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Vicky's Surprise


My wife and I have been married for a few years now, but this story happened when we had been together for about 2 months.

Victoria and I met at the bar where we both worked, she was a server and I bussed tables shortly before becoming the floor manager. She is an amazingly beautiful woman, standing about 5'6" with a strong but slender body that she loved to show off. Her ass is to die for, and she had her breasts enlarged to a perfect D cup. She was always wearing clothes that showed off her sexy tits and sculpted behind. I fell in love with her free sexuality and love for life. She was the kind of woman that all guys drooled over, and most of the guys I worked with wanted to get her into bed.

Anyways, we hit it off immediately. She liked my buff body and easy smile. I guess my blue eyes did something for her as well. I was finished with the dating game, having just been through a few years of dating around with various women, sometimes a few at a time. I had wanted to find someone that was fun and free, and wanted to be together for a while. Like I said, we hit it off immediately.

Anyways, we were attending my roommates birthday dinner at a nice upscale Italian restaurant. I had worked here for a time, and I knew already that the food was to die for. We were both enjoying the party immensely. Eating, drinking, laughing and flirting. It was very Bachalinian.

At one point in the dinner, she had her hand on my thigh, and was rubbing it slowly up and down under the table. She carefully started to reach further up towards my hardening crotch, at the same time as she was carrying on a conversation. She reached her target and gave my hard cock a squeeze, and a few tugs through my dress pants. It was driving me insane. All I could think about was driving my cock into her, and soon.

Well, turnabout was fair play, of course. She was wearing a light summer dress that you could almost see through. It was light and airy, and went down to only her mid thigh when she was standing, and dipped between her bra-less breasts at the top. They swayed majestically when she walked in this dress, and garnered looks from all corners of the restaurant.

I reached up under her dress as she slightly parted her thighs for me, to find her g-string panties totally soaked.

"She's in one of her moods" I thought to myself. High-fives were going off in my head.

I dipped a finger in behind the light material and stroked her slick shaved slit up and down, teasing the nib of her hard clit. She let out a small gasp and slight shudder as I did so, and it was a good thing she wasn't talking at the moment but instead listening to another girl go on about her new handbag. I took the opportunity to slide my finger right inside her hot wet pussy, burying it as deep as I could. She was starting to breathe a little funny, and I was already turned towards her so I placed my other hand on her shoulder.

"Are you alright Victoria?" I asked with a slight smile that only she would recognize.

"Yes I think so," she gasped, "perhaps I should freshen up a bit though."

"Here let me help you." I said as I stood and mocked helping her up out of her chair.

We walked together to the bathrooms, and I pulled her inside the handicap washroom and locked the door behind me.

We were on each other immediately. We crushed against each other's lips in a frantic kiss, tongues dancing and swirling. She pressed her large breasts against my chest and I could feel her rock hard nipples. She wanted to get fucked badly. She straddled my thigh and started rubbing her cunt on me through her dress and wet panties, all the while moaning into my mouth. I grabbed her ass cheeks and helped her until she had her first small orgasm of the night, shuddering in my arms.

"I need a cock in me now!" she exclaimed as she stepped back and quickly undid my belt and pants. Dropping them to my knees, she then sat up on the sink vanity and spread her legs for me. Pulling her g-string to the side she said "Fuck me with that big cock baby!"

I didn't need any more encouragement, so I stepped forward and eased my hard cock into her hot wet tunnel, right to the hilt. I stayed there for a few seconds, buried to my balls before very slowly sliding out almost all the way. I did this agonizingly slow pump in and out for about 10 strokes when she just grabbed my ass and started to make me drive into her hard and fast. I could tell she was close, she was starting to sweat just a little bit from the effort and anticipation of another orgasm.

Finally her eyes rolled back in her head as she started cumming on my dick, her cunt spasming around me, it took all I had not to blow my load into her. Her head was buried in my shoulder and she was biting down to keep from crying out. We stayed this way for a minute while she rode out her orgasm, until finally she raised her head, and pushed me off of her.

She climbed down from the vanity and straightened her dress, then turned around to check herself in the mirror.

