tagIncest/TabooVickilicious Ch. 02

Vickilicious Ch. 02


It seemed like hours since he turned off his computer. He was afraid she would see he called and know that he watched her dance around the room. She would know that he watched as her movements put her panties on display so he could see everything. He was ashamed.

His cell phone rang, it was Victoria. He let it go to voice-mail. He was ashamed.

When he finally mustered the courage to listen to the voice-mail, it had to be well after midnight. "Hi daddy, this is Vicky" she said. "I just wanted to call and say goodnight. I missed talking to you today. I will call you tomorrow evening, good night, I love you daddy." Silence.

She didn't sound mad, or even the least bit upset. She sounded normal, maybe she didn't know he called on Skype and watched her dance around. Maybe... he powered up is computer. It seemed to take forever. Finally the desktop was before him. No messages from Skype, no missed calls. Maybe she did not know he watched her! He opened Skype, he saw the log where she called earlier in the day. He deleted the entry, then it hit him - if he could somehow delete HER log entry... The SPYWARE!

He opened the program, cleared the alert about the IP change, and refreshed the screen. Her machine was on, and had been idle for over 4 hours. It was well past her bedtime so he took a deep breath and CLICK ... connect.

He was presented with a login screen, with options like Lockout Host Keyboard and Mouse, Blank Host Screen, Open File Manager and so forth. He selected to blank host screen and clicked continue. There was a slight screen flicker, and then he was looking at her computer screen. There on her screen was a notice from Skype about one missed call from WickedStepdaddy.

He felt truly wicked as he acknowledged the window, then deleted the log. He was in the clear.

He noticed in the upper right corner a set of icons, these allowed him to activate the mic on the laptop and one for the camera too. He clicked the mic... and listened.

Silence. He turned up the volume on his speakers, the room filled with the sound of air. Then he realized he could hear breathing. Gentle even breaths, she was asleep. A calm rushed over him. He had gotten away with it. She did not know he watched her, watched her bottom as she bent over to bow, to display herself to him through her pink satin panties. He noticed a rise in his pants, good lord he was getting hard thinking about his daughter. No, his step-daughter he thought; NO! she was his daughter.

Then he heard a soft moan from the speakers. He noticed the breathing getting heavier, perhaps faster also. Then another soft moan. Was she having a dream. He remembered the erection in his pants as it tugged at the constraints of his trousers.

"Mmmmm" he heard again. Louder it seemed. "Mmmmm daddy ohhhhh." Wait, what?!? Not sure he heard correctly. His hard-on twitched, and he had to undo his pants to release the pressure on his now fully erect cock. "Ooooh yesss daddy, mmmmm Vickilicious likes it," he heard from the speakers.

Without thinking, CLICK... he turned on his daughters camera. The room was dark, except for light spilling from the bathroom door that had been partially closed with the light on. She often slept with a small light on when she was at home.

As the image adjusted he could make out the bed sitting off to the left of the screen. He saw the silhouette of his daughter laying there on her back. He could see the outline of her body, and the light shown through her nightgown displaying her shadowy breasts.

He saw her hand reach and gently stroke her breasts. "Mmmmm daddy, yessss please," she whispered. Then he saw her hand slide down her flat belly and slip under her panties as one of her legs bent at the knee to allow access. "Ooooooh yessssss Daddy, right there, rub it right there," the speakers seemed to be talking to him.

Her hips raised and lowered to meet with her fingers as she rubbed her pussy right there in front of him. "Ohhhh Mmmmmy GOOOOOooooooood!" she yelled out as her body rocked with an orgasm. She froze, her hips still in the air. Not even a breath could be heard on the speakers. Her body relaxed, her hand slid back up her belly, across her chest, and up to her waiting mouth. "Mmmmm daddy, that tastes so good. Do you want a taste too?"

His body convulsed suddenly as his ejaculate shot up onto the screen of his computer, ribbon after ribbon of semen sprayed upward. It surprised him, he didn't even realize he was stroking his hard shaft while watching his daughter pleasure herself in the night. CLICK... he disconnected the program, sat back and played the events back in his mind - over and over.

Had she really said his name... while she was masturbating... and licking her fingers or was he imagining it all. No he was sure of what he heard. She was fantasizing about HIM while she masturbated! His mind was spinning, he turned off the monitor and went to take a shower.

The hot water ran over his tall frame as he stood there in disbelief. He soaped up, thinking of the images he had witnessed. He played them over again... her silhouetted body writhing in unison with her hand rubbing her pussy. Dipping one, then two fingers into her waiting sex, and bringing her glistening fingers up to her mouth after she came. Licking her fingers as he watched, asking if he wanted to taste.

Wait... did she KNOW he was watching? He had disabled the screen on her side; didn't he? Going over the steps, he was sure he did.

Finished, he rinsed off, dried and went to bed. This was too much for him to take. Finally he dozed off drifting into the welcome sleep.

(To be continued)

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