tagIncest/TabooVictoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret


The Carringtons weren't an ordinary family by any means. They lived in an isolated old mansion house not too far away from a small village, and about a half hour's drive from the nearest town. It took a good hour to get to the city. Looking at the house, set back from a country lane in its own impressive grounds, a person could be forgiven for thinking that there would be a whole clutch of domestic staff in service in the building. There was one lady, Vicky Kennedy, a forty year old blonde divorcee who lived in the village and cleaned for them. She was trusted and well paid for what she did, but she 'was' the domestic staff.

There was a landscaping firm permanently employed to take care of the grounds, and another firm to take care of the swimming pool. The house also boasted full gym facilities, and many of the extras in life that could be supplied if you had enough cash. The Carringtons had buckets of it, or at least the father did, and he provided well for them even if he did encourage his children to be sensible with and understand money. The family bedrooms all had en suite facilities to rival the best in any hotel.

Wade Carrington was the head of the household. He'd inherited much from his deceased parents but had built on it steadily over the years. He was a businessman of repute, widely respected and admired for his 'the ends do not justify the means' approach to business, and life in general. He was a family man and a fine one too. He was as proud that, at forty-eight, he'd still only had one lover and that he doted on her as much now as he ever had, as he was of any of his business achievements or his children.

Wade had married a girl that he'd met in junior school, Gayle, who was the same age as him and was the lady of the house. And lady she definitely was. Tall, slim and elegant, with long brunette hair and sultry brown eyes she turned heads wherever she went, and knew it, though she wasn't the type to be uptight about it. Gayle was the sort of lady that men dreamed of turning into a whore in the bedroom, but only Wade had ever succeeded in getting her into bed. She was on many charity committees and a vocal supporter of the church.

Their eldest was their daughter, Victoria, now twenty-two and home for the summer from university where she was studying economics and politics despite not yet having a clear career path in mind. She was a perfect reproduction of her mother in looks, though may never earn the title of 'lady' in the same way, and as sharply intelligent as her father. She'd already had a string of lovers, men and women, and her regular partners were her closest in university, her best friend Tricia and their mates Duncan and Lewis. The four of them regularly 'got it on' all together, and thought no more of it than 'letting off steam,' and why should they?

The youngest in the family was Clark, a young man of almost nineteen who had recently finished high school and was looking forward to starting university in the autumn where he too would study economics, though not politics which he understood but thought was all bullshit anyway. He had a mind inclined towards following his father into business. He was a fit young man and reasonably good looking, more in the rugged sense than the smoothly handsome, much like his father. He was a bit of a loner with very few friends, mostly because his alliterated name and his background got him bullied. He had only yet had one lover, the aforementioned Mrs. Kennedy, who had been teaching him all that he needed to know about women ever since he'd stumbled into her stark naked and aroused one morning when she had expected him to be at school. For six months he'd been banging her, mostly at her place in the evenings though occasionally at home too. It wasn't his financial endowment that floated her boat though! He was hung, and she let him put it wherever he liked. Nobody would miss Clark more than she would come the autumn.

The one failing that the family had considering their vast wealth was their lack of security, of which they had become somewhat complacent being so far from the 'nasty' city. There was an alarm system to protect the house of course, but nothing in the grounds at all, no cameras and the like. They just didn't think that they needed it, but that would change after the events that were to occur during one summer night at the very beginning of August.

- - - - -

There were only two weeks in the year that the Carringtons reserved for family. One of those was Christmas week, and the other was the first week of August when they all got together as a family. Wade would take a week out from work, Gayle would not schedule any meetings or shopping trips, and the 'kids' were expected to be home. It would probably be the last year that they could enforce it now that Clark was an adult, so enforce it they had!

Victoria and Clark protested about it, being young adults now, but both secretly loved their two weeks each year where university, school, their Dad's business empire and Mum's worthy causes were cast aside for the four of them to get together, talk about stuff, and generally relax. It reminded them of their childhood.

In the August week, as this one was, they would cross to the courts and play tennis, eat 'al fresco' and generally horse around. It was all about family fun, and always had been. That day, being a particularly hot one, they'd spent mostly at the pool playing polo or sunbathing. It was late enough to just be dark but still very warm, so though they were in the sumptuous living room they all still had on their swimwear as 'On Stranger Tides' played out on the plasma television, and the big patio doors were still wide open.