I was left standing there with my cock hanging out, "What about this?" I said pointing to it.

"Don't worry," she said looking back at me through the mirror, "I'm not done with you yet but we need to get back."

I reluctantly pulled my pants back up, and tucked in my shirt, vowing to get revenge on her somehow for leaving me high and dry... or hard and dry more like.

We got back to the table, and hardly anyone noticed we were gone. Things had become pretty drunk at this point, it was well after the main course, and the desserts had already been mostly finished. As we sat, the server dropped our tiramisu in front of us, and we dove in. I thought about another creamy dessert that I could be having soon and felt my softening cock twitch a little.

We paid up after another glass of wine, and the plan was to head to a lounge for some more drinks with the party. Victoria gathered her purse, and we left the restaurant by ourselves, laughing about the escapade in the washroom. I was desperate to get my rocks off however, so I was keeping my eyes out for any sort of spot I could pull her in and hike her skirt.

We walked through the breezeway of a hotel, that had a walkway to another wing above us. Right there was an elevator that opened up into the darkened breezeway. I stopped and pulled Victoria's arm over to the elevator, then pressed the button and it opened.

I pulled her inside and attacked her frantically. I pressed her up against the marble wall while kissing her passionately. I tugged down the spaghetti straps of her summer dress so that her perfect tits were revealed, with her rock hard nipples coming out into the cool summer night just as the elevator door closed behind us.

I gently grabbed at her right breast and dropped my head down to lick her nipple, while she moaned out her pleasure. I licked and sucked at it, then switched over and gave the left some attention. She was trying to undo my belt again, so I gave her some help and dropped my pants leaving my hard cock standing straight out.

I grabbed her and spun her around so she was facing the front of the elevator. She placed her hands up above the floor buttons to support herself while I hiked up her skirt. I grabbed her g-string panties that were already a mess from her earlier orgasm, ripped them off of her, and threw them on the ground in front of the closed door. She let out a little yelp of surprise but smiled back at me with her sultry "I wanna get fucked" look.

I grabbed her hips and roughly guided my iron hard cock into her love box. It slid in easily with her level of arousal and within a second I was buried to the hilt in my hot girlfriend again. We quickly built up a rhythm as I fucked her from behind. She was moaning now, loving every stroke, and I was really getting off on her cunt squeezing me while she rode out another small orgasm.

"What would you do if someone came in now?" I spoke into her ear from behind. Teasing her as I slowly fucked her.

"Uunnggh" she groaned, loving the idea.

Then it happened. The door of the elevator started to open just as I was sliding back into her deep. We both just froze as it opened fully to reveal two guys standing there who also froze once they saw what was going on. Victoria was standing there with her summer dress bunched up around her waist, with her amazing gravity-defying tits standing out, and a glazed look in her eyes with her luscious lips slightly parted.

They were two very good looking men, as far as my opinion of men goes. Standing tall and buff, and both wearing dress shirts with the top couple buttons undone. They looked like a couple male models, one being longer blond hair that just dropped below his ears, and the other with a short black spiky cut.

The blond got a smirk on his face, and I slowly started to recover from my initial shock.

"Hello" he said

I started to slowly fuck Victoria again, out and in as these two guys stood there watching. Vicky was into it, and was pressing back into me with each stroke, while looking into the eyes of each of these studs.

"What have we here?" the black haired guy asked as he bent over and picked up Victoria's discarded g-string panties. "Wow, these are wet." He exclaimed as he raised them to his nose and took a good smell of Vicky's exotic pussy scent. He handed them to his friend who licked the crotch of them.

"Oh," Vicky panted while he did so.

I was determined that this was to be my revenge for letting me go without cumming before so I kept fucking her from behind, hoping that this encounter was leading where I wanted it to.

They both stepped into the elevator and the black haired man said, "We're going to the 3rd floor," as he reached over brushing past Vicky's tit to press the number 3. She gasped as he didn't remove his hand but instead started to caress her right breast. Gently squeezing, he started to lightly play with her hard nipple.

