Victoria's Lucky Day At Work


The cabby pulled up his trousers and said:

"Thanks a lot. You're the best bitch I ever had."

"Anytime, darling," Always happy to hear her slutty nature complimented, Victoria Petersen smiled at him. When the cabby was gone, Mr. Kendrix said to the white slut:

"Go to the bathroom, clean your asshole, take off this filthy blouse and put your make up to order, slut. I want you to look like a good whore when I use you," The lucky slut pranced to the bathroom eager to satisfy him.

When the slut entered the living room again, Kendrix was naked. She gasped at the sight of his sleek, dark chocolate skin and the strong muscles visibly tensing and moving underneath the skin. Her pussy and anal love tube immediately started getting wet. The bitch controlled her movements as she strutted to the man, though. She stood in front of him in her corset, stockings and high heels, her eyes shone with lust as they focused on his semi erect organ, one that must have been 12 inches long or nearly so, and of corresponding girth.

Without asking or being told to do so, the bitch fell to her knees. More in heat than she could ever remember being in recently, the cock-loving animal took the beautiful love tool and inserted it into her ever hungry mouth to massage it with her tongue, muscles and teeth and bring it to full erection. As the lovely cock started tensing in her mouth, she removed it to take a better look at it in its full glory, dark milk chocolate shiny with her saliva. Victoria lowered her head to reach to his scrotum. Oooo, so clean-shaven, so appetizing! Holding his member with one hand, she clenched his sack so the cum-filled balls were clearly outlined underneath the skin and started kissing his lovely jewels. Yes, the wild slut Victoria can never have enough of ball licking and eating, especially when they are clean-shaven. She dislikes having hair in her mouth and nose and rubbing on her slut face! But that won't deter her from sucking black cock however, as was the case with the cabby. Once she had salivated his scrotum and kissed and sucked the balls to his satisfaction, the dominant man put one foot on the bed, held his sack up and away from his anus and said:

"Lick my ass, you filthy gutter trash whore!"

Victoria Petersen didn't hesitate a second. She instantly buried her nose and tongue in the cleft between his ass cheeks and started licking the clean-washed anal rosette of the black dominant! She was lost in trance doing this degrading thing – the slut inside her ladylike figure wanted more and more of degradation – when the man pushed her head away from his ass and ordered her to open her mouth. As if sensing her desire to be degraded, he took her jaw in one powerful hand and spat into her wide-open mouth. Victoria gasped in ecstasy and he spat again.

"You're gonna need that spittle on my dick, slut," he explained. "Now get to work on my cock, you disgusting waste bin!"

Ecstatic with the way he was treating her, bringing out her slutty side, Victoria Petersen was intent on showing him the most of her skill. She pulled the scrotum down with one hand and held the rock-hard organ up with the other hand. The precum was now flowing heavily – she was pleased to ascribe this to her activity on the man's ass. It was halfway down the penis underside seam, and more was coming out of the urethra opening. Victoria stuck out her tongue and licked the precum savoring its taste – pure bliss for the black-cock-crazed whore. By the time she got to the head of the beautiful velvety-in-touch organ, her tongue was coated with the delectable secretion the black man was giving her. She swallowed all so she could lock her cock-sucking slut lips on the mammoth bulb of his shaft and suck all the precum she could get.

When no more of that was to be had, Victoria took to kissing the bulbous helmet of Mr. Kendrix's big black love muscle. She pulled down the foreskin and covered the soft flesh with cute little kisses making sure that not one tiny spot should be left untouched. The white whore loves the way the tender flesh of the cockhead gives way under the pressure of her lips. She ran the tip of her tongue under the corona ridge and sucked the frenulum into her mouth delicately catching it with her teeth while caressing his balls in her hand. Next she lowered her head along the length of the man's shaft continuing to kiss the skin, sometimes bite on it delicately. Kendrix kindly allowed his whore to do that as long as she didn't give him pain.

She came to the base of the long shaft and once more busied herself pleasuring his balls. This time she showed him her skill by taking the whole of his scrotum into her willing slutty mouth to massage his balls with her mouth, tongue and teeth. She let the sack out of her mouth and looking him in the eyes with her sluttiest smile, she began impaling her mouth on the engorged manshaft. The head disappeared into her mouth, then the first two inches of his glorious shaft, then another two inches, and so on, and she felt the velvety spongy head stretch her throat and edge its way further into her neck tube. The slut Victoria loves the feeling of having a thick, extra long cockmeat massage her esophagus walls. She loves the way the live shaft squirms, breathes and pulsates deep down her throat and she can still receive air through her nostrils, so to keep it there longer, each invaluable second of the shaft's presence in her throat being a bliss to her, and making her other holes leak continuously.

