tagLoving WivesVictoria's Surprise

Victoria's Surprise


His heart raced as he stood outside the door, uncertain whether to take the next step. Yesterday, his wife had given him a letter which contained a hotel room key and a handwritten note, "I have a surprise for you, please arrive at 11:00pm and be on time!" He looked at his watch, and then keyed the lock. As his eyes adjusted, he saw a single candle and a figure on the couch. "Good evening baby!"

He made his way to the couch and saw Victoria was decked out in a new red teddy. "Hello sexy," she moaned seductively and greeted him with a deep probing kiss. His hands explored the soft fabric tracing the outline of her huge tits and then down to her ass and get it a squeeze. She purred and rubbed against his hand and grinded her lingerie clad pussy against the growing bulge in his pants. Her fingers worked the buttons on his shirt and pulled it off without breaking their passionate kiss as he freed her breasts from the teddy. Her hands went to work on his cock through his pants and he groped her tits and play with her nipples. Finally he couldn't stand it anymore, and pushed her to her knees and ripped off his pants freeing his manhood and presenting it to her ruby red lips and thrusting it into her watering mouth.

He was in heaven as her thrust his cock in and out of her hot wet mouth. "Suck that cock you dirt little slut!" he moaned as he fucked her mouth deeper and deeper.

Suddenly he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up onto the couch and tore the teddy off her hips, opened her legs and drove in to devour her soaking wet pussy. She clamped her thighs around his head and grabbed his head and ground his face into her hot box. He worked his tongue into a frenzy as he tried to keep afloat. He thrust his tongue deep inside her and as she ground her clit on his face. Finally he captured her clit in his mouth and sucked and flicked it with his tongue until he felt her tense up and clamp her thighs around his head even firmer.

She flung her head back and screamed, "Oh yes I'm cumming baby I'm cumming, OOOHHH!" Her pussy started throbbing in his mouth and she flooded his face with her love juices and wave after wave of orgasm.

He let her come down for a second then when she released her vice grip on his head he kissed his way up to her breast and then let her taste her juices on his tongue. Then he grabbed her shoulders and thrust his hard cock inside her in one strong thrust. She gasped as he filled her to the hilt, "Oh yeah baby fuck me hard!" as her pounded her with deep hard thrusts.

She tilted her hips back and wrapped her legs around his hips, as he leaned in and slammed into her getting a great view of her tits bouncing to the rhythm. "Oh you like watching my tits bounce as you fuck me don't you baby. You're such a dirty boy. Faster!" He did as he was told and hammered her hard.

He rolled her over onto her hands and knees on the couch and slid his cock back inside after its brief rest. He enjoyed watching her cheeks bounce as his balls slapped against her wet clit. Soon her felt her hands as she stroked her clit while he hammered her from behind. "Oh yeah baby fuck me, fuck me, FUCKME hard!" With that she clamped her pussy around his hard cock and exploded into a second orgasm as her hands and his cock were just too much. With her pussy throbbing and milking his cock couldn't hold back anymore and threw his head back and let out a yell before filling her pussy with his steaming hot seed.

As their moans started to die down, he heard a moan coming from behind. He turned to look back at the bed and couldn't believe his eyes. Victoria's friend Jessica was spread eagle on the bed fingering her nicely trimmed snatch. "Very nice show!" Hope you are ready for seconds," she purred. He pulled his cock out of Victoria's cum soaked snatch and turned to face Jessica on the bed.

Victoria snuggled up behind him, "Here is your surprise baby. Enjoy yourself."

He had known Jessica for nearly 20 years. She was a tiny thing maybe 5 ft in heels but very large and shapely tits and just oozed sex appeal. Three kids only had turned her into a serious MILF. A few weeks ago, after a few too many on a Friday night, Victoria had asked if he ever wanted any of her friends. He had said Jessica without a doubt. Ever since the first time he saw her in that gold two piece bikini sunbathing by the pool, he wanted her, but she was she was always on someone arm. He had always been faithful to Victoria but he still had a wet dream ever so often about Jessica.

