tagIncest/TabooVictoria and Billy Ch. 03

Victoria and Billy Ch. 03


One Saturday night a few weeks later, Vicky and Billy's mother, Andrea, was organizing things in the kitchen. She had prepared a few snacks and had chilled two six-packs of beer in advance of her husband Paul's monthly card game. Andrea was intimately involved in the monthly event, since it was an opportunity for Andrea to treat a few of Paul's closest buddies to a little session of relief.

Andrea had always enjoyed providing many of Paul's friends with a 'helping hand', which had been a standard arrangement since before they were married. Paul had understood the arrangement perfectly and it had always seemed normal and natural to him. It had begun during his youth when his sister Melissa had first taken her brother Paul in hand and assumed responsibility for his genital care.

This arrangement was transferred from Melissa to his future wife Andrea.

Likewise, Melissa had encouraged Paul to reveal their genital care relationship to a few close and trusted friends, whom Mel had also 'helped'. This same arrangement went forward into Paul and Andrea's relationship, whereby Andrea had also 'helped' many of Paul's friends.

The card game was getting underway as Paul's friends John, Tom, and Mike had arrived and were setting up the cards and chips on the table, buying into the bank, and preparing for battle.

Andrea paused in the doorway to the game room, smiling to herself as she perused the boys. They were nice men, every one, she thought, as she looked at the attractive bulges in their tight jeans. She was happy that this evening, she would be taking care of each of her boys, just like always.

Since John had been divorced last year, Andrea had allowed him to drop by the house once or twice a week when he was between girlfriends, so that she could see to his care. Tom and Mike were happily married with children and so it was simply a monthly card-game-and-care-giving ritual that reminded them all of years gone by.

Soon the boys were playing and boisterously bantering as Andrea circled the table every now and then to refresh some snacks or provide another beer. She was always strict about drinking and wouldn't let any of the boys have more than three in an evening.

Soon, Tom went all in with the remainder of his $20 buy-in, and lost to John's full house. It was a bitter sweet defeat for Tom, who blushed as Andrea crooked her finger at him from the doorway with a 'come hither' look in her eyes.

"Come along, Tommy," she said as her other boys snickered, "it's time for me to take care of you." She sashayed away down the hall, all male eyes on her swaying ass in her tight jeans, as Tom pushed his chair in and sheepishly followed her to her bedroom.

Tom thought back to college days when he was Paul's roommate. In short order he and Paul had become quite close friends - bonding well with much in common - and one night he and Paul had been a bit drunk, drinking beers and talking in their dorm room.

Paul had told him about his sister, Melissa, and how she had taken responsibility as his 'care-giver.'

"Your what?" Tom had said, not understanding.

Paul had explained the relationship that Melissa and he had, how she took care of his genital health since he had turned 18. He told Tom that Melissa had also voluntarily 'helped' a few of his closest high school buddies. He went further to reveal that his new girlfriend, Andrea, had taken over from Melissa, and that she was willing to 'help' a few of Paul's friends, if they could be trusted.

Tom asked a million questions and was completely amazed at what his friend Paul had told him. Eventually, Tom agreed to explore this opportunity with Andrea, and a date was set.

Paul, Tom, and Andrea went out for pizza the following weekend, returning a little tipsy to the boys' dorm room. After some uncomfortable and embarrassing conversation, Paul had left the room to watch TV for a while in the lobby, while Andrea and Tom remained in the dorm room alone together.

It had been quite businesslike, the way Andrea took charge. She simply told swore Tom to secrecy and then simply asked him to lower his pants and underwear, and then lie down on the bed. He hesitated, but then did as she had asked, revealing his naked genitals to his roommate's girlfriend for the first time.

Tom was quickly erect, and Andrea calmly sat at his side and began to stroke his shaft. It only took a few minutes for her to cause him to ejaculate. "Good boy," was all she said. She cleaned him up and then insisted he continue to relax on the bed so that she could see to it that he was "properly drained."

Twenty minutes later, Tom had a second ejaculation.

Andrea then told him that she was willing to continue to oversee his genital care, perhaps once per week, so long as he was a good boy and kept their secret.

Throughout the 4 years of college, Andrea had continued her weekly care of Tom's genitals, even as he had girlfriends and eventually became engaged. It was agreed that her care would continue, albeit less often, as Tom got married and lived happily with his wife in the ensuing years...

