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Video Girls On Spring Break


OF THE THREE OF THEM, Chelsea was definitely the hottest one. There was never any question about that. Which is not to say Amber and Erica were slouches. They weren't hand grenades or anything like that. On their own, they'd do fine in a bar, especially a dark bar, and the later into the night, the more guys hit on them. But when Chelsea was around, she got the attention.

When they went down to Mexico for spring break, it was going to be an interesting dynamic. Everyone there is constantly drunk and looking for sex, anyway. Now, certainly Chelsea looked the best in a bikini, but the other girls were also young and liked to party, so there was no doubt they'd hold their own...

The three of them were twenty years old, and this was their third spring break. That probably made them more like old timers rather than fresh meat in a south of the border spring break town, but it also meant that they knew what they wanted and knew how to get it.

The boat ride came about because of Chelsea.


Amber and Erica might have been invited to ride on the yacht if it was a given that they would get it on with each other, but for just a nude cruise, Chelsea had to go. Good thing it was her idea.

They didn't want to seem like sluts, which is why they agreed to only get naked on the boat, but we'll get to that in a minute. This boat ride, with a video crew, was on day four of spring break; the previous three days spent at the beach. The previous three nights spent at the clubs.

Then, when the girls chose to go to a party instead, things changed. There was one of those video crews there trying to get girls to flash the camera. Amber, the dirty blond with big hips and small tits flashed the camera without even thinking about it. Erica, the one with the floppy boobs and mousy face, she needed some coaxing. She flashed for a t-shirt.

Then Phil and Vic, the camera guys, moved on, ultimately following Chelsea around the party for about half an hour. Her hair was the color of burnt toast and her body was covered in that type of skin that doesn't take in any sun, but you wouldn't call it pale. It looked kind of like strawberry pancake batter. It worked for her.

And it worked for her mostly because she had a perfect body. Thin and lithe, tall for a girl, which made her about the same height as the average guy. Big, round, natural, bouncy, delicious breasts; a flat, toned stomach; full ass and nice long legs. She wore a pale blue sundress with stringy shoulder straps and she was never without a beer.

When Chelsea met back up with Amber and Erica, that's when Phil knew he could probably get her, being that her friends flashed earlier, and now they were even drunker. So, they all flashed again and then Phil was inviting them to go on the yacht the next day.

Chelsea asked if it was going to be a naked boat ride and of course the guys said they would love that, but if the girls didn't mind, then the cameras would be rolling.

The video starts out with the three girls in the their bikini tops and shorts riding in the back of a convertible. They flash their tits a few times, tell boring stories about partying, giggle and talk to the off-camera morons. Then they arrive at the water. They lose their shorts.

Chelsea never had a problem with being naked in public. She is used to a lot of attention anyway, and she was ready to strip down right there. The other girls were not as comfortable and they all decided to wait until they got on the boat.

That's only a difference of two minutes in real time and twenty seconds in high speed on the video. Then the girls get out to the bow and lay back on the built-in seating.

"If it's okay now, I'm gonna get naked," Chelsea says.

She unties her bikini knots and tosses the top aside. Then she throws her legs up – the camera zooms in close for a peek of some pink – and she pulls off her bottoms and tosses them aside as well. The other girls follow along.

Amber gets naked quickly too, but there wouldn't be much focus on her if Chelsea didn't play with her nipples, trying to get them hard. Erica's big floppies come out and the girls tickle her nips next. Then Amber and Erica both go to work on Chelsea, as if they are being directed, because that's what everyone wants.

Chelsea's tits are responsive, but by then, the focus is on Amber's hand resting on Chelsea's thigh. It's there for a long time, but then it finally moves up to the muff and starts rubbing. Chelsea throws her legs apart, her pussy lips separate, and Erica sticks her tongue right in between. The girls rotate licking each other's cunts, two on one each time. After they finish, the video dissolves back to random flashers at the beach.

Back on the boat, though, Amber, Erica, and Chelsea lay sprawled in the sun, their bodies coated with a sheen mixture of sunblock and sweat. Their pussies dripping.

Chelsea arched her back and stretched, spreading out. Of course, her orgasm had been the loudest. After cutting off the cameras, Phil joined them...

"Your body looks unbelievable on camera," he said to Chelsea.

"You wanna touch me?" she said back.

"I wanna fuck you," he said, already touching her. One arm around her shoulder, his hand cupping her breast then pinching her nipple.

"Okay," she said. "But first you fuck my friends. Then you finish with me."

"All of our pussies and tight and now they're soaking wet," Amber added.

Phil was up for the challenge. He had fucked girls on every trip and had great control.

Amber and Erica sat side-by-side as he fucked one and then the other, hard and fast. Chelsea rubbed their clits, watching Phil's big dick slide in and out of their pussies, which were in fact very tight.

Chelsea rubbed Amber's clit and licked her left nipple as Phil plunged his dick deep into Amber's tight pussy.