She couldn't keep her eyes off his hand as I kept pumping into her. She was watching him play with her like she was watching a movie, so she didn't notice as he leant forward then touching her chin he turned her lips towards hers and caught her in a passionate kiss. She was a little surprised at first, but didn't miss a beat and started to kiss him back, shoving her tongue in his mouth and moaning out her pleasure as his hand went back to playing with her breasts, all while getting fucked from behind.

Blondie was just leaning back up against the wall of the elevator as we got closer to their destination, stroking what looked like an impressive piece of meat through his dress pants. I was hoping I was going to get to see him use that thing on my hot girlfriend.

The elevator dinged it's arrival at the 3rd floor, and the doors started to open again. Black haired guy stopped kissing Victoria and stepped out, followed by Blondie. "Are you coming?" he asked, pleased with his double entendre.

I took the opportunity and pushed Victoria off of my cock and towards the two men who caught her as she lost her balance through the elevator door. They started to grope her exposed breasts and she leant back in ecstasy. As she did, Blondie caught her parted lips with his and they shared a passionate kiss while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"My name's Tom," offered Blackie along with a handshake, "and this is my friend Jake." Jake could only look my way as he continued to kiss Victoria and rub her breasts.

"Let's take this party out of the hallway," I said.

Victoria came to her senses and grabbed both their hands to start dragging them down the hall, "Which room?" she asked.

I followed the three, enjoying the view of Vicky's tight ass swaying down the hall while she dragged these two studs to their room...topless. She was going to get fucked well tonight, and she was excited about it.

"Third room on your left," Jake responded as he fished out his room key. He swiped his key card in the door and she dragged them in.

"Alright guys strip!" she commanded as she whipped her summer dress over her head, leaving her standing next to the bed in nothing but her strappy high heels. She was a vision standing there with her amazing round breasts pushed out, her nipples erect with excitement, and her shaved peach glistening in anticipation.

Tom and Jake needed little encouragement, and quickly began to disrobe, unveiling their smooth chiseled chests and 8-pack abs. When it came time to pull down their pants, Victoria was staring in lust, and she absent-mindedly licked her lips as the guys started pulling their pants and briefs down past their groins, revealing 2 thick shaved and cut cocks that were engorged with blood. They had to be at least 8 inches in length each and thick as a vacuum hose.

"Oh," Victoria cooed as she stroked their bare chests. Running her hands slowly down to their packages she took them each in her hands, and felt their heft as she slowly pulled on them.

She sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled them over by their cocks which were dripping pre-cum in readiness. She leant over and took Tom's thick cock and ran it over her pursed lips, spreading the slippery pre-cum all over her mouth. She would dart her tongue out here and there, making it look like she was trying to catch it, when she was really tasting him all over her lips. She looked up in his eyes and slowly engulfed his head with her mouth, sliding the thick snake over her tongue. All the while she was slowly stroking Jake's cock back and forth.

She then looked my way and started sliding Tom's cock down her throat as far as she could. She bottomed out and then slid him almost all the way out, all the while staring right at me. She continued sucking him in and out for a couple minutes until he looked and sounded like he was getting close. Then she switched and did the same with Jake, while using her spit as lube on Tom's cock to keep him hard and close to cumming.

I was hard as a rock watching Victoria take these two studs, but it was time for the main event. I moved over towards the threesome, "Hey Jake, grab her ankle there," I said as I moved past Tom and picked up her left leg by the ankle. As she was sitting on the edge of the bed, we lifted her legs and gently opened her up until she was leaning back on her elbows with her legs spread wide open, her juicy and now leaking cunt waiting to be fucked.

"You're first Tom," I told him, me and Jake still holding my girlfriend open for him.

Tom stepped forward holding his big thick cock by the base and started to smear his still leaking pre-cum all over her pussy lips. As soon as he touched Vicky's clit, she shuddered in a light orgasm and groaned out, "Please fuck me!"

Tom lined himself up with her opening and firmly pressed into her waiting lips all the way to the base. Once his pelvis touched her mound she started spasming in a huge orgasm, and he had to hold still for a minute while she rode through it. I was practically drooling at the sight of his big cock buried to the hilt in my girlfriend.