Now Tom was walking down the familiar hallway, following Andrea to her bedroom. At 43, Tom shook his head in amazement that he had eagerly submitted to Andrea's strange predilection for so long, and equally amazed that he had no desire to end the arrangement.

He knew that Andrea would do the same to Paul's other friends this same night. It was unbelievable, and yet true.

Andrea stood at the foot of the bed with her arms crossed and a knowing grin on her face. "Let's have your pants and undies off, Tommy, and lie down on the bed for me like a good boy..."

"Yes, Andrea," he whispered, for perhaps the thousandth time.

By the time he had kicked off his loafers, removed his pants and briefs and laid down on the bed, he was fully erect. He closed his eyes. Even after all this time he still felt self-conscious about undressing for his friend's wife and exposing his erect penis to his friend's wife. It was humiliating that he was so weak that he could not resist her offer.

"My, you look quite full and stiff Tommy," said Andrea, "now you be a good boy for me and be quick. We need to get your semen flowing nicely so I'll be ready for the next boy."

"Yes, Andrea," he mumbled, as she sat down beside him and began to stroke his penis gently.

Andrea smiled at how, no matter how many times she had touched Tom's penis and made him ejaculate over the years, she still enjoyed seeing and touching a naked man. It made her feel sexy, and powerful and very 'in-control', just as Mel had taught her so long ago.

"Rubbing a boy's penis, making him writhe and moan and spurt," said Melissa those twenty-five years ago, "is very exciting. It will make you feel wonderful! It's addictive once you start doing it, and you'll want to do it often. You'll also want variety."

Andrea smiled at the idea of 'variety', as Mel had explained.

"There are as many kinds of penises as there are kinds of boys," Mel had said, "Big, small, long, short, thick, thin, pink, purple, pale, dark - a girl should see at touch a wide variety of boys. It's the spice of life!"

And so it was, thought Andrea, as she rubbed Tom's penis. It was long but a little on the thin side. Very pale with a bright pink head that always turned a pretty shade of purple when he was about to spurt. Andrea had affection for each boy and each penis that she cared for. She smiled as Tom's hips began to wiggle involuntarily.

Andrea said, "Tommy, I want you to make nice big cummy-spurts for mommy now, be a good boy and spurt for mommy..."

She sped up her stroking, letting her hand slide fully over the sensitive corona of his now-purple head, and hearing the delightful gasps and whimpers of a boy on the verge of ejaculation.

Suddenly, Tom's penis erupted with a gorgeous spurt of thick, juicy semen, making Andrea smile with satisfaction as always. It never got old, watching a boy's face looking so defenseless and open as he whimpered, and watching his beautiful penis spurting his delicious semen.

Always a treat for a girl. Always.

Andrea stroked him to completion, assuring herself that she had expressed every last drop of his fluid, before she reached for the tissues and cleaned up his mess.

"Oh, Tommy," she cooed, "boy's are so messy... But you were a good boy for mommy and made very nice spurts for me."

Once she had him cleaned up, she kissed him on the forehead and said, "Now be a good boy and put your undies and pants back on."

"Yes, Andrea," he whispered, feeling drained and relaxed as always.

Once he was dressed, he smiled at Andrea sitting demurely on the side of the bed. Andrea said, "Please tell Amy I said 'hi', and now go back out to the card room and send in the next naughty boy to me."

So it went. That evening Andrea took great pride and pleasure in caring for each of her husband's friends' penises - Tom, John, and then Mike - making each man spurt strongly for 'mommy', just as she had done for years.

Once the boys were gone, Paul came to the bedroom to find Andrea fresh from the shower, wearing a terry-cloth robe and wrapping a towel around her head. Paul grinned sheepishly as he looked at the wastebasket near the bedside table. It had so many used tissues full of the semen of his friends' ejaculations - all caused by his beautiful wife's skillful hands at play on their penises.

He couldn't help it, but it made him aroused. It always had...

Andrea looked at her husband with lust in her eyes. "Paul," she said, "I want you naked on that bed this instant - you know how horny mommy gets when she makes her boys spurt..."

"Yes, dear," he said, undressing quickly and laying on the middle of the bed with his naked erection jutting from his shaved groin.

