tagIncest/TabooVideo Game Vixen Ch. 02

Video Game Vixen Ch. 02


I yawned and stretched, pulling myself off of the couch. My cousin Jeff smiled up at me, standing next to me and kissing me softly. He reached out for me, gripping my waist and pulling me against his body. I shook my head as his fingers went sliding towards my pussy.

"Uh uh... I gotta go." I said.

"But I'm your ride home." He said, a puzzled look on his face.

"No, I mean I gotta go potty!" I said in a little baby voice. Jeff laughed and let me go, pushing me towards the locker room where the bathroom was located. I went into the stall and stooped over the toilet, humming to myself as I remembered the days events. A grin crossed my face as I remembered Jeff's tongue exploring my pussy, slowly circling my lips and flicking my clit. I had almost blacked out from the orgasm he had given me.

As I stood up I took the toilet paper and patted myself dry, then left the stall. I peered out the little window. The rain had stopped. I checked the clock by the door. It was only 1. that meant that the pool would probably re-open that day. I sighed and stretched, pulling my now dry suit off of the rack I had left it to on. As I was pulling it up Jeff entered. He pushed my hands aside and started pulling my suit up for me.

"We're just going to open up the middle pool today. We can do it if the lost and found stays locked. If Shari and the others show up, then we can open up the other two." He said, pinching my nipples before pulling my suit up. As he let his fingers check the crotch of my suit, he slid a finger inside, twirling it in my pussy momentarily before pulling it out, grinning. "Go pull the gate across, I'm gonna get my shorts on."

I left him in the locker room. As I was going to the gate I saw a few cars pulling into the parking lot and a few disgruntled families standing outside. One of the fathers turned to yell at me gruffly.

"The rain's been finished since 11:30! What took so long?!" I turned my face so he couldn't see my smile. I unlocked the heavy gate and swung it across. The families pushed past me, one little girl stuck her tongue out before being pulled along by her mother. I rolled my eyes and went to climb my tower. Jeff was pulling the tables back out, waving at me slightly before continuing his job. I watched him, imagining what lied beneath his shorts. I felt a rush of warmth between my legs. It was going to be a long afternoon.

We shut down the pools at 10 each evening. More Chlorine was put into the, the lights were turned off, and, in the kiddie pool, the cover was pulled over. I Had to gather up any loose items while Jeff swept up and wiped down the tables. We finished at about 10:30. I yawned and stretched. Jeff grinned wickedly at me before stepping up and pulling my swimsuit down, snatching it from on my shoulders and down to my elbows.

"Jeff!" I yelped, covering my breasts with one hand and fixing my suit with the other. He held a finger in the neckline of my suit, keeping it from coming up completely. He nestled himself against me, and I shivered as I felt his dick between my legs. His fingers slid into my suit at the same time that I let my hand glide into his shorts. I ran my fingers up and down his shaft, slowly jacking him off as he fingered me.

I came as he played with me, my legs shaking as he continued to give me orgasm after orgasm. Then he came into my hand, moaning as he did. We leaned against each other for a while, breathing in each other's smell. And idea crossed my mind... but I shook it off... this was one thing... but if... that was another thing entirely...

He dropped me home later that night. My mother was in front of the TV, and she waved at me as I went past. I smiled at her and waved back before turning to head up the stairs to my room. I jumped onto my bed, a grin on my face. My legs spread and I stroked my lips a few times, but then I turned over and reached under my pillow. I pulled out my gameboy and played for a while. My favorite Mario game always helped me sort my thoughts.

I looked at my dresser for a minute. It was a picture of myself, Jeff, My twin cousins on my mother's side Micah and Mariah, and Jeff's brother Hunter. I stared at the picture. It was taken around the time when I was 14, Jeff was 16, His brother was 18, and Micah and Mariah were 13. Jeff and I were in the middle, Mariah and Micah on the ends, and Hunter standing above us. We were all smiling, and Jeff's right hand was on my left knee. I remembered how I had blushed when he had done that. It was an innocent touch but it had gotten me hot.

Hunters hand had been on my shoulder, and Mariah and Micah hand an arm around who was next to them. One big happy family. We each had a copy of that picture. Next to it was a smaller one, me in my high school graduation gown. Jeff was next to me, an arm around my shoulders. I shook my head as the idea crossed my mind again.

"No... never..." I said, then turned my head and buried my face into my pillow.

My mother was standing at my bedside when I awoke the next morning. She smiled.

"2 more days." She said. I sat up and looked at her.

"What?" I said before collapsing onto my pillow once more.

"In two more days my baby isn't going to be my baby anymore." She sighed. "You're going 20 baby girl!" I shook my head.

"Momma, it's too early to be thinking about going that old." My mother laughed.

"Your father and I are going to be late tonight. My club has a meeting and you're father's working overtime."