The television provided the only light source in the room. Wade sat in his customary place in the wing-backed armchair, and Gayle sat between her children on the matching sofa, a sofa that could comfortably sit five when needed. They had wine, beer and popcorn and were engrossed in the film, laughing together and wholly comfortable with each other, ending a great day with a great movie.

They were stunned when the lights suddenly went on and from both sides of the room, a masked and armed man in combats approached them. A third man was with them, attired in the same way but with a camcorder in his hand. They were told to stand and face each other in pairs, Mum opposite son, Dad opposite daughter.

"Okay, just tell me what you want," Wade tried to negotiate.

"Shut up and do as you're told!" one of the gunmen responded, "If you all co-operate and do as instructed nobody will get hurt, okay?" He paused, waiting for some response, "Do you understand?" he shouted again.

Everyone nodded their understanding. The two armed men were now stood with their weapons, automatic rifles, aimed at them as they stood in their little square trying to keep calm. The third man in fatigues kept out of sight.

"Right," the gunman said, "I repeat, do exactly as you're told and nobody will get hurt. In fact, you might even enjoy yourselves," he laughed. "You!" he gestured at Victoria, "Take his shorts down!"

"What?" she asked incredulously, "That's my Daddy!"

The gunman raised his arm so that the barrel of the gun was pointed at Wade's temple. "It's okay, Baby, just do it," her father advised.

Victoria dropped to her knees in front of her Dad and gripped his shorts at either hip, then tugged them down to his ankles. At eye level, his flaccid cock didn't look too big, and she wondered if he was feeling embarrassed. As she stood up, she thought that if he wasn't now and if they did the same to Clark, he soon would be! She'd had sneak peaks at him all too recently. Wade kicked the shorts away as instructed.

"Now you!" he told Clark, "Relieve your Mum of her bikini."

"No!" Clark said angrily, "I'll kill you before you humiliate my mother you fucking bastard!"

The second gunman jabbed the muzzle of his rifle into Clark's gut, none too gently but not enough to wind him. "It's okay, it's okay," Gayle told him, "Just do it."

Clark stepped towards his mother and reached around her to untie the lace at her back that would release his mother's top. His hands were shaking and he could feel her breasts pressing against his chest, smell her sweet perfume or perhaps her shampoo. He could feel his cock twitching and he desperately tried to take his mind off the fact that he was undressing his mother, not Vicky, but then his mother was far more beautiful than Vicky. Hotter!

He pulled the top over her head and stood back, glaring defiantly at the assailant who'd jabbed him in the stomach, but his eyes helplessly returned to his mother's exposed breasts which were sat high on her and looked firm, with tiny little nipples that were soft and inviting.

"All of it!" the gunman sneered.

"What?" he asked.

"All of her bikini," the gunman answered, a mocking tone in his voice as if he were addressing a particularly dense child.

"It's okay, Clark, it's okay," Gayle reassured him.

Clark knelt down, breathing heavily, and pulled at the straps at his mother's hips and eased the bottom of the bikini from her, exposing her smooth shaven sex at which he couldn't help but gawp. His cock twitched again alarmingly as she leant on him to step out of it, her fingers seemingly burning into his shoulder.

He rose again to his feet, hie eyes following every beautiful curve of his Mum's body until they met hers, and when they did, hers opened wide at the hot desire she saw in them, and she swallowed hard.

"Now that wasn't difficult was it?" the gunman laughed, "Come on Pops, get the little girl naked now!"

"What is this? Some sort of sick prank?" Wade demanded.

The gunman lurched towards him and Victoria stepped in between them, "No stop, Daddy, it'll be all right, whatever, we've all seen each other naked, right?"

Wade composed himself and reached around to remove the top half of his daughter's bikini, and then quickly removed the bottoms, trying not to make a big deal of it. Yes, they'd all seen each other naked before, but not since the children had been, well, children! He noted that her pussy was smooth like her Mum's, that her nipples were bigger than Gayle's and that they were stiffening even as he looked at them. Fuck! His own cock wasn't quite as flaccid as it had been moments before.