"Mmm," cooed Andrea, "That's the way I like to see my husband..." She climbed onto the bed and swung a thigh across his body as she parted her robe and mounted his hips. "This is the special penis that is all mine..." She gripped his shaft and guided his head to the opening of her already-drenched pussy. As she lowered her body to sheath her husband's penis, she sighed in pleasure. "Ooohhh, yes, good boy... This is my special penis that I get to ride - don't come too soon, honey, I want to ride a while..."

"Yes, dear," he whispered, "I'll try..."

Andrea ground her hips upon his, relishing the sensations of her husband's thick stiffness as she stirred his shaft around inside the wet softness of her vagina. She jockeyed for the perfect position where she could rub the head of his penis against her cervix while simultaneously grinding her clitoris against the root of his cock.

"Aaahhhhh," she moaned softly, "soooo yummyyyyyy...."

Andrea writhed and moaned all over her husband's body, using his stiff penis as her personal pleasure toy. She concentrated on the sensations of her husband's penis inside of her body, while replaying the visions of Tom, John, and Mike - spurting for her over and over and over.

She used her body and mind in this way to increase her enjoyment, bringing herself to several peaks of pleasure before driving off the cliff of orgasmic bliss in a final fireworks show of intense, wracking sensation that forced soft screams from her throat.

She lay upon her husband's body exhausted and happy. It was good to be a woman. It was really good to be a woman who had the pleasure of a variety of penises that she could make to spurt for her enjoyment, while at the same time having one husband to whom she could faithfully make love whenever she wished..

After catching her breath, Andrea rolled onto her back. "Show me how a real man thrusts into his wife, honey..." she cooed.

Paul mounted her missionary style and began to thrust his engorged penis into Andrea's wet and willing body hard and fast, causing his wife to pant and squeal under his onslaught. Paul could feel his withheld orgasm approaching, release just a few thrusts away as his heavy testicles flopped against Andrea's bottom between her receptively parted thighs...

Andrea struggled to relax her body beneath her husband, making herself as soft and open and welcoming as possible. She adored her man and the intimacy she felt in willingly opening herself to him, letting him thrust and pant and drive his deliciously stiff and throbbing penis into her with all the delightful power, vigor, and urgency that a male on the brink of climax can give a woman...

She parted her thighs and raised her knees a bit more, giving him full, complete, and deep access to her wet and luscious vagina - already so creamy and moist from her orgasms - just waiting for the final addition of her beloved husband's semen. She gasped as the tip of his swollen pink head pounded against the mouth of her cervix. It was wonderful to be pummeled and plundered by a juicily thick and frantic stiff cock.

She happily watched her husband's face as it took on that desperate look that men get right before they begin to ejaculate. She cooed, "come in me, honey, I want your semen inside me... spurt in me honey, you know you need to..."

"Arggghhhhh..." groaned Paul as his body stiffened, and then the first spurt of semen passed through his urethra and into the receptive wet depths of his wife's body bathing her cervix and the already wet walls of her vagina. He pressed again, trying to pulse his semen deeper into her, to claim her, to possess her with his turgid cock and his warm slippery seed.

"Ah, yes, good boy..." whispered Andrea as she felt the increased slippery warm wetness fill her pussy, "Spurt, honey, spurt in mommy's pussy...." Again and again her husband thrust into her, moaning and ejaculating, filling her with all the warm rich semen he could force from his body.

He gripped her powerfully, thrusting and spurting, all tensed muscle, stiff cock, and plentiful male juices.

"Mmmmm, that's my boy..." she cooed softly in his ear as he labored on top of her, "Make me all messy inside, honey, that's a good boy... make mommy all messy..."

With a final few thrusts and tensing to expulse the last drops of seed, Paul laid his weight on his wife's body in exhaustion. His breathing labored from his exertion, his spent cock still pulsing softly downward from the height of possession and passion.

Andrea caressed the big head on her shoulder, whispering her approval and acceptance of her husband's ardor and efforts.

She couldn't help but squeeze his spent penis with her vaginal muscles, enjoying the feeling of fullness inside of her. She also enjoyed the wet, slippery, juicy feeling of having been filled with semen, as was her right as the wife. She smiled smugly, thinking how much she liked being filled with semen by a powerful male body wielding a stiff and urgent cock to ejaculation and completion.