"What can I say?" she once told me (this author), "the more I deepthroat, the more I want to deepthroat, over and over again, never wanting to stop. Oooo, and seeing that rich, pitch black color gliding in and out of my never-ending horny mouth and throat just sends me over the edge, causing me to cum profusely every time, without fail."

The cock continued to fill her hungry throat sliding lower and lower into her cock-craving body until her lips locked on the base of the cock. If she could, the crazy bitch would have taken his sack alongside the cock into her mouth, but unfortunately he was just too big for that. Her eyes watered slighty, saliva flew from the corners of her mouth, but the horny slut didn't want to let him go and the man encouraged her not to.

"Keep that cock in. Show me what a good cock sucking slut you are, you dirty whore," he was saying in his calm demanding voice. She was really getting into deepthroating his entire length over and over again when he finally pulled out of her face and slapped the saliva-shiny dick all over her face, splashing the spittle that ran freely down her chin.

"You are a disgusting cock-crazed white slut, aren't you?" he said.

"Yes, sir...(gasp)...I'm a disgusting white whore that's...(gasp)...been made...(gasp) serve the black cock wherever and whenever I can."

"Then show me again what you can do with a black dick you beautiful slut."

Once more Victoria impaled her face on the glorious black organ and once again Kendrix enjoyed the sight of his solid shaft gliding in and out of her oral passageway. The man was not in a hurry and neither was she. They repeated the exercise a few more times before Mr. Kendrix decided it was time to take care of the slut's twat.

He ordered her to lie down on her back and open her legs real wide for him, gave her three of his fingers to lick and put them into the expectant vagina to twist them making them slimy with her juices. He then inserted four fingers and explored her twat at his will, penetrating the walls of the woman's cavity, reaching deep in to feel her cervix while rubbing his thumb on her clit all that time. Under his operations, the whore started writhing her buttocks and moaning loudly.

"Shut your dirty mouth and lie still!" he shouted and Victoria made effort to better control her impulses. She wanted to be a well-behaved slut for the dominant black man. Mr. Kendrix removed his fingers from her snatch and used both his hands to open her up and take a good look inside. His white slut was almost beyond herself with revelry at the position she was in – lying on her back, her legs as wide aside and back as she could get them, her wide-open cunt exposed to view and shamelessly oozing its juices while being roughly handled by a most handsome and dominant black man whose first name she didn't even know!

Satisfied with his examination, Mr. Kendrix lay down himself and told her to sit on his dick and ride him. Victoria was happy to oblige him. She liked having a solid black shaft down her snatch even if the feeling didn't really compare to the divine sensation of having her asshole ravished! She kept riding his dick dutifully, eager to please him and the living thing in her loose twat seemed to have a mind of its own the way it wagged and pushed. She rode him for good ten minutes moving her hips sideways, backwards and forwards in the process to ascertain a better fit and pleasure all her and his nerves. He kindly allowed his bitch the pleasure and she kept coming again and again.

"Oh God! Sir, how I love your cock in me! Oh please, fill me more you bastard! Rape that silly cunt happy!" she kept shouting and the man didn't mind.

And then Mr. Kendrix decided it was time for anal usage of the white slut. He told her to take the doggy position and like the cabby forty minutes earlier, took her from behind with his legs by her sides and his hands supporting him on her back. However, unlike the cabby, he took his time fucking the white woman's anus, slowly moving in and out, making the most of the feeling of having his cock embraced and squeezed in a loving lock of her sphincter. The woman was surprisingly well lubricated, he thought, and that was only the natural lubricant. He knew he had found a real treasure when he approached that sex-crazed slut back in the restaurant. He had been fucking her rectum for another ten minutes when he finally accelerated forcing her face into the bed and raising her butt to get better push.

"Now you'll see what ass fucking is!" he shouted and stormed the already stretched out rectum. With long, powerful shoves he fucked his bitch happy, excited by the whimpering sound she was making, her face forced into the bed. The delirious pleasure of her anal subjugation was mixed with pain of the brutal usage, but the whore didn't mind. She was whimpering begging for more, deeper, faster! Yes! The bitch is addicted to anal sex and the heavier it is the more she needs it!

