Victoria and Billy Ch. 03


After some time, Andrea's mind re-booted and she could think again. Her entire body still tingled, especially her pussy, especially her worn out clitoris. She could feel her husband's mouth still upon her womanhood, his warm breath upon her tummy, and his head felt nice between her thighs.

She casually caressed Paul's hair, slowly giving him the message that she was still alive, and that he had yet to succeed in killing her with orgasms. She thanked God she had a strong heart.

She thought of her husband's stiff cock, thrusting and spurting inside her. She thought of his wickedly inquisitive and skillful tongue, licking up the mess he had made of her pussy, and then continuing until she was a complete wreck.

She thought of the boys from the card game, nice boys, her boys in a way, pulling their pants down for her, presenting her with their willing and needy penises. Making them spurt...

She thought of her son William, Billy, whose cute young penis was now in the care of his older sister Vicky, and smiled. All was as it should be... and yet...

She wondered how Vicky and Billy were doing now, several weeks after the initial evening when Vicky had gone to Billy, and convinced her brother to put his young genitals into her care.

Andrea thought about the years ahead for Vicky, now on the same path as her mother and Aunt Mel. Vicky would take good care of her brother's genitals as all big sisters should, and then she would begin to branch out, taking care of more boys' penises over time. She envied her daughter's new journey, just beginning her career as a masturbatrix, all those fresh young boys pulling down their pants for her for the first time...

The joy of new discoveries at every turn...

Thinking of which, Andrea missed the fun and anticipation of watching an embarrassed young man voluntarily pull down his pants and underwear, exposing his young and virile genitals to her eyes for the first time. The electricity of the first time she would wrap her little hand around the hot stiffness of the nervous boy, the first time she would see the throes of pleasure in his innocent face, the first desperate, helpless pants and whimpers as she made him spurt for the first time.

Ah, to be young again, she thought. Those were the days. But she contented herself that she had her husband, his three card-playing friends - all good men - and a few other gentlemen she took care of from time to time...

She pushed Paul away, signaling him that he could let go of her hips and withdraw. She pulled her knees together and turned on her side into fetal position, as her husband took his place behind her, wrapping his body around her and palming a breast.

Such a comfort to bask in the afterglow of orgasm with the man she loved holding her close. She loved how her husband was strong and manly in every way, but that he was also well trained to be submissive to her. She knew he liked letting her be the benevolent queen whom he lovingly served, and she reveled in the power of being the real head of their home and their relationship.

There was more that she wanted. A further exaltation of the feminine in her home. Now that Vicky and Billy were over 18, some of the secret dreams she had always harbored could now be implemented...

Being in charge seemed so right. It helped her feel that feminine mystique - that special something that made women better and wiser than men. For a wise woman understood men rather easily - if you understand a man's penis, you understand him. Whereas men, cute though they were, would never understand women.

She kissed her husband's sleeping cheek as she slipped from beneath him just as she heard the front door open quietly. She smiled as she got up and went quietly into the dark bathroom to clean up.

When she emerged a few minutes later, she opened her bedroom door to see her daughter Vicky just closing her brother's door as she left his room.

They exchanged grins and Vicky motioned toward the kitchen. Andrea nodded agreeing to the secret meeting of the women of the household.

Vicky slipped silently into her room and undressed. She felt both wicked and a little embarrassed that her panties were soaking wet, and she smiled to herself at her good fortune that evening. She couldn't wait to tell her mother all about it. It was a warm summer evening, and Vicky put on her sheer pink baby doll nighty with matching sheer pink panties, and her signature big floppy furry bunny slippers.

Vicky looked at herself in the mirror and grinned at the naughty vision that met her. At 19, she was all woman, with 'C' cup breasts capped by large pale areolas and pert nipples. Her waist was narrow above the swell of her hips wide hips - just like her mother. Her eyes were drawn to the sheer see-through panties, making obvious that she shaved her pubic hair, and that the lips of her vulva were big and fat - again, just like her mom.

She was proud of her body, and was starting to feel ever more comfortable using it to toy with men. Ever since she had the college boys at Aunt Melissa's house ogling her naked breasts, the feeling of magnetic power that she had felt then still lingered. She very much liked being a girl...

