tagIncest/TabooVic's Education Continues

Vic's Education Continues


***Continuation from Vic's Education***

After shopping all afternoon with her son, Jill left Vic at the mall and arranged to meet him at a bar in a nearby hotel later that night. To set her devious plan in motion, she wanted time to get ready for their date. Without him knowing, she got a luxury suite in the hotel so she could change into her special outfit.

Earlier, while her son was trying on new slacks and jackets, she saw the dress in the store window. A voice from the dark shadows of her mind said, "Buy it. He will not be able to keep his hands off of you. He will want you the moment he sees the dress on you." After she left the store with the garment, she was self conscious about the dress but very excited.

While she showered, Jill recalled the previous night. She still couldn't believe it happened. While her son thought she was asleep, Jill let him fuck her and she couldn't believe how much she enjoyed it. For someone without any experience, he was amazing in bed. But even more amazing, she couldn't believe that her son thought she could sleep through being fucked with his enormous cock.

After suppressing her squeals of delight through out their tryst, Jill couldn't remember being so happy and satisfied. After such a long period of abstinence, she was left hungry and needed more of him. When she woke up the next morning, Jill wanted to take the next step so she asked him out on a date for her birthday by leaving him a note before he woke up. After his "secret" romp last night, she decided to make him beg for her. Jill hadn't been this thrilled about a date since high school.

Jill had told him to be ready at a little before 7pm. At 7:20 pm, she slipped into the bar and looked around at the noisy crowd. Luckily, she didn't recognize anyone. She didn't want to get caught by anyone she knew in this dress, especially with her son on her arm. It was bad enough that he was so young but she hoped it wasn't too obvious to everyone that she was 18 years older than him. Luckily, her son looked much older than he actually was so he could have a drink in the bar while waiting for her.

While she strolled through the prosperous crowd, every man in the room was looking at her with lust and she knew it. Actually, she loved it. Feeling empowered, she was like a magnet to men's attention. When her son finally saw her, he stopped as he raised his glass to his lips and stared at her. She knew why.

Jill was wearing a very expensive dress made from heavy silk. It was a dress that could only be worn in Vegas or at a movie premier by a pretty starlet or by a hooker in a private room. It was only a little black dress but it screamed, "Fuck me!"

The dress was very short and very tight. It had a halter-top and a deep, open back that exposed the full length of her spine. The material clung to her skin so well, that everyone in the room knew she wasn't wearing underwear. As she walked towards her son, his bulging eyes went from her 4-inch heels, up her long legs, up her bare thighs and finally came to rest on her incredible neckline. Jill's heart raced at the hungry look on her son's face.

The neckline made this dress special. From the halter-top, the neckline was open to just above her navel. The fabric vertically covered only half of each breast and left the other half of her large mounds totally exposed. Her nipples constantly threatened to be displayed. Only three tiny gold chains, suspended across the deep valley of her cleavage, stopped her neckline from falling wide open and totally exposing her breasts. The gold chains sparkled as they swayed while she walked.

Jill knew it was a wild dress, and luckily, she still had the body to wear it. Having already checked herself in the elevator's mirror, she knew she looked like the main course at an orgy.

Acting like a young stud, Vic rose to greet her as she approached his table and said with an adoring look on his face, "You look so beautiful. I love your dress. Wow, I don't think anyone has ever looked so good."

Jill stretched up and kissed him on the lips to the disappointment of a few hopeful ladies that had been flirting with him before she arrived. Jill said, "Thank you, you look so handsome in your new sports coat. It is so nice to have a good-looking man take me out for my birthday dinner. Now let's go eat because I am starved."

The restaurant was in the hotel lobby so they just had to walk around the corner. Jill clung to Vic's arm as the leisurely strolled to the front desk. They were seated in a secluded both at Christy's by a pretty, young Asian girl in a short, black dress. Trying to judge her own effect on Vic, Jill noticed that her son didn't pay any attention to the flirty hostess because he couldn't take his eyes off of her neckline. Jill smiled to herself.

When they sat down, Jill turned to her son and demurely asked, "Vic, do you really think I am pretty? I ask because I feel so unattractive any more. I look at that beautiful hostess and realize I can be easily over looked. She is so young. Look at her pretty legs and that warm smile. I may never get a real date."