Although Kendrix was proving a master fuck, even he had his limits and was approaching his climax and didn't wish to put it off anymore. He had plenty of time to use his new sex toy later. Just a little ass-to-mouth before he would make that cum-hungry animal happy with his jism! He slowed down, removed his tool from the now gaping, red anus and moved to her face. Pulling her by the hair, he turned her face up and offered her the dick coated with her own anal juices. Victoria took the head in her mouth willingly. The dirty slut just loves getting the ass-to-mouth treatment! He returned to her rectum for some more fucking and again retreated to let her get the anal taste on the dick. Three times he repeated this and then let her suck his pulsating cock stroking it with his hand. It didn't take long before he started emptying his Afro-American nut cream into her expectant mouth. He told her not to swallow and kept pumping the nectar into her, with her mouth locked on his shaft head. Victoria lost count of how many ropes he shot into her, but she knew it was one of the best, most generous helpings she had ever had in her fifteen years career as a black cock pleaser.

"Keep that cum in your mouth, slut," he commanded her when he finished giving her the goo. He smeared the rest of the cum and her spittle on his tool over her face giving her a really whorish sheen look of a well-used sex thing. Victoria, who normally didn't like cum on her face, subjected herself to him happily, without thinking or opposition. Mr. Kendrix was the man who had won control over the slut inside Victoria the first moment he spoke to her.

He kept playing with her, slapping her face with his now floppy cock and Victoria kept the cum stored in her mouth. When he finished his new game, he said:

"Show me the cum, slut!"

Victoria opened her cum-filled mouth obediently and stuck the tip of her tongue onto the surface of the rich, white pond with a few lumps of congested sperm swimming in it. She waggled her tongue at him and the pond of semen stirred. The man spat into her mouth twice and said:

"Now I want you to swallow the whole thing in one gulp."

Victoria was only too happy to obey him. She closed her eyes and swallowed. Oh, the heavenly taste of that cum! Kind of salty/sweet. A little fruity perhaps? Even though he had given her a lot, she gulped it down as told and opened her mouth for him again to see all the lovely jism was gone. She felt it slide down her throat coating its walls.

He told her to wash his cock and then the white whore was blessed with another half hour of heavy usage of all her holes that the man had possessed as his private property. When he finished with her for the day, Baron, the porter was at the door. Mr. Kendrix let him into the guest room where the used up bitch was waiting for her next lover.

In his everyday clothes Baron looked less intimidating and a little more overweight, but the moment he stood in the door, the slut inside Victoria stirred back to life. Filled with new energy, Victoria sat on the bed and let the man's pants down to take care of his tool. Nothing like Mr. Kendrix's or even the Senegalese cabby, but it didn't bother her. She gave the man her best blowjob and let him fuck her snatch and asshole before finally being blessed with her eighth helping of Negro goo that day (Mr. Kendrix had fed her his semen twice). When the man was gone, Mr. Kendrix threw her clothes to her and told her to leave him her phone number and get out. He didn't even let her use the bathroom so she had to go back home with the ruined make up and stained blouse.

Victoria didn't mind that. She was so happy and pleased with her day that the curious looks the other porter (a white guy) and the driver gave her only made her pussy itch. Unfortunately it was too late to go to the tavern so Victoria went straight home, made herself some simple supper without bothering to wash her face and set out to phone all the black men on the list in her little black phone directory, one of her most valued possessions. She had to invite them all, even though many of them wouldn't be able to attend, to her little cocktail party on Saturday. There wasn't much time left.

Cocktail party? The little cum slut animal in her head made her jump with an idea. No, better make it COCKtail party and tell the guests that a little entry fee was expected: each man would have to turn up with a sperm-filled condom! At least one! The sky is limit of course! Victoria sneered at her used-up whore face in the mirror. Today she had drunk black man jism from seven men. There was no reason why she shouldn't beat that number on Saturday, ha, ha. It seems that there was very little of Victoria Petersen left. The slut inside her had fully taken control over her life.

This series will be continued in episode three: Victoria's COCKtail Party. Please send feedback.

P.S. Victoria Petersen here. You may know me as victoriap, a fellow author on this site. I want to thank the author for writing this story, the previous one, and another to follow, and maybe more. I've given the author my permission, input and blessings. My personal schedules have prevented me from writing further stories for quite some time and what better way than to have a wonderful person offer their services on my behalf. Yes, these stories are fiction, but believe me, they are not very far in the least from true experiences. A few things that are true facts is my age, my physical appearance, and my obsession with all aspects of clothing, and of course, big black cock. Yes, please send feedback to the author and to myself as well. Love...Victoria.

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