"Alright Momma." I said, yawning. I stretched and sat up. 7:30. I sat there rubbing my eyes as Momma left the room. I stood up and pulled a swimsuit out of my drawer. I had fallen asleep in the red one and it had to be washed anyway from my activities the evening prior. The only problem was all my swimsuits were two pieces. The only thing even close to a one piece was a light blue tankini. Upon inspecting that suit I found out why I stopped wearing it. The crotch had ripped last year while I had been on a cruise with my parents. I fell into the pool and the bottom caught on something or the other, and rip! I stayed in the pool until everyone else was gone.

The only other thing I could have worn was a dark green suit. It was a halter top with boy shorts. I pulled it on and sighed. Maybe no one would notice. I giggled and stripped out of it and walked into the bathroom.

When I finally emerged I look at myself once again in the hall mirror. I'd have to get my girl Nisi to do my hair tomorrow night so I could have it done for my birthday. Hopefully Jeff would give me the day off. I sucked in my cheeks and crossed my eyes. God... twenty already... I wish I was 14 again...

On the bus to work I remembered that day. The day the picture was taken. I was wearing a pair of cutoffs and a blue vest. We were sitting on a picnic table. Momma had taken the picture and left us there. Micah and Mariah had walked off and Hunter had turned around and was talking on his cell, moving further away from us as he walked and talked. Jeff was still sitting next to me, but his touch wasn't so innocent anymore. He was rubbing my knee, his hand moving further up until he was stroking my leg just under the hem of my cutoffs. I had swallowed hard and looked over at him, a shy smile on my face.

He had lifted his hand, cupping the side of my face. I had looked away from him, my face burning. He leaned in, using his other hand to turn my face to his once more. Our lips met briefly, and I had smiled and turned away. Weak, I know... but his kiss was... there's no way to explain it... I felt... something deep in me. God I almost had an orgasm right there. I wanted so bad to touch him then... but I stood up and, blushing fiercely, ran off into a bush. I kept running until I was in the parking lot. I flung open the trunk and climbed in, then pulled it back down. Momma always left a blanket in the back of the car, and I took it and draped it between all of the seats, making a little tent for myself.

I lowered my shorts and peeled off my panties. I had to cum in the worst way. I brought myself over the edge quickly, moaning and calling out loudly. I emerged from the car 10 minutes later, fixing my hair and blushing. I took the blanket and threw it into the trash can, knowing momma could smell me on them. After I had washed up in the bathroom, I went back to the table where everyone was. Momma smiled at me and waved me over to where she was cutting a watermelon. I had to pass my cousin to do so. Jeff tapped me lightly on my knee as I walked past. I smiled and walked past him.

But... since then... there hadn't been anything... until yesterday... I forgot all about how I felt that day. Was that really 5, almost 6 years ago? The bus pulled to my stop. I climbed down and walked through the parking lot towards the pools. The gate was pulled across and no people were there yet despite the fact that the sun was shining. Jeff and Shari were talking. She was leaning against the tower, smiling at him and tousling her blonde hair. I turned my head and walked into the commons. After I threw my bag on a couch I pulled my shirt over my head, then exited through the back door.

When I came back Shari and Jeff were missing. I looked around. The pools were still empty so I decided to have a quick look around. I checked the commons and the locker room, but no one was there. As I passed the small closet we kept the extra chlorine and brooms and mops and things in, I notice that the door was unlocked, which was weird (even weirder that I knew, yeah, but the handle was busted. When it wasn't locked, it drooped). I went to lock it and that's when I heard it.

It was a low moan. It didn't sound like the person was hurt, but they didn't exactly sound any other way. Out of utter curiosity (my white side showing again, as my friend Nisi would say. She always laughs that I'm like the white people in horror movies when they go to investigate the noises they hear) I pushed the door open.

Oh god I wish I hadn't. Jeff lay leaning back on a shelf, his elbows up behind him. Shari was between his legs, her head bobbing up and down. She was balancing herself with her right hand and her left hand was somewhere underneath her, playing with her clit I guess. My eyes bugged out of my head and I slowly pulled the door closed. I deflated upon myself, feeling so down because I had thought... imagined...

I left, walking blindly out of the gate. A hot tear fell from my eye, followed by another. Nisi's house was within walking distance. Nisi never asked questions, she listened to what she was told and kept it quiet. I ignored the few whistles and calls from cars passing me, wiping tears from my eyes.

Nisi opened the door soon after I knocked. She didn't have a job this summer, her mother let her stay home provided she kept up with the housework. In addition to the housework, however, Nisi did hair and helped her mom with the rent. She took one look at me and sighed.

"Come in girl." She took my hand in hers. "No work today?"

"I walked out... long story..." I whispered. I took my usual place at the foot of Nisi's bed as she started to pick my hair out. I always found it easier to talk when Nisi would do my hair. I started talking, but I left out Jeff's name. To her, I could of been talking about any of the guys who worked at the pool with me. She listened quietly, as she usually did, her fingers mingling with mine briefly when we both went to pick out the same braid.

When my hair was picked out, she took me into the bathroom and washed my hair, scrubbing and massaging my scalp at the same time. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Nisi always took good care of me.

A few hours later, Nisi was finished my hair. It was almost the same style as before, with the exception that she had taken it upon herself to straighten the back instead of braid it where the corn rows ended. I smiled at my reflection in her mirror.