Then he slowly started pulling all the way to his tip, and then pushing all the way to the base again, then all the way to the tip, then all the way to the base. This was driving Victoria crazy and she started thrashing around as she went through wave after wave of pleasure created by this hard stud fucking her firmly and surely. Tom fucked her for a good five minutes with Jake and I holding her legs until he again looked like he couldn't hold out much longer. He pulled all the way out this time, and stepped to the side so that Jake could get in there.

Jake placed his large snake on her wet mound and slid his length back and forth for a bit, driving Vicky insane. Her pussy was twitching from the tease, and she had to have him. She reached around him and when his cock was at the base of her slit, grabbing his ass, pulled him into her. They both moaned out their mutual lust as his cock slid home.

"Oh fuck your cock feels so good... mmmm, fuck me Jake, fuck me with that hard cock you stud!" she relented, looking into his eyes as he pistoned his cock into her juicy peach over and over.

She came again shortly, thrusting her cunt up to match his fucking and groaning out while she licked her lips and watched his cock dive into her pussy. He held deep inside her while she rode through another, and then slowly exited to allow Tom his turn again.

They swapped fucking my future wife another 4 or 5 times, each time pulling out before she could get them to cum inside her. I just watched, slowly stroking my rock hard cock as it leaked cum gradually, but careful to not orgasm.

"Oh god, please cum in me" she had begged as Tom was pumping her for a fifth time.

Jake had other ideas however, and he laid down on the bed with his thick pole standing hard against his belly.

"Lift her onto me." Jake said, so we picked her up by her thighs, and she draped her arms around our necks for support.

Jake held his cock straight up and we moved her over top of him, facing his feet, then slowly lowered her onto his hard cock, skewering her all the way to his base as we let her weight go. Victoria was moaning uncontrollably now, and she started to fuck him desperately as he lifted his hips each time to meet her thrusts. Tom stepped onto the bed and fed her his hard cock, which she gladly stuffed into her mouth.

She looked amazing, leaning back just a bit and being supported by Jake's strong arms as he fucked up into her, his hard cock splitting her juicy shaved box over and over again as his friend Tom gently fucked her mouth.

All three of them were reaching a crescendo quickly, and it was Jake that burst first, yelling "Oh God, I'm cumming!" as his cock started spurting hot load after hot load up into Vicky, who's pussy started to spasm in time with his cock. I watched her pussy and his cock pulse in time together as he deposited a gallon of cum inside her, eventually so much that it was leaking out and coating his balls in it.

This was too much for Tom who started to cum himself, pulling out of Victoria's mouth and grabbing his cock as it started to flow cum like lava, not spurting but spilling out massive amounts onto Vicky's waiting tongue. Overfilling her mouth and flowing down her neck over her perfect breasts. The hot liquid enough to cause another moan to emit from Victoria as she started to smear the cum bath over her body in ecstasy.

All three of them fell back spent, but Vicky was lying with her legs spread and rubbing Jake's leaking cum all over her hot cunt.

"Not going to be left hanging this time" I thought as I crawled over Vicky's sprawled body and slid my iron hard cock inside her. She felt insanely wet and juicy, with Jake's massive load still pouring out of her as I pumped her frantically for all I was worth. Her slick cum covered tits were rubbing all over my chest and I dipped my face in between them and felt the hot slimy fluid coat my cheeks. In the heat of the moment, I stuck my tongue out and tasted the creamy liquid off of her plump tits. It was amazing.

She blithely moaned "Fuck me baby... Fuck my used pussy..." and that's what made me blow my load inside her, adding my seed to Jake's inside my hot lover of a girlfriend.

We laid like that for what seemed like half an hour, but was probably only 5 minutes, until Tom and Jake slowly got up and dragged Victoria to the shower. There they slowly and almost lovingly washed her down under the warm water as I watched the sexy scene through the open door from the living room. She gave a couple playful tugs on their big logs and had a long passionate kiss with each of them.

They had each gotten hard again, and as she was kissing Jake, Tom pushed in behind her and slid his cock in her slick pussy. They sandwiched her like that until Tom came inside her, and then she turned around and let Jake have a turn as she made out with Tom. Jake eventually came as she must have had what was her 6th or 7th orgasm.

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