Taking her blatant hint, Vic complimented her, "You have to be joking. Yes, mom, you are very pretty and other women, including the hostess, don't stand a chance around you. You are gorgeous and..."

Putting her index finger with it's long red nail to his lips to stop his next word, Jill said, "Stop right there and try again. You promised me that I was your date and not your mom. Just for tonight, okay."

Vic apologized and said, "Jill, you look absolutely gorgeous. I cannot take my eyes off of you."

Jill felt he was being sincere so she scooted around the booth to sit next to him and kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks, I think I needed to hear that from a handsome man. We can change back tomorrow, but today I am just Jill. Promise?"

"I promise."

Without him noticing, Jill looked at her son and knew she had chosen her new dress wisely. His eyes couldn't leave her cleavage as they talked. The neckline was cut deep enough that her aureoles almost peeked out while the bottom of the neckline was so low that if she leaned forward, her entire breast would be easily exposed but she made sure to lean back so he would keep anticipating the display. Jill felt so wicked. Her little voice said, " He wants you."

As Jill looked around at the near by tables, she noticed the men were staring at her without hiding their sordid interest and by their evil looks, the women were obviously upset by the competition. At the table directly opposite hers, two well dressed men, one in a red tie and the other in a blue tie, winked at her with appreciative stares. Vic tried to stare the men down but he was ignored as they flirted. When she slightly spread her legs, Jill saw their eyes instantly drop to look under the table. They weren't discrete which was all right with Jill since she wanted to keep Vic anxious.

Again, Vic was well aware of her display as the waiter eyed her cleavage with a smile as he took their drink order. As Jill leaned forward, she knew her top billowed open enough to give the waiter an excellent profile view of her full breast. It was only for a moment but her son knew what the waiter was seeing and he started to get angry. To make her son a little more jealous, Jill made sure the waiter got a peek up her skirt too as she scooted forward on the black vinyl seat to see the wine list and discussed the best wine selection.

After her flirtation, Jill knew the waiter was interested in her as he visually fondled her. With a large smile, the waiter ran off to get the wine. Jill turned to her son and said, "Do you think he likes me? He was kind of cute and I really need to start dating somebody."

Vic replied in disgust, "Stop flirting with him. He doesn't deserve you and can do better than that."

As she predicted, the waiter quickly returned with their bottle of wine. The waiter smiled and flirted with her while ignoring her son as he filled their glasses. After the waiter left, Vic grumbled, "I hate the way he looks at you."

Sliding a little closer to him, Jill whispered, "Put your arm around me and make him think I am your girl friend. Guys will only hit on somebody they think is available."

With his anger dissipating, Vic slipped his arm around his mother, pulled her close and looked down. Clandestinely, Jill's eyes looked down too and saw that her short dress had ridden up far enough so that the full length of her legs were showing and her secluded pussy was just a wink away from his viewing pleasure.

Deciding to wait before exposing more of herself to him, Jill just drank her wine and let her son check her out as she rambled on about their day of shopping. After a couple of minutes, Vic looked up from her crotch and asked, "So, you mentioned in your note something about a dream. You said you had a wonderful dream. What did you dream about?"

Knowing her son was curious if she knew about his nocturnal escapade, Jill said, "It was a wild and wonderful dream but a little bit naughty. I cannot share it with you because I would be too embarrassed."

"Please tell me. It was only a dream and I am curious."

Jill leaned forward and whispered so the other dinners couldn't hear her, "You have to promise not to be mad or hate me. My dream was pretty bad but I loved it. Normally, I could never share it with you, but since I am not your mom for tonight, maybe I could break the rule just this once."

Vic finished his wine and said, "I promise. I will not be upset."

Still acting coy, Jill questioned him, " Are you sure? You may be shocked and I don't want to trouble you with my little dream. You are the most important person in my life and I would be devastated if I upset you."

"I promise. No matter what, I will not be upset."