"Thanks Nisi." I turned and hugged her. She hugged me back.

"Girl, you know I can't leave you lookin all bad and I'm ya hairdresser. You know I got you." I grinned at her again.

A while later we were lying on her bed on our stomachs, watching a movie. Both of us were laughing at something when there was a knock at her door. She got up to open the door and I went into the kitchen to search her fridge. Her kitchen is in view of the front door so when she opened it, I looked up and dropped the plastic pitcher of kool-aid.

Jeff was at the door talking to Nisi. I turned to get the mop from the closet and picked up the pitcher. I mopped the drink up as quickly as I could without being seen, then ran and locked myself in the bathroom. Hopefully Nisi wouldn't tell him I was here. She'd probably think I was hiding from him because I had left work. A few minutes later, she knocked on the door.

"He's gone girl, don't worry I didn't tell him that you was here ditching work." Nisi said. I unlocked the door. "Call your momma and tell her you're stayin over. We're going out tonight.

Nisi lent me a short white skirt and a baby blue halter before we left her house. She had borrowed her older brothers car, a silver Peugeot 207 convertible with the best sound system in the town. We rolled into the next town over in order to be inconspicuous (and so my momma wouldn't catch us) and settled on a club a friend had told Nisi we wouldn't be carded.

I pride myself on being a good dancer, but Nisi takes the cake. She can do it all, crumping, get crunk, reggae, hip hop, everything. She took the middle of the floor while I scouted for a table. I finally found one in the back corner and a waitress came over to take my order. I ordered a shot of Hennessey and a hypnotq and sprite for myself and a rum and coke for Nisi. She found the table a while later and sat down.

A few guys crossed or path, begging us to dance or to let them buy us a drink. A wicked grin crossed Nisi's face and I knew what she was thinking. We had often played this role and we knew what to do.

Nisi put her hand on my knee and leaned in close. I turned my head to meet hers and we kissed. Not your usual leave us alone ploy but it worked. The guys would walk off to work some other guys and we were left alone.

We left the club at about 1am. We were both more than a little drunk but Nisi was a better driver when drunk than when sober, so we were good. Driving home though, Nisi pulled over because we both had to pee. We got out at the shoulder and ran into the bushes, giggling in our drunken wonder at pissing so close to the street. On the way back to the car I stumbled and fell, dragging Nisi down with me. She fell on top of me and we both giggled. Nisi leaned her head down and kissed me again. I started giggling until I realized we weren't in the club anymore.

Nisi let one hand slide up and down my side. I closed my eyes and lifted my left knee so it went between her legs. She ground her body against it slowly, wiggling her hips on me. She leaned her head down then, sucking softly at my earlobe before using her tongue to trance a line down my throat and to my collarbone. She flicked her tongue against it and sucked lightly.

I let my hands roam her back, stroking her spine lightly before going down lower and gripping her ass, holding the firm curves tightly. She gasped and her hand slid up my body to grip my left breast. Nisi sat up, straddling me with her knees, and pushed my shirt up. My nipples hardened instantly in the cool night air. She looked down at me before lowering her mouth over my breasts, sucking one than the other. I arched my back and cried out softly.

She sat up then, and I followed her. I pushed her shirt and bra up, exposing her chest to the slight breeze that had started to blow. I licked her nipples, flicking them with my tongue before sucking them. Nisi moaned and pushed me back onto the ground, pushing up my skirt. I didn't have anything on underneath, and I figured out Nisi's meaning. She licked my lips, separating them with her tongue. I leaned back, pushing my pussy into her mouth.

She turned her body then, until her pussy was over my mouth. I had never licked, eaten, or even touched another pussy before. But Nisi was doing me and the alcohol was telling me I was going to be good at it. I pushed her skirt up and looked at her fabric covered crotch. The front of her red thong was wedged between her lips. I bit my lip before leaning up. I bit just above her pussy and her thighs as I pulled her panties off with her wriggling to help me along.

I looked at the now bare pussy in front of my eyes. She lowered it to my mouth, and I stuck my tongue out, licking a few times to get the feel of it, discovering all the little nooks and crannies and then I found it... I flicked her clit once and she jerked on me. I grinned and used my finger technique. I pushed my fingers into her pussy and she moaned as I pushed them in and out, curling and uncurling them. She moaned and licked and sucked at my pussy harder. I started sucking her clit harder.

"Sanaa... if you keep that up... I'm gonna cum." She breathed into my pussy. I could feel myself on the edge and I sucked harder at her clit. Her hips started humping at my face, pushing my fingers deeper up into her. Just then, the rain started. The two of us didn't notice, we were both so close to it...

I came first, moaning and shaking beneath her. Nisi soon followed, both of use breathing hard. Nisi rolled off of me and looked up at the sky, and then she saw the rain.

"Shit! We left the top down!" She yelled. We got up and ran to the car. We put the top up and bailed out the leather interior, both of us laughing not only at the car, but at what had just happened.

To be continued...

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