A few minutes later, Vicky crept quietly into the kitchen to find her mother in a clingy satin robe, warming water for tea at the stove.

The mother and daughter exchanged several smug and satisfied glances as Andrea prepared their tea in the soft moonlight filtering through the windows, and once they were seated at the kitchen table, they conversed in low whispers.

"So, pet," said Andrea, "what did you and Billy do while you were out this evening?"

"Well," grinned Vicky, "we went to the Johnson's house so I could watch Tim while the Johnson's were out, as you know, and we all went for a swim - Timothy, Billy, and I."

"Yes..." said Andrea, indicating that she wanted complete details moment by moment.

Vicky grinned, "Well, after our swim, we decided to order pizza and have a pajama party. I borrowed one of Tami Johnson's pajama sets and I convinced the boys that they could just wear their underwear. It took some cajoling, but eventually I had both Tim and Billy in their tighty-whities." Vicky giggled.

"So we watched a few movies on cable, and ate Pizza, then I decided we should play 'spin the bottle'. The boys complained, but since I was in charge they eventually had to obey. Needless to say, it worked out nicely, even though I had bad luck."

"What do you mean?" asked Andrea.

"I mean that I had my bra and panties under my pajama tops and bottoms, not to mention my borrowed slippers, whereas the boys had only their undies. I had both lost both of my slippers and my top - leaving me in my bra and pajama bottoms the time both Billy and Timmy had lost their undies."

"What happened next?" said Andrea grinning with mischief.

"The boys kept trying to cover up their penises with their hands and wanted to declare the game over and put on their clothes, but I didn't let them. As the winner, I was allowed to put my PJ tops and slippers back on, but the forfeit of losing the game was that the boys had to remain naked until I said they could get dressed.

To stop them trying to cover up, I got two sashes from Tami's closet and I tied the boys' hands behind their backs so that they wouldn't be able to hide their genitals anymore. They were so embarrassed, especially by their arousal, it was just so cute to see the two boys with their adorable penises all erect and drippy."

The two women sipped their coffee happily, and then Vicky continued.

"So, I explained that since the boys were having erections, which was perfectly normal of course, I'd have to deal with them. I had the boys sit on the sofa, and I sat between them, and I just told them to relax while I fondled their penises and testicles for a while. Timmy was really squirming a lot, but when I threatened to spank him, he settled down."

"I see, so what happened next?"

Vicky grinned, "I rubbed their penises in tandem, one with each hand, and they spurted both pretty quickly. And very nicely too, I might add, I very proud of my 'two little brothers'. And then it sort of became a competition - I immediately set out to make them both spurt again to see who could do it faster."

Andrea's eyebrows rose in question and Vicky smiled. "Billy did me proud," she said, with great satisfaction. "After I finished Timmy again, I stopped to clean them up because they were soooo messy! Those boys had spurted semen all over the place. I decided to give the boys a rest, but I left them bound and naked so they wouldn't try to do anything naughty. It was such a rush to have two naked boys in the room with their hands tied behind their backs. It was awesome."

"I see," said Andrea sipping her coffee and thinking it was a wonderful opportunity to bring up her plan. "That sounds like a fun time," she said.

Vicky grinned, "It gets better. Later after another movie, just before it was time for the Johnson's to come home, I had a fun idea. I blindfolded the boys and took turns playing with them again. I traded back and forth, trying to get the boys close to spurting, and then switching again. In the end, I ejaculated the Billy first, and then really took my time teasing Timmy until he was whining and squirming and begging me to finish him!"

"My, my," said Andrea with obvious pleasure, "So you got to rub Timmy's penis and make him spurt three times. How did you like it?"

Vicky said gleefully, "It was really cool to play with another boy's penis. I love taking care of Billy, but I can't wait to play with Timmy again, and with even more boys. Is that weird?"

"Not at all dear, it's perfectly natural for a girl to enjoy variety. Well done." Andrea sipped her tea and then her eyes opened wide and she said "Oh!"

Vicky turned to see her dad, still half asleep standing in the kitchen doorway. His head lifted and he looked into the kitchen, then his eyes went wide when he saw his daughter Vicky sitting with her mother.

"Oh!" said Paul, coming out of his stupor quickly, and covering his naked genitals with his hands. "Sorry, I thought you were alone," he mumbled as he turned and made off quickly back to his bedroom.

