the blonde teen on the bed and yanked the skirt and blouse away. The bra followed suit and silky-soft skin pressed against Melisande's own, rubbing and caressing. The brown-eyed blonde was slowly forgetting about the Role Playing and now getting down to the business of pleasuring her birthday girl toy. Her tongue trailed all over the girl's body and Melisande groaned out her joy. Her boot-clad legs closed around the blonde teacher's head as Tenaya ate her cunt fervently.

Barry loved the fact after all these years, his sexy paramour could still shock him. He'd never seen Tenaya respond to anyone the way she did Melisande, he had to admit, the little blonde honey was a treat. His cock was already throbbing and he was about to join them, when Melisande spoke up.

"Oh Miss, we've been caught. Oh no -- it's my Daddy !"

Had Barry been a woman, he would have squealed with delight. Melisande continued to top herself with her inventiveness. He played along with the game.

"What are you doing, Melly? You little slut, now you've seduced your own teacher? Have you no shame?"

Melisande smiled a most-wicked smile at her "Daddy" and said "Of course not Daddy, I'm a slut . She was easy Daddy, you know they can't resist my hot little pussy -- no one can. Join us Daddy, she's a fucking wildcat." Her fingers were pumping in and out of Tenaya's pussy as she role-played, the husband and wife duo were thrilled by how clever she was. Tenaya was soaked and hunching against the invading fingers.

"Sir, I'm sorry -- your daughter, she tricked me, she ... " Barry raised his hand.

"No excuses, she's a whore and always will be one, but you're supposed to be a figure of authority. No matter -- you are both hot bitches and I suppose fucking you both won't do any more damage." He joined the lesbian duo on the bed and let Tenaya help him slide tight, trashy little Melisande onto his rod. The teen knew how to handle a cock and began to ride him while his perverted wife licked their joined bodies, thrilled at how much fun they were having. This was the sexiest birthday she'd ever had, she thought perhaps they should consider Christmas, Boxing Day, Valentine's Day, she chuckled.

His cock moved in and out of the teenage girl's tight pussy and he wished she was his daughter for a moment. Taboo or not, he doubted he -- or Tenaya -- could have resisted Melisande's charms. Her tits were round perfection and her eyes gleamed as she fucked, she clearly took pride in her work. The boots looked so hot on her legs and she was now lip locked with his wife as they continued to screw each other senseless.

"Fuck my teacher Daddy, I've never seen you fuck someone else!" Melisande said, still intent of keeping the game going. Barry had to admire her grace under pressure.

"You lie , you horny bitch, I saw you watching your mother and I the other night, but all right. This blonde cunt needs a cock, do you want it?" he asked Tenaya.

"Please -- oh yes, please, I want it!" the blonde teacher moaned and then she was on all fours, her face buried in Melisande's sweet blonde pussy and her body being filled with hard, fucking cock. Tenaya enjoyed the dual role she got to play, prim and proper teacher / author's wife by day, then wild fuckbitch in private. The couple had friends that had no idea what went on behind closed doors and thought them a respectable type of people, pillars of the community. They also had a more intimate circle that knew Tenaya's sexual proclivities well and were there to indulge her every perverse whim. Barry devoted a good portion of his earnings to keeping his beautiful wife happy, she adored him in turn and kept him well-fucked.

"Fuck her Daddy -- oh, she is a slut, just the kind you and Mommy like -- yes, I know all your secrets Daddy, you perv, fuck my teacher's hot little cunt while she's licking me, ohhhh Daddy, she's so fucking good!" Melisande yowled as Tenaya's tongue filled her cunt. She knew she shouldn't, but Melisande was overwhelmed by the sexiness of it all and she came, but that triggered the couple's orgasms as well and they joined her and just went over the edge with her.

It was a long and sexy night -- the sexy couple had Melisande get dressed again and this time, Tenaya played the "mother" who was concerned for her little girl's grades. She and her "daughter" fucked the teacher until Barry agreed to give Melisande an "A". Again, the teen was creative and inventive and everyone came gangbusters. A final romp was held in the shower, just sudsing and cleaning and enjoying each other. They had some birthday cake to end the evening, insisting Melisande join them, which she did happily -- she was famished.

"We'd both like to see you again," Barry told her, Tenaya, mouth full, nodding along.

"That's great with me, I had a ball!" Melisande agreed. "Call Vickie, she can set it up. Do you have a fantasy you'd like to fulfill, Barry?"

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