As Jill refilled his wine glass, she said, "Well, I have dreamt about the same man for a couple nights now. He is strong and handsome. He takes care of himself but is not finicky. The dreams are very wild and sexual. "

Jill moved a little closer and looked deep into Vic's eyes as she continued, "This man made love to me like never before and he made me feel like a woman should feel. Wanted. Desired. Beautiful. He was gentle yet firm and an expert lover. All today, I haven't thought about anything else but his hands on me. Touching me. Fondling me. Also, I realized how long it has been since someone made love to me like that and I decided to change that so I have started looking. I promised myself a treat by finding a new lover. You can help me look. Are you shocked?"

As Vic continued drinking his wine, he swallowed hard and said, "No, dreams like that are very common but was there anything special about this particular dream?"

"Yes, but remember that you promised not to be mad or upset because I need to be blunt." She waited a moment until she had his complete attention, and said, "My dream lover had the most beautiful cock I had ever seen and he knew how to please me with it. He worked me over until my body sung. I must have cum in my sleep because I woke up still wet from dreaming about him."

Jill was thrilled with using such nasty language to her son. She waited.

Looking around at the other diners to see if they heard, her son swallowed hard again as he said, "Was there anything else?"

Noticing her son's glass was empty again, Jill said, "Yes, but maybe later tonight after dinner, I will tell you more but I will tell you this much. I was very happy."

As the waiter returned, Jill used the opportunity to pull Vic to her and whisper, "You are right. I could do better than him so help me get rid of him. Let's make him think we are lovers."

With that, Jill reached behind her son's neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It was a bold move that could have easily gone wrong but it just felt right at the time. He was hesitant at first but started to kiss her back. At first, it was a soft and platonic kiss but then Jill's lips parted and her tongue slipped into Vic's mouth.

Vic hesitated before he responded but then he kissed her back with enthusiasm. As the waiter set down the plates, Vic's kiss turned hungry and lustful. Jill opened her eyes as her son's tongue danced with hers; his eyes were closed. Jill noticed the waiter was gone but she continued the sensuous kiss. Jill caressed the side of his face and ran her hand down his back, pulling him closer, as they continued to kiss.

Finally, Vic ended the kiss and noticed the waiter was gone too. Vic looked around to see who else noticed. He said, "It looks like it worked. He is gone."

Wiping her lipstick from his face, Jill immediately said, "Thanks. I think we chased him away with that kiss. By the way, you are a wonderful kisser. I really enjoyed it."

Vic blushed and said, "Thanks. I enjoyed it too."

With their appetite sparked by the kiss, the dinner at Christies was wonderful with rich food served in small portions. A second bottle of wine was opened and Jill continued to keep the glasses full while they ate. They shared a sinful dessert afterwards but didn't finish it. To heighten their intimacy, Jill made sure that she was touching him at all times. Either her thigh was pressed against his thigh or her hand was placed on his lap. Through out the meal, Jill noticed Vic's eyes continued to fondle her whenever he could get by with it. Jill encouraged it and knew her scheme was still thriving.

Jill knew her son was dying to know what she knew about the previous night when Vic asked again, "You have to finish your story. What made you so happy in your dream?"

Jill leaned close to his ear and said, "Just being with somebody that could make me feel so good made me deliriously happy. He set me on fire."

"What was he doing? What did he look like?"

"Do you promise not to be mad or disgusted? And you can not tell anyone, promise?" "Yes, I promise."

"He looked just like you. Actually, it was you. It was weird at first but then I got used it. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it. It was so wrong but felt so right. You were being very bad but I loved every moment of it."

Vic reacted, "How was I being bad? What do you think I did?"

At that moment, they busboy started clearing the dishes, so Jill leaned her body against her son's body and whispered, "I dreamed that you made love to me in the middle of the night. I dreamed that you fucked me better than I have ever been fucked before."

She pulled back and just stared at he son, "As crazy as that sounds, I was in a good mood all day. I cannot remember being happier."

Her son blushed but responded, "How did you feel about that? You know, considering that I am your son?"

"At first I was disturbed but then it didn't matter. For as good as you made me feel, it didn't matter at all. If it was true, I would have jumped for a second chance."

When she saw the waiter coming by with the check, Jill whispered into Vic's ear, "Kiss me again. The waiter is coming and I want to make sure he got the message."