But not before Vicky had been treated to a full view of her father's naked body - here eyes instantly coming to focus on his big manly genitals. She couldn't keep a little grin from playing at her lips, though she felt concern for her father's embarrassment. She removed the grin and attempted to act as though she really didn't notice much...

But in the brief glimpse with the help of the moonlight, her eyes had captured a permanent record of her father's naked penis and testicles, and noted that they glistened slightly with the juices of sex. The other thing that stood out was that his whole groin area, his penis, and testicles, were completely devoid of pubic hair.

She had glimpsed this before, but in this fully blatant show of familial nudity, it was clear to her just how much more 'naked' a male looked without pubic hair on or around his genitals.

She decided it looked very nice, much nicer than the 'furry' look, and that she would prefer male genitalia to be shaved naked from that day forward. She wondered if she could convince Billy to shave - or perhaps even shave him herself - after all, it was summer time and he wouldn't have gym class for many weeks to come...

Andrea broke the spell of silence and giggled, "Well, that was unexpected..."

Vicky giggled and said, "I agree, quite unexpected..."

Andrea considered her 19-year-old daughter. She was mature for her age, and was happily developing the right attitude toward boys, men, males of all kinds. A good attitude that would keep her safe from the kind of heated sexual exploits that might find a young lady pregnant out of wedlock - which was to be avoided at all costs, as far as Andrea was concerned.

Andrea decided the opportunity was now greater than ever, and that she needed to broach her idea slowly...

She looked at her daughter seriously and asked, "So, Victoria, clinically speaking, what did you think?"

"About dad?"

"Yes, dear, about the man who was just standing there naked a moment ago. How do you feel about seeing your father nude?"

Vicky blushed, embarrassed that her mother was asking her about having just seen her dad naked. "Well, uh, I don't know what you mean."

"I mean, in your opinion, how did he look. Did he look nice? Did you like what you saw? What questions do you have?"

"Oh, um, well, uh, he's nice and fit for his age."

Andrea smiled, "yes he is dear, but we both know that's not what I meant."

"Ok," Vicky took a deep breath. "Well, clinically speaking... He's...nice sized."

"Do you mean his genitals?"

Vicky nodded, blushing again.

"When we girls are talking, we should use clear words. What is 'nice sized'?"

Vicky took another deep breath. "His penis. His penis seemed a nice size. I mean, it's, uh, larger, than, um, Billy's." She paused, feeling uncomfortable, but forcing herself to speak her mind. "His testicles looked large as well, and they hung down. Um, I liked that they hung down low like that."

Andrea smiled, "That's better dear, what else?"

"Well, he didn't... I mean it seemed like... Um, maybe he shaves his hair or something?"

"Yes, you noticed," said Andrea. "I have asked him to do it. I prefer him, and really any male, that way. It just seems cleaner, or prettier. I don't know. I just don't like a boy to be all hairy down there."

Vicky smiled, "Yeah, I thought it looked great that way. Um, I mean, just clinically speaking..."

"Of course, dear. It is inappropriate for a daughter to think of her father in a truly sexual way, and vice-versa, of course. But as a young woman, it is perfectly appropriate for you to observe, compare, even examine the male genitalia available to improve your experience and understanding."

Vicky looked up at her mother with wide eyes, wondering what she meant exactly.

Andrea said, "I know you have had 'accidental' glimpses of your father and your brother from time to time in the past. That's perfectly normal in a home. It's even more common in a home like mine where male nudity is not only tolerated but subtly encouraged. Conversely, it has been important to me to teach you to keep your clothes on at all times, and not afford any opportunities for the boys in our house to see you, or me, accidentally undressed."

Andrea let her words have a moment to sink into her daughter's mind before continuing.

"So," said Vicky's mother, "did you like seeing your father naked? It's ok, just tell the truth between us girls."

Vicky pursed her lips, trying to find appropriate words, but then she just went for it.

"I like seeing naked men," she whispered. When I found the Playgirl magazines at Aunt Mel's house, I found I really liked the pictures. Then later, when the boys came over and Mel made them take off their suits, I couldn't keep my eyes off of them."