"One more to go," the gunman laughed, warming to his task it seemed, "Your turn Mummy!"

Gayle looked into her son's eyes again, surprised and astonished at the hot desire, the raw lust in them, for her? It shocked her but also somehow warmed her, that this young, fit man could be turned on by her at her age. She copied her husband and just got on with it, yanked his shorts down as if it was a usual thing to do, then she did literally gasp. His cock was at about half mast and already bigger than Wade's at full height by some way. It was thick too. She swallowed hard as she stood up, and didn't make eye contact with Clark, but her nipples had tightly swollen and were now standing proud on her fine breasts.

"Okay," the armed man instructed, "See, that wasn't difficult and nobody's getting hurt are they?" He didn't wait for an answer. "Now, kiss the person opposite you as if they're about to give you a real hot fuck, that means, tight embrace and plenty of tongue!"

"Oh, look this .." Wade began.

"Shut up, old man," he was told, "And kiss the girl, don't make her cry!"

With apologetic eyes, he embraced his daughter and was surprised initially that she pressed herself so tightly against him, but she was trembling with fear. She slipped her arms around his waist and held him close, his fully erect cock squashed against her belly, her breasts pressed into his chest as she lifted up on her tiptoes to kiss him.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, then they were kissing, and he was surprised again at the heat and intensity of it, her tongue in his mouth, eagerly seeking out his. He kissed her back gently, trying to reassure her.

Gayle stepped carefully into her son's arms, aware of his and her own arousal now, and quickly pressed her thighs against his hugely dangling dick, trapping them there with her legs tightly squeezed together. She didn't know whether she was more afraid of his dick springing up to her sex, or of the fact that she was now very wet down there. She was stunned that his cock reached so far down her thighs.

Clark was almost hormone driven at this point, his beautiful mother was naked his arms, her hot body tight to his, those gorgeous breasts mashed against his chest and her nipples like diamonds against his skin. They both closed their eyes so as not to see each other as they kissed, but the slow burning passion of their courting tongues fired them each further.

They were made to kiss for some time, and then ordered to separate, which they did carefully, especially Gayle.

"Now ladies," the gunman said, "To your knees and suck those dicks like the well bred whores that you are!"

"Oh for fuck's sake, don't .." Clark began, but a rifle muzzle was pressed firmly into his jaw before he could finish.

"Don't!" Gayle said quickly, stepping into her son again, only careless this time in her defence of him with her thighs. His straining cock touched her way up on her inner thighs which she clamped over it, but the girth of it, the heat of it, drove her almost wild. "Don't give him a reason to hurt you," she whispered to her son, "Please, just let's do what we have to to get through this, okay?"

He nodded and she kissed his lips lightly, then backed away carefully and settled on her knees in front of him. His cock was fully aroused now, long and thick, the head glistening as his mother encircled the root of him in her gentle hand.

"Now gentleman," the gunman said, "Be gentlemen, and don't cum in the lady's mouths!" The two gunmen laughed.

Victoria glanced sideways at her Mum, and watched her open her mouth wide to take her brother's hard cock into it. She saw her tongue flicking the underside of it. Damn, her mother was into this, dirty bitch! She turned to her father, thinking that he was but half the man his son was, and then looked up at him. "Daddy, I love you!" then placed her hands on his hips and swallowed him whole.

"Oh fuck, yeah!" Wade moaned as his daughter sucked him, "Jeez, Baby, slow down."

Gayle was losing her control fast, sucking on her son's giant offering. Her mind was a conflict of thoughts and emotions, torn between wanting what any woman surely would, and the fact that she shouldn't be wanting it! She knew that she wanted to fuck this cock, to ride on it joyously, to fuck her own son, her soaking pussy was testament to that, but she was asking for God's forgiveness even as she took as much of him into her throat as she could, her tongue never still on his bulbous shaft.

She wasn't aware of the gunman whispering to Clark at first, but glanced up as he finished. "I'm not saying that!" Clark said.

"Just say it!" she panted, then plunged him into her mouth again.

The gunman very definitely pointed his weapon at him, emphasising that he had to not only say what he'd been told to, but say it the way he'd been told to.

"Fuck that's good," he said, thinking that he really was only saying the truth, "Yeah, Mum, suck my big cock you whore!"