This time, Vic took control and turned his entire body towards her. He leaned down and kissed her like a lover. His kiss was gentle yet firm. His tongue danced with hers without provocation. Jill felt her son's hand grasp her tiny waist as they kissed and then it slowly rose up until he was touching the bottom of her breast. She thought about raping him right there and then. When Vic ended the kiss, Jill caught her breath and whispered with a big smile, "Very nice kiss. You better watch your self or I am going to want some more." She added, "Now let's go dancing."

*** Their dinner had been a success but the dancing was a mistake. Without trying anymore, Jill had kept pushing Vic into jealousy. Her dress caught the attention of too many guys who had too much to drink. Their sly comments were both flattering to Jill while taunting to her son. After dinner, they went into the lounge and listened to the band. With a little effort, she got Vic to dance with her. Although he protested because he couldn't dance, Jill discretely guided him on the crowded dance floor. He quickly picked it up and was soon enjoying dancing.

While she danced, she noticed the two guys from the table across from theirs in the restaurant smiling at her and whispering to each other. Their winks turned to gestures to come join them. Trying to avoid a confrontation, Jill kept Vic's attention on her naked body beneath the black halter dress by moving against him. More than once, she brushed against his hard cock barely hidden in his pants. With the dress's low-scooped back, Vic's hands repeatedly touched her bare skin. He ended up dancing three more songs with her.

Vic was now very drunk and was taking liberties that he never would have taken before tonight. While they enjoyed a slow dance, Jill coaxed him into another kiss and to her delight; Vic cupped her breast in the palm of his hand during their final kiss. When the dance ended, Jill said, "I'll be right back and meet you at the table."

When she was returning from the restroom, the two gentlemen stopped her and the taller guy in the red tie said, "We love the way you dance. Will you dance with me for the next song? Or maybe we can go to my room for a drink?"

Jill apologized, "No, I don't think I can go with you. My date is waiting for me."

The red tied guy said, "Don't worry about him. Why don't you sit her with some real men instead of that boy and we will treat you the way you deserve. I promise that you won't get a better offer all night."

The guy with the blue tie added, "I think you are woman enough for both of us so why don't you come back to our room. We can pay more than that boy."

Jill tried to get the man to let go of her hand as she said, "Sorry boys but I don't think I can stay and I really must go now."

As the guy with red tie let go of her hand while looking over her shoulder, Jill realized that Vic must have seen it happen because, all of a sudden he was standing next to her. Puffing up like an angry bear, Vic said, "Listen assholes, she is with me and I can treat her better than both of you combined. I can make her so happy that she purrs."

Vic stepped between Jill and the boys. She got scared. After two bottles of wine, Vic was already too drunk to handle these two sober guys. Realizing she needed to act quickly before something bad happened, Jill grabbed Vic's hand and dragged him out of the lounge. Once they got out to lobby, Jill turned to Vic and said, "Lets go upstairs. I got us a room since I thought we would have too much to drink."

**** Vic hung on to his mom as they rode the elevator up to the top floor. He used the opportunity to sneak another peek at he breasts struggling to spill from her dress. While his mother led him into the hotel suite, Vic looked down at his mother's ass move in her tight little dress and wanted her so badly. Maybe she would fall asleep in that dress. She had drunk a lot of wine tonight but he wasn't sure how drunk she was. He couldn't believe he had made out with his own mother in the restaurant and on the dance floor. Her kisses melted him and, at one point, he got so excited that he fondled her breast in the palm of his hand. Thankfully, she was too tipsy to notice.

His mother turned around and gestured towards the room as she said, "So what do think? Nice, huh?"

Impressed with the luxurious surroundings, Vic walked around the suite and said, "Yes, this room is so nice. It seems so large and swank. It is like a movie set."

His mother leaned back against the little table in front of the wall of windows over looking the city and placed hands behind her to support herself. She looked so good silhouetted in front of the city lights that he had to stop himself from going over and kissing her. While he was on the other side of the room, she said, "Vic, why did you chase those men away? I was hoping for a little attention tonight. They seemed nice but maybe a little pushy, but nothing that required you to defend me. I don't want you to get hurt."

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