"I see," said Andrea, "That sounds perfectly normal to me. I love seeing naked men as well. In her heart, I'm sure all women enjoy seeing men nude - it just never gets old."

The both giggled. Andrea said, "My question was, did you like seeing your father nude?"

Vicky sighed. "Ok, if you're going to force me to say it... Yes, I liked it."

"Good," said Andrea, "of course you did, and it doesn't hurt to admit it." She paused to sip her tea, and then continued. "I have, for a long time, been fond of male nudity. My thoughts on the subject are that male nudity is good for both genders, but female nudity is dangerous. Now that you are a mature 19-year-old young lady, I thought we might chat about it."

"Chat about what, exactly?" asked Vicky.

"Well, I have been thinking that it would be nice if, in the privacy of our own home, we were to encourage male nudity in the home more directly..."

"Do you mean, dad and Billy should be... um.... Encouraged...?"

"Yes, dear," said Andrea calmly, "wouldn't it be nice to have our boys doing their chores or lounging around the house in the nude? Wouldn't it be pleasant to watch them walk around without any clothes, so we can enjoy their beauty?"

Vicky had to admit that, though the idea was unexpected, it did sound kind of nice. She liked seeing naked boys and she secretly liked seeing her dad nude more than she would admit. He looked so mature and manly...

Vicky said, "Well, I suppose it would be nice... But who's to say that they'd do it. I mean, what would we do, just say 'hey guys, from now on you won't wear clothes at home.'? And what if I want to have Tami Johnson over? Or what if you have Mary and Amy over to visit?"

Andrea smiled. She was happy that her daughter was now working on the logistics, rather than still questioning the idea. That was very good, things were progressing well.

Andrea said, "Honey, first of all, I would talk to your dad, and Billy, and we would talk to them together, and I'm sure they would agree. Secondly, we'd just handle visitors individually and make decisions. We're talking here about moving our family more formally into a Female-Led household, that's all. It's always been true that I have been more of the leader in our home, and this is just another step along the path."

"But mom, I know dad is always nice to you and willing to help out and agrees with you. But is he really not the man of the house?"

"Of course he is, dear," said Andrea, "Your father is a very strong, protective, loving, caring man. But we have kept the deeper nature of our relationship in the background. Now that you're older, I feel comfortable telling you that our marriage is clearly female-led, and always has been. Your father is my obedient loving husband, and I am his benevolent loving Queen. I have always adored that he is my submissive husband and obeys me."

"Really? Wow, I didn't know it was that deep. I just thought you were sort of bossy and he was sort of easy-going."

"Well that's also true," Andrea giggled, "but your dad is very submissive to me and does whatever I ask. As a wise wife, I am loving and caring and don't humiliate him publicly especially in front of his children."

"Ok, I guess I can accept that," said Vicky. Her mind was whirling with the implications...

Andrea said, "Let's be frank, dear - I, and I think you as well though you don't know it yet, am a very dominant woman. I enjoy being in charge, in control, and it is natural to me to be leader - of my marriage, my family, my relationships, my job - always a strong woman. I think you are the same."

"I do like being in charge, especially of Billy, and I liked being in charge of Tami's brother Timmy. So maybe you're right."

"To say it simply, we enjoy being the dominant female, and we enjoy having submissive males around us. One great way to demonstrate this power dynamic is with a thing they now call CFNM. Have you ever heard of it?"

Vicky said, "I think so. I think Tami knows about it because she mentioned that she has been looking at websites about that and wanted to show them to me."

"Ok, that's fine," said Andrea, "CFNM stands for 'clothed female - naked male'. It is a form of the female-dominant-male-submissive relationship, and that's what I'm really talking about here. We can enjoy the feeling of being dominant, confident, powerful women by being fully dressed while the males around us are undressed. It is a show of our superior position and that our boys are submissive to us."

Vicky digested what her mother had told her, and was becoming more interested by the moment. It did seem right to her that she loved being powerful and in charge of the boys in her life. What her mom was saying made perfect sense to her, and somehow 'clicked' inside her heart.

Andrea continued, "So, to celebrate our female-led home, I'm suggesting that we take what already exists a step further. Your father is submissive to me as his wife. Your brother is submissive to you as his big sister. We can all make this a more meaningful experience by bringing it out into the open where we can all acknowledge the truth."

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