Finally, Amber had another orgasm, this one louder and more theatrical, for the cock, which always beat tongue as far as she was concerned.

Phil pulled out and Chelsea bent down, licking Amber's warm pussy off his dick. Then he inserted into Erica. Her massive tits flopped forward and back with each stroke. Chelsea assumed the same position, rubbing her clit in counterpoint to Phil's pushes.

If Phil's improvised perpendicular missionary position there on boat seemed mechanical, it didn't bother the girls. They were still high from eating each other out on camera. Getting dicked hard was just icing. And it was a shared experience, so they could all talk about how the cock felt later, even though Chelsea was the only one who was going to get the full treatment.

The full treatment, which was on its way promptly, as Erica was coming hard and fast now, punching it up from her earlier performance as well, matching Amber's enthusiasm for Phil's hard, hot prick. Her cunt was wetter, though, and Phil's dick was dripping when he pulled out. Chelsea licked it all the same and, now having tasted both of her friends orgasmic juices, she kissed Phil.

He sat down in the row alongside Amber and Erica, pulling Chelsea over the top of him. She straddled his lap, slowly lowering herself onto his big dick. Her lips parted and he slipped in smoothly, almost too smoothly. To say that he'd phoned in the fucking with her friends would be an understatement. Aside from penis-to-vagina, then second vagina, he didn't even touch them except to center himself and anchor with his hands on their thighs. But those snatches were tight all the same. When they came, the constricting muscles almost forced him to squirt, both times, but he held out for the prize.

The prize that was now raising and lowering herself onto his lap. She was hot, no doubt. But definitely stupid, and despite her perfect body, it was clear she'd been fucked a lot in the last few years. Nonetheless, he watched, then licked her excellent tits as they moved up and down in front of his face.

Then he pushed her off, turned her around, and brought her back down, reverse cowgirl. She winked to her friends who watched with excitement as he reached around and fingered her clit while she lifted and lowered. Then he grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples hard, very hard. She squealed.

The obvious next turn was to doggie style. Phil held Chelsea's hips, pushed her shoulders forward, and turned her to the side. She smiled, but then her face turned to a grimace when he started hitting it hard and deep, the way doggie allows. He slapped her ass, tickling her asshole with his finger. There was no chance of going anal with this girl, he thought. He was wrong, but he didn't pursue it.

Instead, he flipped her over and held her legs up and straight out, wide apart. Wishing they'd been fucked this way, Amber and Erica watched with delight, now able to see the whole show in perfect detail. Phil's cock was big and throbbing, slimy and wet as it slid nicely into and then out of Chelsea's hot cunt. He brought it almost all the way out, rubbed the tip on her clit, the plunged it back in.

He let go of her legs and they instinctively wrapped around his legs. He slapped her tits. Her body, back flat against the seats, writhed left and right, but only a little because he held her hips strongly, keeping her pelvis stable as he penetrated.

Chelsea smiled back at her friends, reaching her arms back, her hands searching for their pussies. Amber and Erica hand all the stim they could take for the hour, so the pushed her hands away, bent down and sucked on her tits. Then kissed her at the same time.

All three of the girls' tongues twisted and flipped over each other as Phil continued to plunge his meat into Chelsea's station. Then Amber moved down to that end, licked Chelsea's clit, pushed Phil back and sucked her friend's cunt lips. Then she licked Phil's dick, tasting Chelsea's pussy again before guiding the cock back to its home. She moved back to Chelsea's mouth and kissed the splurge back onto her tongue.

Chelsea tasted Phil's cock again, now flavored with her own pussy and Amber's tongue somewhere down beneath. Amber kept rubbing Chelsea's clit, noticing that Erica had begun rubbing her own, which Amber thought was selfish. Then Chelsea screamed, loud calls of climactic pleasure. If her cunt had been a little loose before, now it was as tight as it could be, constricting around Phil's big dick.

He pushed it harder and faster and she screamed louder, curling her toes, wiggling, though she had no real place to go. Her friends were over her; Phil was still holding her hips and pounding her pussy. Finally, he pulled his dick out, just to plunge it in again one more time.

Phil felt the cum on its way now, so he pulled out from Chelsea's little lips and rubbed his dick, the moisture of three pussies blended now for a perfect slide. Amber and Erica watched excitedly as he pointed the tip at Chelsea's abdomen and shot off his stringy soap. It was a lot of jizz, spurting over her tits, splattering onto her tight belly, and sputtering over her pubes. Phil wiped the tip of his dick on Chelsea's pussy, getting it wet with her juice again, then wiped it once more on her thigh.

Amber and Erica dipped their fingers in the hot spooge, licked it off Chelsea's tits, then licked their own fingers. They massaged their friend who lay back, exhausted.

"He may have poked us," Erica said to Chelsea, "but that was some fucking..."

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