It felt so wholesome and wonderful to have both cock and semen vying for space inside her body. She felt desirable, feminine, and deliciously sexy, having emptied her man's soul into her womb once again. His weight on her body was comforting. His throbbing and softening penis in her pussy was satisfying.

She lay contented under him, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms and the tingling sensations between her thighs that always followed a good banging. Her mind drifted, filled with thoughts of penises and semen, as it had for so many years.

She let her husband calm down and recover, petting his head and back lovingly and cooing softly in his ear as she enjoyed feeling his penis slowly softening inside her body. She would wiggle her hips slightly from time to time to feel his progress from hard to soft.

She whispered, "Oh, you've been such a good boy for mommy, giving her such good thrusts and spurts. You know how mommy loves her boy's stiff and manly penis inside her, and I like feeling your penis slowly softening inside me..."

She kissed him on the top of his head, and then purred, "But now you're nice and soft again, honey. And since you did such a good job making mommy all messy, now you have a duty to perform for mommy don't you, honey?"

He nodded and whispered, "Yes, dear."

She said, "Good boy. Now, when you're ready, sweetheart, it's time to make mommy come again while you make me nice and clean..."

After a few more deep breaths, Paul pulled his flaccid penis from Andrea's gripping vagina, and he slid himself down until his face was between her thighs and he could see all the gooey wetness on her bare vulva and labia and seeping from her hole.

Andrea lifted and spread her thighs wide. "That's my good boy," she whispered as she caressed his head with one hand. "Clean mommy up nicely, dear."

Paul began to lick all around his wife's crotch, cleaning any and all juices that had escaped the mouth of her pussy, and swallowing it all as his wife's hips began to gyrate slowly, her hand gripped in his hair, and she began to moan and whisper "good boy... good boy..."

He slid his tongue into her vagina, delving deeply as possible and lapping at her inner walls, carrying away the mixture of his own seed and her copious juices. He licked and sucked and swirled his tongue everywhere on her sex, inside and out, as she moved her hips and body to the music of her own pleasure.

With legs wide and heels on the bed, Andrea moved her pelvis in circles, guiding her husband's lips and tongue all over, around, and through the layered pink lips of her pussy, and occasionally lifting high to pass his tongue over the sensitive bud of her anus, sending shiver after shiver of wicked pleasure coursing through her taut and sweaty body.

After many minutes of ministry to his wife's most tender and sensitive flesh, Paul laid his flat tongue lovingly upon her clitoris and moved his head in slow circles. Andrea responded with gasps and squeals of delight as her pleasure was doubled, then tripled as he softly sucked her clitoris and its surrounding flesh into his mouth.

Ever so gently, he touched her engorged pleasure nub with the tip of his tongue and began to flick back and forth across the head of her clit. Andrea's body wracked and stiffened in response, torn between pulling away and pressing toward his skillful tongue, as gasps and moans and unintelligible words were torn from her throat.

Paul gripped her hips in his hands, squeezing his forearms together to hold her helplessly in place while he plundered her tender clit mercilessly with his tongue, flicking across her clit, circling it, flicking again, faster, faster... Her movements, thwarted by his strong arms, did not cease - guttural, feral sounds emanated from deep in her throat as her hands clawed at his head and caught in his hair.

Knowing she was nearly undone, Paul gripped her pelvis even tighter, shifted some of his body weight forward to his shoulders and neck thereby pinning his wife's hips to the bed as he flicked his tongue now firmly against the nub of her clitoris.

Andrea screamed and cried out, her whole body tensing with pleasure as her orgasm pounded against her body again and again like waves of the sea against a cliff. Every time she was able to think, she thought it was over and her husband would relent, but she found him intent on making her come again, and another wave would crash against her.

"Fuck! Cock! Fuck! Cock! Cock! Cock! Fuck!" she screamed as the delirium of her orgasmic peaks drove all sentient thought from her mind, leaving her a base animal of nerve endings and intense sensations of pleasure bordering on pain. She squeezed her husband's head firmly between her supple but strong thighs, holding him still but unable to stop his tongue's continued ministry upon her sensitive clit.

Finally she collapsed with a soft whimper, her body empty and limp as a rag doll. Immediately, Paul froze, withdrawing his tongue from contact with her clitoris, and softly laying his lips and tongue motionless over the tender folds of her labia. There he remained and waited, breathing softly against her mound, allowing her time to gather herself while he showed his love through the continued gentle physical connection.

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