Gayle heard the words and her moan around his shaft was audible as she pushed it even further into her throat, lost in the act, in the desire to give her son, her little boy, the best blow job he ever had. Then she wondered if he ever had had one before, and that turned her on even more!

"Oh yeah, Baby Girl, swallow Daddy's dick!" Wade said, as instructed, but he too was away with the moment, and so help himself, he couldn't help wondering how tight his daughter would be if they had him fuck her!

"Stop!" the gunman commanded, and the women leant back on their haunches, breathing hard, and both of them smiled up at their partners in crime, proud of what they'd done, or maybe at least, of how they'd done it!

"Now ladies, to the sofa please and be seated," was the next command, and they complied. Nobody was arguing any more, "And spread those lovely legs nice and wide for your men folk." Seated, panting still, and legs spread, they heard the gunman say, "Now gentlemen, they say that only truly high class whores are smooth and both of these have the prettiest, smoothest pussies, wouldn't you agree. Tell me what you think!"

"Beautiful," Wade said shakily, "Baby, you have a beautiful pussy!" Victoria smiled at him.

"Thank you, Daddy!" she said.

"Jesus, Mum, you're so hot!" Clark said, "I love you so much."

"I love you too, Son," she said in response, smiling back, almost childishly pleased with his unprompted words.

"Feast on the pussies before you, gentlemen," the gunman said, "And ladies, it is not rude to cum in their mouths if you so desire! In fact, gentlemen, that should be your aim."

Both the gunmen leaned into the women and whispered commands, both of them nodded and then the men knelt down before them, the son in front of the mother's sex, the father in front of his daughter's.

Clark looked up at his Mum's gorgeous body as he ran his hands over her exquisite thighs. He felt her tremble, saw her hands raise to her breasts to cup them, and he saw the raw lust in her eyes just before she tipped back her head and closed them. He leaned forward and kissed the excitingly smooth rise of her sex, inhaling her womanly scent, before easing his tongue into her delicious folds.

"Oh God, yeah," Gayle moaned the instant his tongue slid through her aching sex.

Clark was as shocked by the words as he was by the liquid heat of his mother.

"Oh Lord, Oh Lord," she panted, "Lick Mummy's pussy, Son, lick Mummy's pussy good!" He pressed his face into her, abandoning any pretence of not wanting to, and devoured her. Gayle had wondered if he'd ever had a blow job before, but she didn't doubt that he'd eaten a pussy before as he pushed her inexorably towards a climax as wrong as it was right.

"Ooooh, Daddy, you lick nice," Victoria panted as her hips bucked and her back arched at her father's touch.

Wade was enrapt with his daughter's pussy, with the scent of her, the heat of her, the running wetness of her. He pushed his tongue into her, curled it around her fully distended clit and sucked on her puffy, wet labia for all he was worth. He wanted to make her cum, and then maybe this would be over, but damn he really did want to cum all over her face!

"Yeah, Daddy," she said, "Bite my clit, old man, make me cum!"

He was helpless but to obey her, and grazed her dangerously with his teeth with made her jerk her hips up at him. He found that he was stroking her legs from ankle to thigh, cupping her ass cheeks as he ate her out, and so help him he was loving it!

"Oh fuck, yeah, Daddy, I love it when you tongue my ass!" she moaned, and he buried himself in her pussy and her ass and simply forgot the men with guns, the man with a camera, the fact that his son was doing the same thing to his wife, his own mother, right next to him, and gave his daughter everything of himself.

Clark let his tongue dip between his mother's ass cheeks on hearing his sister's words, and she moaned as her hips lifted and fell, forcing his tongue into her pussy and ass alternately as her hand gripped him by his hair and held him tight, "You're gonna make Mummy, cum," she said hotly, "I'm so close, Son, you're gonna make Mummy cum!"

"Oh God, Daddy, I'm cumming!" Victoria wailed, her moans and cries achieving a higher volume than before as she writhed against his face.

"Yes, yes, I'm there!" Gayle shouted, her hips bucking frantically as she came hard on her son's young face, "Oh fuck, yes, you made me cum good, you made Mummy cum so good!"

"Bravo!" the gunman said, "Well, let's not quit while we're ahead shall we? Fuck them!"

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