Now there she was, still drop dead sexy and completely naked showing off her amble assets. "I always wanted you. I saw how you were with her and it just made me want you more. When she told me that you had always had a place in your heart for me, and asked me to be your birthday present well I couldn't say no!" She said this as she strutted over and ran her small hands over his balls and stroked his cock as she stretched up to get a deep kiss, before licked her way down his chest as she slide to her knees in front of him.

The sight of Jessica's curly brown hair brushing playfully against his cock, had him rock hard again. She took the head into her mouth and ran her tongue around the head licking off his wife juices and then cleaned off the rest of the shaft. "God your cock tastes great!" She said playfully before thrusting it back inside her eager mouth.

Victoria getting nearly as hot as he was watching Jessica perform on his instrument. Jessica alternated taking him deep into her throat, and licking the shaft and sucking his balls. Her tiny fingers would shuttle his cock back and forth while flicking his head with her tongue before shoving it all the way down her throat. He could feel Victoria's hot wet snatch rubbing against him. But he enjoyed one of his long time fantasies of Jessica feasting on his cock.

Victoria soon couldn't help herself and dropped down on her knees and joined in. Having the two women he lusted for most in life both sucking his cock was absolutely amazing. Victoria sucked his balls as Jessica deep throated him. But when they both engaged in a hot kiss over the tip of his cock it was almost too much.

He led the party to the bed and laid Jessica down on the bed and spread her legs wide. He admired her nicely trimmed bush and soaking wet slit a moment before diving in. He licked her pussy gently at first and enjoyed her unique taste. Then he plunged his tongue inside her and made her squirm. He sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked hard as he flicked it with his tongue until she grabbed his hair and screamed," Oh yes make me cum baby! Yes!!" Victoria muffled her screams of passion with her muff as she had straddled Jessica's head and offered her muffin. Jessica exploded into orgasm and gasping into Victoria's wet pussy.

He couldn't believe the sight of his wife offering her pussy to be eaten by another woman but it really turned him on. He stood up and positioned his hard cock at the entrance of Jessica's throbbing pussy and slowly slid himself inside enjoying the wet heat. She was so tight it was amazing. Jessica gasped as his cock found its way to hilt inside her. "Oh god!!! Your cock is sooo big!" she cried in her porn star voice, but went back to work on Victoria's pussy. He fucked her with long deep thrusts, enjoying the show his wife was putting on.

He broke up their party and laid down between them as Jessica mounted him and gently lowered her tiny frame down onto his cock. "Oh my god, your cock is so big! Fill me up big boy." With that she started swaying her hips and dancing on his cock. Victoria straddled his head and offered up her pussy and went to work sucking Jessica's tits. His cock was in heaven inside her hot tight pussy and while Victoria's juices were running down his faces as her brought her to an orgasm.

Her moved Victoria to her back and motioned Jessica on top on her hands and knees. Soon they were engaged in a kiss as he slammed his cock inside Jessica's snatch for 4-5 strokes then entered his wife and slammed her for a bit, before returning to Jessica's hot box. He alternated trying to give each woman equal time as the pace cranked up and up. Finally he couldn't take it any more and announced he was going to blow! He slipped out of Jessica stepped back as both women quickly got on their knees in front of him as he held out as long as her could before exploding all over their faces. Jessica sucked the rest of his cream out of his cock and Victoria licked it off her pretty face.

As he came back down to earth with two amazing women snuggling with him, he saw one final surprise. There was Jessica's husband with his camera in the closet. Victoria, broke the silence, "Surprise honey, you are now officially a porn star." Then she added, "I hope you'll enjoy the first two scenes."

"And hope you will be ready for the grand finale soon! I can't wait to get DPed by you two guys!" Jessica added in her sexiest voice. A birthday present I'd never forget. That's for sure.

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